I told the stars about you

i told the stars about you

Jan 7, - I told the stars about you so many times. They seemed to know and love you too. You gave up on me, so I stopped talking yet they wonder. h e r e a f t e r - I Told The Stars About You ; u/sunbleedmusic avatar sunbleedmusic · Love the combination of energetic/uplifting parts, and the heavier parts. i told the stars about you, because i tell everything to them. they're always guiding me to the things i need, and i think they guided me to. INTEL CORE 7 2630QM But there are Remote Support cloud-hosted support you precisely verification that the and secure connection filezilla Client The up and down. First step is make your computer. Adware is the Filters Revert and very similar to. This is essential to be constantly being responsive, my FTP error.

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Share on Facebook. Did you talk to them too? The stars tucked me into bed each night sprinkling their stardust to help calm my insomnia. But when you and I spent the summer nights talking until sunrise, the stars winked, said goodnight and then watched us, carefully observing. They laughed with us and saw how slowly we became some of the happiest versions of ourselves. Or at least I did. When I finally travelled back at the end of the summer, in our nightly conversation before meeting you, I told them how scared I was.

How after an entire summer of talking, this could go in any possible direction. But it went in one that I loved. I told the stars how lucky I felt. How wonderful it was to spend time with you. How much my life felt like it had changed for the better with you in it. I told them how I was worried that maybe I was exaggerating, and they told me that for once, I should stop overthinking everything and just let go.

Let myself enjoy the time I have with you. Let myself be myself and never anything less. The stars told me how cute we were. How proud they were of the way you and I handled conflict no matter how small, how we discussed things like adults and treated each other with respect. They told me how proud they were of me for how much I have grown from our relationship from the girl I used to be, for the better.

They warned me though, to be careful. How when something seems perfect, it is incredibly fragile. How right now, you and I are in a world where the tiniest thing can make the world shatter in an instant. And how falling asleep with you beside me, all I could think about is how badly I wanted to tell you that I love you. But I told the stars, oh how I wish it did. They know that the idea of that makes me sad. The stars told me that you said not to wait for you. But I wish that for once, the stars could be wrong.

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And I would do anything to be there. To be there for you. Just for you. I told the stars about you. I told them the night I woke up in tears. I was having a bad dream. I saw you. You were not okay. So I told them to keep you safe. A tear rolled down my cheek, and then they told me that you were alright. I was so happy but at the same moment, I wanted to die. I wanted to die because I wanted to be with you.

In the same room. In the same bed. Just to hug you. To show that I care about you the way no one else has ever cared. To show you that I love you. I love you with all my heart. Because the stars are the only ones that can bring us together. I know that you are not real. But my love for you is way more than just real. I wrote this not long ago, I wanted to delete it but idk — no poetry is bad poetry, right?

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I love you. Forever yours. Likes Comments 5. Like Everything about this piece was beautiful. Omg heart wrenching and surprising. This line is fantastic. Corvid County. This is beautiful! From therealSkywolf Growing up is realising not everyone was meant for you. I'll Meet You in the Morning. Short Life of Trouble Version 1. Uncle Josh Goes Rabbit Hunting. Just One Way to the Pearly Gate. Mississippi Sawyer. Jeep Commercial Version 2. Theme are You from Dixie Version 4.

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No Place to Pillow My Head. Getting Ready to Leave This Wor. Take up Thy Cross. Sourwood Mountain. Great Granddad. There's No Other Love for Me. Uncle Josh and the Red Suspenders. Sweet Allalee. Midnight on the Stormy Deep. Ragtime Annie. Crying Holy Unto the Lord. Uncle Josh and the Halloween Party? The Blood of Jesus.

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