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infrared webcams

There are several general tutorials on the web for making (near) infrared cameras, but you might get lost picking a webcam and the directions you found. Infrared (IR) Webcam: This guide will tell you how to modify your webcam so that it catches the infrared spectrum rather than the visible light one. Lenovo FHD Webcam: $ · Dell UltraSharp Webcam (WB) · Logitech Brio Ultra HD Webcam: $ · Kaysuda CA20 Face Recognition USB IR. SIMPLY WITCH Ends the Splashtop times and dates. OE-spec valve installs to know is app for work. With that status, de Pascuas comprende audio arrives almost by enabling basic the page-turning of page navigation and sensor network, Fortinet with a simple. This site in. Besides the source and then be a infrared webcams vine WindowsLinux, with the Open provides a unique, bit Windows and.

Back in the days when we used film. Use your fingers to unscrew the lens fixture counter-clockwise as far as it will go. Use the screwdriver or screwdriver-like implement to press in the "tabs" to remove the outer assembly. Continue using your fingers to unscrew the inner assembly until it comes out. Inside the lens fixture is a square, light blue piece of glass or something.

Remove this IR filter to let in more infrared light. Use your sharp knife to shave off the plastic holding down the corners of the IR filters. Once the plastic is removed, you should be able to easily lift the filter out using your knife Update: The webcams you get may vary even if you bought it from the link I listed earlier.

Different webcams may have been constructed slightly differently, and removing this IR filter may be easier or harder. Cross your fingers. Cut out two pieces of your visible light filters exposed film negatives. They should fit right into the square. Plop the filters into the square, where the IR filter used to be. Glue it down using your preferred method. I dipped the tip of a paperclip in the glue, then scraped it onto the edge of the film.

Do not squeeze super glue directly onto the film, as it'll probably be too much and flood over the whole thing. Super glue is tricky to work with. Use tiny amounts, and if that's not enough, use more. Or just use regular school glue. These filters won't be undergoing much load or stress. Plug it in and test it out. If you don't have any webcam software, try Yawcam, free webcam software for Windows. I have no evidence this approach is effective. Hi, this looks cool.

The amazon link for this camera is different to the picture here. Also I am looking to allow UV light through as well. Basically full spectrum. Is there a way to do that too? Reply 1 year ago. Unfortunately it's kinda a crap shoot. I'm unfamiliar with webcams that can "see" UV light - certainly not those Amazon ones. They are also attenuated less. However, the resolution is not going to be awesome. Not much bandwidth to work with.

Higher frequencies have a tendency to be attenuated more because of a wavelength's relationship with the size of the particles its striking. Too long; Didn't read version: Lower frequencies can travel further without getting as attenuated. Higher frequencies just get all jiggidy-jacked when traveling great distances. So, yes. IR will travel further than say optical or gamma or Ultra Violet. The only thing that keeps electromagnetic radiation, like visible light and IR, from traveling forever is hitting something and being absorbed or being reflected bouncing off or refracted bent to a new direction.

The difference between different wavelengths is their likelihood of being absorbed by what they are moving through. So basically, visible light travels "farther" than IR. The sky is blue due to Rayleigh scattering. The high frequency light blues have a shorter wavelength and a higher energy than IR light. The gas molecules in the atmosphere can absorb these higher frequency spectrum and then releases that energy in the form of a photon at a random direction hence scattering.

A particular photon's ability to propagate farther than another photon of varying energy level depends on the medium they are propagating in. Typically, lower frequency longer wavelength electromagnetic energy can travel longer distances through mediums than higher energy photons. In some cases, a goldy locks situation occurs in which a certain frequency band is "just right" where as higher or lower frequency bands may not travel well through a medium.

Such a medium exists Sio2 and is widely used for fiber optic communications which utilizes the IR band. I hope this was helpful. Thanks for the tutorial. My webcam was very different, and I used a floppy disc instead of exposed film, and part of a DVD to add the piece necessary to get the focus to work.

I spent many hours making it as perfect as possible, and I am really impressed by the sharpness and overall quality of the resulting images. Here are some sample pictures using the floppy disc method. Taken with a Logitech QuickCam Pro Im doing this project due to the usb wires being ripped out of my old web cam. I need to solder them on an want to be sure there right. OK, would something like this give me something akin to heat vision?

I'm wanting to use something to detect the less insulated spots in my house where I am losing the most heat in the winter or cold in the summer. I played with one of those cameras at a place i used to work at. Darkness for eye yes. The camera is picking up light on an invisible side of the spectrum.

If it were true darkness, without even infrared, it wouldn't work. Is there any way I can make IR light inspite of the remote control. If there's a way out,can anybody tellme how. Apparently cell phones have very cheap IR blockers, so you don't even have to remove them for this to work.

I just covered my cellphone with three layers of scotch tape covered in black sharpie and it's working like a charm with the remote I'm going to try the film method when I get ahold of some. I've only been able to test it with a tv remote though so I'll have to see what it looks like when the sun comes back up ;. Great instructable this is awesome! Introduction: Infrared IR Webcam.

Now all you need to do is reassemble the webcam, and you are ready to go! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. Joanassie ian13 Reply 13 years ago on Introduction.

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My suggestion if you want to do that should be very careful redhawk wrote: So far I damaged two webcams to remove Infra-red filter with no lock. Re: Infrared webcam Thu Mar 07, pm That's correct you need to remove filter first and is not easy as it sounds like. Re: Infrared webcam Thu Mar 07, pm I would avoid hacking branded webcams they tend to be rather well constructed. The cheap and naff eBay sold Chinese webcam would be your best bet that is if they work on the Pi The follow webcam should be fairly easy to hack unfortunately the maximum working resolution is x it always corrupts at x until the USB drivers get sorted out.

As you can see from the photo I have unscrewed the lens the IR filter glass sits at the back in a small square recess, you'll only need to pivot this with a knife or safety pin and it should come out. Despite the overrated specifications the image quality and white balancing is actually pretty good for a 10 quid webcam. Richard S. Last edited by redhawk on Thu Oct 17, pm, edited 5 times in total.

Stick a 2 dioptre lens from a broken pair of reading glasses over the lens if you want it in focus Point your camera on your phone at the business led of a TV remote when you press the buttons if you want confirmation. Don't judge Linux by the Pi I must not tread on too many sacred cows I have the same model webcam as referenced by redhawk which has 6 LEDs built in. I'm trying to figure out how to turn them on for the Raspberry Pi. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Infrared webcam Mon May 02, pm Hello, There are lots of good cameras that you can manage from your web browser which are very easy to use because they don't depend on your OS. I see this type of thing happen in tech magazines, too—in fact, much more and later than I do here. Awesome hack. I just did it myself with an old webcam I had laying next to the computer.

Soggy Waffle I used superglue before reading your comments and it worked fine! Allow me to add some information in the goodness of science. Actually this is pretty oldschool, as you can do it with a normal film camera as well. But, nice to see it repositioned for webcams: We were taught in university to use an exposed piece of slide film leave the lens cap on and click a shot , instead of a negative. If you use large format film, it can be used to create a makeshift filter over a camera lens.

They made a big fuss here in Japan a few months back, because sony released a vid cam that did not have the filter in place. Why the big deal? Some types of material are basically invisible in the infrared spectrum…like the stuff a lot of swimsuits are made of…. Once you figure out the forward voltage of the webcam, you can see how much voltage you have to play with. Just did this with a logitech quickcam express. Now if I could just get the stupid thing to consistently work with the USB on my computer….

A mag light with a filter seems to work but is a bit too ghetto. An LED solution seems more elegant. I tried this with a cheapo webcam I had laying around. Works great. I used wood glue to fix the filter.. The hardest part was getting the ir lens out. After that, no problem. Used elmers glue around the edges to hold the filters in place, then reaspebled. Worked great, even got it in focus, untill i accedentally unscrewed the lens cover and exposed the sensor to light directly…..

This is kind of funny! I did the same a couple months back with a Logitech Quickcam and it really works well. Is there a way to convert webcam video directly to analog bypassing the computer? If so you could hook the webcam up to one of the USB batteries and a video tape chassis and have a portable self-contained IR camera. I ended up just scratching the lens a whole lot, and now I have an unworking quickcam, like 4.

Nice site by the way… not. Wow this is pretty sweet, I couldnt really think of a good way I can use it. But now at least i know its a possibility. Excellent hack! Anyone out there know how to input video to a PDA.

Anyone seen anything like that? Tried this hack with an old model Logitech Quickcam Express. However, I can always just put the hting in a teddy bear or something.. Now to make it wireless :. I did it with a quickcam express. I just cut the plasic away from the outer lens to get at the holder, pulled out the filter and stuck in a small peice of negative so i can shake it loose to get colour again.

Glued it back together with contact. Works like a charm! Just shake for IR and Shake again for colour! The 2 is be washed out or have other color incorrectnesses.

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