Amazing spider man annual 14

amazing spider man annual 14

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December 14, Artist Ben Sean. Editor Al Milgrom. Script Writer Denny O'Neil. Publisher Marvel. Publication Date Dec 14, Page Count 52 pages. Amazing Spider-Man Annual. The Amazing Spider-Man Annual What's it Worth? Universal Signature Restored Qualified Conserved. CGC Title. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Marvel Comics.

All Grades. Strange as his sacrifice for casting the Bend Sinister at midnight. Spider-Man arrives at CBGB's and changes back into Peter Parker, walking amongst the crowd gone to listen to a band named Shrapnel, Peter is stopped by a girl who thinks she recognizes them. The Parker luck rings true when at that moment Debra spots Peter talking to this girl and figures he ditched her for someone else and she storms out.

Peter chases after and tries to do damage control, running into Lucious on the way out, and takes Debra to dinner. However, when he spots the band members of Shrapnel leading a crowd chanting about the Bend Sinister he once more ditches Debra to change into Spider-Man. Following the crowd, he finds them chanting and dancing in front of the Latverian embassy, where Lucious appears on its roof with Dr. Strange, who is mystically bound to a giant gem that is central to the spell that is being cast.

When Spider-Man tries to save Strange, he is attacked by the magical robot. During the fight, Peter realizes that the robot is unbeatable and is only there to make sure he doesn't interrupt the spell. Using his smarts, Spidey tricks the robot into flying into the gem, smashing it to bits and freeing Dr. Strange then unleashes his mystical fury on Lucious who erects a mystic shield and tries to flee.

However, this doesn't save him from doom when a portal opens and a giant hand grabs him and pulls him into another dimension before disappearing. Strange thanks Spider-Man for his help and flees the scene without much explanation, leaving Spider-Man very exasperated. While back in Latervia, Dr. Doom has brought a small gem with a miniature Lucious trapped inside, he places it with a group of others and determines that using the Bend Sinister is too risky to use again. However, while this was a failure, Doom has other plans Marvel Database Explore.

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Did key issues rise…. Cert Search. Cert Search Close panel. CGC Lookup. Scan Label. How to Scan. Take a clear picture of the certification number on the front of the label. Good Scan. Cert number is clear and easy to read. Bad Scan. Blurry numbers can't be read. December 14, Artist Ben Sean. Editor Al Milgrom. Script Writer Denny O'Neil. Publisher Marvel. Whilst Peter goes after Debbie to try and explain, Debbie runs into Dilby, but neither she nor Peter recognise him as the man planning the Bend Sinister.

Peter and Debbie keep going to a coffee shop, where Peter promises to explain what happened. When they're there, the band from the nightclub passes, all chanting "Bend Sinister". Peter realises that something's wrong, and so leaves Debbie to change back to Spider-Man. Spider-Man notices that whoever the band pass, they too join them in marching and chanting "Bend Sinister", until there are hundreds of people doing it.

Spider-Man wants to help them, but he suspects that if he gets closer he'll join in the chanting, and so simply has to watch. The crowd head to the Latverian Embassy, where Dilby is standing on the roof with Doctor Strange strapped to a massive gem called the Eldritch Crystal.

When the moon shines through the gem and onto the crowd, the Bend Sinister will be complete, although Dilby is planning on using its power all for himself, rather than for Dormammu and Doctor Strange. Spider-Man then arrives to stop Dilby, who summons the robot which he used to defeat Doctor Strange. As it chases Spider-Man around, he too is unable to stop it, whilst Dilby muses that there are only a few more seconds until the Bend Sinister is activated.

Spider-Man manages to use his webbing to block the robot's eyes, which starts flying out of control. Spider-Man manages to work out how to control it, and flies the robot towards Dilby, shattering the crystal which holds Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange then tries to stop Dilby, saying that he's been thinking up of spells to stop Dilby whilst he was in captivity. However, as Doctor Strange casts the spells, a barrier forms around Dilby, and a portal opens. Through the portal a hand appears, which drags Dilby into the portal.

Meanwhile, the people have recovered, and Doctor Strange thanks Spider-Man for his help. Doctor Strange refuses to say, saying that it's better that mankind doesn't know, before flying off. Back in Latveria, a package arrives for Doctor Doom. Inside is a miniaturised Dilby imprisoned inside a crystal, his punishment for trying to steal the power of the Bend Sinister all for himself. Doctor Doom then says that he will make an amusing addition to his collection, and goes to the top of his castle, where he says that although the experiment is finished, he is not, and has more plans This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:.

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