Citizen 8200 s051789

citizen 8200 s051789

Vintage Citizen Mechanical Automatic 21 Jewels Movement Original Day/Date 36 mm Red Dial Fully Working Men's Wrist Watch. Citizen NHA, NHA & NHA Watch Band S Brown Leather 22 mm Sapphire. 0 reviews. Add your reviewAdd your review. À VENDRE! ;Citizen SHST divers watch for restore • 21 Jewels moves freely) • Movement: 21 jewels Citizen Japan • Diameter case: ± 40mm. BBEDIT RETINA DISPLAY From Zenoss and price The lowest-priced, and guaranteed bandwidth networks in real. Blog Stats. And, the lawsuit to your USB.

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Red 2, Items 2, Silver 3, Items 3, White 5, Items 5, Yellow 3, Items 3, Casual 11, Items 11, Luxury 6, Items 6, Classic 5, Items 5, Sport Items Diver Items Military 3 Items 3. No Hour Marks 9, Items 9, Roman Numerals 7, Items 7, Arrow Markers 5, Items 5, Stick Indexes 2, Items 2, Baton Indexes 1, Items 1, Round Indexes 1, Items 1, Arabic Numerals Items Case Material.

Aluminum 9 Items 9. Brass Items Crystal 4, Items 4, Gold Plated 8, Items 8, Silver 1 Items 1. Stainless Steel 12, Items 12, Stone 1 Items 1. Band Color. Black 8, Items 8, Blue 1, Items 1, Brown 7, Items 7, Gold 1, Items 1, Gray 42 Items Red Items Silver 6, Items 6, White 73 Items New with tags 3 Items 3. New with defects 7 Items 7. Seller refurbished 10, Items 10, Used 3, Items 3, Please provide a valid price range.

Buying Format. All Listings. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. I been looking everywhere and only on your blog I could find some information. Hi Marzena, thanks for visiting my blog. This movement was first made around , and was in production for over 30 years, so dating them can be difficult.

The Eagle 7 models first appeared around , and were made for a long time. The style of the case number — 4-RO — suggests to me that it is not one of the earlier ones, so I think it is from December see the first three figures in the serial number. Any more clues to tell year of mfg on these late model Eagle 7s? Hi Tom, thanks for visiting my blog. But there are a couple of stylistic clues to help — first, the 8 figure serial number is more typical of earlier models — later ones were typically six figure, sometimes including a letter.

Definitely a keeper. These little things get me more excited than a rolex would. Now to find a similiar condition Bull Head, which wont be easy. Hi Anthony. Earlier models are all numbers. The same applies to the serial number, which also contains a letter and is six digits long. Earlier serial numbers are all numerical and 8 digits long, maybe 7 sometimes. So I would think that this one is from November Wow thanks for that info Stephen!

I really love this watch, from its look, size, and of course its heritage. In good condition they are reliable watches and can be very accurate. Hi Slin, thanks for your kind comment. I think that watch has been re-dialled. The outer ring looks wrong, seems to be used just to fill the gap. Also, the applied Citizen logo looks typical of re-dials to me.

Thanks for this info! Just starting collecting so these are helpfull thins to look at. Further I like to know how I can send pictures towards you via email? Two parawaters with waterproof on the front en parawater on the caseback. I will ask but the watches I look for are not that expensive and somethimes I take a chance hoping it will turn out nice; , with this info of your blog I can protect myself even more.

I paid E35 for it and I wear it regularly. Homer movement…. I will search here on the blog. Many thanks! Guys now is the time to pick up a few choice ones…cheap. Citizens are very underappreciated watches. Especially when I think of how little I actually paid…. I love these old Citizen autos, but the vast majority of what I see on ebay is repainted trash from India. Last year I even bought one from a US dealer, and it was beautiful, until a couple of dial markers fell off!

Thanks, marvin. Es original y japones?. Muchas Gracias por tu gran aporte. Saludos desde Chile. Hay muy poca referencia a este modelo en Internet. Stephen and Carlos, If you happen to get a photo of this watch please also post it on your pages for us to enjoy.

Hi sweephand. Thanks for visiting my blog, and apologies for my slow reply. Your watch is one of the Eagle 7 range, with the automatic movement. This movement was first produced around , and was made for over 30 years. From the style of the case back markings on yours, I think it most likely from from the first figure in the serial number — Other information you can find on my blog will tell you more about the movement which is a solid and reliable one, which can be also be very accurate.

Should I assume September ? Hi Steve, thanks for visiting my blog. The first two figures in the serial number give the production year and month. The dial code which I guess is where you got September from is only a part number. Thanks Stephen. So once again… thanks Stephen and the Sweep-hand team.

Hi sweephand, I happened upon this post and wanted to find out a bit more about an Eagle 7 that I have purchased from Etsy a few years ago. Nothing else marked on the dial, assuming that it probably has been refurbished. On the back, in a circle formation, stainless steel and water resistance. Reply sweephand says: June 6, at Hi Tofumaru, thanks for visiting my blog and apologies for my late reply. Your watch has the automatic movement and is one of the Eagle 7 range which was launched in the early s.

The first three figures in the serial number tell us that it was made in August Hi sweephand, I just bought citizen automatic diving caliber model NHE about 1 month ago. Even though the seller gave me some tips, to control the time from moving too fast or too slow.

Hi Syed, thanks for visiting my blog. Mechanical watches cannot keep time as accurately as quartz models, but they can be adjusted to run within a few seconds a day if they are in good condition and the parts are not suffering from a lot of wear. As the seller told you movements do perform slightly differently in different positions so some adjustment can be made that way, but if yours is running too fast, and outside the factory settings, then it needs attention.

A watchmaker or knowledgeable amateur can adjust the hairspring to see if it will run slower and more accurately if the error is within a minute or two per day. Otherwise the movement probably needs a thorough clean and lubrication i. Again… thank you very much, Stephen! If it does, it can be adjusted and then you can see if it can run more accurately or whether there is a problem with it. Are you wanting to know what modern Citizen calibre is high-end, or vintage ones? It works and runs normal, no more few second fast sickness.

Thank u Dr, Watch Stephen! Sorry for this late reply — you could try wrapping your watch in a soft cloth and putting in a pocket whilst you are riding. That may reduce the harshness of vibrations compared to what you get through the handle bars. Please help me…. Hi Alekh, thanks for visiting my blog. They were made in great numbers over a period of years, so there are many of them about and for sale — try searching eBay to see whether you can find similar examples to get an idea of price.

What is the production date of this automatic?. In the Eagle 7 logo there is a blue mark. Hi Thamalka — I think that is from , since the style of the numbers are later ones. Hi sweephand , i will be acquiring a I deduce that this is Sept. This will be my first vintage Citizen, and your blog is a big help!

Thank you! Good afternoon! Hi Van S. Your watch is a fairly early model to use the automatic movement which was first produced around In general terms the models are not of great value since they were produced for over 30 years and many thousands were sold. Hi Stephen Many thanks for information and time spent by you! Now I know, year of release of my hours! It is already good! I am a vintage watch collector, i like to know about one of my collection which is Citizen Bull Head Chronograph Watch.

I highly appreciate your valuable inputs on it. Adding with my earlier details i am providing details of my another Citizen Bull Head Chronograph Watch. Hi Manikandan, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Good to see that you have two examples of the stainless steel octagonal bullhead — very nice watches.

These were made for only a few years around the end of the s, and being all stainless steel they are the more desirable models in the bullhead range. The first three figures in the serial numbers give the production year, so once you know which decade s they were made in you can be sure of production dates — so yours are from February and July Thanks for your time on replying it.

It is a detailed reply with all the information which I was looking for. There is a company in India that sells hundreds of used Citizen watches including the movement. They also sell quite a number of new unused s and s models. I have bought half a dozen of the latter and they work reliably.

They have the day of the work in Urdu and English. Not a problem. Hi Ian, thanks for visiting my blog. I know Citizen licenced the HMT company to make Homer watches for many years, and this was probably the same with the automatic too, so will be a ready supply in India. Hi Sweephand, how are you? Looks like it has some corrosion and some scratchs on the inner side. Although the movement, case and back are authentic the dial and hands are not original.

They are quite poor replacements — the quality of the dial is far from what an original Citizen would have. The applied logo and the lume pips are not very good, and there is no dial code, which an original would have. The movement looks like it may have been over oiled and is dirty. Jewels should have a purple colour, although sometimes lighting may affect how well or not this can be seen in a photo.

My advice would be to avoid this one! Hi, Stephen. I want to consult whether my identification of this watch is correct or not. Here is the information:. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. And yes, I agree that it is from April How we identify Citizen with 6 digits serial number like this one? What do you think? The design of the case back and the style of the case number with letter included indicates a later production date, so I guess this one is Because I read that Citizen produced the Cal.

It is Citizen Automatic with number 7 with wings logo. Is it Eagle 7 or what? It is in white dial with fluted bezel like Rolex oyster. Hi Gugunarief, sorry for my late reply. The case number is an authentic one. I have seen one example that is the same as yours, and one with a different dial and an hand winding movement inside.

The SSPD code means that the bezel is palladium plated. As an amateur watch fiddler, I find the movement a bit more of a pain to service vs. Hi Eric, thanks for visiting my blog. Good to hear your story about the — very sound and reliable movements which have been in production since the mids. I am not a watchmaker but I have heard that they are a bit harder to work on, partly and ironically because they had a simpler production process. I replaced new glass and made full service to the caliber.

By the serial number I can guess that it was August of or August of I think, it was produced in Am I right? Hi Andrey, thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind wishes. Apologies for my slow reply. They are original? Thank you very much! Hi Jacques, thanks for visiting my blog. These are all non-original — although they have a movements they have been re-dialled and all have the same case back. I already have a vintage Citizen.

I bought it in My watch is identical, except it has blue dial and the days of the week are in Italian. It looks and works great. These use the 72 movement which was first produced in They also made them with the earlier 52 movement in the late s. Thanks for the info! Hi Luke, thanks for visiting my blog. I think the number on the dial is 8 , since you have an automatic, which I reckon was made in July This date is given by the first three figures in the serial number GNS is the case type code, meaning that it has is a water resistant design with a screw down back.

Hi and thanks for alot of information about these great watches. I have a question regarding an old clock I bought thats renovated. I set the date for the clock to todays date, and the time. But I wonder how it works so the clock is correct also the next month? I mean, some months have 30, some 31 days? I have a mechanical pendulum wall clock with day and date wheels I love it! When it reaches the end of the month it needs adjusting or it will move to 31, 32 etc.

So when it needs to be adjusted, the date wheels can be moved on to get to The wheels have a little tab that projects below the casing into the pendulum opening so they can be carefully rotated anti-clockwise until the date is right. Hello Sir. I have question. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Your watch is fine, there is a 17 jewel version of the auto movement. The 21 jewel version is more common, so it is unusual to see a 17j one.

It has movement and the dial number is : — SMS. The caseback says :. Is it possible that Citizen made it outside Japan? Is the movement also made abroad or in Japan? Vincent, could you please post a pic of your watch? It sounds like a great find! Sadly it is a bit too old for my age and taste kinda gold and blingy.

So i just store it as my collection. You can post a link if you have uploaded images somewhere, or I can email you and you can send them to me direct. Let me know if you want me to message you. Hi Vincent, thanks for visiting my blog. It is often on the dial alongside the dial code, but not always.

The serial number shows the date of production was November , which fits with when it was bought of course. Hey Steph, thanks for the offer. Thanks for the info Steph. Really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! Hi Josh, thanks for visiting my blog. The watch you have bought has been re-dialled. The case and movement are probably original although it also looks to me like the case has been heavily re-finished to remove scratches and dings.

There are many examples like this on eBay, usually sold by Indian sellers who have replaced worn dials — at least these watches survive and are not scrapped even if they are no longer in an original condition. Sellers should state what work has been done in the description though. Although the case back is worn, I think it is an authentic one. The movement is an Hey Sweephand, found a in a south american market — does the movement seems authentic to you? Would you be so kind as to help me identify which decade is it from?

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Hi Swen, thanks for the pics. Oh really? Water Resist Stainless SMT Thanks a lot for all your help Stephen, stumbled across your website by chance and found a great deal of info. Kuddos to you! And is there any additional info you can tell me about it? Hi Prabu, thanks for visiting my blog and apologies for my slow reply. Hello sweephand, I bought a Citizen old Eagle 7 on Taobao. Citizen Movement sold randomly about 9.

I hope to get some information, Production Date and I am not sure it is true or fake. Sorry, my English is very bad. Seller gift me a Citizen watchband, I am not sure if it is original with other Citizen Movement. Hi, thanks for the links to the pics, and apologies for my slow reply to your previous comments. This looks to me to be an authentic automatic. The markings on the case back and the dial look correct. From the style of the case and back, and the 8 figure serial number, I think this is from the s.

Thanks for your reply, Stephen. I also think my Citizen plastic date and week from 80s or 90s. This was before the became the workhorse auto for Citizen, and no doubt cost savings would have been introduced, for example using plastic instead of metal for certain parts. Hi Stephen, I opened it today, the movement look like original? Citizen Eagle 7 Citizen movement I thought it was rusted before, but not, just O-ring ageing. I use tape to cover logo, use stainless steel ruler and Epoxy glue the back, easier to open.

Reply sweephand says: September 9, at Hi, yes that movement looks fine. And lighter fluid is a good cleaner since it leaves no residue — just be careful not to breathe in the fumes! Hi Brian, thanks for visiting my blog. So this is from February 02 of ….. The decade of production is needed to get the year, which is usually relatively straightforward, but the was made for over 30 years.

The 8 digit numeric serial number suggests that it is a earlier model — later ones often have 6 digits, and may include a letter too. So I would think this one is from Hi stephen have you ever came across citizen nh model i bought one from ebay but not sure whether its real or not. The model number appears to be authentic. Hi Stephen, Thanks for all the great information here. I recently picked up an Eagle 7 with a textured grey dial horizontal stripes and am trying to work out the date of manufacture.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. So I have bought the citizen automatic 21 jewel. What is so special about this watch. Hi Barton, thanks for visiting my blog. The case number and jewel count mean this is a automatic. The serial number and model number are always the same, and the serial number is not typical of Citizen. Have you a pic of the dial you could upload?

Very intrigued by this one. I am skeptical but the condition and blue dial are really nice. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Hope this helps! Hey, this an excellent blog and thank you so much for taking out your valuable time to assess models. Your interest for Citizen watches is commendable. I carry a citizen eagle 7 series, at the bottom of the dial it says PSMS. On the case the serial number is Please help out mate.

Hi Shray, thanks for visiting and for your kind comment. You may have found out that the and the Eagle 7 range were made for 30 years or so, which makes dating them difficult. Promethium was used by Citizen around that time — it is a mildly radioactive lume, but will not pose a problem these days. Thank you Stephen! Sorry for my late response — good to be able to help and to hear that you find the blog useful. Hi Stephen! Hi Grigory, thanks for visiting. The production date is more difficult, since the auto movement was made for over 30 years.

Do you have any info on when your Grandfather might have acquired the watch? Stephen, many thanks for your answer! Hi Stephen, I recently picked up a Citizen Automatic with a gold dial and I am trying to work out the date of manufacture as well as if it is authentic or not. It is in a rough shape so I wanted to get it fixed up as much as possible as well. Hi Phil, thanks for visiting my blog. However, yours looks like an early one, since it is not an Eagle 7 first appeared in the early s and has a xxxx case number.

I would think, therefore, that this one is from September , which was the year these were launched. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address:. Sign me up! Sweephand's Vintage Citizen Watch Blog. Skip to content. Share this: Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Bookmark the permalink. September 2, at September 14, at October 18, at Alan Lewis says:. September 3, at September 4, at December 31, at Hi again Stephen, hope you are well.

January 1, at January 5, at January 6, at April 29, at April 30, at Nestor OSorio says:. January 14, at January 15, at Fredrik says:. January 28, at Jeff Rollins says:. February 2, at February 5, at February 7, at Alastair Smyth says:. February 8, at Thanks for your comments. The case back markings are SMH and Citizen HM Stainless Steel 74 Thanks for you blog I have been watching for a few months and have learned a lot Keep up the good work Alastair. Derek says:.

February 17, at February 18, at February 19, at Thank you for looking. Well, at least I know the watch is a mid to late 80s watch. February 28, at Hi Marvin, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. GC says:. March 18, at Bob Dobalina says:. May 19, at May 24, at May 25, at May 26, at August 11, at Regards, Jerome.

August 12, at Richard says:. September 5, at December 17, at Stephen, Hi thanx for lightning response. December 19, at April 9, at April 10, at Peter Carnelli says:. May 6, at May 9, at September 17, at

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