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LaCie 2TB Mobile Drive External Hard Drive USB-C. $ Only at Apple LaCie 1TB Rugged SSD Pro External Drive with Thunderbolt 3. $ External solid state drives (SSDs) are a good alternative to flash drives for companies that need to easily and securely transport large quantities of data. Find great prices on External Solid State Drives and SSD cards. Shop for Solid State Drives at Best Buy today. SHERPA JACKET Indeed, that was with roles where. Java Viewer: Various antivirus software fixes with the guide. If the client you know, I a workstation with default route is not allow unattended.

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It's not the fastest SSD option available in the world, and yet we were pleased with its speed when using it to play PS4 games off it. It's easy to get up and running and quick enough for most use cases. We're not entirely sure about that bright orange rubber casing, but one thing we are certain about is that the LaCie Rugged USB-C is an excellent choice if you're after the best external hard drive for durability. Lacie's rugged hard drives can take some rough treatment. In fact, the company says they can survive the pressure of a one-ton car and withstand up to 1.

They're rain-resistant too. So if you want plenty of storage to take on a camping trip or into a mosh pit, this is the ideal option. The bright casing makes it quite difficult to lose this hard drive too. And if you need something a bit faster, Lacie also does a range of rugged SSDs that can withstand even rougher handling.

For a reliable backup solution that you can set up and forget about, the Seagate Backup Plus is just the ticket. It comes with its own backup software and can be set up to safely store data from just about all your devices. So not only will it move files from your computer, it can also grab data from your phone, cloud storage and social media accounts if you want.

It's fast with a good choice of storage capacity from 1TB-5TB, and it's a good looker with an attractive slim metal design that's also nice and portable. Bear in mind, though, that if you're a Mac user you'll find that it's formatted for PC, however if you install the Mac NTFS driver you'll be able to use it on both platforms without the need for reformatting.

There are plenty of external hard drives that secure your data with bit AES encryption, but if you want to take security to the next level then check out the iStorage diskAshur2. What you're paying for is some serious security. The key feature of this external hard drive is its built-in keypad that enables you to set your own digit PIN. Without that, the diskAshur2's bit AES encryption ensures that nobody can see what's on your drive.

And if you're extra-sensitive about security, there's also the option to create a self-destruct PIN that'll wipe the drive when entered. There are plenty of storage and colour options, and if you want extra speed, iStorage also does a range of similarly secure external SSDs with prices to match. Here's a top external storage option for those who need a heavyweight backup solution. Expect to pay a small fortune for the largest capacities.

But thanks to the easy drive removal system, you could always buy a cheaper, lower capacity G-RAID and upgrade it with off-the-shelf hard disks yourself. Like the G-Drive higher up on our list, this isn't a pocket hard drive, but designed for professional office use. SSD storage is fast, but it's expensive compared to a hard disk. If you want the cheapest possible external SSD, it's easy to build your own; check our guide further down the page.

Not only is it a great-value SSD, it's also good and rugged. SSDs can take a lot more punishment than hard drives, but this one goes a bit further: it's water-resistant for up to 30 minutes, and it's also IP68 rated, which means that it can withstand dust, dirt and sand. Perfect if you enjoy working on the beach!

Its capacity isn't all that but you can get a 1TB model if you need more storage. All in all, it strikes a great balance between speed, price and durability. If you work regularly with 4K or 8K video or massive 3D scenes, you're likely to need a bit more storage than most of the best external hard drives can provide.

While that might seem like overkill for any individual, there's a good reason why you might choose this over smaller external drives. Instead of using all the storage normally, you can choose to set up the My Book Duo's drives as a RAID 1 backup, which means your data's duplicated across two drives. This means that if one of them fails, everything's still safe on the other drive. It makes this the ideal choice for anyone who doesn't want to leave anything to chance where their files are concerned.

This drive provides two additional USB ports on the rear, so you can easily insert flash sticks. It's also worth noting that the enclosure used is fully serviceable, and that WD ships the drive already pre-formatted for Windows users NTFS. So you will need to reformat it to work with your Mac. It's super fast and goes up to a massive 16TB capacity, while offering great heat dissipation in a compact and durable case. You also have two choices of flash memory: QLC, which is best for read-intensive workloads, and TLC, which is better for write-intensive requirements.

The ability to choose is a great move from Sabrent so you can go for the option that best meets how you'll use the device. Even the best external hard drives are susceptible to knocks and drops; it's the risk you run when you rely on a storage solution with moving parts inside.

Its rugged design means that it can withstand a lot more rough handling than other external hard drives, and there's also an extra layer of security in the form of bit AES encryption, which prevents anybody from accessing your files if your drive falls into the wrong hands.

It's not the fastest external hard drive, but its rugged design and security features more than make up for that. When choosing the best external hard drive for you, you need to choose an option that has enough storage space for all your data, ideally with room to spare. A GB drive will probably do the job if you want to clear project files off your main computer, but if you regularly work with video then you'll probably need more than that.

We'd recommend working out roughly how much storage space you need, then doubling it to be on the safe side. You'll need also to be sure you can actually connect the drive to your PC or Mac. The early generation of rectangular USB-A ports has largely been superseded by the newer, smaller reversible USB-C ports, which now dominate modern laptops. Make sure you know which slots your device has, and that the external hard drive or SSD supports one of them.

External storage should also be fast and responsive, ideally as fast as moving things about on your normal computer. The external hard drives on this list are all pretty nippy, but if you want something even faster, a solid-state drive SSD offers the ultimate in speed, even though these devices are also more expensive.

For more on this, keep reading below. When you're buying an external drive it comes down to a choice between two types: either a hard disk drive HDD or a solid-state drive SSD. Hard drives have been around for a very long time and are built around a spinning platter; SSDs are a relatively recent development and store data using flash memory, which means they have no moving parts. It also means that SSDs are lighter, faster and use less power, however the downside is that they inevitably cost more.

If you want to store huge amounts of data while keeping prices low, a HDD is the way to go. But if speed is your top priority, and especially if you move a lot of large files or want to run programs off the drive, then opt for an SSD. Alternatively, you can always use a smaller SSD for files that you need to access or move around often, and then store the data that you use less often on a higher capacity HDD.

Right now, our top pick for best external hard drive is the Western Digital My Passport 4TB, which is a mechanical hard drive. We think it offers creatives the perfect balance of speed, reliability, portability and price for both Mac and PC users. Yes, if you don't mind getting a little hands-on, you certainly can. It's possible to save money by buying an internal hard drive or SSD and a suitable enclosure and putting it together yourself; it'll take five minutes, tops.

For less speed at a better price, seek out a SATA SSD and a compatible enclosure; it's also easy to find hard disks and enclosures for maximum storage at the lowest prices. Note that you won't benefit from any useful automated backup software that you might get with a ready-made external drive, so if that matters to you, you'll either need to source your own or settle for one of the options above.

It's also worth knowing that if an external drive fails on you, it's possible that the fault's in the enclosure rather than the drive. So if your external drive dies, it's worth finding a cheap enclosure and swapping the drive into that to see if it comes back to life; it's worked for us before! Want some more great deals on the best external hard drives and SSDs? Here's a selection of the best prices in your region. Beren Neale is the deals editor at Creative Bloq. After editing several creative and design magazines - including the graphic design mag Computer Arts - he found his home on the biggest global art and design website, helping digital creatives get the best deals on the kit that they need.

Western Digital My Passport. Interface: USB 3. Transfer speed: Up to MB per second. Warranty: 3 years. There's still no competing with an internal latest PCIe 5. Whatever the size, speed, and price of the external SSD, chances are we got the one for you listed below.

Each of these entries we've tested thoroughly, putting them through our gauntlet of benchmarks so they could earn their right to store your precious games. Looking for something with speedy NVMe tech inside? IP rating for increased robustness, including waterproofing? And all for an attractive price compared to its main competitors.

It starts with that M. At least, it is in theory. So, sometimes it makes sense to compromise. But it is quick. Best gaming laptops Best gaming keyboards Best gaming mouse Best gaming motherboards Best graphics cards Best gaming monitors. Our testing proved it's not only faster than any USB flash drive available, it also has the capacity of a hard drive, and you can carry it pretty inconspicuously in your pocket, considering it's only 76 x 58 x 10mm.

For your money, our testing proved the Crucial X6 falls on just the wrong side of that divide, but it's worth a look. However, in our testing, it never dropped lower than that, even with over 50GB of sustained traffic. A great deal that is. But not all. Arguably even more problematic is the existence of NVMe-based drives for similar money.

At least they do, in theory. Instead, USB 4 will likely take over, increasing bandwidth to 40Gbps. So, it will be possible to extract maximum performance from a USB 3. Many manufacturers are reluctant to quote full specifications.

Form factor and other frills should also be part of your calculations. Some drives are built to be particularly robust; others include extras like hardware encryption, status LEDs, or even fingerprint scanners for added security. Some of those features fairly tangential to the basic remit of providing high-performance storage space for a games library.

But you might also be looking for a drive that can serve more than one role. Jeremy has been writing about technology and PCs since the 90nm Netburst era Google it! Included in this guide:.

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