Lenovo thinkpad t410 ebay

lenovo thinkpad t410 ebay

Bring your work and recreation on the road with this in / cm Lenovo ThinkPad T laptop computer that straddles the line between fun and. Get the best deals on Lenovo ThinkPad T PC Laptops & Netbooks without OS and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at somosfandestacado.com Get the best deals on Lenovo ThinkPad T Inch PC Laptops & Netbooks and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at somosfandestacado.com FLIP JUMP That we want might involve multiple to make 2. Same way as reverse engineering ERD. Anydesk is the always only will.

Based in China, the company's popularity has grown exponentially since it acquired the expertise of IBM's PC business in The processor is the powerful 1st Generation Intel Core i5 Dual-Core processor for smooth multi-tasking and the ability to render video. Simple and efficient, this 1. Equipped with 1 GB of memory, this laptop is able to open multiple documents and other applications quickly, making it ideal for students and professionals. Get it with GB of storage capacity, which provides the space needed to easily store the computer operating system, standard applications, and thousands of digital photos and songs.

This The Aero Snap feature on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system allows users to resize windows automatically when they're dragged to the sides of the display window. Lenovo t refurbished Good product performs well for its age.

Nice little machine. Well built and very good spevs for the money. Even better once ssd installed. Genuine product This is a genuine product that works well. HP Envy X Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i Sometimes, when u sing the TrackPad, the mouse experiences some difficulties when moving across window boundaries. I then go to the Trackball which doesn't have those issues. The wifi connection is solid; the Bluetooth link to a desktop and cell phone was quick, easy, and solid.

It was also easy to channel the phones audio through the laptop's speakers, and with a headset, convert the laptop into a speakerphone. The wireless connection to a wireless Canon printer went without flaws. I've become a fan of the Lenovo laptop. This little battleship of a laptop hails from an earlier age when laptops actually attempted to give you convenience and flexibility.

There is an amazing array of ports, doors, removable drives on this wonderful little device. Now that we've moved on to ultralights with zero ports everything's wireless dinosaurs like the T are relegated to the "dollar bin" in used computer outlets. Granted, I'm not a gamer, and this laptop will certainly not shine with intensive 3d applications, although it works decent ly well with Solidworks. Then there's bad news, followed by good news.

This laptop is NOT certified to run Windows 10, and if you go to the Lenovo web site they will tell you so. However, with some hunting I was able to find suitable drivers for everything from the FN key combinations, on-screen-display OSD video, sound, camera and everything else. Just took a little work to find, install and test. The watchword is -- look for Windows 8 drivers, they work fine in Windows The other oddity is the trackpad, or at least the thin plastic cover for it.

In every T I've seen, the little bumps have worn off in the middle. Still works fine, but the texture is gone. No problem. Look on ebay for a new Trackpad overlay. You simply peel the old one off, clean off the old glue with Goof-Off, and then reapply the new pad cover. Long story short, I'm very tempted to snatch up a few of these laptops just to have for the odd need or situation, or friend or relative who need to update.

I feel like I'm stealing something at that price. I really like Lenovo products overall and the T is a laptop I dig. Its i5 processor and 4gb RAM work well for what I do although it does seem to run hot at times and if I were doing Photoshop with multiple layers I would look for a machine with 8gb RAM. I run Windows 8.

I use SSD and its super fast. This is a well made machine with a decent screen. No, its not super thin or lightweight but its also well priced and will serve most users very well. If you decide to use a Linux distro do your research because not all detect its wi-fi card natively. While there are many laptops on here, Lenovo Thinkpads are among the few that I would trust second hand without seeing in person.

Over the course of their history there hasn't been many manufacturer defects, like HP's DVXXXX laptop model debacle with a gpu that will lift off the motherboard sooner or later due to inadequate cooling for such a high temp running chip. This T is no exception. While I wish the resolution was much higher, like my T61p, x vs the x I have, I can live with it.

The laptop is much easier to carry around then my T61p anyways and for me this is a big bonus. The 14" LED backlit display is crisp, although it does have a slight blue hue from defaults. This is nothing the screen calibrator I have can't fix. This is a minor issue for me anyways, as I'm not doing color sensitive work on it. The nvidia discreet graphics has more then enough umph for my usages, you won't be doing any high intensity gaming on it that's for sure, but that's what I have custom built desktop for.

Yesterday's valve games, run quite well though. The keyboard is as per usual for a Thinkpad, just brilliant. I can type on this one all day long and that brings up another point. I don't understand why manufacturers these days believe hours of battery life in laptop is acceptable. Maybe this is the general opinion of buyers that is fine but to me it isn't. I mean Apple even got with the picture and put integrated higher capacity batteries in their laptops recently that give hours.

Where am I going with this? Lenovo has recently created an initiative to get all day computing with the all recent T,X,W series laptops.

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eBay Finds: $65 Lenovo Thinkpad T410 i7 Quadro 3100M Overview


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Like many business laptops, the ThinkPad Classic bucks the glossy trend in every way, so you won't need to worry about fingerprints or smudges on the chassis or LCD. Personally, this is the perfect resolution for 14" laptops, and it's great to get something other than a standard x LCD.

Unfortunately, while we love the matte panel and the higher resolution, contrast ratio is poor, as are the viewing angles. The LCD is still perfectly useable, but outside of providing a good working resolution, it doesn't impress. The input options on the T are worth some discussion as well. The T comes with the standard TrackPoint device with a multi-touch touchpad, and our test unit includes an optional fingerprint scanner.

Some people love the TrackPoint device and others dislike it; personally, there's no beating a regular mouse for accuracy, but I was able to use both the TrackPoint and touchpad without any complaints. The touchpad has a nice lightly textured surface that enables you to feel the edge of the tracking surface without having to look at it, and the multi-touch features worked flawlessly. My only issue with the touchpad is the placement of the two buttons; they're located on the curved edge of the chassis, a little too close to the edge for my taste.

My natural instinct is to reach a bit higher up, which puts my finger partly on the touchpad and causes problems. This is a minor complaint, however, and one I'm sure I would adapt to if the T was the only laptop I used for an extended period of time.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the T is the keyboard. The T includes beveled and contoured keys that feel very much like a regular desktop keyboard. In comparison to other laptops, this is easily the most comfortable keyboard for typing that I've used on a laptop in a very long time—and it fits this into a There's far less hand and finger fatigue for me after typing on the T, and keys have a satisfying "click" without requiring too much force.

The only complaint I have is a minor one with the keyboard layout: the Fn key. Some prefer this key to be in the bottom-left corner, but I like to have the Ctrl key there, with the Fn key moved in one spot. We'd prefer a aspect ratio for the lower resolution i. Overall, the ThinkPad T is exactly what we would expect from the classic Lenovo laptop.

It's very comfortable to use, built extremely well, and it delivers excellent performance courtesy of the Core i5 CPU and discrete GPU. There are a few options missing from the T that some users might want, but Lenovo caters to these desires with other models. If you'd prefer switchable graphics so that you can get better battery life, the Ts shipping in April adds that feature, but it costs quite a bit more—it also has a multi-touch LCD option and a couple Intel SSDs to choose from.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. If only I could get something like that for my desktop! However, the machine is far too noisy for my taste 7. Lenovo's ThinkPad T Series has long been known as the gold standard for business notebooks. The T is the latest This new look is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but it makes the system look much more modern and attractive. The materials used in the T's chassis make it more durable and stylish at the same time.

The chassis features a lid made from ABS plastic and a strong carbon-fiber reinforced plastic bottom. An internal roll cage helps protect the notebook from damage. The T measures in at However, when we held the original ThinkPadT and then the new T in our hands, the T felt more compact and easier to carry. Perhaps the plastic bottom and more tapered edges gave us that impression. Click to enlarge The T sports the same keyboard that we fell in love with on the Ts. It feature the strong tactile feel which made Lenovo famous, along with new, enlarged Esc and Del keys.

Using the Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, we were able to achieve our usual score of 80 words per minute. However, we found ourselves making more errors than usual, and, as a result, we longed for the even more responsive and well-spaced island keys of the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge We are big fans of the TrackPoint because it's highly accurate and allows you to navigate the desktop without lifting your fingers from the home row.

However, if you prefer touchpads, you'll appreciate the extremely accurate, textured surface on the touchpad. It also supports multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and two finger scroll. Unlike some touchpads we've used, zooming in and out is smooth and accurate.

Throughout our testing, the T remained very cool to the touch. However, after playing 15 minutes of Hulu video, it got just a little warmer, measuring degrees Fahrenheit at the bottom. We measured a more temperate 96 degrees Fahrenheit on the touchpad, and a cool 93 between the G and H keys. Click to enlarge The ThinkPad T's We had the opportunity to test both screens and each offered sharp, bright images with excellent viewing angles, even at a full 90 degree angles to the right or left.

While still images and games looked good on the T, video playback was another story. We tested the discrete and integrated models in both screen resolutions. Playback was smooth but dark areas were filled with obvious visual noise and pixilation.

The sound emanating from the T's speakers was also poor. While only a little tinny, the maximum volume was so low that it was difficult to hear. Click to enlarge There's no shortage of ports on the T The front lip houses a 5-in-1 card reader for transferring files from cameras and other devices. The webcam offers strong solid images, even in low light.

When using the camera in our dimly lit living room, images were sharp and clear. The video while conducting a call on Skype was very smooth. With its 2. On PCMark Vantage, a synthetic benchmark that measures overall system speed, the notebook scored a whopping 6,, which is more than double the thin-and-light notebook category average of 3, and over 1, points higher than the ThinkPad Ts 5, which has a 2.

The score was so high that it nearly matched the HP EliteBook w 6, , a mobile workstation that features a higher-end 2. The GB 7,rpm hard drive booted Windows 7 Professional bit in a speedy 45 seconds. A lot of this progress is due to the work Lenovo has done with its Enhanced Experience program to improve Windows 7 boot times. That is7. The ThinkPad Ts we reviewed last year returned a rate of

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