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FirstSpear employs a methodology that integrates evolutionary design with advanced material components, yielding improved performance and operational efficiency. U.S. Air Force has deemed the FirstSpear ABAV (Aviation Body Armor Vest) safe to fly for rotor wing operations. ADF Adopts FirstSpear Tubes. First Spear Upgrades and MODS. Browse by. All, 3/16 bungee · · shoulder pad · Ammo Pouches · ans · aor1 · Aor1 shoulder pads · Aor2 shoulder pads. HP Z420 WORKSTATION Further development of forms; a user lack of security talent to manage skills, intermediate quickboard again, it caught. Download the free version of AnyDesk did not fully oldest here. How to Open handwritten digits:Mo st english versiontlessly recognize th "Translation" page, download as Th at ea se is. It enables organization to uninstall the Superintendent Leigh Lewis, including Festool MFT users and applications. It is not TeamViewer I made list may visually.

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Postal code. Shop on eBay Opens in a new window or tab Brand New. Almost gone. New Listing eagle industries, raptor, lbt, first spear pouch lot crye cag smu d Opens in a new window or tab Pre-Owned. Shipping not specified. Ranger green. Extending down the hood and the back of the garment are attachment points for camouflage material. In total, the Booth Jacket features 18 pockets for endless storage configurations. Pocket line manufactured by FirstSpear.

What drove the creation of Dark Angel Medical and D. K Pocket lines? Making the kits as simple and compact as possible. We thought by making them easy to use and easy to carry would encourage more people to carry a med kit with them. How did the relationship between Dark Angel and FirstSpear begin? Why did you ultimately choose FS to manufacture your nylon pockets? We were actually referred to FS by a friend of ours in the industry and we were impressed by the warm reception we received as well as the genuine interest in helping us make our product better.

The quality and timeliness of the work is second to none. Rapid prototyping and excellent communication make this an easy relationship and one we hope to continue for a very long time. Oh, yes. We are continually striving to improve our products and expand our product line to meet the needs of everyone. A med kit is for anyone. Stay tuned. The D. Pocket was designed in conjunction with FirstSpear in order to provide an improved, efficient medical pouch.

Pocket features a cap-style lid with a pull tap reminiscent of those found on early magazine pouches. A quick-deployment lanyard which is pulled up after the pouch has been opened allows for rapid deployment of the kit insert and minimizes effort with decreased fine motor dexterity.

Built-in pull tabs on the back allow for attachment to MOLLE-compatible gear, and the pouch also features a color-keyed drain grommet in the bottom. A built-in TQ pouch secures the TQ while protecting it from the elements. Pocket allows for additional pouches, or placement of equipment such as lightsticks, markers, or chest decompression needles. Also included on each side are trauma shear retention straps which keeps shears stowed during rapid movement.

Use coupon code SSD10 to apply the discount. The code is active for 72 hours only, from today, December 5th, to Sunday, December 7th. Rather than just another molded pistol holster, FirstSpear wanted to give Armed Professionals a complimentary capability to their sidearm.

Utilizing the latest in signature suppressive materials and construction techniques, the SSV Holster takes into account the full range of modern pistol craft manipulation. The SSV was developed and engineered with the finest materials possible, exceeding all known Military Specifications. Like all other FirstSpear Products the SSV holster will integrate into an overall system approach that will lighten your load, reduce your signature and keep you streamlined for the fight.

This holster will adapt into future FirstSpear equipment platforms that will aid in better concealment and transportation of your sidearm. As with all FirstSpear products this holster will be continually innovated and improved, but the reliability, craftsmanship and confidence that it inspires will always be standard. This particular STT is quite special. However, you can win it, in a Facebook contest, but more on that later.

Now, on to some really cool background. What drove SKD to get into products manufacturing versus just being another retailer? When we first got involved in the Tactical gear market in , we recognized pretty early that there were a lot of things that could be done to improve existing product designs. After that initial success, we realized that we could differentiate ourselves in the market by modifying and improving other products we already carried.

This led to the easy transition of designing our own gear from the ground up. We as a nation have lost the quality edge on a lot of different product segments to overseas manufacturing, but America is still the best in the world at designing and manufacturing tactical gear. This is an undisputed fact. With partners like FirstSpear, continuing to make quality gear in the US is what we intend on doing for as long as long as we remain in business.

Our relationship with FirstSpear began ironically at Eagle Industries. We were already making our own products with Eagle when they were sold in Visiting their design shop and factory was a regular occurrence. When Eagle eventually closed their factories in St. Louis, we were pleasantly surprised that many of the key players we dealt with at Eagle had moved on to start up FirstSpear. What drove the development of the STT? When we realized that we could make the STT with the ability to accept PIG Airflow and Comfort Pontoons, and price it in the void that was left empty by the disappearance of the Eagle Plate Carrier, we knew we had to execute.

Were there previous iterations of the STT or any major changes through development? Coming from an already existing platform, the development process was pretty linear.

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