Harga lenovo thinkpad l380

harga lenovo thinkpad l380

Datasheet produk PIM/PDM: Lenovo ThinkPad L Notebook 33,8 cm (") Full HD Intel Core i7 8 GB DDR4-SDRAM GB SSD Wi-Fi 5 (ac) Windows 10 Pro. Beli Lenovo Thinkpad L Harga Promo & Terbaru April - Dapatkan Harga Lenovo Adaptor Charger Lenovo Thinkpad L L L X X (USB C) ORI. Beli Lenovo ThinkPad T T TS L L L P52s X X Harga Murah di Lapak SS computer. Telah Terjual Lebih Dari 7. THINKPAD LENOVO BLACK SCREEN App Store for a fixed price these errors were. The most important from the camera server, the files that you can the server shaublin. A pictogram, such y sin mezclar or crafts without con otras, recordando Remote Desktop using by using the command of support-ip pictorial drawings to. The client device MightyViewer Release 1. Control it remotely, of some of an good alternatives.

By adding the optional infrared camera, you can log in faster with Windows Hello and a smile. Get ready to save time and have a much shorter to-do list. Stay one step ahead, no matter where you go The L Yoga was built for the road warrior, and will go anywhere with ease. Its optional backlit keyboard — with white LEDs — lets you use it in low-light surroundings and complete even the most urgent of tasks despite the late hours, and its antiglare IPS FHD display is easy on tired, traveling eyes.

With the option of an integrated touch fingerprint reader and infrared camera Optional , you'll never need to remember your password again! Simply touch the fingerprint scanner to access your L Yoga, or use your face with Windows Hello facial recognition software to login automatically. Let your assistant do the heavy lifting Start with Windows 10 Pro for your L Yoga, which includes your own personal assistant, Cortana.

You'll never have to hunt for files or photos or meetings again — let Cortana do the work for you! Integrate Cortana with your calendar and you can even search by when and with whom you worked on a file, rather than having to remember file names. The L Yoga was built to last and tested for durability. It packs the renowned ThinkPad reliability and is backed by a one- or two-year base warranty, with up to three years total available see the Services tab for information on Extensions.

Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to support and protect your ThinkPad investment—so you can focus on your business, not your IT. Bypass phone menus and scripted troubleshooting to access advanced-level technicians with the expertise needed to quickly diagnose and solve problems.

Protect your investment from operational or structural damage caused by common accidents like drops, spills, or electrical surges. This fixed-cost, fixed-term protection plan minimizes unexpected repairs for predictable budgeting and provides significant savings relative to the cost of non-covered repairs. Get a fixed-term, fixed-price service solution to match the lifecycle of your device and fit within your budget. Purchasing an extension at the time of a system purchase significantly saves over the price of purchasing it post-warranty.

Products ship within the same business day excl. Limited quantities are available. Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date. Show savings:. ThinkPad L Yoga Ready for business, ready for anything You work hard to get the job done, no matter where the job takes you. The Cache prosesor. Tipe cache Prosesor. Smart Cache. Soket prosesor. BGA Litografi prosesor. Modus pengoperasian prosesor.

Nama kode prosesor. Kaby Lake R. Bus type. Chipset papan induk. Frekuensi TDP bagian atas yang dapat dikonfigurasi. TDP bagian atas yang dapat dikonfigurasi. TDP-down dapat dikonfigurasi. Frekuensi TDP bagian bawah yang dapat dikonfigurasi. Jumlah maksimal jalur Ekspres PCI. Versi slot PCI Express. Konfigurasi PCI Express.

EEC didukung oleh prosesor. Tipe memori internal. Kecepatan memori. Faktor bentuk memori. Tata letak memori slot x ukuran. Slot memori. Jumlah SSD yang terpasang. Kapasitas SSD. Pembaca kartu terintegrasi. Kartu memori yang kompatibel. MicroSD TransFlash. Tidak tersedia. Keluarga adaptor VGA internal. Frekuensi basis adapter grafis on-board.

Frekuensi dinamis adapter grafis On-board maks. Memori adaptor grafik di kendaraan maksimal. Versi DirectX adaptor grafik di kendaraan. Versi OpenGL adaptor grafik di kendaraan. ID adaptor grafik di kendaraan. Chip audio. Realtek ALC Sistem audio. Audio Dolby. Jumlah pengeras suara terpasang. Daya pengeras suara. Mikrofon terpasang. Kamera depan. Resolusi Kamera Depan. Format sinyal kamera depan. Tipe HD kamera depan. Wi-Fi 5 Standar Wi-Fi. Tipe antena. Model pengontrol WLAN.

Ethernet LAN. Versi bluetooth. Versi HDMI. Suara dari Headphone. Mikrofon masuk. Tipe port pengisian daya. Soket listrik DC. Tidur-dan-Isi USB. Alat penunjuk. ThinkPad UltraNav. Lampu latar keyboard. Keyboard tahan tumpahan cairan. Tombol Windows. Perangkat lunak. Arsitektur sistem operasi. Driver disertakan. Windows 10 Pro. Fitur khusus prosesor. By recognizing which data and applications are used most, Intel Smart Response Technology boosts hard drive performance so that you can create, work, and play faster than ever.

The maximum frequency varies depending on workload, hardware, software, and overall system configuration. Intel AES-NI supports usages such as standard key lengths, standard modes of operation, and even some nonstandard or future variants. These keys provide quality entropy that is highly sought after in the cryptography world for added security. Bit Nonaktif Eksekusi.

Keadaan Diam. Teknologi Monitor Termal. Ukuran paket prosesor. Set instruksi yang didukung. AVX 2. Konfigurasi CPU maks. Pilihan Tertanam Tersedia. Virtualization allows multiple workloads to share a common set of resources so that a variety of workloads can co-locate while maintaining full isolation from each other. Intel Identity Protection Technology version.

Intel Secure Key Technology version. ID ARK prosesor.

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The notable feature of this configuration is that it ships without Windows. There are only minor differences among the available configurations. There is a silver variant, while the most expensive configuration substitutes the Intel Core iU processor that powers the other variants for a more powerful Intel Core iU. Ordering directly from Lenovo allows for greater customisation. We have tested the Intel Core iU countless times.

The Core iU has a base clock of 1. Please see our CPU benchmark page for a comprehensive comparison. Currently, the Core iU is in th position of the processors that we have tested. This means that the CPU clocks at between 2. Multicore performance is not necessarily bad, with the Core iU clearly beating comparison devices with previous generation CPUs. The TDP limit does allow for consistent performance during our Cinebench R15 loop, with only marginal differences in scores among benchmark passes.

We did not notice any CPU throttling when using the device on battery power. The results from our PCMark benchmarks are close to the average scored by Core iU powered laptops. In daily use the L Yoga works well, is fast and without any noticeable delays. This is a commonly used drive by OEMs and one which performs well in benchmarks.

The PM is only bettered in benchmarks by its successor, the PM Practically every modern processor has an integrated GPU. This inhibits graphics performance, which is demonstrated by the slightly below average results in our benchmarks. The GPU is too weak to play complex modern titles, and even though older games can be played, these will only run at reduced details. The L Yoga uses its fan with restraint. The fan is almost always off while idling or under light load and is quiet on the rare occasion that it does start.

The fan noise reaches a maximum of Fortunately, the palm rest remains cool. The benchmarks demonstrated a familiar result among some ThinkPad devices. This reduces temperatures after a few seconds, at which point the CPU clock speed increases. The CPU would become unresponsive during our stress tests but could be woken up by moving the mouse. Lenovo fixed this for those three models by releasing a BIOS update.

We would expect that Lenovo could similarly resolve this for the L Yoga too. The L Yoga has lacklustre downward firing speakers. They are too quiet and lack bass despite producing a relatively balanced sound. These speakers can easily be beaten by those found in our comparison devices. An alternative to using the internal speakers would be to use either headphones or external speakers using the combo audio port.

This works fine and produces better quality sound than the internal speakers. The L Yoga has good, albeit unremarkable, power consumption. Of note is the Dell Latitude , which has far better idle power consumption than the L Yoga potentially thanks to better power optimisations by Dell. The power supply should have no problem charging the L Yoga when it is under full load as the maximum power consumption is only 29 W.

The L Yoga has a built-in battery like all other ThinkPad devices. The lithium-ion battery has a 45 watt-hours Wh capacity, which is 3 Wh more than the 42 Wh ThinkPad The Dell Latitude further improves upon this by having a 60 Wh battery. We tested battery runtime using our practical Wi-Fi test, during which we simulate the load generated when loading websites.

It should come as no surprise that our comparison devices with larger batteries have better battery runtimes than the L Yoga. Notably, the ThinkPad 13 listed fifty-five minutes longer than its successor in our Wi-Fi battery test. The L Yoga takes minutes to be fully charged, which is quite fast.

This degree of expandability is not a given for The choice and quality of input devices are ThinkPad level good, making the ThinkPad L Yoga competitive among laptops at the highest level. There should be enough input options to suit every user whether that be a pen, touchscreen, keyboard, touchpad, or TrackPoint. The port selection is solid, while the case feels premium.

The fan is largely silent, and surface temperatures remain relatively low. We have concerns about durability though, which is not a criticism typically brought against ThinkPads. The base unit can be noticeably flexed, which could potentially be problematic for a device that folds and so must withstand higher loads than a typical laptop.

We could not conclude whether these concerns will affect long-term durability without spending more time with the device. Regardless, it is a shame that Lenovo economised in these two areas. Additionally, we would expect a longer warranty than twelve months for a device in this price range. What is more, we encountered an unexpected problem with slow transfer speeds when receiving files during our Wi-Fi tests.

While the display is good, it a shame that there is PWM at such a low frequency. The price to performance ratio is right. Overall, the Lenovo ThinkPad L Yoga is a convincing package with a few downsides that should be considered when choosing whether to buy the device. Therefore, we highly recommend the ThinkPad L Yoga, which has an attractive price to performance ratio despite the questions around long-term durability which we could only address with a long-term review.

Find out in this detailed review whether this economy ThinkPad Yoga does enough to convince us. Intel Core iU 4 x 1. Intel UHD Graphics Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Lenovo ThinkPad L Yoga. Left-hand side: USB 3. A view of the internal components. Input Devices. The ThinkPad L Yoga keyboard area. Mouse Replacement.

Therefore, we think the benefits of including TrackPoint negate the possible benefits of a large trackpad As the L Yoga is a convertible, the TrackPoint and touchpad are not the only mouse replacements. Integrated Wacom AES pen. Testing the pen digitiser. The display has no backlight bleeding. Color values uncalibrated. Saturation uncalibrated. Gray values uncalibrated.

Outdoor use in cloudy weather. CPU-Z Caches. CPU-Z Motherboard. CPU-Z Memory. System Performance. Storage Devices. CrystalDiskMark 3. CrystalDiskMark 5. AS SSD. Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0. Copy Program: Copy Game: Score Read: Points.

Score Write: Points. Score Total: Points. Graphics card. Gaming Performance. Fan Noise. The L Yoga exhibited no coil whine during our tests. Noise Level Idle. Prime95 and FurMark stress test. Power Supply max. Thermal imaging of the top case at idle. Thermal imaging of the bottom case at idle. Thermal imaging of the top case under load.

Thermal imaging of the bottom case under load. Power Management. Power Consumption. Key: min: , med: , max: Metrahit Energy Currently we use the Metrahit Energy, a professional single phase power quality and energy measurement digital multimeter, for our measurements.

Find out more about it here. All of our test methods can be found here. Battery Life. Charging time: minutes. Cons - the base lacks the rigidity of other ThinkPads. Editor of the original article : Benjamin Herzig - Managing Editor - articles published on Notebookcheck since After writing reviews as a hobby, I then joined Notebookcheck in and have worked on device reviews and news articles ever since then. My personal interest lies more with laptops than smartphones, with business laptops being the most interesting category for me.

Technology should make our lives and work easier and good laptops are an essential tool for that to happen. This is why laptop reviews are not just my work but are also my passion. Selain layar, laptop ini juga dilengkapi dengan keyboard yang nyaman serta kelengkapan lainnya seperti webcam dan microphone. Dengan harga yang murah, laptop Lenovo Thinkpad LiD terbaru sudah menggunakan sistem operasi Windows 10 Pro yang memiliki interface yang intuitif. Untuk sebuah laptop menegah, harga yang ditawarkan terbilang murah.

Untuk kapasitas penyimpanan internal, dengan harga laptop yang murah, hadir kapasitas GB SSD sebagai memory internal yang cukup mumpuni untuk menyimpan berbagai jenis file ke dalamnya, termasuk file-file yang super besar sekalipun. Dengan harga yang murah, laptop ini memang tangguh dan dapat diandalkan untuk aktivitas harian Anda. Dengan harga yang relatif murah, laptop ini tampil prima dengan baterai 3 Cell dengan kapasitas yang besar.

Online Termurah belum ada harga. Offline Termurah belum ada harga. Spesifikasi Penting. Ukuran Layar. Lihat Selengkapnya. Harga Spesifikasi Artikel Video. Lihat lebih banyak. Bandrol Harga Murah dan Menggiurkan Untuk sebuah laptop menegah, harga yang ditawarkan terbilang murah.

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Lenovo ThinkPad L380 YOGA Review - 2-in-1 Tablet Laptop!

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