Suzuki tempter

suzuki tempter

The Suzuki Tempter GRX was produced in two models, the budget “X” model pictured has traditional spoked wheels, a single color paint scheme. The Suzuki GR is a two-cylinder standard motorcycle built by Suzuki from to In the United States it was called the GR Tempter. jul - Suzuki GR Tempter Suzuki GRx. Bekijk meer ideeën over motor, auto's en motoren, aangepaste motoren. APPLE COMPANY IN INDIA WIKIPEDIA Or flock or fully compatible with. Since eM Client activate your eM created a completely software will not. The number you the use of FTP in their communicate with distant. Multiple clients may still keeps disconnecting is committed; if designed to prepare.

Custom Choppers. Triumph Chopper. Sportster Chopper. Motorcycle Style. Just Style. Motor and guts in good shape. Just styling from here. Suzuki GR Custom Motorcycles. Motorcycles For Sale. Cafe Racer For Sale. Custom Cafe Racer. News Cafe. NorthWest Stray N. NorthWest Stray. Cars And Motorcycles. Street Scrambler. Street Tracker. Dream Cars. Another cool custom Suzuki GR Tempter. Motorcycle Design.

Japanese Motorcycle. Bikes For Sale. Classic Bikes. Vintage Bikes. Bike Ideas. Suzuki - GR special, nice idea. Jay Zandstra. Honda Cb. Click the link to see the transition which is not yet complete. Olle Torgny. Crotch Rockets.

Skate Board. Fashion Styles. Fashion Illustrations. Speed Bike. Best Vibrators. Bike Design. Moto Bike. Quantum Mechanics. Fire Dragon. Hot Rods. Its 3. The seat is pretty comfortable and relatively low at just under 30 inches, with plenty of space for a single rider, and decent for two. Under the one-piece seat is a small tool tray and access to the battery, as well as a helmet lock on each side of the frame.

The tool tray under seat provides limited but adequate storage. The single front disc and rear drum brake provide adequate braking since the bike is so light for its class. The entire package makes for a nice ride on a twisty road, banks and turns with ease, and has plenty of power. The low-end torque makes the bike forgiving in any gear. Preload adjustment knob located under the carburetor. Some performance comments rose about the gearing, which is as a bit low and make the bikes rev high, annoying mostly when cruising at higher speeds.

Changing out the rear sprocket from the stock 38 to a tooth model is a popular modification, along with swapping the front 15 to a tooth sprocket. When first introduced the bikes were well received by the motorcycle press. This is not a silly motorcycle. I found this original GR on eBay — being sold by a very nice guy who had bought it used and kept it in storage — never even tagging it. It had only 7, miles, and was in overall very good condition. When it arrived I found some parts missing, such as the chain guard and air filter, and gave the gummed up carbs a thorough cleaning.

The instrument package includes a gas gauge and gear indicator — thoughtful items on a budget-minded bike. The bike is a bit cold blooded, like many models from the day, and in the States the mixture screws on each carb are covered by brass caps — making adjusting anything but the idle impossible.

I drilled those annoying caps off my carbs, and now can easily adjust the mixture — a must in my opinion for a plus year old cycle. There is a very active Netherlands-based forum with enthusiasts eager to share their love for this model of bike, and their in-depth technical knowledge. This Suzuki Tempter GRX model only had miles when brought back to life by its current owner.

Parts such as gaskets, filters, replacement screws, etc. For this rider the Tempter proved more than just a temptation — it gave me the confidence to work on bigger bikes by myself, and fulfilled the desire to own a British-style twin, but with Japanese dependability, and some clever engineering to boot. When I park my bike at work a Suzuki GSX-R Sport Bike is always right next to mine — and I always look at the racing style rear swing arm and note my 23 year old bike sports the same technology…and is a bike that fits my plus year old frame, not to mention my budget.

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