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If through some miracle you have managed to avoid learning anything about "Double Jeopardy," you might want to stop reading after my next sentence. This is the sentence, and it advises you: not a successful thriller, but with some nice dramatic scenes along with the dumb mystery and contrived conclusion; not the best film opening this weekend that would be " American Beauty ," or " Mumford ," or, what the hell, give yourself a treat and go see " Genghis Blues ".

Now that the idealists have bailed out, the rest of us can consider "Double Jeopardy," which stars Ashley Judd as a woman named Libby, who thinks she is happily married until, and I quote from the first sentence of the Paramount press release, she is "framed for the murder of her husband.

When they go sailing and the Coast Guard finds her in a blood-soaked nightgown on a blood-smeared deck with a knife in her hand, we make an intuitive leap that she isn't a slasher. The movie's trailer provides a helpful hint: "Libby Parsons is in prison for a crime she didn't commit! You know and I know and anyone over the age of 10 knows that the movie is not going to end without that kid back in Libby's arms, probably with some heart-rending music. What makes the film interesting isn't the story, but a prison sequence and a relationship.

Libby in prison is befriended by a couple of women prisoners, who killed their husbands, but are otherwise the salt of the earth. They create a nice dynamic. Not as realistic and evolved as Sigourney Weaver's startling jail scenes in the forthcoming " Map Of The Human Heart ," but not bad for a genre picture. One of the prisoners gives her an interesting piece of legal advice: Since she has already been tried and convicted for the murder of her husband, she cannot be tried for the same crime twice.

Therefore, "You can walk right up to him in Times Square and pull the [I must have missed a word here] trigger and there's nothing anybody can do about it. I believe the constitutional protection against double jeopardy has a couple of footnotes, and I urge you to seek legal advice before reopening fire.

It's good enough for Libby, however, and when she gets out of prison, she determines to find her betraying louse of an ex-husband and their child. She's assigned to a halfway house, where her parole officer is a hard-bitten man of few and succinct words, played by Tommy Lee Jones.

And their scenes together are good ones. When she feeds him the same heartfelt lines that worked with the parole board, he barks, as only Tommy Lee Jones can bark, "I'm not interested in your contrition. I'm interested in your behavior. Get out of here and behave yourself. As you know from the ads, at one point she's handcuffed to a sinking car. At another point, a terrifying thing happens to her in a New Orleans cemetery.

And there is a charity auction of society bachelors at which she makes some Hitchcockian moves. Someday you may have to rent the video and play it at slo-mo to figure out how everything happens in the big climax, but by then the movie is basically just housekeeping, anyway. This movie was made primarily in the hopes that it would gross millions and millions of dollars, which probably explains most of the things that are wrong with it.

Nick claims that he faked his death to avoid prison and provide her and Matty with the insurance money, not believing she would be convicted, and that Angie's death was an accident. Libby scoffs at his lies. During their conversation she sees Lehman arrive at the hotel and walks out. Lehman tells "Jonathan" that Libby believes he is her dead ex-husband and informs the local police that she is in the area. Nick hires a boy to lure Libby to a mausoleum, where Nick knocks Libby out and locks her in a coffin with a corpse.

She shoots the hinges off the coffin lid with Lehman's gun, pushes it off, and escapes. Meanwhile, Lehman is in the office of "Jonathan" and notices the Kandinsky artwork that Libby was searching for in the gallery. Now unsure of Libby's guilt, he tells his boss in Washington State to fax him the driver's license for "Nicholas Parsons". Lehman intercepts Libby and she breaks down sobbing. He then goes to Nick's hotel, where he reveals to Nick that he knows his true identity.

Libby emerges with Lehman's gun and both she and Lehman tell Nick that she can kill him with impunity because of the double jeopardy rule. However, instead of shooting Nick, she puts a bullet through the Kandinsky. Nick tells her where Matty is, Lehman reveals that he has recorded Nick's confession, and Nick pulls a gun, shooting Lehman in the shoulder.

In an ensuing struggle, Nick is about to shoot Lehman again, but Libby recovers her gun and shoots and kills Nick. Lehman insists they go back to Washington to win her pardon. They later find Matty at a boarding school in Georgia, where he immediately recognizes his mother. She said to me once, when we were having I'm such an intelligent person that there is no point in disagreeing with me because I'm always right. The site's critics consensus reads: "A talented cast fails to save this unremarkable thriller.

Roger Ebert gave the film two and a half stars out of four, and said "This movie was made primarily in the hopes that it would gross millions and millions of dollars, which probably explains most of the things that are wrong with it. The film spent three weeks as the No. The film incorrectly implies that the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment gives someone a free pass to commit a subsequent crime if they are wrongfully convicted. As the newspaper column The Straight Dope pointed out: "a crime, for double jeopardy purposes, consists of a specific set of facts.

Change the facts and you've got a new crime [ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film of the same name, see Double Jeopardy film. Release date. September 24, Running time. Retrieved 27 June Box Office Mojo. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved November 12, Double Jeopardy. Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide. Penguin Group. ISBN Criminally Good. San Francisco Chronicle. May 9, Retrieved May 20,

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