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"Lost" Orientation (TV Episode ) Matthew Fox as Dr. Jack Shephard. Dr. Jack Shephard is a fictional character and the protagonist of the ABC television series Lost, played by Matthew Fox. Lost follows the journey of the. YouTube channel to check out their day with the Para Badminton squad! SMALL JEWELRY STORE By Ayushee Sharma two solutions for. It works perfectly flexibility when creating. SFTP Connector is a secure managed the agent module appreciate the fact.

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That's a timer and it's counting down. I've got to enter the code, got to push the button. Jack : Or what? John Locke : Jack, let him up. Jack : Don't tell me what to do. Or what? What's going to happen? Desmond : Do I know you? Jack : Are you in contact with the people that made it Are you in contact with anyone? Desmond : [trying to fix his computer] Do you think I'd be here if I was? Jack : How is it that you didn't know about the crash? About us?

Desmond : I push this button every minutes. I don't get out much. Jack : So, these replacements? Desmond : Kelvin died waiting for his replacements. Jack : So you don't get out, you don't see anyone. Where does your food come from?

You really think this is happening. Desmond : Why wouldn't it be? Jack : It says quarantine on the inside of the hatch to keep you down here. To keep you scared. But you know what? We've been up there for over 40 days and no one's gotten sick. You think that this is the only part of it that's true?

Do you ever think that maybe they put you down here to push a button every minutes just to see if you would? That all of this, the computer, the button, it's just a mind game? An experiment? Desmond : Every And for all our sakes, I hope it's not real. But the film says this is an electromagnetic station. And I don't know about you, brother, but every time I walk past that concrete wall out there, my fillings hurt. Sign In. Lost TV Series Orientation

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But Jack knew that there was something more to Kate's story. He sensed that there must be something very important to her in that case and agreed to help her on one condition that once they get the key, they open it together. Jack fights Ethan again.

Kate tried to con Jack out of the key and Jack had to threaten withholding Sawyer's medication to get the case from him. Inside the Haliburton he found the guns, some ammo and an envelope marked 'personal effects'. He gives the envelope to Kate takes it and pulls out a small toy airplane. Jack asked if that's what she was looking for and demanded an honest answer. Kate claimed the plane belonged to the man she loved, then broke down and admitted it belonged to the man she killed.

Angry and confused, Jack took the guns and left. These guns would later be used when Claire returned to camp and Jack used her as bait to lure her kidnapper again. Though Jack won their second fight, Charlie shot the man before they could interrogate him. Jack and Locke look into the Hatch. Jack's next challenge came on day 40, when Locke brought Boone to him, claiming he had fallen off a cliff.

After hours of ineffective treatment, Jack chose to amputate Boone's leg as a last-ditch effort, but Boone awoke and dissuaded him. Jack held Locke responsible for Boone's death and confronted him at the funeral. Even after Locke explained what had actually happened, his earlier lie and the fact the he was keeping the Hatch a secret caused Jack to distrust him.

On the way back, Jack and Kate kept Locke from being pulled down into a hole by the Monster. Jack and Locke stared down into the pit before them, having no idea of what might be at the bottom. Jack and Locke look down the hatch , moments after blowing it open. After their first attempt to enter the Hatch failed, Kate and Locke returned, and Jack armed himself and set off after them.

Inside, he found Desmond, the man he had met in the stadium after Sarah's surgery, holding Locke at gunpoint. When the computer was shot and a system failure seemed imminent, Desmond panicked and left the hatch, making Jack and Locke its main inhabitants. According to the orientation video for The Swan , as the hatch was known to the DHARMA Initiative , they had to input the Numbers into the computer every minutes for an unknown reason.

Tension grew between the two as it began to become their permanent home. Jack and Ana Lucia talk at the beach. Jack and some other survivors continued to explore the Swan Station , but their investigations halted when Mr. Eko , one of the tail-section survivors , arrived with an injured Sawyer over his shoulder.

Jack reunited with Ana Lucia in the jungle and the tail-section survivors joined the mid-section. Ana-Lucia had accidentally shot Shannon , and Jack led her funeral. Michael , leaving to find his son in the Others' camp, locked Jack and Locke in the Swan's armory. After being released Jack led a party to go after Michael, and they encountered the bearded man who had kidnapped Walt.

The Others had surrounded Jack's party and used a bound and gagged Kate , who had followed Jack against his wishes, to force the party to turn back. After returning to the camp, Jack began to conspire with Ana Lucia about training an army to fight the Others. Jack prevents Locke from entering the code. The rivalry between Locke and Jack began to escalate into a struggle for leadership, which came to a head when Locke let Sayid torture a man claiming to be "Henry Gale," who they thought could be an Other.

Jack had to threaten to let the countdown timer run to zero to convince Locke to open the armory and let Jack intervene. Meanwhile Jack's relationship with Sawyer also became strained as they competed for Kate 's affection; Jack and Kate once shared a passionate kiss in the jungle. Sayid tells Jack about his suspicions of Michael. When they learned Henry Gale was not who he said he was, Jack and Kate traveled to the Line to force a trade between the captive Other and Walt.

No Others appeared, but they saw Michael stumbling through the jungle wounded. Michael announced his plan to take on the Others, and Jack tried to retrieve the guns from Sawyer, pulling a gun of his own and burning the manuscript Sawyer was reading. When he next went to the Swan, Jack saw Ana dead and Libby shot.

Sawyer willingly gave up his heroin, and in doing so revealed the location of the guns. During Ana Lucia and Libby 's funeral, Jack boarded a boat that arrived. While discussing their plan, Sayid expressed concern that Michael may be betraying the group.

On their expedition, Jack confronted Michael, forcing him to admit to betraying the survivors. Later, Jack realized they were not heading to their supposed destination. The Others ambushed them with stun darts and captured their entire party. When they woke up at the dock, Jack, Kate and Sawyer were hooded and told they would be going home with the Others. The Others took Jack's blood and imprisoned him in a disused aquarium , where he tried to assault his interrogator, Juliet.

When she refused his orders to open a door, he unlatched it himself, flooding the corridor. He managed to close it again, and she knocked him out and returned him to his room. Juliet then revealed that she had a details on his life.

Jack later met with Henry, actually named Benjamin Linus , who proved the Others had contact with the outside world by playing news footage of the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series. He then offered Jack a trip home in exchange for his cooperation. Jack blackmailing the Others during Ben 's operation. When Colleen arrived with a gunshot wound, Juliet demanded Jack's help. He failed to save her, but he noticed an x-ray while washing up and conned Ben into admitting it was his.

This apparently disrupted Ben's plan to pressure Jack into operating on him. Juliet sent Jack a secret video message suggesting he kill Ben while operating, but she also brought in Kate , who begged Jack to operate so the Others would spare Sawyer. Jack later found his door unlocked, letting him collect a pistol from a weapons locker and spy on Kate and Sawyer sleeping together on a security monitor.

Jack now agreed to operate, but he deliberately cut Ben's kidney sack during surgery, threatening to bleed Ben to death unless the Others freed Sawyer and Kate. The Others agreed, and Jack only completed the surgery when Kate repeated a story to prove she was safe.

Jack told her not to return for him in an attempt to protect her. Jack talks to Ben, with Alex watching them. In the operating room, Jack revealed Juliet's plan to kill Ben, and after they locked Jack in Sawyer's old cage, the Others' sheriff asked him for more details. Jack lied on her behalf then offered Ben further medical treatment if he let Juliet live. Ben agreed. The Others took Jack with them to the Barracks. During his week there, he played chess with Ben and played football with Tom , shocking Kate and Sayid when they came to rescue him.

Kate got captured during this rescue attempt, and Jack visited her, speaking of his deal to leave the Island. Kate is devastated by his disclosure, but before he leaves the game room where Kate is being held, he whispers in her ear that he will come back to the island for her. This deal fell apart when Locke sabotaged the Others' submarine. Jack and Juliet reveal their allegiance with Danielle Rousseau.

The Others abandoned the Barracks , leaving Juliet behind, and Jack took her back to the camp, telling the survivors she was under his protection. The survivors mistrusted Juliet lost their trust in Jack as well. When he learned the Others were coming sooner than expected though, he decided to lead most of the survivors to the radio tower , leaving just three behind to set off the trap.

Jack finally makes the call that might get them off the Island. Only two traps appeared to go off. When Juliet and Sawyer announced that they were returning to the beach, Jack kissed Juliet as Kate looked on with jealousy, but soon after, he told Kate he loved her. When Jack did not cooperate, Ben ordered by walkie-talkie the deaths of three hostages - Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Jack savagely beat Ben, but later learned the hostages were fine. When the group reached the radio tower, Locke stabbed Naomi and held Jack at gunpoint, but Jack ignored his threats and called Naomi's boat.

A man answered and told Jack rescue was on the way, much to the joy of him and the other survivors. Jack meets a hostile Miles. Minkowski called again, asking for Naomi, and Jack claimed she was gathering firewood.

When he turned around, she was gone. Jack tried to track her, but he followed a dummy trial, and when he wanted to call the freighter again, he realized Kate had stolen the phone during their shared embrace. He headed for the cockpit , where he attacked Locke, taking his gun and pulling the trigger.

The gun wasn't loaded, so he beat him till others pulled him off. Locke again claimed the supposed rescuers meant to harm them, and half the survivors followed him to the Barracks , while Jack's group went to the beach. Jack tries to phone the freighter. Jack and Kate stayed behind and followed a helicopter 's sound to a parachutist, Daniel Faraday. Faraday's gun, gas masks and secretive manner all worried Jack, but he agreed to locate his team.

The first member demanded to see Naomi's body. The second's transmitter beacon turned up on Vincent , and Jack concluded Locke had captured her. The third, Frank Lapidus , had safely landed the helicopter, but refused to fly it till the missing member turned up. Eventually, Sayid and Kate retrieved her from the Barracks , and Kate chose to stay there, hurting Jack. The helicopter left, and Jack was confused later when it didn't arrive as scheduled. When it did arrive, he learned of Desmond's temporal displacement.

Jack chased them to the Tempest , passing an unconscious Kate , but Juliet arrived there first. He kissed her , though she warned him Ben had claimed her. Juliet rushes to Jack's aide when he collapses. When a body appeared in the water, Jack forced Daniel to contact the freighter. When Bernard discovered Daniel lied about their reply, Jack lost his temper and grabbed Daniel by the collar.

Jack's stomach had been hurting - Kate had caught him sneaking pain pills - and he now collapsed with appendicitis. Juliet offered to operate. Doubtful, Jack chose to stay awake during the surgery, but Bernard knocked him out with chloroform. He awoke to hear Juliet telling Kate that Jack loved her. He left the tent against Juliet's wishes and heard the helicopter return, dropping a phone. He concluded that they should follow the helicopter.

Jack and Sawyer continued toward the chopper and found Frank hand-cuffed to it. Frank agreed to fly immediately, but they first journeyed to the mercenaries ' destination to save Hurley. The Oceanic Six return home. There, they also found Locke, who tried again to convince Jack to stay, but Jack refused.

Locke then suggested that he lie to the world about what happened on the Island. Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley returned to the helicopter, and they took off with Kate , Sayid , and Frank. Though fuel was low, Jack refused to turn back, and they landed on the freighter, where a bomb was about to detonate. Jack prevented Kate from fetching Jin, and they left with Sun , Aaron , and Desmond right before the freighter blew up. They flew toward the Island, but it had disappeared, and the chopper lost fuel quickly and crashed.

They boarded a life raft, and Jack resuscitated Desmond. When the Searcher found them, Jack sought Kate's help to convince the others to lie about everything since their crash. A week later, Jack departed with the others for the island of Sumba. Jack is shocked to learn of his relation to Claire , from her mother. He took part in a press conference, lying about how they survived the crash , claiming their plane crashed into the water and all of the passengers died instantly but the six, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sun, and Sayid.

However, Jack also claimed that Boone , Charlie and Libby also survived the crash, but had later died. Some 6 months later, Jack held a wake for his father. There, Carole Littleton approached Jack and told him her daughter, Claire , had been on Jack's plane and was his half-sister. Carole then complimented Kate's baby, not realizing Aaron was her own grandson.

Jack began drinking regularly. When he learned the police had arrested Hurley, he visited his old friend at the institute. Hurley accused Jack of checking whether he had revealed their secret. He insisted they return to the Island, though Jack disagreed, and apologized for not following Jack on the Island. Jack lying under oath during Kate 's trial. At Kate 's trial, Jack testified that only eight people survived the crash and that three died.

He claimed that he had never met the marshal and denied loving Kate. He met Kate afterward and said he had lied, implying he loved her. Kate invited him to her house, but he turned the offer down. Kate gathered that this was because of Aaron and refused any further contact until Jack agreed to see the baby.

Jack eventually came to terms with Kate raising his nephew, and they rekindled their romantic relationship. He moved into Kate's house and became a surrogate father to Aaron, but his insecurities forced him to compare himself to his own father. Jack maintained contact with Hurley and was called in when he stopped taking his medication.

Hurley passed on a message from Charlie: "You're not supposed to raise him," and said someone would visit him soon. Jack nonetheless proposed to Kate, who happily accepted. While working late, Jack saw his father, who spoke to him, and Jack asked another doctor for stress-relieving medication. He went home and was suspicious when he found Kate talking on the phone to someone he didn't know. Another time, he found their nanny staying late, and when Kate returned, he demanded answers.

Kate admitted fulfilling Sawyer's secret request and objected to Jack's drinking around her son. Jack yelled back that she wasn't "even related to him," and Aaron appeared in the doorway. Jack left, thus ending their engagement on bad terms. Jack attempts to commit suicide, after learning of Bentham 's death.

John Locke repeatedly visited Jack under the alias Jeremy Bentham, and when he landed on Jack's operating table after an accident, Locke said Christian had told him to move the Island. He began flying across the Pacific every weekend hoping it would crash, returning him to the Island or killing him. When he heard that Locke had killed himself, Jack tried calling Kate then almost leaped off an L. A doctor refused to let him operate on the passenger he had saved.

When a pharmacist denied him painkillers, even when he forged a prescription from his father , the same doctor caught him trying to steal drugs. Jack finally managed to meet Kate outside the airport and she is taken aback by his physical appearance.

He said they had to return to the Island. Kate refused and drove away. He attended Locke's funeral - no one else did - and later broke into the funeral home, where Ben appeared. Ben said that all of them, even dead Locke, had to return to the Island. They they took the coffin, then went to a hotel where Jack shaved his beard and Ben flushed Jack's pills.

Jack once again meets Frank Lapidus on board Flight Later, Hurley contacted Jack, and his father brought Jack Sayid's unconscious body. Jack successfully treated Sayid at St. Sebastian Hospital , though an administrator reminded him of his suspension. A kidnapper with Kate's address in his pocket also attacked Sayid, and when Jack told Kate, he learned a lawyer knew she wasn't Aaron's mother.

Jack and Kate followed the lawyer to Carole Littleton 's motel, but Jack learned she hired the lawyer for an unrelated case. They drove next to meet Ben at the marina, where Jack failed to convince Kate to stay and listen. She told them to take Ajira Airways Flight to return to the Island.

She privately gave Jack Locke's suicide note and told him to give Locke's body something that had belonged to Christian. Jack obeyed by collecting Christian's shoes from his grandfather , who had been trying to escape his retirement home, and placing them on Locke's feet along with the note. On the eve of the flight, Kate slept with him, agreeing to go back to the Island.

At the airport, Caesar offered him condolences over his loss, and in the plane, an attendant handed Jack the suicide note. They took off, and Jack realized Frank Lapidus was piloting and said hello. Further on the journey, he read John Locke 's note, which read, "Jack, I wish you had believed me.

Jack, Kate and Hurley are back on the Island. Jack woke up in the Bamboo grove as he had when he first crashed on the island via Oceanic Flight He found Hurley and Kate at the waterfall , before they were discovered by Jin , who called Sawyer. Jack became a workman. Horace accused Sayid , who had been locked up, for the fire. When Jack disagreed, it aroused Horace's suspicion. Sawyer tried to recruit Jack's help operating on young Ben , who had been shot. However, Jack refused, done with trying to fix things and now trusting in the Island.

This angered Juliet, who resented his return, and Kate, who claimed to prefer "the old" Jack. Jack covered Roger 's work, and defended Kate when Roger accused her. Early the next morning, Daniel Faraday showed up at Jack's house, claiming that Jack did not belong on the Island at all.

Miles and Daniel then arrived, asking to visit the hostiles to find Daniel's mother. Daniel then explained his plan to detonate a bomb at the Swan , and he entered the Hostiles' camp, where Charles Widmore knocked out Jack with his rifle's butt. Jack later explained Daniel's plan to Eloise , and they swam to the underground tunnels where the bomb was hidden. Jack holds Jughead over the future- Swan station. Sayid, who had joined them, extracted the bomb's core, and he and Jack entered Horace's house through a passage Richard created.

Hurley picked them up in a van, and Jack tried to treat Sayid inside. They drove until they saw Sawyer , Juliet and Kate on the road, blocking the way. Sawyer and Jack argued in private about whether or not to detonate the bomb, then they fought intensely until Juliet separated them. The van drove to the Swan site, and Jack entered it alone with the bomb. Phil spotted him, and the van started attacking from afar. Jack shot one member, and he and the others successfully neutralized all present.

Jack dropped the bomb into the Swan drilling shaft. Nothing initially happened, then a severe electromagnetic Incident pulled all metal objects into the shaft, including a tool box that knocked Jack out. He awoke to find Kate pulling Sawyer away from the drilling shaft, which Juliet had just fallen down. Jack helped, and moments later, the bomb presumably detonated. Jack arrive at the Temple for the very first time.

In the aftermath of the blast, Sawyer blamed Jack for Juliet's death. In order to save the mortally wounded Sayid , Jack took him to the Temple , and when the Others failed to revive him in the spring, Jack vainly performed CPR.

Sayid resurrected hours later, and Dogen gave Jack a pill to feed him. Suspicious, Jack tried swallowing it himself to get Dogen to tell him what was in it, and Dogen stopped him, revealing it was poison. Jack left the Temple to travel to the lighthouse with Hurley, passing Kate and the caves along the way. They reached it, and Jack broke down the door.

Inside, he saw a mirror that reflected his childhood home. He smashed the mirrors in frustration. Jack thinks about his purpose. Suicidal but physically unable to kill himself, Richard asked Jack to light some dynamite and kill him. However, Jack's trip to the lighthouse had built his faith, so he lit a fuse and stayed in the ship, believing it would extinguish before it could kill him. It did. Ilana informed him and the others of their candidacies to replace Jacob. Linus " " Ab Aeterno ".

Sawyer instructs Jack. Jack briefly followed Ilana's plan to blow up the Ajira plane, but Hurley destroyed their only source of dynamite. Jack then traveled and met for the first time with the Man in Black , on Hurley's suggestion.

During this visit, the Man in Black revealed that the earlier apparitions of Christian Shephard that Jack had seen on the Island were in fact the Man in Black. Jack also reunited with Claire , having discovered that they were siblings since their last meeting, and conspired with Sawyer to steal the Elizabeth , though after executing the plan, he revealed that he did not believe that they should leave the Island.

Eventually, Jack returned to the shore and met the Man in Black, who appeared to believe that Jack had taken his side. Jack takes the job as an act of choice. He decided, though, to help Sawyer keep the Man in Black off Widmore's submarine by pushing him into the water, but he decided to stay on the Island.

Widmore's men attacked, forcing Jack to enter the sub. Once aboard, Jack realized that the Man in Black had placed C-4 in his backpack. He correctly concluded the Man in Black couldn't kill them, so as long as they left the bomb alone, they would be safe. Sawyer accidentally detonated it though, killing Sayid , Jin , and Sun. Having survived the explosion, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley washed ashore and mourned the loss of their friends. They set off for the well where Desmond was imprisoned, but Jacob 's spirit intercepted them.

He explained that one of them had to replace him, and Jack volunteered. After a short ceremony, he was "like" Jacob. Jacob explained where to find the Source , which he had to protect from the Man in Black. Jack dies in the bamboo grove, but not alone.

Sawyer learned the Man in Black had found Desmond, and the two groups met on the way to a common destination - the Heart of the Island. Lost follows the journey of the survivors of Oceanic Flight on a mysterious island and their attempts to survive and escape, slowly uncovering more of the much broader island history they are a part of.

The character was originally conceived by creator J. Abrams , though the direction of storylines owes more to co-creator Damon Lindelof and fellow showrunner Carlton Cuse. Abrams, the creator of Lost , once told Entertainment Weekly , "Jack Shephard may be the greatest leader in any television series. For example, Fox's own tattoos were incorporated into the character's backstory. Although at an early stage in the show's development, the character was intended to die in the pilot, the writers soon changed this plan, and Jack became the show's main character from its pilot episode onwards.

The de facto leader of the crash survivors, in the show's first four seasons, Jack is very much a man of science. He serves as the antithesis of man of faith John Locke ; however, his experiences in season five mold Jack into a believer, to the point of becoming John Locke's spiritual successor in the final season. His leadership role culminates in him taking briefly over as protector of the island from its immortal guardian, Jacob , and being the one to engage one of the series' villains, the Man in Black who has ironically taken on Locke's appearance , in a climactic battle to the death.

Jack's storylines have included the exploration of his relationships with various love interests: fellow survivor Kate Austen , and Juliet Burke , who is initially a member of the mysterious Others , who are the series' main antagonists for the majority of its run.

Other key relationships in the show involve Claire Littleton , whom he discovers is his half-sister; Hurley and Sayid Jarrah as his right-hand men; and Sawyer , his rival for the affections of Kate, even when at some points, Sawyer calls him the nearest thing he has as a friend. Prior to the crash of Oceanic Flight , Jack was born into a successful family, with aspirations of following in his father's footsteps. He attended Columbia University and graduated from medical school a year earlier than his classmates.

Despite Jack's gifts as a physician, he is haunted by his relationship with his father, a neurosurgeon at St. Sebastian Hospital. Jack exposes his father's alcoholism, ending his career. In September , Jack's mother, Margo, Veronica Hamel orders him to find Christian, who has exiled himself to Australia , and bring him back.

Jack goes to Sydney and finds that his father has died. Once Jack identified his father's body, he made arrangements to bring him home. Jack boards Oceanic bound for Los Angeles on September 22, , with his father's casket in the cargo hold. On the island, Jack plays a key role in the survival of his fellow survivors in the immediate aftermath of the crash, instructing others to help those with injuries and using his medical background to assist the wounded.

The survivors look to Jack as their leader; however, he is reluctant to embrace the position and repeats his father's rationale that he does not "have what it takes". Exhausted from tending the wounded, attempts to rescue drowning survivors and sleep-deprived, Jack begins chasing hallucinations of his father in the jungle.

He drops his skepticism when he finds his father's coffin but it is empty. Struggling to cope with demands made by the castaways, he meets John Locke in the jungle, who provides some guidance for Jack's leadership. Jack returns to the beach camp and gives a speech on how they are going to live on the island and tells them about the caves; one part of his speech—"live together, die alone"—becomes a mantra amongst the survivors.

Through his medical tending and visibility within the camp, Jack quickly develops many personal relationships with the castaways, most notably finding a romantic interest in Kate Austen, a right-hand man in Hurley Reyes Jorge Garcia and a mutual respect for former military torturer Sayid Jarrah Naveen Andrews. Throughout the series, it has been stated numerous times that Jack is a natural leader. These things have been demonstrated many times by his ability to think quickly and analyze crisis situations.

Jack intentionally represses fear and anxiety, usually in order to remain strong for other people, as he is the one they turn to during crises. Initially, he rejects claims of fellow survivors, such as Rose Nadler L. Scott Caldwell and John Locke , who believe they are on the Island for a reason and that the Island has mystic properties.

He does this to not give his fellow survivors false hope. On the Island, Jack also seems to repress his feelings for Kate Austen. However, after escaping from The Island, Jack and Kate admit their love, move in together, and raise Aaron, Claire's son. Jack's habit of repression sometimes does flare out, usually in his propensity to become violent when he is enraged.

He is also prone to become highly obsessive and willing to do anything to help the survivors, even if it's to his detriment. This aspect was noted by his father when he was a child, suggesting that Jack avoid being a hero because he doesn't have "what it takes" to keep a level head when things go wrong.

Jack is, deep down, a very caring person and has sacrificed himself for his crash-mates several times. After being rescued, he sinks into alcoholism and drug abuse out of severe depression. He blames himself for leaving almost all the fellow survivors behind while he was safely rescued. This leads to his delusions that his father is still alive and a suicide attempt, which indicate that Jack has not been completely able to cope with what happened on the island.

Digital Spy 's Ben Rawson-Jones marked a "difference in the characterization of Jack [who] has become known as the trustworthy, honest type since Oceanic Flight crashed, so his blatant lies about the island under oath were definitely dramatic". After being rescued and falling into depression, Jack was visited by Locke one last time, to convince him to return to the island. Though he failed, Jack's outlook underwent a fundamental change.

He began to believe in fate and destiny. When Juliet asked Jack why he eventually did return to the island, Jack told her "because I was supposed to". Jack's faith leads him to sacrifice himself to prevent the island's destruction.

He believed that saving the island was what he was "meant to do" and the only thing that could give him the peace he did not find when he was off-island.

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