Where to buy nice earrings

where to buy nice earrings

TL;DR: Kinn offers modern, timeless designs (and earrings that don't irritate even the most sensitive of lobes) with the highest-quality gold. These are the best places to buy cute jewelry online right now—shop Its selection of beaded necklaces, earrings and more is seriously to. The best places to buy jewelry online include Mejuri, Madewell, Nordstrom, Baublebar, Etsy and Anthropologie. Shop earrings, necklaces. ALBERT Also, logging to use the standard credit with its. The Future of the Privacy Policy. Mouse movement no.

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Blue Items Multicolor 98 Items Green 70 Items Red 54 Items Black 47 Items Pink 37 Items Purple 30 Items Birthday Items Christmas Items Wedding Items Anniversary 72 Items Engagement 60 Items Mother's Day 56 Items Valentine's Day 52 Items Father's Day 27 Items Stone Items Gemstone Items Metal 72 Items Rhinestone 37 Items Unknown 29 Items Crystal 19 Items Glass 19 Items Shell 19 Items Beauty Items Awareness 39 Items Bohemian 30 Items Angels 29 Items Anime 28 Items Love 19 Items Art 17 Items India Items China Items Unknown 81 Items United States 18 Items Hong Kong 11 Items Thailand 6 Items 6.

France 4 Items 4. Lithuania 3 Items 3. Hook Items Screw Back Items Snap 75 Items Clip-On 60 Items Threader 54 Items Leverback 36 Items Butterfly 19 Items French Wire 7 Items 7. Main Stone. No Stone Items Cubic Zirconia 98 Items Pearl 43 Items Crystal 40 Items What's even more exciting about White Flash and their diamond earrings is their prices.

The prices are more affordable than most of the guys on this list. White Flash allows you to select diamond pairs based on filters as well. They also have a patented collection called A Cut Above. This collection has four sub-collections, including a hearts and arrows with perfect optical symmetry. They offer a view of your diamond pairs and even include additional ASET and ideal scope imaging of the hearts and arrows under a gemscope.

I don't like the way they let you view the stones though. The diamonds are put under a special light to make them sparkle against a black background, making it very difficult to see the diamond characteristics in any grade. But if that doesn't bother you, then don't worry it. White Flash offers you a one year free service guarantee, where you can get normal wear repairs done through them for free.

However, there are certain items from the virtual collection that have a 10 day return policy, so keep an eye out for that. There are too many pairs of earrings on the web to count. And there are a lot of questions to ask The possibilities are endless. Check out the most asked questions about buying diamonds online. While there are many factors that might increase or decrease diamond prices when it comes to earrings, the cost of diamond earrings online and in a retail store do differ.

Because these online retailers specialize in loose diamonds and allow you to select your specifications, you're going to find that a pair of diamond stud earrings is more expensive online than at a brick and mortar store. Read Also: Best options for fake diamond studs. This is because most commercial jewelry stores have a pile of manufactured diamonds that are certified and already selected.

Obviously, the stone and setting are majorly important when selecting the best place to get diamond earrings from. When you buy earrings, they usually have one of two earring back styles: friction backs or screw backs. There are other types of earrings backs, but these are the most common that come with pieces from jewelry stores or costume jewelry.

Friction backings for stud earrings is the most common. They're also the most affordable. The earring posts are smooth with a small dip about 3mm into the post. The friction backs are pushed tightly on and secure in the dip of the post. Screw back earrings are just a little different. They're a bit more expensive usually. That's because the earring posts have to be modified in order for the backings to work. Instead of being smooth, the whole thing has rivets in it like a super thin screw.

The backings look different than friction backs. They're kind of hard to describe, so you can look down below. The backs have to be twisted on and the the end of the most needs to be poking through the small hole to be secured. You can tighten them by screwing it on further.

As with anything you buy online, it is good to take a few precautions. Check out a few concerns to keep an eye out for in your diamond earring hunt. If you've ever seen the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio, you may be aware that in certain parts of the world, diamonds are used to fund civil wars.

Retailers wanted to make sure that consumers knew they were getting their diamonds from a legitimate source, rather than one that causes pain and violence to people. Thus, the Kimberley Process was created. This is the main way to ensure quality diamonds come from non-conflict countries or areas. Over 80 countries participate in the program and all diamonds that come through those market channels are ensured to be conflict-free.

When buying diamond earrings online, always look for a solid money back guarantee. All of the retailers on this list have a degree viewer for the loose stones of custom diamond earrings, but the other earring styles don't necessarily have those viewing options. Read Also: How to buy diamonds online? The main reason for returning a piece of fine jewelry back to an online diamond vendor would be because you didn't like the quality or the way it looks.

Thankfully, most online places offer 30 day returns, though some will give you only as little as a week to return pieces. Checking out the return policy will help you steer clear from any scams. When shopping for diamond earrings online, not only do you want to make sure you're getting exactly what you viewed online, but you want to make sure the materials are high quality. Always read product descriptions thoroughly.

Look for proper terminology when buying diamonds. When you read "14K gold", make sure it is solid gold, not plated. Many cheaper diamond rings and other jewelry pieces can be plated and the plating will eventually fade to reveal a cheaper metal. Watch out for the following words: diamond simulant , lab-created diamonds, and treated diamonds. Make sure you know what each of these are and if you're wanting them before purchasing.

Most people think that the best deal is the lowest price. When it comes to diamond earrings, diamond engagement rings, or any other diamond jewelry, this is not the case. Beyond the initial price of your earrings, think about the maintenance on them that they might require.

Do your research. The best value diamond earrings might not be the cheapest. But they'll last longer. Certain settings will keep your diamonds more secure, such as a bezel setting. Channel-set princess cut diamonds are also pretty secure. To get the best deal on diamond earrings, look for someone that offers a lifetime warranty.

While some repairs are not covered by certain warranties, a lot of places will do a lot of the routine care that is regularly needed under warranties. James Allen is your best bet to satisfy your quest for your next pair of diamond earrings.

Whether you want hoops, studs, or a unique style, they've got it all. And in order to get the most carat for your budget, a sleek pair of diamond studs from Clean Origin is sure to please. Want to learn more about jewelry? Check out these other helpful resources written by our jewelry experts! Wondering where to buy diamond earrings online? You're not the only one. Lucky for you, I know just where the best place to buy diamond earrings online is.

I'll also answer some common questions about choosing the best diamond earrings to buy, such as:. Here's the deal: Earrings are one of the most personal pieces of diamond jewelry you can buy from a jewelry store. Look: A lot of people don't know where to buy diamond stud earrings, so they go to the first jewelry store in their area.

Best Places To Buy Diamond Earrings Online You can stop wondering, because I really think these 5 stores are exactly where to buy diamond earrings online. Product Details 1. James Allen Editor's Choice. What's In This Guide? Earring Backs For Diamond Earrings.

It gets better: When it comes to the best diamond studs, James Allen takes the cake. You can either send it to James Allen, or one their participating Jared retailers. Plus: James Allen has competitive pricing and world class customer service, including day easy returns and lifetime warranties on all products—so you have nothing to lose by trusting them with your next diamond earrings purchase.

Lacks in diamond fashion earrings No trending styles. Clean Origin. Here's a taste of what you can expect:. It gets better: Just to show you the price differential between James Allen's diamond studs and Clean Origin's diamond studs, below you can see James Allen's natural mined studs are nearly 2x the price for similar specs! Look: I wouldn't say Clean Origin carries the best diamond stud earrings online.

If looking for that, James Allen is where to buy diamond stud earrings Just white or yellow 14kt gold settings, 3 or 4 prong set and 8 different carat weights. In summary: If you want a pair of classic stud earrings at the lowest price with the best return policy around days! Not a lot of selection. That's mainly because they offer more options than the other guys The prices for Brilliant Earth's earring settings are a bit pricey.

Wide range of earring settings Ethics focused with special natural diamond sourcing and recycled materials Warranty covers small stone loss. Expensive Paid warranty only lasts three years. Here's why: While other retailers in our top 5 have top quality loose diamonds, Blue Nile is considered one of my pick for best online store for diamond earrings. Here's the thing: I really like how their options differ from most of the other guys on the list. Warranty could be better Can't see characteristics of both stones.

Check out these earrings below from White Flash to see what I mean:. Affordable prices Unique designs Brand collections Custom jewelry. Bad diamond lighting for viewing characteristics No gemstone jewelry or loose stones. Such as: Should you get a pair that's all diamonds or a mix of gemstones and diamonds? What will you set it in? Rose gold? White gold? Maybe yellow gold? Read Also: Best options for fake diamond studs This is because most commercial jewelry stores have a pile of manufactured diamonds that are certified and already selected.

Earring Backs For Diamond Earrings Obviously, the stone and setting are majorly important when selecting the best place to get diamond earrings from.

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