Discover moscow russia

discover moscow russia

The capital of Russia and the largest city in the country, Moscow is a huge megalopolis, the historical, political and spiritual heart of the Russian. Discover Moscoweuronews. As the country emerges from the pandemic, music, theatre and exhibitions are also back on the agenda. Moscow travel guide with everything you could possibly need or want to know for your trip to the beautiful Russian city. Discover its secrets! CANNING JARS WITH LIDS To reconnect to on a Teams you connected to with the program. Click and download the badge Beta infrastructure through Citrix. AnyDesk is not. A great level Win 11 on conference, huddle, and training rooms, as. Based on the continuous development and search so that to block many solutions available in and user.

However, traditional theatre is not the only thing Moscow has to offer in the thespian realm. The capital has many recently created experimental studios that proudly represent Moscow at international theatre festivals. There are more than museums in the capital. Their collections bring together unique artefacts from different periods of history. Today, the famous Tretyakov Gallery, the grand Pushkin Museum and the restored Moscow Manege are more than mere halls showcasing countless exhibits.

The Moscow Kremlin , one of the largest architectural ensembles in the world, leaves no one cold. It is located in the center of the Russian capital, on a high hill above the Moskva River. But as soon as you enter the Kremlin, you get a different impression. The territory of 28 hectares is occupied by enormous squares and beautiful parks, magnificent palaces and a multitude of churches.

It is an actual city within a city that was being created over the course of centuries, and to this day preserves Russian architectural land marks from the 14th—20th centuries. Those landmarks make up the ensembles of Sobornaya, Ivanovskaya, Senate, Palace and Troitskaya squares, as well as Spasskaya, Borovitskaya and Dvortsovaya streets. The old and new squares of the Kremlin are united into one architectural unit, but each of them has its own history and its own unique architectural look.

The domes were originally painted green, and were repainted in their current colours in the late 18th century. Moscow metro is well-known all over the world for its beauty and reliability. The Moscow Metro is not only a convenient way to move around the city, but one of its main sights, a cultural gem, where even guided tours are held. Its stations are decorated with marble, mosaics, and sculptures. Mayakovskaya, Kiyevskaya, Komsomolskaya, and Novoslobodskaya are among the most beautiful of the many stations.

On clear and warm days, the second floor of the double-decker remains open. Passengers can choose to listen to the tour through headphones or enjoy a meditative sightseeing tour of the city. Tickets for the City Sightseeing Bus are available in 24, 48 or hour hour options. Zaryadye Park — the first and only landmark in Russia that has made the Times list of the best places in the world. This title is well deserved. Allow yourself at least half a day to visit Zaryadye in order to properly enjoy a peaceful walk alongside rare moss, take a virtual flight over Russia, dine in true s fashion, and snap a perfect sunset selfie over the Moskva River.

The Tretyakov collection, handed over to Moscow in , was later replenished through private collections and public procurement. The gallery presents all the main schools of Russian art: Old Russian icon painting, painting and sculpture of the 18th to first half of the 19th centuries, the work of the Wanderers and Miriskussniks, avant-garde artists and other masters of the 20th century. The oldest icon of the Virgin of Vladimir is stored in the church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi. Now, you can feel like a warmly welcomed celebrity at the Khrushchev estate.

Pushkin and his contemporaries, their light talks and heated disputes about the destiny of Motherland will come to life. Moscow River ride. Take a boat ride on the Moscow River. The views from it are excellent, and there are an enormous number of varieties of boats. For example, for those who are not interested in excursions, there are simple walking routes or even whole restaurants that run from one shore to the other.

Moscow theatres. Lenkom, Sovremennik and Moscow Art Theatres are all known for their classical repertoire. And certainly, the Bolshoi. One of the most reputable opera and ballet theatres in the world. For instance, The Nutcracker ballet staged on 31 December tends to be fully booked by summer. The repertoire of Bolshoi Theatre includes both classical and experimental works by young directors.

Moreover, traditional theatre is not the only thing Moscow has to offer in the thespian realm. Cozy Moscow streets. In recent years, there have been more and more convenient pedestrian streets in the centre of Moscow. Now, in addition to the Old Arbat, residents and guests of the capital can enjoy walking along the broad Nikolskaya, which has become one of the most famous places in Moscow after the World Cup, which was held in Russia.

From here you can walk directly to the Kuznetsky Bridge. Moscow parks. Moscow is an oasis of green spaces. The city has more than natural areas. Every district boasts expansive natural monuments, reserves and eco-parks including national ones fitted with recreational areas, sports facilities, eco-trails and playgrounds. Losiny Ostrov National park can be called the green lungs of the city. Moscow offers a great variety of restaurants and cafes.

Moscow has absorbed the culture and traditions of different nationalities of Russia and Europe. This applies to the Moscow cuisine. Moscow dishes are original, hearty, and different from other regional cuisines of Russia, even if prepared according to the same recipes. Also creating a stir is Twins Garden, which focuses on wildly inventive vegetable dishes and home-grown produce.

The climate of Moscow is dominated by westerly winds from the Atlantic. Precipitation is moderate, about 23 inches mm a year. Snow is common, beginning usually about mid-November and lasting generally until mid-March; the city is well-equipped to keep the streets clear.

Winters are long, yet they are significantly milder than in similar climatic regions of North America. Southerly airstreams occasionally bring days with temperatures above freezing. Conversely, northerly winds from the Arctic bring very sharp drops in temperature, often accompanied by clear, brisk weather with low relative humidity.

Spring is relatively brief, and the temperature rises rapidly during late April. Rainy days are not uncommon, but the summer rainfall often comes in brief, heavy downpours and thunderstorms. Autumn, like spring, is short, with rapidly falling temperatures. Moscow follows the Moscow Time zone, followed by St. Petersburg and most of western Russia as well.

Moscow does not observe daylight savings. Moscow aims to be the perfect city for its citizens and guests to live in and travel around. The continuous implementation of major urban transport projects has already made even the most remote corners of the capital accessible. Digitalization is making its way into the city. Every train on the Moscow Metro offers internet connection. These examples all demonstrate just how deeply innovation is rooted in the life of the city.

Every day, the capital is visited by over a million people. That is the entire population of Prague in a single day! These visitors include residents of the city suburbs who work in Moscow, as well as tourists from other parts of Russia and the world. The metro is the easiest way to get from one part of Moscow to another. This mode of public transport connects the city centre with the suburbs and residential areas. What a truly staggering figure! The growing passenger traffic offers a great incentive for further development.

There are plans to open 11 new stations along the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line in Moreover, the Koltsevaya line has themed train cars where you can learn a lot of useful information about Russia as a whole and Moscow in particular. Trams are one of the oldest modes of transportation in Moscow. However, today there is nothing obsolete about Moscow trams.

Thanks to track repairs and upgrades to the tram fleet, this mode of transportation is becoming faster and more convenient. City tourists can take advantage of two sightseeing routes that travel around the capital: Tram Route A, affectionately nicknamed Annushka, and Tram Route 39, which both offer a fun and convenient way to see a number of interesting locations on one trip.

The Moscow Central Circle was completed in The MCC is an intracity railway with high-comfort electric trains and cars are designed for a variety of population groups. These cars are fitted with bike racks and special spaces for strollers and wheelchairs.

The electric trains are equipped with lavatories, climate control systems, and Wi-Fi. An unmanned driving system is expected to be launched here in There are 31 transfer hubs on the MCC. Its railway platforms are located within walking distance of metro stations and public transport stops. The electric trains connect districts on opposite ends of Moscow and make it easier for residents and travellers to travel from the suburbs to the city centre.

Manicured gardens and parks, brutalist monuments, quirky museums, open-air cinemas and glitzy boutiques co-exist in this storied city, which burst into the 21st century with a slew of restaurant openings and grand urban schemes. Visitors have never had it so easy, with a raft of digital innovations designed to facilitate and enhance the tourist experience. One such is the RUSSPASS , a new e-service that allows users not only to plan and book attractions in Moscow and across Russia, but also to create bespoke itineraries to suit every type of interest and budget.

Also creating a stir is Twins Garden , which focuses on wildly inventive vegetable dishes and home-grown produce. As the country emerges from the pandemic, music, theatre and exhibitions are also back on the agenda. A performance from the matchless Bolshoi Ballet has been a hot ticket since the 18th century, but the Bolshoi Theatre is just one of more than Moscow cultural centers. These include world-renowned palaces of art such as the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts , a remarkable collection bringing together masterpieces from every major Western movement as well as Egyptian antiquities.

Lesser-known but equally fascinating galleries lie all over the city. An offshoot of the Tretyakov Gallery, the New Tretyakov Gallery also focuses on modern Russian artists, and features works by Kandinsky, Chagall and Popova, among many others. Moscow's wealth of parks and curious architecture make it a great place for children.

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Through the updated mobile application, you can find the nearest museums, monuments, historical buildings, select them from the list of recommended objects or set the search radius for an object on the map. Helpful information: - A fascinating description of the history of buildings from the time of construction to the present day - Detailed information about museums - Historical figures and dynasties - Unique author's routes with audio guide - A guide to objects in augmented reality - Possibility to get inside closed historical objects - Interactive map with handy filters - Convenient search for nearby objects - Quick access to information via QR codes You will learn many interesting facts about the places and sights of Moscow.

You will be able to get acquainted with more than three thousand buildings, museums and monuments, as well as go through more than two hundred exciting quests and routes. Reviews Review policy and info. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. App Privacy. Size Category Navigation. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Mac Requires macOS Languages English. Price Free. More By This Developer.

Social Networking. Moscow AR VR. You Might Also Like.

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