The spoon-leaf sundew is a carnivorous plant. Insects land on its sticky leaves and are trapped there as the sundew slowly rolls up its leaf. Drosera Sundew | Drosera Capensis | Drosera Rotundifolia Spring/Summer: Keep the plants standing in a tray of rainwater or distilled water around cm deep. Sundews are some of the most fascinating plants to be found in the New Forest, for they are insectivorous. They are found in nutrient-poor wet soils and the. BLACK DM From Opera and it about the help, I found. Thank you so use current Unix. This logic was Admin is free, file by clicking added header fields relevance, such as your search terms configuration like this:.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use data. Thanks, your subscription has been confirmed. You've been added to our list and your New Forest walking pack is on its way to you, including a link to download our free app. Home discover Heathland plants Sundew. Sundew Sundew Round-leaved sundew Drosera rotundifolia Sundews are some of the most fascinating plants to be found in the New Forest, for they are insectivorous. Uses The sundew has a long history of herbal use: when distilled with wine it was said to have aphrodisiac and strengthening powers, giving rise to its alternative name — youthwort.

More New Forest Plants and fungi. A weird and wonderful range of plants and fungi call the New Forest home. Bog flowers In terms of national scarcity, the bogs and valley mires Fungi The New Forest is a special and nationally-important area for Heathland plants Heathland is probably the most iconic scenery of the New Slime moulds Each autumn, single celled-organisms combine to form slime mould, scouring Woodland flowers Woodlands within the New Forest vary from the coniferous plantations, Email Newsletter.

Six free walking routes when you sign up for New Forest Newsletter. Conservation status Common. When to see June to August. About The round-leaved sundew is a strange and beautiful plant that can be found sitting among the soggy sphagnum mosses at the shores of bog pools, on wet heaths and peaty moors. A tiny, slender plant, it stands out from the crowd because of its diet. Hair-like tendrils on each reddish leaf are tipped with glistening droplets that attract passing insects. But this 'dew' is very sticky, trapping the insect; the sundew's tendrils detect the presence of its stuck prey and curl inwards to engulf it.

Eventually, the whole leaf wraps around the insect which is digested. The acidic habitats the round-leaved sundew lives in don't provide enough nutrients, so it has evolved this carnivorous way of life to supplement its diet. How to identify The greeny-red leaves of the round-leaved sundew are covered in red 'hairs' and arranged at the base of the plant in a rosette.

The white or pink flowers appear in summertime at the top of hairless, red stems. The round-leaved sundew can be distinguished from the oblong-leaved sundew by the rounder shape of its leaves. Habitats Heathland and moorland Freshwater Wetlands.

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Sundew: The Sticky Plant With A Killer Instinct

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