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Baiju took the thin pages from Xiao Yao, and looked at them again and again. The smile at the corners of his eyes couldn't be hidden. The simple words in this document were evidence that Baiju could truly live in the modern age. Xiao Yao looked sideways at the old dog, silly and cheerful, seeing that he smiled with crooked eyebrows, and the tail of his eyes flew up.

Even his thick eyelashes were fluttering and moving, and he looked vaguely like the little doll version of himself, revealing a bit of innocence and cuteness that didn't match his age. Baiju's eyelids tickled, he slightly avoided him and blinked twice, then put the pages on the coffee table, opened his arms and suddenly hugged his little ward next to him. Xiao Yao sat very relaxed and was bowled over.

He only had time to hold onto Baiju's shoulders before he was pressed firmly into the sofa for a good while. Baiju's fluffy head arched in his shoulders, and his mellow voice floated with joy, "Yao Yao Xiao Yao was so softened by the dog, that he just lay on the sofa and rubbed his hair, "Why thank me If Baiju hadn't noticed that he was in danger at that time and taken the initiative to rush over to rescue him, then not only would Xiao Yao have been injured, but the subsequent live broadcast backstage incident might have been even more dangerous because of Xiao Yao's injury.

While Qu Lang's special service team would be guaranteed to be there, without Baiju, the show might have been ruined. Not to mention, Baiju, who had experienced many things, was very kind to the children in the orphanage, allowing them to climb up and down him without reprimanding, and even carried them to jump around.

The old white dog brewed for a while, hitting Xiao Yao's ear with his clear breath. He lowered his voice and said seriously, "No I wouldn't save people, let alone follow up everything. Xiao Yao opened his eyes slightly and looked at Baiju who was leaning over him, feeling it was a little difficult to breathe. He takes care of me, considers me, and makes it so that I will accept him, like him, and protect him.

Xiao Yao opened his mouth, " This old dog really loved him and cherished him, but the nature of his feelings was completely different from Xiao Yao's treatment of him. Baiju was stunned for a moment, then pursed his lips and smiled, squeezing Xiao Yao's cheek like a child, and whispered, "Of course not.

Baiju thought that his little ward was jealous with the children hundreds of thousands of years ago, so he thought about it for a moment, and explained: "Yaoyao, I have never left a mark on any good boy, and I will not always Pay attention to the joys, sorrows, sorrows, and safety of every good child. When Baiju spoke, the tips of his canines poked out between his lips, with a hint of subtle cunning, "I like good kids, I like to get along with them and play with them, but this is just one of my needs.

With my mark on you, I can perceive your safety. There were no more than three times, three was also a sacred number in Taoism. The closing of his Yin and Yang eyes may not be too special, but Baiju used the same technique, for the same purpose, and performed it three times on the same person, so he had already formed a kind of contract. Not to mention he also consciously extended his own aura and encircled Xiao Yao into its protection range.

Xiao Yao listened to Baiju's long and detailed explanation, and the sour and indistinct mood just disappeared completely. In this old dog's heart, he was indeed a special existence, not the same as those children in the past. Xiao Yao smiled slightly, and said in his heart, that's enough. Before he became too greedy, it was enough that Baiju could give him this much.

Xiao Yao pushed Baiju's shoulder and sat up. He was about to say something, but the phone on the coffee table suddenly vibrated. Baiju on the side also heard the voice on the other end of the phone. He thought for a moment, and suddenly clapped his palms; after a muffled sound, two coupons appeared out of thin air in his palm, which were grabbed by Baiju and held them in front of Xiao Yao. He was silent for a moment, and said slowly, " Baiju was a grinning old nymph, Xiao Yao understood this deeply.

Xiao Yao couldn't reason with the old dog in the end. His eyes were a little bit less sharp now. So you have some time to visit the rural forest today? Lan Zhan didn't reply. He just kept staring at Jiang Cheng, obviously unimpressed and somehow having a scolding look despite looking mostly stoic outwardly. Visibly annoyed, rather than the dangerous air of fury directed at Wei Ying earlier. Wei Ying half-expected the disciples to jump into defense for their beloved cultivator, judging from the adoring looks he saw the disciples give Lan Zhan back at Mo Manor, where he first woke up.

But surprisingly, none of them really reacted. Just looked on, like they were used to something like this. Lan Zhan is obviously used to it, too, and while he didn't look like he liked it, he also didn't look insulted either. Jin Ling waved at the two Wei Ying knew. The most un-Lan Lan disciple Wei Ying had the pleasure of meeting, snorts back.

The other, much nicer and perfect Lan went between them to separate them both with an awkward smile on his face. The un-Lan Lan disciple just laughs. Just then, Jiang Cheng clapped his hands together. There was a demonic cultivator that threatened my nephew. The one you saved, earlier. If you let us get the guy back, we won't bother you on the hunt. Sound good? From that time , there wasn't much he remembered. Wei Ying knew that his soul must have been horribly shattered, what with the way he died.

Falling off a cliff right after the backlash of destroying the Stygian Tiger Seal settled in, and getting devoured by the resentful creatures he once controlled once he reached the bottom--certainly would mess up anybody. Broken up, jumbled. Wei Ying was pretty sure he lost himself the moment his sister, Jiang Yanli, died from the blow that was meant for him. I couldn't save them, couldn't save anyone , they died It's nasty business, what the Goddess Statue does.

Since the Yin Iron is removed from her, she started taking souls of others as sustenance in exchange for wishes. It was a surprise, admittedly a good one, to end up summoning Wen Ning, though. Wei Ying thought he'd died , when he and Wen Qing At any rate, his state was He behaves more like a normal fierce corpse now, when he'd normally think and act like he was still alive. Something happened to him, too, Wei Ying deduces.

Just like how something happened to Jiang Cheng. At any rate, there are many people here who think Wen Ning is a threat--Jin Ling, the two Lans he recognized, Lan Jingyi and Lan Sizhui, are teaming up to supposedly deal a final bow--and Lan Zhan is here, grabbing his sleeve, once Wei Ying finished the song he used to calm his friend down.

That Lan lullaby he heard from--somewhere. Jiang Cheng gracefully rides off the rejection, twirling so the whip doesn't hurt anyone, and then he sets the whip down with a laugh. What are you doing? A smile was still present.

Since this fellow here has summoned the Ghost General, a creature only Wei Wuxian could control, shouldn't I make sure that this demonic cultivator isn't possessed by the Yiling Patriarch? Wei Ying shifted awkwardly. Technically, he is possessing Mo Xuanyu, but. It was a willing sacrifice, and Wei Ying was forced to possess this body!

For suddenly, Jiang Cheng's face fell into a familiar scowl, eyebrows knitted and eyes freely showing rage and anger. Of all people, how could you say that to Jin Ling!? Jiang Cheng's face shifted back into a smile, now more visibly self-satisfied and pleased. Wei Ying has been played , and it's because he has an absolutely nonexistent speech filter now. Or, no, not really a fight, because all Jiang Cheng is doing is insisting on making Wei Ying go to Lotus Pier because he needs to pay his respects, Lan Wangji, don't you understand he's my family plus all demonic cultivators are the responsibility of the Jiang Sect anyway.

Wei Ying was pretty sure the Jiang and Lan disciples were laughing at him. At the very least, Lan Sizhui spared him looks of pity. Wei Ying really doesn't want to be stuck standing here until the sun sets, though, so he gave a compromise. Lan Zhan can come with us. Jiang Cheng's smile--which turned sharp during the times he tried to insist--mellowed out a little. Let's go.

Wei Ying had to be carried by Lan Zhan, and he had to laugh at the absurdity of the fact that Jiang Cheng's eye was twitching, just watching them. He runs his mind through the interactions he saw between Lan Zhan and Jiang Cheng. There's definitely something between them, and while it's not threatening None of Lan Wangji's disciples reacted when Jiang Cheng insulted him, almost like they knew and trusted that Jiang Cheng didn't really mean it. A high-pitched shriek.

The rogue cultivator whirled, faced with the full force of Jiang Cheng's intimidating smile. Good day! Wei Ying sweatdrops. He wasn't sure what just happened, but it probably doesn't matter either way. Lotus Pier is just as lively as he'd remembered it.

Outside Sword's Hall was brimming with disciples, all who'd come over in an instant to greet their Sect Leader and the visitors. Wei Ying waves when the eyes turn on him. The disciples made way for them, and the newcomers strode through Sword's Hall. The instant they went past the lotus-carved doors, Jin Ling dashed off to the hall to the right.

Wei Ying froze. It was another familiar voice, exasperatedly fond like the many times he heard before, and yet For, emerging from the room far ahead, a familiar person was dragged out by Jin Ling, wearing the signature Jiang robes. She obviously can't recognize him, because this is Mo Xuanyu's body.

He didn't expect to find the Jins throwing away someone like it's unimportant trash. Then again, he knows that Meng Yao-- Jin Guangyao now--had been thrown down the stairs before, so it's not like it was unexpected. He finds that it was Wen Qing they had thrown away. Wen Qing, who he had a crush on starting at Cloud Recesses, who he gave his comb to that was returned, who was supposed to be at the Burial Mounds. Then he noticed the red spreading on her chest--blood pooling on the ground--and he knows there isn't much time to lose.

Making sure there's no one else to witness, he picks her up and runs back to his own quarters. He doesn't know what the heck is going on here, especially since Jin Zixuan had been killed But Wen Qing wasn't the one who killed him. If it was Wen Ning he found, that would have been a different story. Still, even after all that happened She's the one who helped them when they needed it, who risked her life and her brother's to house his siblings and care for them even if Jiang Cheng had been a little ungrateful about it.

Who risked everything in the first place, just so his shixiong stayed safe during their little Yin Iron quest. He'd have to ask Wei Ying about this later, when he gets to him. He'd get to punch him, too, as a treat. Plain text with limited HTML? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. The next-- Well. Being trapped in place, a sword threatening to kill him when he just came back. What happened to Jiang Cheng? What did Wei Ying miss during those 16 years he was gone!? Sixteen years later after his death, Wei Ying was summoned back into a new body. He was faced with an interesting new world-- And a much changed brother, along with the mysteries of everything that happened before. Wei Ying never thought he'd be scared of his shidi smiling, but.

Here he is. Chapter 1 Notes: So. So then this happened xD I'm making a lot of new fics now yeet I'll just limit this to 3 chapters for now ig bc I don't think I can take making it longer xD But hey hope you guys enjoy! XD See the end of the chapter for more notes.

Chapter Text "Mind if I join in this conversation? What even is happening? A lot has definitely changed in Jiang Cheng, all these years. It admittedly feels a lot scarier. Though, he was curious to see who it was, so he took a peek. Apparently, this happens often, based on the familiarity in their actions. It was then that Wei Ying remembered just what he said to Jin Ling. Jiang Cheng's nephew.

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