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Latest news:. Introduction Solid state drives of M. Compact dimensions, no additional wires in the system and significantly increased performance. Even this short list of advantages is enough to understand why the owners of various form factor systems have opted for high-speed M.

Manufacturers are looking for ways to make it easier for users to move from one category to another. For example, the company Kingston recently introduced a line of M. Let's see what such devices are capable of, getting better acquainted with a GB model. Read more ». The novelty is intended for modest-sized quiet computers and household multi media centers.

The memory is 2 GB bit bus in volume and operates at the 2, MHz frequency. The main peculiarity of this MSI specialty is its passive cooling system, relying on a big radiator. The MSI Co. The framework of this ATX format product is performed out of 0. The novelty also possesses 4 mm panels front and side made of hardened glass. The inner structure features the regular double-chamber design: at the bottom there is enough space for a power supply unit and two 3.

Propellers are compatible with MSI Mystic Light app and may be replaced with a couple of mm fans. Introduction Overclocking is like sport. Throughout the world, enthusiasts experience the strength of the components and achieve the maximum possible results. When overclocking the processor and memory, much depends on the instances, but you can not drop the importance of the base - the motherboard.

After all, it is the motherboard that offers all the functional that is necessary for conquering peaks in certain disciplines. And, of course, every manufacturer wants to see their products in the hands of professionals.

Today we will talk in details about the board itself and point out those moments that you just might not notice at first glance. Packaging The design of the box has …. The String representation is not guaranteed to be stable over time for a given resource so should never be compared for equality. Always use decodeFromString String and then equals Object to compare two identifiers to see if they refer to the same resource. Otherwise, toInvariantString is stable and can be safely used for DriveId comparison.

Returns the remote Drive resource id associated with the resource. May be null for local resources that have not yet been synchronized to the Drive service. Returns the resource type corresponding to this DriveId. Returns an invariant string for this DriveId.

This is stable over time, so for a given DriveId , this value will always remain the same, and is guaranteed to be unique for each DriveId. The client can use it directly to compare equality of DriveId s, since two DriveId s are equal if and only if its invariant string is equal.

Note: This value cannot be used to decodeFromString String , since it's not meant to encode a DriveId , but can be useful for client-side string-based DriveId comparison, or for logging purposes. Returns a String representation of the ID. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Package Summary ads. Inherited Constant Summary From interface android. From class java.

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