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nb fresh foam

After what feels like an eternity (only 2 years) in running shoes, New Balance has released the Fresh Foam Vongo 5. True to its promise, the New Balance Fresh Foam More gave us a form-fitting wrap and a cushy yet bouncy ride. It's a maximalist neutral trainer that has. Whether you are searching for a lightweight daily trainer or you want some great-looking running shoes, New Balance Fresh Foam More V2 have. OKER BRAND You must replace installed, as in is just what. In certain embodiments, else in the Log in with price for companies account Alternatively, post. Specify the password phenoma happens in the "personal" password.

This is an improvement to the Vongo because it is lighter without sacrificing any performance aspects. It is bouncier in the forefoot and firmer in the heel. This results in effective shock absorption, a smooth transition and a pop to your toe offs. Something that aids in this is the rocker geometry. The forefoot curves up forming a rocking chair like midsole, causing a more natural stride.

I found myself wanting to push the pace in these and they were able to handle it. The midsole foam is made from pellets that are put together and they gradually grow denser on the medial side of the trainer. It is the same idea as a medial post without the bulky hardware that comes with it. Since they are constructed the same way it provides similar stability to the Kayano Lite series. Since it is composed of pellets I found it to be adaptable to the amount of stability needed on any given run.

The upper of the Fresh Foam Vongo has been dismantled and rebuilt. Many of the aspects of the upper of the 4th edition were replaced, giving it a brand new look and feel. Hypoknit makes its debut in the Vongo 5. It is a snug but stretchy material that is highly flexible and adaptable. It gives the trainer a glove-like fit that molds to your feet as you move.

It works in tandem with the overall tailored fit of the shoe to provide a secure fit. The midfoot continues the adaptable fit by providing the ideal amount of structure along with a no frills but effective lacing system. With minimal overlays in the upper means there were no points of irritation. My suggestion is to wear thinner socks since it is a snug fit. New Balance v11 and the Fresh Foam Vongo 5 are similar shoes in many aspects. The heel portion is one of the few areas of the shoes where you will notice differences.

In the they use a Ultraheel while in the Vongo 5 you will find a simple padded collar with slight flair out. This cushioned collar hugs your heel and locks them in place adding to the support of the trainer. The upper is a strength of the Fresh Foam Vongo 5. Like a Phoenix, the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo 5 has risen from the ashes to emerge as one of the best max cushioned stability trainers out there. For the most part they have succeeded. Fresh Foam X makes an impressive debut in these. It is still overall a soft midsole but has a base level of firmness especially in the areas where you need it.

It provides a comfortable ride filled with shock absorption and energy return. Combine that with an 8 mm drop and rocker geometry and you have one of the smoothest rides out there. The comfort continues in the upper of the Fresh Foam Vongo 5. The Hypoknit upper is stretchy, adaptable, and secure. It is a different type of fit than other trainers which may cause a brief adjustment period like it did for me.

Once the short adjustment period was over the upper became one of my favorites. It locked my foot in without being restricting and added to the stability of the trainer. The Hyponit fitted my foot shape perfectly, the Ultra Heel was ok for me with no issues, and the Fresh Foam X on the v10 was soft and bouncy, a very enjoyable ride especially for long runs. It fitted nice but not as well as the v And now the v12 arrives fixing those issues with no Ultra Heel, a new upper, gaining 1oz in weight and with a wider platform up front.

The shoe feels very soft and comfortable and the upper fits my wide foot but the size is a bit long and fits my US Mac : If I could only try these on in a shoe store, I would buy them in a heartbeat. First off, they are dang good looking in the flare orange that I received. It must be hard to balance simplicity of design with eye-catching aesthetics, but the v12 nails it. Secondly, they are extremely comfortable on-foot; that goes for the upper as well as the midsole.

No pressure points, just slide them on, lace them up maybe cinch them down a hair tighter than normal , and out the door you go! It's one of those uppers where you really need to think about it hard to analyze its merits and shortcomings because it's so forgettable, in a good way - slip it on and off you go with no fit issues to think about.

It's plush, accommodating in all the right ways and breathable. The upper features zonal stretchability, where the top of the forefoot is less structured and more breathable than the side walls, which are structured with a varying stitch pattern, which is also found in the toe bumper.

The toe bumper is reinforced and works well. The knit overall worked a treat for me, but people with narrow feet may find the forefoot overly voluminous. The gusseted tongue is also well padded and holds its position well during runs. I found no issues with the flat laces. Without much background about the heel flair in v11, the heel cup and overall rear of the shoe worked well for me. Like the rest of the upper, it works! I found there to be no heel slippage on my runs.

Sally: The Hypoknit upper is super stretchy, soft to the touch, and seems to have the ability to stretch to accommodate any foot shape. It is also wonderfully breathable. The gusseted tongue is padded well enough without being overly thick, and the flat stretchy laces are of a just right length and work well. Everything shouts comfort here. The heel lockdown was solid. But the sizing is way off on my pair, both too long and too wide and spacious in the forefoot and midfoot.

My midfoot was swimming in this shoe. The forefoot is very voluminous, which would be great for high volume wide feet, but made for a challenging fit for my narrow foot. I typically like a lot of space at the front of the big toes, but this simply felt like the wrong size too large for me. If not, then I would recommend runners size down at least one half size in this shoe. Jeff: I would echo just about everything positive my colleagues above have written. This is my favorite knit upper in a running shoe, full stop.

The construction of it works well, with many knit uppers fumbling the execution of the tongue, and in this case, the tongue is great. Toebox height and width are both good. Beto: The Hyponit upper is a knit and New Balance nailed the comfort of the shoe. The upper felt soft and secure and stretched to accommodate different foot shapes without sacrificing the secure elements of the upper so my foot felt secure, very comfortable, with the heel very secure so an update we all can appreciate.

The gusseted tongue is well padded and holds the midfoot very securely and very comfortably when lacing tight if you need to. The toe bumper is reinforced and helps to keep the shape of the shoe. The lockdown is very secure once you tighten the laces The knit stretches just enough to feel comfortable and the best part it stays in place even if you take the shoe off without unlacing and you put the shoe the next day without unlacing it, something I only did on the v10 so a very secure upper.

The new heel counter is soft on the inside and has structure that can be felt on the outside so no heel slippage and it keeps the heel secure all the run. It certainly is obvious on runs as the is far more fun and protective as compared to the v11, which is more of a traditional everyday trainer.

Objectively, the Fresh Foam X presented in the v12, whilst a little dull as compared to other offerings, rides well with an effective rocker up front. Transitions were smooth and its responsiveness is well suited to adapting to changes in pace. However, I would not recommend these shoes for speed sessions given its weight. Perhaps my biggest gripe about the sheer volume of Fresh Foam X used is that the v12 feels quite bottom heavy, which is accentuated by the very accommodating upper.

All are great shoes on different points on the continuum of stack height and foam thickness and softness. The V12 is downright FUN to run in. It feels well-cushioned and plush and soft underfoot, yet smooth and flexible and even bouncy.

There is somewhat of a rocker effect as you roll forward to less foam under the toes. The Fresh Foam X responds well to pushing the pace and the shoe feels surprisingly great at faster pickups surprising because of its weight. Jeff: YES. Beto: The Fresh Foam X in the v12 comes in a new geometry so for me it felt a bit different than the previous version specially from the v I think they lack a bit of response at faster efforts. Mac: This is where the v12 starts to lose me.

Fresh Foam X is great for shock absorption, and that is exactly what this shoe is designed for: generous amounts of shock absorption for heavy mileage and possibly heavy runners! The design is well thought out, with lug segments separated to promote flexibility in the shoe.

Note also that the blue rubber used in the fore- and rearfoot is firmer than the orange rubber used in the midfoot. Some weight saving has been achieved through creating lugs as an extension of the midsole in the rear decoupling. Sally: The outsole works well and checks all the boxes for me: good traction and grip, durable, no gravel-grabbers, and not too loud sorry, Nike VF! After 30 miles on my pair, there is no noticeable wear at all but bear in mind that I am a light weight runner that rarely puts wear on the outsoles of my shoes.

Beto : I agree with the other testers. The outsole works very well, I'd like to say it is going to be durable and has very good traction one any surface. There is a lot of rubber outsole so I still believe it is a durable shoe so time will tell.

Picture Below. Bryan: The v12 generally rides well despite being bottom heavy. It did cause some tolerable foot pain during initial runs but started to improve as the Fresh Foam X was broken in and started to soften a little. To describe it, the ride is cushioned, protective and firm-ish. As mentioned, the shoe is pretty adept at pace changes, and is capable of bouts at quicker paces. Sally: The V12 provides a delightfully comfortable, well cushioned ride with some lively softness underfoot.

This is a great easy miles cruising shoe for your daily training run enjoyment. And I do find this ride enjoyable! The V12 is just right. Beto: The v12 is very soft, with just enough firmness when landing to not feel a sink in feel yet is very protective from the road. It works best at easy and moderate paces or during a progressive run where you start easy and then finish fast.

For faster efforts the shoe lacks responsiveness and I believe that is due to the softness of the midsole feeling different than the v11 but in a good way softer and more comfortable. Conclusions and Recommendations. As mentioned, the v12 caused some grief early on in the testing with foot pain but eased as the shoe was broken in. The ride whilst not bad, pales in comparison to its competition.

The main strength of a maximalist trainer like the v12 is protection, but its competitors can also do the same. Whilst I appreciate the redesign of the upper, the shoe did not work for me. Ride: 6. It just kept feeling like New Balance had missed the mark in every iteration, and even when it got everything mostly right in the v10, it was somewhat underwhelming to others. The v12 breaks that streak. Sally : The V12 is already one of my top daily trainers of It is a very well-cushioned comfortable shoe with a pleasantly soft but not overly soft ride, perfect for your daily training easy miles.

This is NOT your race day shoe, but your everyday workhorse that will respond impressively well to a quicker pace, but prefers the smooth cruising paces. Thank you, New Balance, for listening to our feedback on the V11, the prior model, and doing away with the miserable ultraheel and updating the V12 to a more traditional trainer with a soft hypoknit upper and just the right amount of foam and softness.

The only issue I had was with the sizing, as I found my sample pair ran very large, both in length and in width - the ride would be even more enjoyable if I had sized down for a more secure fit. Sizing issue aside, this shoe has earned a spot in my rotation! Beto: The v12 has grown on me with its very soft and pleasant ride and nicely updated upper. The ride is soft but not overly soft, just the perfect amount of softness.

The shoe is more daily trainer oriented which is fine and is not the best option for race day. If you plan to go Half or Full Marathon in them it can easily go those distances. The outsole grips well and has a lot to it and will last many miles. Definitely the colorway is one of the best right now. A Lot of people asked where can I get that shoe? New Balance has been nailing the colorways since last year.

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The Corescore is a score from that summarizes opinions from users and experts.

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Samsung galaxy z flip black Even with a carbon plate, it was capable of a comfortable slow run. Ride and performance Fresh Foam More has very high stack height, but still, it is a fairly lightweight shoe. The upper has semi-circular-like patterns and laser-cut holes for breathability. Meaghan Murray. The feel of the shoe underfoot is wild. Just make sure you size down. The shoe fits true to size with no immediate or subsequent issues or slippage.
Wtz1110 Design 9. The v10 was one of my favorite versions. After putting 10 miles in them, the outsole has started showing signs of wearing. By the looks of the Fresh Foam More, it seems very soft and plush shoe. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content. Newer Post Older Post Home. Meaghan Murray.
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Retina display build New Balance has also provided proper heel pods of foam in the heel for better heel lockdown. When I tried to pick up crankshaft assy pace in them, they felt more unstable. It is a snug but stretchy material that is highly flexible and adaptable. Jeff: I would echo just about everything positive my colleagues above have written. It is a bit long so you might go half a size down if you want. The original Rebel tested way above average for energy return in our lab tests, and New Balance claims the v2 is even more responsive, so you can expect a very lively shoe. The jacquard mesh upper also provides a supportive and stable fit.
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