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Why: We feel this will encourage communities of towns to come together to build railways, roads and river passages between each other. No Pay to Win: Our server has one single donation rank. Purely to support the growing costs of our server. Too many servers these days offer 50 ranks that give players an unfair advantage. When a new player joins Dominion, they should have the same advantage as everyone else. Huge Custom World: Our world is 24, by 17, blocks wide, entirely custom with enormous mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes bursting with potential.

The huge world also means there will always be a place for your town without having to be too close to another. Why: We want you to be able to build your towns in beautiful locations. Want a dwarven style mountain cavern What about a mountain plateau Or a desert Oasis There is opportunity for every style you can imagine within our world.

We like to call our experience Vanilla Plus. While we offer plugins such as Towny and Economy, we will never add plugins which change the fundamentals of what we like about Minecraft. This means no fake, overpowered enchantments, no fake crafting ingredients such as dust and essence and no non-vanilla mechanics.

Why: We want to make Dominion a place where new players can understand how to play the second they join. We also want to protect the feel of vanilla minecraft that many of us have grown to love. So, if you are looking for a Towny server that focuses on community, then Dominion is the server for you!

Our community if new and always growing. Sometimes it is hard to keep up. He revealed that the name of the company working on the game was Funsockets, adding that there would be playable versions of the game on display at the convention. Though Jay reported that the platform was near its release point, there was no further word on that front for a few weeks. In late May , it was noted that there was a change on the FunSockets website.

A week or two later rumors sprang up [6] about BGG having access to some Beta test accounts. Dominion Strategy Forum members were immediately interested in taking part in the testing, prompting the creation of an unofficial list of interested individuals.

Beta testing was slowly rolled out to the Dominion community starting in late June [9] and continued through the eventual release in mid-August Beta testing was attractive to many Dominion fans as it allowed them the chance to be among the first to use the new Dominion platform. Later in the Beta testing cycle, interest was renewed when it was revealed that Dark Ages cards were available to the Beta testers. The official online version was expected to finally launch to the public on August 16, Goko attempted to keep the site running but had difficulty doing so, working through the night and emailing users to apologize for the issues with their service.

On September 21, , Goko quietly released their Dominion product in a public Beta. Goko had at this point not released a date for an official full release. The continuing uncertainty had led to forum members prior to the beta release making a guessing game of when the product will fully release. Much to the dismay of many on these forums, there had been little information flow from Goko about their product, a problem which dates back to the first hints of an official implementation.

Fortunately, the volume of interaction increased in At this point, Dominion Online is the only authorized place to play the game on the internet. Unofficial implementations such as Isotropic have been shut down. In , Goko was quietly acquired by Making Fun, whose logo began to appear on the Dominion Online loading screen.

They promised to completely overhaul the existing code for the game from the ground up, implementing many of the features added by the Salvager plugin. In February , Dominion appeared on Steam Greenlight, in anticipation of release to Steam, as well as to mobile devices. It was expected to release in Spring or Summer , but never ended up releasing on Steam. An update adding the Adventures expansion was added on May 2, In it was announced that Making Fun, after taking over a year to implement Adventures , would be losing its license.

Their newly founded company, Shuffle iT , began development on their version of Dominion Online in early , and entered into a semi-open beta in December of that year. It released with all currently published cards, including those from Empires and the new second editions of Base and Intrigue , except for Inheritance and Stash. It returned to a browser-based implementation, though a separate offline version has been discussed since On January 18th, , Shuffle iT added Russian language support, providing translations for all available cards, despite only the first editions of Base and Intrigue being published previously in Russian.

This makes it the first Dominion Online implementation to provide support in a language other than English. German language support was added on March 20th. On March 31st, a leaderboard was added and Inheritance was implemented. On July 10th, Japanese language support was added.

On November 16th, Nocturne was released, autoplay functionality was introduced, and icons were added to the resource tracker indicating which long-term effects from Durations and States the current player is affected by.

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