Stage stores customer service number

stage stores customer service number

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Innovative items like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad created new markets and attracted millions of customers. However, underpinning the growth of the company is an obsessive customer service culture aimed at turning one-time buyers into customer advocates. In this post, let's look at how Apple retains its customers and highlight the lessons you can apply to your business. Apple stores have been a central part of its customer experience since Steve Jobs took over in Before that, Apple computers were sold through chain stores and other authorized outlets.

The company was not comfortable with this model as Apple severed ties with over 10, third-party retailers. After that, the company opened the first Apple store and overhauled its entire website. Service provided by third-party resellers does have an impact on your company's reputation. Apple decided it wasn't comfortable with this trade-off and made the decision to move customer service in-house.

This gave Apple control over every part of the customer experience. This might not be an option for you. If that's the case, consider how you can support your customers after they purchase your products. This can be done by advertising the channels people use to contact your support team. Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, are effective options for providing immediate customer support.

The transition from third-party sellers to running its own stores gave Apple more control over its customer service. It controlled all aspects of the customer experience from the layout of the store to how employees interacted with customers. You can see how much thought went into the first Apple store when you consider its design.

The first store was broken down into three distinct sections:. These three parts align with the final stages of the customer journey. For a deeper explanation of how the store was envisioned check out this video of Steve Jobs. This setup ensures customers not only learn about products but also try them in the store.

After purchases, Apple makes it as easy as possible for customers to get their problems resolved by offering support within its store. This focus on controlling the customer experience at the point of contact has played a pivotal part in creating Apple's legion of fans. And, given how many people at the time expected the stores to fail, this model proved to be surprisingly profitable. This is probably the hardest lesson. Don't be afraid of implementing significant change if you think it will benefit your company -- but do so cautiously.

You can see how Apple made its transition in three stages:. Each part of this process was inherently risky. The company minimized risk by implementing a marketing plan in each stage. Even so, most people at the time thought Apple's retail experiment would be a failure.

It could have been, but conservatively approaching each risk helped Apple achieve success. Applied psychology should play a role in how your reps deal with customers. Take the example below from page 45 that covers nonverbal gestures. Source: Gizmodo. These tips go beyond a general understanding of body language.

Almost every conceivable interaction with a customer has been scripted. The Three F's are used to generate empathy with a lead who's mistaken or has bad information. The Workbook includes a scripted example of how this conversation might play out. Apple Employee: I can see how you'd feel this way. I felt the price was a little high, but I found it's a real value because of all the built-in software and capabilities.

Apple developed a system of training that's based on an understanding of psychology and people skills. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions about your submission. If you prefer to speak to someone, click the Chat Now button. For faster service , check your status online. Send the email to service retro- stage. City of Industry CA Recipient: RetroStage Return Team.

Tel: Note: Returning to this address without Customer Services permission will not be accepted and customers will be responsible for all lost and cost. Comenity 's EasyPay: Pay securely without setting up an account. Select here to pay. An expedited fee may apply. Please note in store payments are no longer being accepted. Get contact details or leave a review about this business.

A s a result, Stage Stores has a compliance Web Site that communicates to suppliers their recently approved compliance issues. The company parent is Beall's Inc. External Website. Install plugin and receive up to 50 free email contacts per month!

Don't worry, just contact the after sale service. Send it by email to [email protected]. We will deal with your problems as soon as possible. Any suggestion and advice are welcome. Send the email to [email protected].

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stage stores customer service number

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