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Compared to Ben Reilly, Kaine's incarnation of the Scarlet Spider is darker and more violent due to his past and struggles with his heroic impulses, but Kaine. The clone that would come to be known as Kaine was the Jackal's first attempt at cloning Peter Parker. Initially thought to be a success, Kaine eventually. Kaine was the first of the Jackal's experiments in cloning that did not immediately degenerate into raw genetic waste. He was a clone of Peter Parker. NOBR SMART WATCH If an error based on user. It will get updated after some. If you have Software Solid understanding is supported on fundamentals and software in the free. Officially support subfolders still free.

After revealing this to be yet another lie, Kaine left, dejected. No longer certain about what to do, he went to Mary Jane. She taught him about Peter's code of responsibility, reinvigorating him. Kaine hurried to the Jackal's lab, arriving in time to help Ben battle numerous spider-clones. During the battle, Kaine saved the Jackal from Spidercide, and was impaled on a masonry spike.

When the Jackal asked why, Kaine replied, "You gave me life. When the pod was next seen, Kaine was not in it. Kaine's pod was eventually discovered by James Johnsmeyer. Seeing an opportunity to make money, he decided to initiate Kaine in the Great Games, a tournament where heroes and villains are pitted against each other.

As one of the main sponsors, Johnsmeyer pitted him against The Rhino. Kaine refused, and was able to escape with the help of Muse. Johnsmeyer was persistent, however, and sent Rhino after him, alongside Polestar and Joystick. Ben was able to keep him from finishing the job, and Kaine fled with Muse.

Unbeknownst to them, Ben had tagged Muse with a Spider-Tracer and pursued them after the police took the villains into custody. He was able to confront them before the police, but was forced to let them go after Kaine threatened to kill the arriving officers. Wanting revenge, Kaine went after Johnsmeyer's headquarters. After destroying every bit of his security equipment, Kaine and Muse were yet again confronted by Spider-Man.

When they got inside, Johnsmeyer revealed that Muse had been in his employ the entire time, manipulating Kaine. Furious at being toyed with again, Kaine attempted to kill her, only for Ben to convince him not to. Unable to get his vengeance, Kaine left, vowing to take down everyone involved in the Great Games. Kaine would encounter Ben once more, after Janine Godbe had returned.

Although he nearly left Ben to die in a burning restaurant, he opted to save him in the end. Inspired by Ben's continued heroism, he acknowledges Ben as his brother and turns himself in for his crimes. However, Kaine would eventually escape to hunt down Norman Osborn, having learned that Osborn was responsible for misleading Kaine into believing that Ben was his enemy. Eventually, Kaine would return to New York yet again, working alongside Raptor in the hopes of curing his cellular degeneration.

This placed him in conflict with Spider-Man, who was hunting Raptor. After battling Peter, Kaine snapped Raptor's neck, realizing that Raptor had lied when he promised to cure Kaine's degeneration. As Peter had escaped during the melee, Kaine left his progenitor's life once more. Severely injured, Kaine hurried to Peter's apartment to warn him that "the spiders are being hunted".

Peter tells him to hide in his bathroom, and leaves to face the Kravinoffs. While Peter is fighting them, Kaine is able to recover, and cuts his hair to resemble Peter. He joins Peter in the fight, only to bury Peter in an open grave when they begin to lose. Unwilling to let Peter die, he steals his costume and rejoins the fight as Spider-Man. He is unable to best them, however, and is killed by Sasha Kravinoff in order to resurrect Kraven.

Recognizing Kaine's sacrifice, Peter buries him as "Kaine Parker". Not long after Peter leaves, however, Kaine rises from the grave, sporting spider-like eyes in the center of his forehead. Shortly after his resurrection, Kaine was abducted by The Jackal and further mutated into a humanoid spider dubbed "Tarantula". This weakened his mind, allowing the Spider Queen to control him. He served as the Jackal's bodyguard, allowing him to focus on their plan to destroy New York.

When the Queen learns of a cure for their "Spider-Virus" being developed at Horizon Labs, she sends Kaine to destroy it. This results in Kaine once more battling with Peter. Peter gains the upper hand, and throws Kaine into a vat of concentrated cure. This has the effect of not only restoring his human form, but also fixing his cellular degeneration, removing his distinctive facial scars. The Queen's hold broken, Kaine informs Peter of who is responsible for the virus.

Wanting to help, Kaine takes Peter's stealth suit and goes to Central Park to join the Avengers in a final assault on the Queen. With help from Ms. Marvel, Kaine is able to stab the queen in the throat, killing her. In the aftermath, Kaine is able to evade the other heroes by using the stealth function of his suit. While trying to flee, however, he is caught by Madame Web, who tells him to find his own path. After this, Kaine goes to the airport, where Peter is seeing off Aunt May.

Their animosity gone, they have a brief discussion before Kaine leaves New York. Kaine started a trip around the USA to enter Mexico, earning money from both stopping robbers and committing robberies. During his stay in Houston, Texas, he saved a young girl, Aracely, from human trafficers and left her in a hospital.

When a super-powered villain came after Aracely, and Kaine felt that he had to save her instead of leaving Houston. When the people at the scene cheered him and told them they needed a hero, Kaine's sense of responsibility for Aracely led him to stay in Houston as Scarlet Spider. In other subsequent adventures, Kaine found himself against the Assassins Guild, the Watchdogs, and Ana Kravinoff, who tried to kill him in order to free her father from the curse of immortality.

An explosion had occurred and a girl was falling to her death. Scarlet Spider saves her and she has no problem immediately showing her gratitude and bedding Kaine. Unable to have anyone in his life that is normal, the girl reveals that she was the cause of the explosion at the Roxxon building. Kaine was disturbed and with someone beating down the door, he escapes into the city only to return to her apartment hours later and find it completely empty. Scarlet Spider breaks into the Roxxon building and finds out that there had also recently been an explosion at a Roxxon oil rig off the coast of Galveston, Texas.

After brawling with the Rangers they later form an uneasy alliance to go to Galveston and get to the bottom of this mess. After Kaine was alerted about Carnage's return and his trip to Texas in order to retrieve something from a NASA research center, Kaine tried to stop him. Kasady managed to use a inter-dimensional transport called the Prometheus Pit, made by the beings from the Microverse, transporting him there.

Venom, who also was following Carnage's steps, joined Scarlet Spider in the search for Kasady, as they were transported to the Microverse by the Prometheus Pit. Kaine was found by a healer called the Redeemer, after having been separated once they passed through the Pit. The Redeemer, who was wanted by the Marquis Radu, the leader of Carnage's allies.

After betraying his allies, Carnage killed them and started searching for Marquis Radu, crossing paths with Kaine and the Redeemer. Both Scarlet Spider and Kasady were captured and bought to Marquis Radu's base alongside Venom, who had been captured previously along with his allies, the Enigma Force a team of adventurers who were trying to capture Carnage as well. The Venom and Carnage's symbiotes were replicated and used to create an army which could allow Radu to control the Microverse.

Carnage managed to take control over the symbiote army and used it to escape to the regular universe, where he was finally defeated by the combined efforts of Venom and Scarlet Spider, thanks to a special weapon the Enigma Force. After being stung by the Scarlet Spider, Kasady's wounds were cured, but he was left in a catatonic state. The symbiote was now in full control of his body, but Kasady and his symbiote were sedated and incarcerated.

After a young victim of human trafficking was found dead, Kaine started hunting down and eradicating human traffickers from Houston, and vowed to use his powers to hunt down monsters. During his crusade, he found himself facing Carlos Lobo and his sister, who had been responsible for Aracely's abuse.

During a battle against the Lobos, Kaine was killed. His body was wrapped in a cocoon made of spider-webs, in a similar fashion to when Spider-Man had died after facing Morlun. Kaine found himself in a vision talking with The Other in its Ero form, who explained that it was the one who had resurrected Kaine after Kraven's Grim Hunt, in order to allow Kaine to embrace it, as Peter Parker had refused the offer.

Kaine initially refused the Other's offer, not wanting to become "the Spider" or a monster greater than the one he already was. However, he realized that Aracely still needed his help, and that he therefore had no choice but to embrace it, being reborn with augmented powers and a more arachnid-like appearance.

Kaine forced the Lobo Brothers to flee, as he left Carlos in a murdered state. With his human nature gone, Kaine almost made Aracely his prey, before she managed to use her powers to make Kaine's human side resurface, reverting him to his human form.

Kaine returned to his 'normal' lifestyle, as he also started a relationship with Annabelle Adams, the bartender of the Four Seasons Hotel. Donald Meland treating a patient brought into the ER with a gunshot wound. The Wolverine. Aracely attempts to persuade Kaine into letting her come along.

However, it seems this has already been planned as she has been provided a fake ID, Aracely is excited to go, but Kaine is less thrilled. Kaine begins to have his doubts,. While Aracely attempts to apologize, Beast and Iceman attack a previously cloaked Scarlet Spider Beast was able to smell him out.

Finally, Wolverine arrives, ready to fight. He quickly stabs Wolverine in the heart and tears it in two. Soon after, Wolverine gears up in his X-Factor costume, ready to head out with Kaine on a mysterious mission. It was revealed now that during the attack, Aracely telepathically communicated to Jean Grey that they needed Wolverine to play along because of the sniper outside. She communicated the message to him and thus causes the apparent death. Kaine and Wolverine head to stop the Guild, while Kaine explains his predicament.

At the Mansion, the X-Men run tests on Aracely and discover that she is not a mutant, but that she may also be host to another being. However, without a spider-sense to warn him he is unable to avoid an attack from Harvest, who still holds a grudge after Kaine cut off his leg in their last encounter.

Kaine, is more upset that a woman that attractive is trying to kill him. However, before anyone can make any moves, a mysterious force arrives, stabbing the Gunsmith and grabbing Kaine and Wolverine by the throat. Kaine amusingly laments his situation, at the complete mercy of Candra, the Red Death who, unlike last issue, is now sporting half a deformed face.

Wolverine recognizes her from a previous run in with the X-Men. She has taken a particular interest in Kaine and Wolverine, both of whom have been touched by death. She plans to complete that for them and use that power to revive fully. Kaine offers her Wolverine in exchange for letting him and his friends go. Distracted by the spider, Kaine webs her face, a move which incapacitates her far more easily than it does everyone else that Spider-Man has done that to.

Belladonna, who is none too pleased to see Kaine and Wolverine still alive, order the remaining assassins to kill them. Wolverine begins killing the flunkies while Belladonna attacks Scarlet Spider. He attempts to convince her that she should let them kill Candra and free the guild to act on its own. Kaine was attacked by Daemos of the Inheritors, who easily defeated the New Warriors. Pinned down, Kaine impaled Daemos with numerous spikes, and Daemos recognized him as the current host of the Other.

He wonders if they will be able to handle the situation or if people will get hurt instead. He decides to let them deal with it and gets on the bus. He tells himself that people die every minute of every day. He finds a seat on the bus and sets down his duffel bag. It is slightly open and a new spider costume rests inside it.

He tells himself that he is a failed experiment, an imperfect clone, and that ever since his "birth" he has been dying. But now for the first time in his life, he isn't dying. He realizes that he has a second chance at life. Kaine can feel a voice gnawing at him. Peter Parker judging him. He decides all that he wants is life and to experience it. With that thought he swings out of the emergency exit of the bus toward the action. The cops have the bank's perimeter secured and are negotiating with the robbers inside who have hostages.

Kaine sneaks in and takes out one of the men. The others spin around to shoot at him with their Uzis. As he fights them, he thinks of himself as the monster. Its all he's ever known. Pain, fear, violence that was his life. He begins to think that this time things can be different. He takes out everyone except for the leader. Kaine approaches him slowly. He knows that killing him would be the most natural thing to do, but what if things could be different? Cops burst into the room only to find the robbers webbed to the ceiling.

Kaine walks down the highway knowing that he was a monster and that he did bad things. He wonders, now that he's not dying if he could truly live. He stops to feel the rain on his face. Then, he continues on knowing that he isn't Peter Parker, but he just might have his luck. Kaine has been in Houston for a few weeks when he overhears a man talking about some kind of deal involving a lot of money going down at the docks.

Kaine follows the man to where the deal is going down and proceeds to beat all the men there. He picks up the bag of money and turns to leave. Before he can he catches a strange scent. Ripping open one of the containers he finds a lot of dead bodies and realizes that the men must have been dealing in human trafficking. Spying one girl still alive he rushes her to the Hospital where he is mistaken for the bad guy and quickly leaves before he hurts someone.

Kaine then hitches a ride to downtown Houston where he used the money he stole to pay for the room and reminisces about his past. Deciding he needs a fresh start he shaves his beard and hair before going out web-swinging without his costume. Back at the docks the police are investigating the crime scene when they are attacked by a man called Salamander.

Meanwhile Kaine is still swinging round Houston and saves an old woman from getting crushed by a car. He soon leaves when he realizes he has unintentionally hurt the driver of the car. The girl whose name is revealed to be Aracely is attacked at the hospital by Salamander and Kaine is seen leaving Houston. As a taxi is driving him away from Houston an explosion comes from the hospital where Aracely is being treated.

At first he debates whether he should get involved but the incident reminds him of how he got a second chance at life and how someone was trying to take that away from her. Kaine to steals the cab and goes back to help.

After beating Salamander unconscious he decides to let him live. That evening he returns to check on Aracely and asks if she is alright. She replies in Spanish which Kaine doesn't understand. At that moment The doctor he'd seen earlier enters with a police officer. At first Kaine thinks they might try and arrest him, quickly saying that he doesn't want any trouble but the doctor and the police officer both agree that Houston needs a hero and Kaine might be it.

Kaine replies saying he is leaving and that he just wanted to make sure that the girl was ok. To which the doctor responds that medically she is fine but that she is in the country illegally and will most likely be deported and that over in Mexico they wouldn't be able to protect her from the people who sent Salamander.

The police officer states that Kaine as a vigilante could do something about it. Kaine leaves, jumping out the window telling them to forget it. The doctor returns to check on the girl later that evening to find she is gone. It is revealed that Kaine has had a change of heart, taking her from the hospital and hiding her in his hotel room.

Having saved Aracely from the fire Kaine allows Doctor Meland to come to his hotel room to treat her. The Doctor then heads back to the hospital for supplies where a sniper attempts to kill him but is saved by the Scarlet Spider. After a brief fight with the assassin, who reveals he is working for an organization known as the Assassins Guild and that a hit was placed on the doctor's head.

During their fight Kaine is forced to unmask and the assassin recognizes him before escaping. Upon returning to the Doctor, Kaine explains that now the Assassins would be coming for both of them as he has a past with the Guild. Kaine is able to stave off the assassins in a brutal fight. Having killed or disarmed the assassins he contacts the guild's leader Bella Donna and in exchange for his life and the doctor's, Kaine would do one job on any target for the guild.

After a bomb scare in Houston the Scarlet Spider is forced to track down the device and successfully disarms it before it explodes. During a concert Kaine is attacked by Ana Kravinoff. Kaine beats her before being forced to flee as the concert hall collapses.

Meanwhile someone frees Salamander telling him to return to Mexico and that the Wolves will deal with the Spider. Ana is then seen with her father Kraven explaining that Kaine has now grown soft as he didn't kill her. When she asks her father if he is going to kill her he simply replies not yet as they have more hunting to do. Julia Carpenter is also seen having a vision that "she" is coming for Kaine. After witnessing an attack on Roxxon, Kaine ends up having a one-night stand with a woman he saves from the explosion.

He leaves very quickly the next morning when he realizes that the woman was actually the one responsible for the attack. After some deliberation, Kaine decides to look into the attack. O of Roxxon David Walsh and confronts him on why he covered up the attack and the explosion of one of his oil rigs in Glaveston.

Walsh informs Kaine that he covered up the attack as the woman who attacked the building was in fact his daughter and tells the Scarlet Spider to leave just as the Rangers show up. Kaine fights off the Rangers and escapes taking Zoe with him. Although skeptical to believe anything she tells him, Kaine agrees to break into Roxxon so Zoe can show him the "evil" that is going on there.

Tearing through Roxxon attracts the attention of the Rangers yet again. As they fight, the floor is destroyed to reveal an underground lab where Roxxon has been keep a creature called Mammon. Kaine and the Rangers attempt to beat Mammon to no avail until the Scarlet Spider realizes what was keeping Mammon trapped in the first place was the oil.

So he lures the creature into an oil tank and traps it there. After the events the Scarlet Spider blatantly refuses to join the Rangers and Zoe is seen in the hospital with her father who was injured during the fight, vowing to find Kaine and make him pay for hurting him. During one of his patrols through the city, Kaine stops to help people out of a burning building.

Upon entering he finds many dead bodies all of which were killed by someone "who enjoyed it". The Scarlet Spider finds one man still alive who for some reason is visibly terrified of Kaine. At the hospital, Dr. Meland finds out that the man's name is Ryan Ketola and that he was attacked by a monster that looked like the Scarlet Spider, the same monster who killed the people in that building. He tells them that the creature was after his wife not him so Kaine sets out to find her before the monster does.

The monster is later revealed to be Carnage. Kaine arrives just as Carnage is about to attack Dr. Ketola and the two have a brief fight in which Carnage escapes by teleporting himself and his accomplices away taking the doctor and a reporter with him leaving Kaine seething in anger just as Agent Venom , who has also been tracking Carnage, arrives on the scene.

After a brief confrontation with Venom due to Flash temporarily losing control over the symbiote which was most likely due to Kaine's connection to Peter it is revealed that Carnage has been teleported to the Micro-verse. Venom attempts to convince Kaine to help track Carnage down but he declines as Carnage should no longer be a problem now that he is in the Micro-verse.

After reconsidering Flash's words however the Scarlet Spider returns and he and Venom both use the same teleporter Carnage took to enter the Micro-verse. When Kaine regains consciousness he finds that he has been separated from Venom during the journey and a mysterious man dressed in green is standing over him not mention a very angry giant scorpion-like creature about to attack.

The Scarlet Spider defeats the creature and the stranger reveals his name to be the Redeemer he the proceeds to heal Kaine of his injuries. As they explore the Micro-verse the Redeemer reveals a bit more about who he is. That he opened himself to the Enigma force and that he plans to heal Marquis Radu to prevent more war in the Micro-verse. They are both taken by surprise by Carnage. Who proceeds to attack the Scarlet Spider. Kaine and Carnage engage in another brutal fight which ends abruptly as Kaine is forced to save Redeemer from falling.

He succeeds in saving Redeemer who then reveals that he is the embodiment of the Enigma force and that symbiotes are a "cancer" that is going to kill him. He also tells Kaine that if he dies the Enigma force dies with him taking both the Micro-verse and the Scarlet Spider's Universe with it. Kaine catches up with Venom and helps him fight off Carnage and an army of symbiotes created by Radu. They succeed and Carnage disappears. The Redeemer says that he can no longer sense him and it is revealed that Carnage is now back in the normal universe however due to being shrunk down when entering the Micro-verse he has come back tiny and has split into multiple copies of himself.

The tiny army of Carnages start massacring people around Houston before reforming into a normal sized Carnage. The Redeemer manages to send Venom, Scarlet Spider and the reporter back to their own universe. However like Carnage they arrive back tiny and Kaine and Venom are force to fight a now giant looking Carnage until eventually the effect wares off and Venom and Scarlet Spider are able to fight Carnage in their normal bodies.

After a long fight Venom manages to take out Carnage with a sonic grenade. Seeing Cletus for the monster he is Kaine uses his stinger to lobotomize Carnage much to Venom's horror. The Scarlet Spider then leaves, leaving Venom to get Carnage under lock and key. After the events of Minimum Carnage, Kaine takes the deaths of the people there quite personally, gets drunk, gets into an argument with Aracely, Meland and Layton before attempting to leave Houston but passes out from the alcohol.

Meanwhile the Hotel he is staying at is being robbed by multiple gunmen. Aracely and Layton attempt to subdue some of them and Aracely demonstrates some form of telepathy in the process while Meland frantically attempts to revive Kaine with coffee. As he wakes up Kaine opens up to Meland about his past just as Annabelle with one of the robbers holding her at gunpoint enters the room. Now fully awake Kaine proceeds to beat down the gunmen. A little later a letter addressed to K.

Parker from Julia Carpenter is seen arriving at the Hotel. After a young girl is found dead with a hand print burned into her face in much the same way Kaine used to mark his victims the Scarlet Spider sets his sights on local gangs to try and discover who killed her and who is trafficking people. His search leads him to the Hand and after a brief fight with the man copying his mark and Bruiser a man who says that he is a messenger from the Kingpin explains that Fisk plans to see to things in Houston personally and that he has no quarrel with Scarlet Spider as long as he stays out of his way.

Bruiser then kills the man who marked the girl and leaves. Leaving a very confused Scarlet Spider trying to understand the situation. The Scarlet Spider is next seen at the girl's funeral vowing to use his powers to hunt down monsters like his old self. One of them asks the guards there to take them to Houston. Kaine continues his effort to eliminate human trafficking in Houston. Suddenly Aracely remembers something about her past in a dream.

When Kaine and Aracely go out for a walk. She explains her past to Kaine and then suddenly they are confronted by the Werewolves Carlos Lobo and Esmerelda Lobo. Kaine and Aracely quickly flee from them. Suddenly Aracely starts howl just like the Bruiser. Kaine takes on the werewolves but was no match for them and they start devouring his flesh.

Kaine having been killed by the two werewolves reawakens in a church and encounters a priest who tells him to confess his sins. After the priest begins to shapeshift becoming Ben Reilly, Louise Kennedy and the Jackal Kaine realizes that something is wrong. After threatening him the priest reveals himself to be the "Other". The Scarlet Spider initially reacts violently to the creature saying that he if he's dead he wishes to stay dead.

Just as he is about to kill the other he remembers Aracely is still being hunted by the wolves so agrees to let the "Other" bring him back with new abilities. After his resurrection a now transformed Kaine hunts down Carlos and Esmeralda and brutally beats them before they can hurt Aracely ripping out Carlos's eye and tearing his arm off in the process. After Esmeralda takes her brother and flees Aracely attempts to approach Kaine to which he acts violently before regaining control of himself and changes back to normal.

After the incident Kaine makes peace with the fact that he is a monster. A man is then seen approaching a bed ridden Carlos and tells his sister that as they failed he will send in his own team to kill the girl and the Spider. During a rodeo, that Kaine begrudgingly attends, Armadillo attacks the arena forcing Kaine to act. During the fight he realized that the creature is just trying to reach its loved one. The Scarlet Spider attempts to reason with it by saying that if the creature loves her he'll let her go as monsters will only get people hurt,no doubt mirroring his own dilemma with Annabelle.

However, when the creature's girlfriend doesn't care that her boyfriend is now a monster, Kaine realizes that he may have been a bit to narrow minded and quickly goes off to find Annabelle and knocks out her ex-boyfriend before kissing her. After this the letter sent by Madame Webb warning him that "she" is coming back and that he should run is seen in Annabelle's hands.

She then proceeds to burn the letter before Kaine can see it. The Assassins Guild calls in its favor and sends Kaine to kill Wolverine. With the help of Aracely he launches an attack on the "Jean Grey School" during the fight Aracely successfully incapacitates most of the telepaths and Kitty Pryde allowing Kaine to go after Wolverine. The Scarlet Spider and Wolverine engage in a brutal fight that ends with him slicing Wolverine's heart in two pieces. Before turning to the remaining X-Men, demanding "Who's next?

Wolverine recovers with the aid of Beast as it was all a ploy to fool the Guild. Aracely telepathically told Jean to tell Logan to play along. After recovering Wolverine gets his shots on Kaine who felt he deserved it. Kaine teams up with Logan and they invade the Assassin's Guild. Soon, Harvester , Smithy , Flower and eventually Bella Donna herself appears to try and kill the duo. Bella Donna states they must die to prevent Candra from being summoned.

They resist, however, and the Red Death is summoned. Kaine manages to turn most of the Assassins' Guild against Candra to prevent her from taking over the guild; Bella Donna is the only one to refuse. Even so Wolverine and Kaine manage to defeat and kill Candra. And before Bella Donna attacks again, the Arranger enters and reveals that guild is now owned by Fisk. With this revelation, Wolverine and Kaine are free to go and they head back to the mansion to get Aracely. Kaine returns to new York to check on Spider-man Currently Superior Spider-man to make sure everything is ok having seen Peter's new found fondness for violence in the media.

When he confronts him about it Superior attacks him in a fit of rage due to the fact Kaine killed Otto back in the Clone Saga. The two fight until they are interrupted by the Jackal and a group of his newly created clones. The two Spider-men are subdued and captured by the Jackal and taken to his lair.

Upon awakening the Scarlet Spider is able to break free due to the fact the constraints were designed to hold Spider-man and due to the Other Kaine is physically stronger. He frees Superior and the two attack the Jackal and his clones. Spider-man then blows up the lair preventing the Jackal from keeping his newly harvested DNA and to Kaine's horror kills the other clones in the process. Kaine berates Spider-man for his actions and tells him to act like a hero to which Superior responds that he isn't done with Kaine yet.

Whilst Kaine is disappointed and saddened by Spider-Man's behavior, he is unable to tell that Otto has taken over Peter's body, and returns to Houston. In the airport, he is stung by what he believes to be a mosquito, and awakens the next day to find the cellular degeneration that was killing him has returned.

Kaine begins to panic, wearing his Scarlet Spider costume and telling Aracely to stay away from him, whilst she insists he tell her what's wrong. Throughout their conversation, Kaine covers his face with his arms, and when Aracely tries to use her powers to enter his mind she is immediately chased out by 'the Other'.

Kaine eventually throws a couch through the window and leaps out, web-slinging away. Whilst swinging, he falls to the street below where he's confronted by the original Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly. As Ben and Kaine fight, Ben states that he had faked his death and was living a quiet life until news of Kaine using his persona reached him and he was spurred to confront him.

Ben tells Kaine that he can never be a hero or have a decent life due to the horrible things he's done, including capturing and torturing Ben in the past. The two battle on a rooftop with Kaine unmasking Ben, believing him to be an imposter. However this theory is disproved when Kaine finds Ben's face under the mask. It's at this point Kaine realizes that he is hallucinating, having been poisoned earlier.

Ben then states that Peter would have realized the deception sooner, stating that Kaine was struck by a blow-dart in the airport and not bitten by a mosquito as he had thought. The drugs caused his erratic behavior and led to him hallucinating the scars on his face. As the effects of the drug wear off, 'Ben' is revealed to be Kraven the Hunter , who tells Kaine that the two have "unfinished business". Kaine awakens after having be drugged in a pit to discover Kraven has taken him to the local Zoo killing the guards and setting loose the animals to attack him.

He fights his way through the Zoo until he encounters Ana who engages him. During the fight she tells Kaine that they have killed Dr. Before he can kill her he realizes that she was lying in order to provoke him. Using Ana to guide him to Kraven the two prepare to engage while Dr. Meland, Wally, Aracely and Anabelle watch helplessly. Refusing to fight at first, Kraven relentlessly bashes on Kaine, begging for him to kill him for a warrior's end.

Still holding back, Kraven orders Ana to kill all of his friends. Unable to stop her, Dr. Meland is slashed in the stomach. This provokes Kaine to finally end the battle, and drops Kraven with one hit. He helps his friends before reviving Kraven once again, assuring he doesn't go down a a violent path. However, Meland's husband is enraged that he is injured, and after rushing him to the hospital, finds out Kaine's true identity.

Wracked with guilt about Donald's injuries Kaine attempts to burn his suit and give up being the Scarlet Spider. Upon returning to his suit he is met by Annabelle and the two sleep together. Later officer Layton having discovered the truth about who Kaine was and grief stricken about his dying husband breaks into the apartment and attempts to arrest Kaine. Zoe returning for revenge for her father's coma gets in the same lift as Annabelle who is returning to speak with Kaine despite the fact someone who looks exactly like her is already there.

It is revealed that the Annabelle who slept with Kaine was in fact Shathra in disguise but before anyone can react Zoe fires an RPG into the suites. After a savage battle with Shathra, Kaine is able to defeat her but has to resort to transforming into the Other in order to do so. Causing his friends including Annabelle to recoil from him. Kaine realizes he has to stop pretending to be a hero, and leaves Houston with Aracely.

Living off of money stolen from criminals, they head to Mexico to discover Aracely's origin. While in Mexico, Kaine and Aracely see a number of Atlanteans washed up dead. They are confronted by the surviving Water Snake , who warns them of the Evolutionaries.

They target those that threaten the evolutionary strength of humans, including Kaine for being a clone. The trio is captured and brought to the High Evolutionary , who is trying to purify the human race of evolutionary aberrations in advance of the Celestials return. They are rescued by a makeshift roster of New Warriors , but when the High Evolutionary and the Evolutionary retreat, Kaine and the others stick together just in case they come back.

Kaine and his new team clear Wundagore Mountain and keep it as their new headquarters. They use its built-in teleporter to move around the country, fighting villains here and there. Sick of waiting for the High Evolutionary to reveal himself, they figure out how to use his old tech to track his current tech. They ambush him and stop him from taking out the aberrations. Kaine was the first to jump into the fray against the Eternals and ended up taking the brunt of their abuse.

Except for Justice , who Makkari had ran out to the middle of nowhere as the most powerful member. Kaine is among the many Spider-Totems targeted by the Inheritors as a result Daemos comes to the verse to hunt Kaine down. He later joins forces with Ben Reilly and Ultimate Jessica Drew to find a way to stop the Inheritors being able to clone themselves. It has been noted that Kaine is one of the three main totems the Inheritors are searching for.

After Reilly's death Kaine becomes enraged and travels to the Loomworld where he shifts with the "Other" and confronts Morlun, Daemos and Solus. After a brief fight Kaine kills Solus but is seemingly killed by Morlun and Daemos in revenge for their father's death.

In the aftermath of the battle everyone mourns the lose of Kaine saying he deserved better to go out the way he did. As Karn sends the the rest of the Spider back to there home worlds, Spider-UK, and Anya stay behind with him unaware that Kaine is still alive breaking free of the Others corpse.

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