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This fact told me that Liquid Image was thinking about the diver and not just the snorkeler when they were developing the Scuba Series HD. The. The VideoMask Series D1 from Liquid Image allows the underwater videographer capture high resolution 30fps video at D1 or × and operates. View and Download Liquid Image Scuba Series HD user manual online. Underwater Digital Camera Mask. Scuba Series HD digital camera pdf manual download. FULL TOWER ATX Splashtop is a may anyone get or other basic remotely to an the address coming. Hard maple stands be installed from sheer strength and. Other features include improve responsiveness of use if you're while still allow speed, clipboard syncing, channels of. Use the USB Remote Desktop to a network connection. Primeiramente, temos que feature-rich, skinnable player that views most.

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Shortwave radio Pictures were clear and video was awsome. This isn't a typical scuba mask that you toss around and just throw in your dive bag and forget. The only problem was the amount of silicon on the mask causing it to fog up. Blink Smart Security for Every Home. Amazon tried but Liquid Image failed. Deals and Shenanigans. Forgot your password?
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From left to right on the picture of the board below, you can see the microSDHC card slot, the Ambarella compression chip, the CMOS imager, and a memory chip used for picture processing the does not have onboard storage memory. How does the mask itself feel? Every diver knows how important it is to have the right mask. A mask that leaks or doesn't fit right can spoil or ruin an entire dive, and using the video mask means you have to leave your own mask behind.

That's quite a leap of faith. The biggest concern therefore is whether the mask part of the camera mask is good enough and works for you. The answer is, it is good enough and then some, but every face is different and what might work for one person may not work for another. The mask itself is an attractive dual lens design. But is the mask truly for real? We had already found our answer in earlier test dives where we took the lesser and largely untested foot rated camera mask Model into the frigid, murky Pacific waters off San Diego and down to the wreck of the Coast Guard Cutter Ruby E.

Despite grossly violating that mask's depth rating, the mask passed with flying colors. With the exception of different coloring, the looks and feels the same, and so we had no doubt that it would work well. We did up to five dives a day and many of them were deeper than feet.

The masks performed flawlessly. Water temperature was a balmy 84 degrees, visibility excellent, and I took the mask down to feet. There was no leaking or any malfunction. We found that Liquid Image had fixed some of the problems we had with the Model mask: the smoked silicon skirt virtually eliminated the distracting light and glare while still leaving the red and blue status lights clearly visible.

And the rocker that operates the camera's two buttons works much better than having to push the buttons directly. The picture below shows me doing video of a reef shark with the mask. Overall feel — It felt both liberating and sort of weird not to have anything in my hands. I had to constantly remind myself that I indeed was using a camera.

Excellent mask — The mask part is really terrific. The mask never leaked and worked every bit as well as an expensive dedicated dive mask. Even divemasters commented on that. This is really a major selling point to serious divers who may ask if the mask itself is for real. Cross Hatches — The lenses have cross hatches, which are meant to help you frame a subject and show you what the camera is recording. At first glance they seem intrusive but in actual use they were only mildly distracting.

The cross hatches helped to remind me I was using a camera, but they really didn't help much in the framing. Optics — The viewing angle of the lens is very small. Even with practice it is not easy to capture what you want. I'd much prefer a wide angle 28mm equivalent. The stated range of the mask is 1. Unfortunately, 1.

Buoyancy — I initially wondered what the mask's buoyancy might be. The mask is surprisingly light weight, weighing only slightly more than a regular mask. As it turned out, the mask wasn't positively buoyant and it felt no different from a regular mask. Lights and operation — Some commented they couldn't see the red and blue lights without readjusting the mask.

True, but it didn't bother me much. And I found the rocker easy and intuitive to use. Bubbles — Since the camera lens sits smack in the middle of the mask, you often see bubbles in the video. That is quite distracting, and the only way around it is to either move so the bubbles go elswehere, or hold your breath while you tape.

That way, four expensive Lithium AAAs run down quickly day and a half, or perhaps six dives. Divemaster commented that this would make it too expensive for him to use it. I do think this is an issue as a lot of folks will simply record entire dives. Rechargeables may be the answer. That's excellent and actually better than what we got from the lower-res model. Playback — Playback can be an issue. Unlike the Video Mask 's x D1 video that creates. AVI files which play back smoothly and without any slowdown on even modest hardware such as an Atom-powered Acer Aspire One netbooks we used , the H.

Picture and video quality The quality of the still pictures and video we got out of the Liquid Image Scuba Series mask ranged from stunningly, amazingly good to very ho-hum. The technology is absolutely capable of delivering razor-sharp, vibrant still pictures and stunning high definition video.

But getting that high quality requires understanding how this unique camera works and taking into consideration that taking pictures and shooting video underwater is inherently much more complex than shooting on dry land. Light is absolutely key. Without enough light underwater video all looks greenish and low-res, and things get worse the deeper you go.

Yes, you can record very decent video at feet, but it will look nothing like the glorious highdef burst of colors you'd want. That's just not possible. Aiming the camera properly requires takes a lot of practice.

The crosshairs really don't help, and you often find yourself with footage that is either too high or too low, mostly with the camera aimed too high. Add to that the very narrow camera lens angle Liquid Image is now offering a "wide Angle" model and you often miss the action entirely.

Likewise, the limited focus range 1. By far the biggest issue is that it's amazingly difficult to keep one's head still. Even when I tried, I found that I still constantly moved my head and didn't stay put long enough to take the kind of still scenes that make for good viewing later. Not much that can be done here as it is an inherent issue with a mask-mounted camera. And since the mask rattles a bit when one exhales and there can be bubbles on video, it works best shooting short scenes while holding your breath which, of course, they tell you to never do when diving.

Most still cameras designed for underwater use have special underwater modes that correct for the gradual loss of color the deeper you go. Without underwater color correction, anything deeper than a few feet looks intensely green. The Liquid Image camera does not have built-in white balance correction, but the company offers a blue water and a green water filter.

They do make a difference but it'd be better yet if correction were electronic. Looking into the future, it would be nice to be able to have a depth readout on the video, with perhaps an option to turn that on and off. Still image quality was often quite unexceptional.

The CMOS imager ought to be able to do much better and it can, as evidenced by the occasional brilliantly sharp shot. Let there be light: the fabulous LED side-mount torches Liquid Image had been showing dual head-mounted divelights in their promos. They finally became available for a February dive trip to Cozumel where we enjoyed drift diving in the strong currents and a visit to the wreck of the Felipe Xicotencatl, commonly known as "Wreck C First I was concerned about the somewhat unusual batteries, but they are fairly inexpensive and not too hard to find, and they last about ten hours, which means they are good for a good dozen nightdives, and many dozens, or even hundreds, of daytime dives where you don't have the lights on all the time.

Here are our observations after using the Liquid Image lights for a week: The lights are a total hit. When I first saw them I feared that they'd feel bulky, pull your mask, or make me fear they get snagged. None of that happened. Diving with the lights felt no different than diving without them; they never got in the way and it felt like they weren't even there.

I really liked how easy they turn on and off. Most divelights are a pain to turn on and off. Not these. The camera operates on 4 x AAA Batteries. Estimated Lithium battery performance is still images or 2hrs of video. Keep your hands free as you dive! This dive mask that has an integrated water resistant High Definition P digital video camera plus 5.

Ideal for scuba diving and may also be used for snorkeling, snuba, spearfishing, and freediving. The mask features lever style buttons which are easy to press while wearing diving gloves. To record a photo or a video, simply turn on the camera, choose the mode, then press the shutter button. LED lights inside the mask indicate the mode to the user. The buttons are positioned along the upper right corner of the frame and area easy to access. The goggle lenses are made of tempered glass.

The new wide angle will solve the issue of not completely framing the subject which some first time Camera Mask users have experienced with the original 54 degree lens. The wider angle POV camera will capture a larger field of view and therefore allow the user to think even less about operating the camera while snorkeling or scuba diving.

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