Armored core v ps3

armored core v ps3

type, PS3. languages, EN. title (EN), Armored Core V. developer. publisher. release date, genre. players, 1. req. accessories, pad. accessories. Armored Core V. Armored Core V. Console, PS3. Publisher, Namco Bandai Games. Genre, Simulator. Region, WW. Views, 2, Downloads, 1, /5 (1 vote). Armored Core V (Sony PlayStation 3, ) ; Brand new. $ ; Open box. $ ; Pre-owned. $ ; Make an offer: Pre-owned. 100 MILES As Terminal Services have so much top pick for just on the allowing to specify your computer. I love you the supplied mains. Below the filename out of stock.

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First 30 Minutes: Armored Core V [XBOX360/PS3] Part 1/2 armored core v ps3

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All this publication's reviews. This is fanservice for mecha fans in its purest form. Armored core lovers will definitely appreciate the extensive multiplayer and the usual amazing customization options, everyone else will probably give up soon, due to the boring and repetitive campaign and gigantic amount of data that needs to be absorbed.

All this publication's reviews Read full review. Yes, for newcomers, Armored Core V is a difficult game, frustratingly difficult. Yet it can be rewarding to those willing to put their precious hours not into learning a new language, or a skill, but to master a mech-combat videogame. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun and a filled online match is second to none. With some better decisions this game could have been special, instead it's forgettable and will likely be abandoned.

Sitting in lobbies is not the definition of a good time. Cheat Code Central. Overcoming the initial intimidation of the vast arrays of stats and finding your footing in the battlefield are certainly challenges worth celebrating when victorious. However, if you're looking for an engaging campaign, measured and concise tactics, and stunning graphics beyond the mechs, From Software's latest entry will leave you severely disappointed.

Despite the mechas' new,smaller stature roughly two-thirds the size of those in previous titles , battles felt sluggish. Playstation Official Magazine UK. It's not entirely awful. Scaling buildings with your previously mentioned rocket feet gives proceedings an enjoyable verticality.

Smashing houses, tanks and 'copters is also empowering like breaking fine china with a giant smashy mallet. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 12 out of Mixed: 8 out of Negative: 3 out of For people who knows this saga, can expect a good game, but now with more missions and more surprises in them. The multiplayer is very For people who knows this saga, can expect a good game, but now with more missions and more surprises in them.

The multiplayer is very immersive and very rewarding if you play with friends. Downsides could be the animations and the graphics. The combat system can be very annoying but when you get it its awesome. Its very different from AC4 and take a combat type more like the firs AC. It is not for everybody, but it is for me. Upgrades to mech based on weapon types, weapons quality, and your personal play style make it very It is not for everybody, but it is for me.

Upgrades to mech based on weapon types, weapons quality, and your personal play style make it very addicting for anyone who made it past the seventh grade. I could see why a player would dismiss it as "Gay", or too complicated, it takes a bit of grey matter to enjoy.

AC V does not deserve the The Best Armored Core game so far. Those who love the mech action genre is gonna love this game. Front Mission Evolved should have been this game. If only Squeenix chose From Software instead of crappy Developers Anyway, this game plays so much like the old school AC games, which is great. Now, you need to think tactically to flank your adversaries. Great Team online play and customizations options. One is the separation of North American and European servers.

The other is the game's lack of mass appeal - it's very clear this product is targeting a specific niche, and while it offers that target market almost everything, it's not even remotely fun for most players outside that core group. I live in New Zealand, and our local copies of the game connect us to the European servers.

I'm literally on the opposite side of the world from almost everyone I've faced, and while there has been visible lag in a handful of matches literally 4 or 5 of the DOZENS of online matches I've played , it's NEVER been severe enough to actually influence a battle.

I've seen an incredibly fast-moving target teleport ALMOST the width of their mech in a worst-case scenario so far, which means literally nothing in the context of even the most precision-sensitive weapons. At first, I started with minor tweaks to the default controls, then adjusted a few more things as I got more in-depth into the game. Even after settling on a basic control scheme, there are a couple of tweaks I use for different builds, since each AC the name for your mechs handles VERY differently, and emphasises different functions.

Previous games in the series allowed players to "fly" as long as their AC's energy reserves held out, with the most recent releases, AC4 and For Answer, making "permaflight" builds a common sight. Those two games also made lightweight ACs significantly more durable than previous titles, where you had to sacrifice armour even more than firepower to get the fastest mechs. In this, and some other aspects, ACV is a return to the roots of the series.

A good lightweight AC pilot can run rings around a less-skilled pilot with a heavy AC, but if you make a mistake, you go down fast and hard. LIkewise, a good pilot with a heavy AC will bring a lot of firepower against even fast-moving targets, but if they can stay out of the line of fire, it doesn't matter how big your guns are. As every fan knows, customisation is the most important aspect of the series, and this game has done it justice. There are multiple types of arm, leg, core and head, along with generators, boosters, and FCS.

In addition to all these options, up to 5 weapons can be equipped, with up to 3 available at a time. While Japan is 2 patches ahead of the rest of the world and about to get another , there are some balance issues that need to be addressed, but there's still a lot of variety if you avoid the obvious overpowered weapons. ACV has also expanded on the balance between physical and energy attacks, by dividing damage into 3 types, Kinetic, Chemical and Thermal Energy.

Each body part on an AC provides a different amount of protection against each energy type, as well as a different amount of AP, or armour points which are your health. High resistance to enemy attacks will reduce the amount of AP lost with each hit, so having lots of AP isn't always the most important thing.

A good balance of AP and resistance to the right energy types for your opponent can be the difference between victory and defeat. I've won dedicated blade matches by bringing a KE damage physical blade when my opponent's AC was built with high TE defense in expectation of a laser blade. The same can be said of bringing a CE weapon like a Battle Rifle when the opponent thinks you'll have a Gatling Gun that deals KE damage, or vice versa. The AI in the game can be pretty dense at times, with some of the lower-level AC pilots doing incredibly stupid things like shooting at you through walls.

A few of the bosses are similar, but more often by "telegraphing" their attacks and giving the player time to find cover before firing super-powered weapons you otherwise wouldn't have a chance against. Most of the tougher enemies are less likely to do this, but they tend to be quite predictable, and once you understand an enemy's patterns, it becomes a little too easy to beat them.

It would have been nice to see at least a few enemies who change their build based on your recent history, or at least react differently based on how your machine is assembled. In addition to the less-than-impressive AI, the game's single player story is lacking - there's the groundwork for a GREAT plot, but they never really delve into it, and while there are some clever moments worthy of any mecha anime, they're usually short on the context necessary to make them work.

Overall, the game is impressive, but flawed, and it really is only suitable for players who want to focus on both building and piloting highly-customisable giant robots. This game short and simple is for multiplayer. Also the chatter is so incoherent. This can give the AC a huge edge in mobility when fighting in urban areas. They have moderate EN efficiency and poor boost charge damage. Quadruped legs are quite different from previous AC games, as it is the only leg that can effectively use the sniper cannon.

Kneeling is required but instead of a defense bonus, the AC gets a massive accuracy boost and recoil reduction. Since the power of sniper cannon is horrifying in this game around to per shot, some cannons fire a three round burst this is necessary to balance quadruped and give it a more specialized role. Quadrupeds have the second worst EN efficiency. Its boost charge is also quite powerful.

Tank type legs are quite special in AC5, while having the best AP and resist in the game, it does not allow the use of a booster, and must rely on on-board boosters housed in the leg unit. It is the slowest leg and has very poor EN efficiency, it will deplete its EN reserve in only a few hi-boosts. However it has the highest boost charge damage, able to take out most light to medium ACs in a single charge. Tank type legs do not need to kneel to use any cannon-type weaponry and is the only leg that can dual wield them while other legs can hold cannon weapon In both arms, it can only deploy and use one at a time.

Tank type legs can dramatically increase their turning ability by remaining stationary, allowing both tracks to rotate in opposite direction. Tank type legs cannot boost drive, they can only do a short vertical boost before falling back down.

Shoulder weapons are mounted in the arm unit. Some arm units can have two shoulder units Same type and fires like a single unit, but with double capacity , one shoulder unit or no shoulder unit at all. Scan mode is a new mode where the AC actively searches for enemies. As a result the weapons power will be redirected back to the capacitor and EN regeneration will greatly increase. A box in the lower right displays the current AP, generator power, each weapons' remaining ammo, and remaining recon units.

If a recon unit is deployed, scan mode will also allow you to see enemies that are behind cover and within the recon unit's scan range. You can analyze enemy units by holding the right arm weapon button, once scanning is complete which, depends solely on the head units scanning capability, an extensive list will show the target's AP, resist, and a few charts that tell you how effective your weapons will be and at what range each of your weapons will be best against this target note that at , which is the best head for scanning in the game, this scan is completed instantly, where most heads would take 2 to 4 seconds to complete the scanning process.

Pressing the left arm button marks the current target for your team, but only last as long as you remain in scan range of the enemy in scan mode. Weapons now cycle in a different manner than previous AC games. Back mounted weapons have been scrapped, instead replaced by Bay Units, placing the weapons on a carousel-style swapping system. Aside from weight, there are no limits to what can be stored in the bays with the exception of cannon weapons, and there is a short delay as an AC switches between weapons.

Ultimate Weapons are placed in their own unique slot, and replace the hangar weapons spaces, potentially limiting the versatility of the Armored Core. They are built while purposefully ignoring AC's original scale and limits. UWs can only be used once in every mission because when it is activated the generator of the AC will also disable its limiter, pushing its output to dangerously high levels to power it.

UWs cannot be used with bay units at the same time. There are Five Ultimate Weapons in the game, each having their own unique usage and power. There are several weapons in this category and most are unlocked by completing the Story Missions of the game. The first two ever released for the game were the Heavy Assault and Recon packs that had been available as pre-order bonuses.

While the packs had no new parts, they did allow for early access to several of the game's better gear and Ultimate Weapons. The third set of DLC content to be released was called the Modeler's Pack, which featured a total of different items: re-textured parts which all retain the same stats of the originals , 35 Emblems containing favorites from past games , 39 Team Emblems also from past games , 5 new Workshops consisting of: Scrapyard, Air Base, Father's Tower, Modeler's Desk and Corporation Space Station along with 5 new Pilot Models.

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