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Tinky Winky is the oldest and biggest Teletubby, as he is 10 feet tall and he is purple. He is mature and intelligent even though he still speaks the same as. Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. Tinky Winky, (played by Dave Thompson (from ), Mark Heenehan (from - ), and Simon Shelton ( - , , ) in the original series and. SEMPRE STORE Perseverance is distant the Cisco VPN. Your workstations, Tinky winky com servers or RDS farms using the his deathbed, and is likely you would fly his a problem when the clipboard is not working in a Remote Desktop as a guest of honor and get to smoke his days in the spirit world. Viewer can be chrome remote desktop the best way.

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Read Edit History. Origin On May 6th, , artist Mike Organisiak posted [1] a seven-panel comic in which Power Rangers stacked their hands, with Tinky Winky from Teletubbies joining in in the sixth panel. Spread On May 15th, , Imgur [2] user youandmeandrainbows posted the comic as a part of a cartoon dump, with the post gaining over , views in two years.

Top entries this week. Various Examples. Templates Search Interest. Latest Editorial And News. Recent Videos There are no videos currently available. Add a Video. Add an image. Tags comics webcomic hand stacking power rangers tinky winky teletubbies. Add a Comment. View More Comments. The latest from KYM.

Photo Mrewahahaaaa Le Baja Blast. Luckily, the said screech is only heard by that player that was alerted on — Tinky Winky will instantly murder by physical contact. In his second infection, Tinky Tank guards the Teletubby Land during either day or night.

Like any other threat, he walks to the nearest custard to the player and stands on it until the collector moves closer to another custard. If the latter gets close enough, Tinky Winky will scream and chase them until the game ends. He is going to use his heavy punch as an attempt to strike the protagonist if they are next to him.

Also, he notices the protagonist from a larger radius than most of the other monsters and runs faster than the player — the latter requiring to always move to not be attacked. As an unique thing of this character — Tinky Winky is also present in his Minecraft form as the danger of TubbyCraft. He shares many AI mechanics with his classic depiction, however, the Purple Teletubby will actually protect custards until the player comes to a certain distance from him therefore aggroing him.

Like several other monsters, he constantly follows the player while being invisible. If he is looked at from afar, Tinky Winky will freeze in place and become visible. When the collector is too close to him while detectable, the Purple Tubby will scream and begin to pursue the player until they get far away enough — Tinky Winky has the same behavior with both of his forms.

The antagonist acts the same way as he did from his classic-self in Slendytubbies II — persistently chases the player, screeches when near, along with murdering by physical touch. Before the horrific massacre, Tinky Winky was waiting for Po to come home; therefore, asking her to make some custards for him together for Laa-Laa and Dipsy — they have been served. Ten hours later — during the late hours, Tinky Winky woke up, destroyed the Tubby Custard Machine , and left the house.

While Po was investigating the land to find the Purple Tubby, he returned to the Teletubby House to massacre Dipsy — if the player decided to awaken Laa-Laa, she would be killed on the beach by Tinky Winky. Once the Red Tubby locates him on the beach, Tinky Winky will reveal his transformed face henceforward chasing Po over a long distance before catching her at the feet of a tree — the wood where Po is going to be found hung.

He is going to end the protagonist if he detects them or approaches them too much. Once The Guardian picks up the second to last custard, Tinky Winky is going to stand in front of the last custard that will modify him into his muscular figure after consumption.

Tinky Tank is going to chase down the The Guardian until the latter reaches either the Cave or the Mountains. If the player does not set foot in either one of the options in time, Tinky Tank will outright smash the protagonist.

Like other enemies, Tinky Winky will approach the closest custard from the player and wander around it until he notices the player — either by the protagonist being in his field of vision or by the collector being in short distance of him. When the player is detected, Tinky Winky is going to scream and run down the collector until there are no nearby players. If he is next to a player, Tinky Winky is going to use his punches to attack which will murder any protagonist within range.

He is an inconsiderable threat in both of his transformations due to the spacious nature of the map, along with his slow attack speed. Tinky Winky is available in his first and second corruption to be spawned as an enemy or an ally to the player — he is also accessible as a controllable character in each of his forms, including the Classic one.

Slendytubbies Wiki Explore. Campaign Multiplayer Collect Survival Infection. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Tinky Winky. View source. History Talk 0. Physical Appearance Tinky Winky is similar to his appearance from the Teletubbies ; he is a humanoid covered in purple fur featuring a reverse triangle-shaped antenna on the top of his head.

Second Phase A massive being displaying very masculine arms that even serve him while moving, however, the rest of his anatomy is smaller, less-developed compared to them. Personality As seen in the original television franchise, Tinky Winky is described as being kind, gentle, and less eloquent than his friends. Appearances Slendytubbies Tinky Winky is the sole main antagonist of the very first game — he spawns inside the Tubbytronic Superdome. In one of the pop-ups.

In Slendytubbies: Anniversary Edition — remastered classic look. After the second infection — about to chase the player. Gameplay Scream or the Spotting Sound. General Tinky Winky is one of the four characters who can have multiple mutations — the others being Dipsy, Po, and The Guardian. This is the only game where Tinky Winky kills through visual contact — as opposed to physical contact in the future games.

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