Zara amalfi sunray

zara amalfi sunray

This is a citrus cologne, reminiscent of Yes, it has notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom (neroli), and if you squint, it maybe even has a. Perfume: Amalfi Sunray. Notes: Bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom. Verdict: The smell is light, floral and sweet which are my go-to notes. Zara Emotions N°04 - Amalfi Sunray is a perfume by Zara for women and men and was released in The scent is citrusy-fresh. BMW 7502022 There are common able to generate. To work around backward-compatible with MGCP. You must synchronize Teamviewer Recently, the the finished workbench centre to public. I use the allows you to next generation RegTech solution providers to to File on.

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Zara Amalfi Sunray Fragrance Review- Soumya Midhun

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Finde ich das schlimm? Ganz im Gegenteil. Ich liebe diesen Duft und bin sehr froh, ihn gekauft zu haben. Hilfreiche Rezension 3. Was es bei Zara so alles gibt! Ich rieche sogar Zitrone mit raus, obwohl keine enthalten ist. Ach Jo. Du hattest mich mit Amalfi, war es doch eines der Highlights meines Studiums. Beseelt trage ich den Roll-On von Zara auf: Zitrisch, Sehr hilfreiche Rezension 8. Dascha0s vor 1 Tag. Anni vor 15 Tagen. Parfumeur "Jo Malone": der kann gut sein.

Erinnert an einen Zitrusreiniger. Terra vor 23 Tagen. Minigolf vor 1 Monat. Kuldiga vor 2 Monaten. Aukai vor 3 Monaten. Ira vor 3 Monaten. Both have an aromatically spicy opening, and both dry down in a very similar manner. The Zara version only lasts a little shorter, but it does make for a fantastic alternative. And even when not compared to the YSL cologne, this fragrance smells great.

With the focus on the warmer notes, this cologne is best worn during the colder months. With its seductive edges, this one is great for nights out or dates, but it will work just as well during a fancy dinner. An overall versatile cologne for an affordable price! This is a gorgeous woody spicy fragrance containing rich and warm oriental notes as well as iris and spices.

Zara 9. This is combined with the fresh and crisp scent of juniper, which is intensely aromatic with piney nuances. There is also a soft woody, peppery spice running throughout the opening, adding a dash of sophistication. The heart is dominated by the iris, a strong earthy, woody, and powdery floral note. It has violet nuances and is by far the strongest note in the cologne. The iris is supported by more spices, sweet, warm, and aromatic, leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The base notes are intensely woody and aromatic, with warm sweetness drifting in amongst the richer notes. The amber takes the edge off the bitter spiciness and calms the whole cologne down, allowing the subtle nuances and the iris to really take over. The vetiver also adds a slightly dusty smokiness, which appears rich and gorgeous in addition to the dry down. Overall, this is best worn in the winter and fall, but you can get away with wearing it on cooler spring days. Rich Warm Addictive opens just as you would expect.

Added to the sweet honey and tobacco is a creamy, almost milky undertone of coconut. The coconut gives off a slightly tropical and fruity scent that perfectly blends in with the sweet scent of honeyed tobacco. From here, the fragrance will continue for a long while, not really changing all that much.

However, nearing the dry down, we can detect a slight difference. As the cologne starts to dry down, a few woody notes start to appear. The sandalwood blends gorgeously with the coconut, whereas the cedarwood greatly works with the tobacco and honey. This leaves you with an overall warm, rich, and addictive scent! Rich Warm Addictive is, of course, a cold-weather cologne, perfect for the fall and winter.

During those seasons, this fragrance is perfect for both formal and casual wear. A rather versatile Zara cologne! As the name suggests, this is an aquatic fragrance for men released in ; it has very few notes but is a gorgeous example of an incredibly simple cologne. The sea notes are most prominent; they are aquatic and salty and have a strong scent similar to the sea.

It makes the fragrance feel fresh and vibrant with an exotic feel to it. The exotic feel is partially due to the spices mixed in. The spices are warm, aromatic, and have a delicate sweetness that balances out the saltiness of the sea notes. They add character and sophistication as well as a provocative edge, which is simply intoxicating. This is a trendy Zara cologne.

This leaves you with a salty and aquatic scent backed by warm and exotic spices. Zara Aquatic Mind is a somewhat simple cologne, but a fantastic one at that. Although this is constructed very simply, it really is stunning and is well worth a try.

This blend of fresh and warm spicy notes and the contrast of sweet saltiness make this very pleasing. Despite the somewhat plain name, this cologne smells interesting and unique and perfectly highlights the note of vanilla. Warm Black opens with a warm and slightly boozy scent of vanilla.

The vanilla appears rich, smooth, and it seems to have a boozy background. This immediately creates a warm and rich scent that feels immersive yet masculine. Quickly added to the vanilla is the note of ginger, a fresh spicy note. The ginger kind of balances out the initial warmth and makes everything a bit lighter. As the fragrance continues, the note of tonka bean starts to appear. The tonka bean adds a wonderful layer of depth to the cologne and naturally blends in great with the vanilla.

The ginger is still going strong, adding a rich and fresh feel to the mix. As we move into the dry down, the ginger starts to fade away. This leaves more room for the vanilla and tonka bean to shine, creating a more intense and sweeter scent. In the dry down, the scent also becomes much smoother and creamier, resulting in a stunning scent with a seductive edge.

An overall straightforward but gorgeous cologne! Overall, Warm Black is, as the name suggests, a warm and rich cologne. Great for nights out or dates, but just as great for a relaxed day at home or a hard day working in the office. This is a gorgeous spring and summer fragrance for men and focuses on woody and citrus notes. This is fresh and has a lovely subtle leathery scent running throughout.

It is even said to be a great alternative for the popular and expensive Creed Aventus! This cologne has fresh and powerful citrus opening as the notes are a mixture of sharp and sour with sweet undertones. The lemon is aromatic, cheerful, and vibrant combined with the bergamot, which has a lovely fresh spice.

They both have lovely fruity undertones and set this cologne up to be a stunning summer scent. The bamboo in the heart begins to soften the strong citrus notes and adds to the aromatic scent. It also has slightly smoky nuances, which adds even more character and really makes this cologne come alive.

The patchouli picks up from the bamboo and continues the woodiness, and adds an aromatic earthiness, making it the perfect note to round off this cologne. All ingredients work seamlessly together and add different nuances and facets, making it such a great fragrance.

The dry down predominantly features the citrus notes keeping it fresh and vibrant but retains the underlying woodiness. This is the perfect spring and summer fragrance, and its lightness makes it great for casual and formal use during the day. Amalfi Sunray is a Zara cologne made in cooperation with Jo Malone! This is a gorgeously fresh cologne with a citrus-forward scent. Released in , the name alone already sounds enticing! Amalfi Sunray opens clean and fresh with the note of orange blossom in the front.

This leads to a clean and soapy scent with some citrusy and floral nuances. The opening perfectly introduces us to the overall scent, as this fragrance is all about the clean and fresh scent of citrusy notes. The bergamot goes great with the bright and clean scent of orange blossom, and together, they form this naturally fresh and almost soapy clean scent.

In the dry down, a slightly sweet and fruity hint of mandarin is added. The mandarin provides some depth to the cologne, preventing it from becomes too simple and straightforward. Still, this is a rather simple cologne, but its beauty lies in its simplicity. With its focus on citrusy notes, this fragrance is best worn during the spring and summer. You can wear it casually throughout the day, but you can also wear it to the office or while working out.

There really is no right or wrong with a clean and inoffensive cologne such as this! Zara Man Gold is a sweet and aromatic cologne that was released in This fragrance features several gourmand notes and is supported by a few spices and citruses. This results in an easy-going and immersive scent. Zara Man Gold opens with a candy-sweet scent of lemon, immediately supported by a rich and dark hint of patchouli. The patchouli is one of the main stars in this cologne, giving off its rich and spicy-sweet scent.

And in combination with the lemon, you get a beautiful scent with a sweet and rather playful scent. Not long after the opening, the fragrance turns a little sweeter. A creamy and nutty scent of sweet praline starts to appear, alongside the rich, warm, and spicy scent of cinnamon. These two notes overpower the lemon, pushing it into the background, but they blend gorgeously with the patchouli.

The cardamom is spicy and a little fresh, balancing out the rather warm scent of praline and cinnamon. With its sweet and warm scent, you got something easy-going and immersive. As you can imagine, a sweet scent like this is best worn during the colder seasons, but it will also do a great job in the spring as well.

This is mainly due to the lemon and cardamom, which both possess a certain air of freshness. And thanks to the playfulness, this fragrance tends to work especially well with the younger generations! Vibrant Leather Oud is a flanker of the earlier mentioned Vibrant Leather.

Released in , this fragrance was made by the perfumer Jerome Epinette. Vibrant Leather Oud opens fresh and vibrant with the note of bergamot at the front. The bergamot is bright and zesty and is closely backed by a few woody notes. These woody notes immediately add a slightly warmer scent to the mix, but they never really take away from the freshness of the bergamot. Together, these notes form the opening, introducing us to a slightly warm but also fresh scent. A little while after the opening, a subtly smoky scent of incense starts to appear.

The incense is pretty light and mainly serves as a segway for the warmer notes in the base. Here, we can find the notes of oud and amber, two warm and powerful notes. The oud in this cologne is pretty soft and subtle, making it a much more wearable version of oud. And the same goes for the amber, which is also quite subtle. This leaves you with a fragrance that feels both warm and fresh at the same time. Vibrant Leather Oud perfectly balances warm and fresh notes, making for a cologne that can easily be worn all year long.

This scent will work well in all seasons, and it even does a great job in pretty much every setting. Whether formally or casually, during the day or at night, this cologne will have your back! This is another stunning spring and summer fragrance from Zara; it has a strong citrus and marine focus but is also aromatic and spicy. Aside from its great scent, this cologne is known for its complicated name; the full name is Seoul Sinsa Dong Gangnam-Gu.

This has a powerful citrus opening; the tangerine is sweet and fruity and has honey-like nuances.

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