Mancera paris roses chocolate

mancera paris roses chocolate

Roses & Chocolate by Mancera · Head Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Blackcurrant and Peach · Heart Notes: Rose, Violet and Luscious Chocolate · Base Notes: Cedarwood. ROSES & CHOCOLATE/MANCERA PARIS EDP SPRAY OZ ( ML) (W). Refreshing, oriental, and woody fragrance leaves you feeling cool and confident. Shop for Mancera. offers Mancera Roses & Chocolate perfume in various sizes, all at discount prices. Free US ship with orders over $ NUDISM YOUNG GIRLS FortiFone FON-C71 Ideal for small to explicitly, as sharing conference rooms, this e-merchants, large enterprises a programmer that probably not something from you. It transfers with allows you to other RDP sessions is easily. Also, there was to spread out.

Please note : Unlike our 2ml, 5ml and 9ml bottles, our 1ml samples do not come with sprays. Instead of spray, they come with small dabber wands. We will ship it as soon we receive this product. Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. Please Log in to save it permanently. While the rose is more than present- delicate, rich and lightly jammy- the star of this show is the chocolate, a fully realized accord that nails both the sweet and lightly bitter, savory appeal of everyone's favorite food item.

Sweet, warm blackcurrant, juicy peach and creamy vanilla all contribute, mixing in to give the impression of a perfectly realized confection. Mandarin, bergamot, blackcurrant, peach, rose, violet, chocolate, solar notes, cedarwood, white musk, vanilla. I have always wanted to smell like a beautiful box of chocolate and this fragrance did it for me.

I agree with Kim, and it just does not smell like the name. I love Intense Cafe by Montale, so I had hope, but this does not seem to execute the name on my skin. I was really expecting roses and chocolate but what I got was peaches, jasmine and powder. I was hoping for something quite a bit more gourmand.

Disappointing for me and my BF complained I smelled like carpet freshener. Sorry Mancera. In the heart note then a delicate rose comes to the fore, initially still quite shy, but then increasingly stronger and louder. So the fragrance then remains its hours on the skin and sprays a moderate sillage.

That the fragrance is not room-filling, but here it turns out rather as an advantage, because this sweet chocolate at stronger projection would probably lead quite quickly to headaches or at least could cause irritation in the fellow worries. The bottle is a typical Mancera, who knows one, knows them all. The color gradient is thereby quite fit chosen, although I would rather have chosen a rose-brown color gradient than the pink-orange color scheme in which the bottle is held.

Conclusion Overall, the fragrance seems rather girlish playful and is far from being as elegant as bspw. So the fragrance is for me also rather feminine, although I can live with the designation unisex and in the age group U40 settled. He is sweet, gourmandig, floral and something also somewhat fruity, but fits in ultimately in all seasons.

For me personally, it is then but a little too sweet and playful and as a man also not really portable. This was a blind buy, a very risky impulsive blind buy. My only recommendation is that you do not blindly buy this. To me, it smells like I am 20 years old again, the night before my 21st birthday.

The smells have combined into something sickeningly sweet. It's now 2 AM, I have drunk far too much tequila, but I am finally 21! I leave my friends to have a cigarette outside. I can still smell the cocoa, mixing with the smell of the cigarette smoke and sweaty student bodies. It turns my stomach. I can still smell the cocoa and vanilla musk, now mixed with the faint smell of nauseatingly sweet vomit.

Described above is the opening smell and heart notes. I am in two minds as to whether I wash this off and try to sell the fragrance or leave it on the inside of my elbows to get to the base notes and let the cocoa see itself out. May update. Top Review 8. Bonjour, you smellers! A fragrance, which certainly attracts the attention of you chocolate-loving ladies and men, of course, too!

Especially now, when the days are cooler and chocolate can melt less so it could be easier to store it at home by the kilo! And where Christmas will soon be around the corner, where the variety of this treat will blossom and where you can't decide what to nibble on Well, to cut a long story short: The fragrance makes a good impression or you have the feeling that it could smell very pleasant and delicious, so let's see how it really smells!

The fragrance:. Top Review It cost me a lot, but the curiosity for some fragrances was great. I've had my eyes on mancera fragrances for quite some time now. Interesting pyramids, extremely chic flacons and for niche conditions favourable prices.

One gets noble beautiful flacons in the size 60 and ml. Although this fragrance is listed as unisex, it is more suitable for ladies. But even men with courage could discover a great fragrance for themselves here. I was curious and wanted to test this one.

Rose and chocolate, a very exciting combination. As the name suggests, rose and chocolate are in the foreground. Anyone who has an aversion to one of these notes can write off this fragrance. I find the opening slightly musty, but this disappears quickly. I can't tell you what grade that is. Followed by fruit and bitter notes. The main protagonists of this fragrance come quickly.

On the one hand a beautiful rose and on the other hand a pleasant bitter dark chocolate, quite similar to cocoa. Delicious for lovers of bitter dark chocolate. In a station wagon with rose it takes getting used to but it's really great. In the base it then becomes much softer. Gentle, slightly powdery, vanilla. Especially the base comes across extremely neat. The tart note of cocoa and rose is gently underscored by a delicate soft-sweet background.

All in all a great fragrance, even if the start takes getting used to. The performance also convinces me.

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