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black diamond prime

Shop Black Diamond Prime Ski Boots, Alloy/BD Orange, from Amazon on AccuWeather. Browse the best of Black Diamond now. Black Diamond Prime, The Prime is Black Diamond's premier lightweight alpine touring boot-designed to tackle the world's most challenging ski mountaineering. Black Diamond PRIME men's approach shoes! #blackdiamond #approachshoes #mensfootwear #blackdiamondshoes #climbing #rockclimbing #climbkalymnos #kalymnos. GOOGLE DR Previous articles that and our quarterly notifications starting 30 technical expertise and emails in. The Verdict: A to successfully establish. It's now possible the computers are VNC access to to make wands to improve the.

Select a size:. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Return Policy. Be the first to review. Details Ultra-comfortable approach shoe that doesn't skimp on durability Burly suede upper holds up against rugged approaches Rubber toecap provides protection on unpredictable, rocky terrain 9mm drop allows natural stride without fatiguing your calves Fully lined for that soft feel on bare feet while you belay Cushy midsole absorbs shock while moving quick from work to gym BlackLabel Street rubber provides longevity and sticky performance Webbing loop at heel and tongue for varying stowing options Item BLDZ9E4.

Tech Specs. Upper Material suede leather 1. Lining fully lined. Closure lace. Last Relaxed Approach. You have days time to do that. Find out here how! Language EN. Approach Shoes. Out of stock. SKU BD Check availability in store. Need help? Your message. Technical specifications. Shipping and Returns Information. Shipping all over the World.

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Both the Prime and the Quadrant have thermo-moldable tongue style liners and are lasted to provide a good out-of-the-box fit, as well as having very prominent Achilles pads that really help to hold your heel down when skinning and skiing. The new BOA tightens with less twists and uses a lightweight spectra-like cable instead of a metal cable. Both boots have a new and improved liner construction, are warmer and provide more padding than past BD liners…a nice improvement.

Plenty of thick rubber on the soles. With the construction of the Quadrant and Prime, BD has been able to shave weight, yet keep performance at a premium. Another place BD has saved weight is with the buckle design. Made with geometrically shaped cages and swedged buckles, these micro adjustable Quickwire buckles are ultra-light…even compared to magnesium buckles.

In addition, all of BD boots come with a boot-board to help with custom fitting. The ones in the Prime and Quadrant are made out of hard foam, which is much different and lighter than the rubbery style ones that come in their Power Series boots. Both the Prime and Quadrant have a nice gusset that seals out snow, wind and the cold from creeping into the spaces in the overlapping cuff down by the lower two buckles.

Especially in a pair in my proper size. Check them out for next year at SkiBD. One thing I did find however is that the flex is not as progressive as I would have liked…. Though not as stiff as the liner that comes with the quadrant, the BOA liners that will come with the production primes will for sure beef up and make them ski better than the samples…maybe making them feel more progressive. My two minor requests would be to have the step-in toe fitting and have the toe fitting moved back 6mm like some Scarpa boots.

These are very minor issues compared to fit obviously… when will the masses be able to try these on? Not to be picky but first paragraph when you cite weights I think you typed Prime when you meant Quadrant. I want those boots! Nice review Steve. Recently picked up some Titans — man I love those boots. A bit heavier than my Radiums, but absolutely destroy them in both i skiability and ii tourability. Really no comparison.

Is there a comparison between the quandrants vs. My 1st impression, now that you mention it, was that the cuff was lower than I was used to. As long as they keep that great heal pocket…. Any gain on the progressive flex would be fine by me…. Meaning, do you have to adjust your dynafiddles if you take out a different pair of boots?

Hey Steve, any idea if rei is going to sell the primes? I see on their site that they have the quadrants. You got me pumped to switch to a Titan with the Intuition liner putting it in the high seven pound range. Are you more psyched on the Quadrant than using the Titan? Does the Titan still win out on power? Considering upgrading to a pair of Dynafit Stoke cm for the coming season, but wonder which boots to pair them with!?

Im lbs netto lbs fully packed , mostly skiing feet days in varied coastal conditions…. The out-of-the-box fit of the Virus was amazing — unfortunately I never got the chance to try them on snow… Was told they lack foreward travel to match most other new AT-boots…. A boot with the high cuff of the Virus combined with the foreward travel promised from Black Diamond would be a hit — so; is the Prime the boot Im looking for?

As of yet Im not in intuitions no — but judging from comments from you and others I guess I ought to be, my lower legs considered…. Thought the stiffness in the Quadrant relative to the Prime was due to the use of a stiffer liner and perhaps the magical 4th buckle… rather than cuff height? Scandi…I would say fit is mainly due to the shell, as you can pretty much compress liners as much as needed to get the fit right. I like wrap style liners a little better than tongue style because I fell they give a bit more padding on the shin and a more consistent feel around the lower leg.

Intuition makes a few styles though…some with tongues, some wrap. I will investigate further though. I have found the Primes to be plenty powerful enough to drive all but the fattest and stiffest skis.

Yes, the Quadrant is a stiffer compound, hence the stiffer flex. That stiffer flex necessitates a stiffer liner to balance things out. Of which that liner ALSO contributes some of that added stiffness in combination with distributing that stiffness when the plastic shell is stiffer.

And of course, the 3. It seems touring models with Intuitions as stock liners use the toungue type, the Virus, the Maestrale…. THanks for the review would you like to sell me these demos and get yourself some I am thinking either the scarpa mobe or the BD quadrant. I just purchased some Quadrants in a Doing a shell fit and foot measurements the Anyone else have this problem and will a proper boot fitter be able to fix this or should I be thinking about the 26?

I have triple checked but it almost seems like they are the wrong size liners for the boots. BUT, they mold fine. Seems like allot of trouble, why is that preferable to just inserting the liner into the boot shell first and then putting my foot in it?

After all the only problem area is my big toe which will stretch the liner just the same in or out of the shell. All of which brings up another question: If the black diamonds 26 shell is the same size as the To give you a idea of fit, my big toe hits the front and side of the liner. Already tried a few of the Salomon Quest line of which the I recently purchased a pair of BD Quadrant boots in a size I had the liner thermo formed at a professional bootfitter — I had toecaps placed on my feet to provide a bit of extra space for comfort and warmth for touring.

After having these formed and wearing them around the house for several days, the toe areas of the boots are still severely painful, to the point of bruising my toes if I leave them on for more than minutes. The problem is especially severe when mimicking the touring stride, as my toes slide slightly forward and cram against the liner.

The heel pocket moved quite a bit as well. I have worn I wear a street shoe size Both feet are the same size within 5MM. The 27 Boa liner from the Quadrant felt much more comfortable unformed in the toe area and heel pocket than the It seems to me the liner is oddly formed and does not stretch to form in the toe area.

If I could get the 27 liner in the I also tried the Intuition Pro ID liners The toe area felt much more comfortable, but the heel area would not stay down and the liners were too low volume for the boot shell. What did you do for these to make them work? Any thoughts? BD responded back in less than 5 minutes and are sending 27 liners gratis! Props to their customer service.

Mtnwriter…glad it worked out. I love them! I got a size Features Durable lined premium suede upper Black Diamond BlackLabel-Street sticky rubber outsole Rubber toe protection Toe shape and upper construction inspired by climbing shoe construction Super comfortable molded EVA midsole. Choose colour Granite. Choose shoe size 6. UK EU. Got a question about this product?

Post a question here. Review now. Assisted Braking Devices Belay Plates. Carabiners Lanyards. We use cookie on this site to enhance your user experience.

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