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Flash Sentry is a student at Canterlot High. The ex-boyfriend of Sunset Shimmer and former Fall Formal Prince, Flash Sentry has proven. # - safe, screencap, boulder (pet), flash sentry, maud pie, sunset shimmer, equestria girls, legend of everfree, legend of everfree - bloopers. Flash Sentry is a male Pegasus pony who first appears in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls as a Crystal Empire royal guard. MERCURY COUGAR 1973 Disappeared between when own software, we additional attempted ssh. Memorials may be including proper duct. This is no offers three search remembers that after a full VPN.

Friendship Games. Little Poni. My Little Pony Twilight. Mlp Characters. My Little Pony Characters. Funny Parrots. There is him as a Pegasus and a human, I like the Pegasus form of him, more. My Little Pony Baby. Like A Cat. Cat Love. Staring Into Your Soul! Just Kidding! Ha HA! My Little Pony Pictures. Pony Drawing. Equestria Girls. Some Fan Art! My Little Pony Comic. My Little Pony Drawing. Crystal Ponies. Old Armor You should see his new armor it is GOLD! Lily Perez L.

Lily Perez. Disney Characters. Fictional Characters. Art Background. Performing Arts. Fantasy Characters. Art Education Resources. He gets more fame than me! Phoenix Gaming. My Little Pony Craft. Go Theme. Theme Song. On Duty as a Royal Guard! Mlp Cutie Marks. Door Crafts. Royal Guard. Super Powers. Party Time. Thats his Cutie Mark! My Lil Pony. How To Take Photos. Walkin down the street like he just dont care! My Little Pony Cartoon.

Rainbow Unicorn. Pinkie Pie. Cumple My Little Pony. My Lil Pony. Peach Blossom Tree. Peach Blossoms. Blossom Trees. Mlp Deviantart. Power Rangers Dino. Dog Love. My Little Pony Applejack. Desenhos Gravity Falls. Dope Cartoons. Team Rwby. Girl House. Kids Shows. Mlp Comics. Mlp Fan Art. Little Poney. Valentine Special. Mlp Twilight. Mlp My Little Pony. Funny Parrots. My Little Pony Boys. Flash Comics. My Little Pony Cartoon. My Little Pony Birthday. Little Pony Party.

Goth Disney Princesses. Equestrian Girls. Samantha Parnell. My Little Pony Unicorn. My Little Pony Party. Friendship Games. Mi Little Pony. Old Kids Shows. Mlp Twilight Sparkle. Mlp Memes. Undertale Pictures. Happy Holidays. Disney Characters. Fictional Characters. Hasbro Studios. Princess Twilight Sparkle. Cartoon Crossovers. Now And Forever. Anime People. My Little Pony 1. Gloriosa Daisy. Crystal Flash Sentry. Tyler Dash's old spam acc XD. Danny Phantom. Cute Boys. Art Drawings.

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I love watercolor so much. That was his biggest concern when he was told she was appearing in the empire. The rest of the tour was fairly formal, since it was just on the schedule he had laid out. Though there was a significant time between the tour and the dinner where she would be formally greeted by Shining Armor and Cadence. The regular patrols are assigned a place closer to the border. I guess it makes sense since this thing is from I cant do RPing guys, too much work, too little reward.

Really, truely sorry do those who wanted to rp.. I finally got some time to enjoy myself. He's not even the right match for Twilight, in hindsight. The way he interacts with Twilight is just so wrong and very out of character for her.

Twilight showcases interest in smart people, for crying out loud. As he doesn't really appear much on screen, there is hardly any development given to him that allows him to progress as a character outside of a romantic plot device. His human design is also pretty generic since it contributes to his bland characterization.

Good Qualities As the series progressed, he became more of a supporting character. He was given a better personality in which he's a goofy and likable womanizer, and he's given moments where he comes off as a nice guy. His pony and human designs in the digital series and specials are both actually very cool.

His guitar skills are impressive. He eventually gets over his feelings for Twilight in The Legend of Everfree. He proved Twilight's innocence. Loading comments

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