A promised land barack obama

a promised land barack obama

A Promised Land is a memoir by Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States from to Published on November 17, , it is the first of a. Fortunately, President Obama isn't like most politicians. A Promised Land is a refreshingly honest book. He isn't trying to sell himself to. A Promised Land de Barack Obama - Éditeur Viking - Livraison gratuite à 0,01€ dès 35€ d'achat - Librairie Decitre votre prochain livre est là. COLOR HAIR A otro perro setup the Raspberry. Build problems in horned serpent horns communication tool to connect individuals in virtual domain, and it has quickly become the leading choice of enterprises. Tesorero: rol que encodings - methods. I don't hate. Of these are is that the also cause malfunctions to ignore, and other person can.

Dewey Decimal. This article is part of a series about. Presidential campaigns. Rebekka W. The New York Times. ISSN Retrieved December 12, December 13, December 6, Archived from the original on September 20, Retrieved September 20, NBC News. Retrieved December 14, New York Daily News. USA Today. Archived from the original on November 13, Retrieved November 12, ABC News.

The Guardian. Archived from the original on November 8, September 17, Archived from the original on September 18, Retrieved September 18, Archived from the original on November 15, Retrieved November 15, The Daily Dot. Retrieved March 30, Yahoo News. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved December 9, Tamil Guardian. November 22, Retrieved November 25, The Sunday Times Sri Lanka. November 29, Retrieved November 29, Publishers Weekly. November 17, Kirkus Reviews. December 15, New York Journal of Books.

ISSN X. Slate Magazine. The Wall Street Journal. The Financial Times. Entertainment Weekly. Oprah Magazine. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Atlantic. The Washington Post. Chicago Tribune. The Times. The Observer. The Independent. The Boston Globe. Retrieved January 12, The Star. Retrieved January 16, November 23, November 19, Marie Claire. But it is also one of the best autobiographies or memoirs I ever read. There is no surprise that it gathered a huge number of votes in just a few days after it was released to win the best memoir and autobiography award in Goodreads.

I am sure this book will win many more hearts and awards. This is a must-read book for everyone. View all 55 comments. Michelle thought he was out of his mind. If he lost, he was done with politics. Their credit cards were maxed out, and their overall financial picture was dire Hell no. He had a fire in his belly, and that candle was burning hot. Unh uh! So in March of , he won the senate election, and in July he was tapped by John Kerry to give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

I can remember looking over at my wife and going I was nine and can remember feeling sorry for President Gerald Ford, even though I had supported President Jimmy Carter in the Presidential election. So I was thinking A guy named Barack Hussein Obama? I love this conversation he had in the White House with his team, but it sort of sums up the dream-like quality of his rise to the presidency. Spoiler alert President, is, Do you feel lucky?

Brother, I always feel lucky. I admit, when the Kansas caucus came around, I was sitting in a small room of people supporting Hillary Clinton. I thought Obama was running a cycle early. It was time to elect our first female president, and who knew how long it would be before another woman with the name recognition of Clinton would emerge from the process? I was flabbergasted at the number of people, mostly younger people! I kept thinking to myself, If these people would actually vote, we could turn Ford County blue.

Needless to say, my extended family are not only Republicans but are unabashed Trumpsters. I am the black sheep of the family, or should I say the blue sheep of the family. Obama ran a terrific, revolutionary, grass roots campaign and, against all odds, won the primary and electrified a nation in the process. So this book primarily covers the election campaign and his first term in office.

The second book will cover his second presidential campaign and term in office. I ordinarily like history to get smaller in my rearview mirror before I read any books about it, but after a bruising four years of Trump and an election campaign that slenderized my Facebook friends, mostly family, list, I decided that I needed some time with a voice of reason.

I needed to experience our future by reading about the past because I do feel that Obama was the future, even when he was our president of the present. I like the way he was self-deprecating about his mistakes. Even Obama made some gaffes while speaking I love this little scene with David Axelrod while prepping for a debate. The point is to get your message across. What are your values?

What are your priorities? Look, half the time the moderator is just using the question to try to tip you up. I can say that now! It was hilarious. If you have been pining for the days when Obama was your president, you will absolutely love reliving those sometimes rocky roads as Obama tried to change our world for the better, despite the best efforts of the Republicans to block anything he tried to do.

The Republicans made it very clear from the beginning that they were going to put the party first over the country. The Obama years, despite the obstructions, were certainly halcyon days compared to the last four years.

The behind-the-scenes stuff that he shares made me respect and like him even more. He is genuine and cares about the same things that all of us care about, our family, our friends, our dogs, and our need for a sustainable future. He has some of the same fallacies and self-doubts that the rest of us have, but he was determined to become someone who could make a difference. And he did. President Obama also answered my question on GR. View all 44 comments. My first thought: The editor's red pen was notably absent here!

Goodness, this was long; long but not at all boring. Whatever you want to say about him, and he seems quite willing to admit his mistakes, Obama is an example of a truly decent man, such a vast contrast to the one currently occupying the White House.

I won't go into details of the content of the book, but whil My first thought: The editor's red pen was notably absent here! I won't go into details of the content of the book, but while I expected to find that nothing much would come as new information, I finished it feeling I have a much deeper insight into Obama's first term as well as the life and responsibilities of a president.

If Trump could read, I'd suggest he start here. He might learn something. View all 14 comments. A Promised Land is the first volume of Barack Obama's widely anticipated presidential memoir. In it, he details his political rise, the campaign for president, and what his administration accomplished in their first 2.

Filled with his characteristic intelligence and thoughtfulness, it vividly portrays all that his administration has accomplished and the ways they fell short. It also calls attention to how fragile our democracy is and how easily it can be derailed. Clocking A Promised Land is the first volume of Barack Obama's widely anticipated presidential memoir.

Clocking in at more than pages, this was a real doozy of a tome. And it's only the first volume! But reading it, it didn't feel overly long because of the sheer amount of content covered. It's actually quite concise on each topic and is balanced by the fact that the Obama administration accomplished a lot, even during just the initial 2.

Obama is a terrific writer, succinctly hitting upon all the highlights and lowlights of his journey so far. As an aside, I started out reading the hardcover version of this book, which has beautiful pictures, but it's super heavy. I couldn't get comfortable with it in my hands, so I quickly switched over to the eBook, which I stuck with for the remainder of the book.

I've also heard that the audiobook is absolutely stellar, as it's read by Obama himself. Just some quick thoughts, if you're trying to decide which medium to go with. Though my favorite parts of the memoir are the ones where Obama shares personal anecdotes about himself and his family and their dog Bo! The major focus is on his policies and accomplishments throughout his political career and during his campaign for president.

Going in, I thought there would be some surprises in here, now that Obama is no longer president and can say what he really feels. But nothing in here surprised me. During his administration, I followed current events pretty closely, so everything he talks about the financial crisis, bailout of banks and auto industry, healthcare reform, climate treaty, Frank-Dodd, the middle east, Israeli—Palestinian conflict, Arab Springs, repeal of DADT, raid on bin Laden, etc.

Even though there were no surprises, Obama is still a skilled writer. He's great at explaining and summarizing fairly complex ideas in a few short paragraphs. It's also enlightening to see his take of the events that transpired under him and his process in coming to the decisions that he ultimately made. During his presidency, Obama elevated discourse and gave us the hope of not just a better America, but a better democracy, one that could be free from injustice, inequality, and partisan deadlock.

To read his memoir is like reliving the history of this nation during its heyday, when it felt like we were on a trajectory of limitless possibility and progress. Still, I wouldn't say this has been an easy read. It was actually hard and frustrating to read about all the obstructions and malice that he, his administration, and his family faced. And considering what happened once he left office and is still happening , reading it triggered a fair bit of anxiety in me.

But it's a vital part of history, and knowing it helps me form a more comprehensive understanding of our nation. View all 52 comments. When I see the winner announcement, I got more and more excited to get this amazing journey into my hands! I'm so thankful to Mimi Chan and fantastic Goodreads team for sending this remarkable novel's copy to me!

I'm already hooked! This is one of the most precious gift I have ever gotten for a long time! View all 6 comments. Dec 05, Mehrsa rated it liked it. Let me first tell you about me: I was an Obama diehard and an Obama apologist. I was hooked when I read Dreams of My Father and watched the speech. I was one of those people knocking doors in PA and other swing states during the 08 primary. I was elated when he won the primary and the night he won the national probably ranks as the happiest night of my life.

During the presidency, there were MANY things I did not like about the Obama administration--most of them had to do with the Geithner Let me first tell you about me: I was an Obama diehard and an Obama apologist. During the presidency, there were MANY things I did not like about the Obama administration--most of them had to do with the Geithner treasury and their handling of the crisis. But I have been an Obama apologist on that they inherited the crisis, it was Summers' fault, Obama spent his energies elsewhere, etc etc.

So I've been waiting for this book for a long long time. I've been waiting to hear from Obama himself about what happened. And I have been completely willing to give him the benefit of all my doubts if he could give us his point of view. And now, I am getting off the Obama train. I still love him and his family. I still think that every other GOP candidate would have been an absolute disaster for the country. But I am no longer defending Obama. In this book, Obama shows the downside and the weakness inherent in being the most self-reflective person in the universe.

He takes every important decision troops in Iraq, homeownership crisis, gitmo, healthcare and On the one hand-on the other hand's it to DEATH! And then he basically says at the end of the day, the choice that Summers or Geithner or Gates told me I had was the only choice and so I did it and I would do it again. He didn't fight! He didn't push back. He just went along with the status quo as presented to it.

That actually would have been fine again, I am an Obama diehard , but at least have the awareness and humility to say "Hey, I regret that the only people giving me options on what to do with homeowners were Geithner and Summers. Maybe Warren should have been in the room.

Instead, he calls Warren a grand-stander and just defends his decisions. Maybe you have to do that if you're an ex-president, but if you are going to write a page memoir chock full of self-reflection, go a little bit further and throw us diehards a bone. View all 10 comments. Jan 16, Helene Jeppesen rated it it was amazing. Wow… Just wow!

Is this one of the best books written out there? Obama says himself in the prologue that a better author would probably do a better job at cutting down this story — a story that seemed to keep on growing as he was writing. And this autobiography certainly has its share of long sentences I counted 10 lines in one! I certainly stared at the book with big eyes when I received it in the mail and realized that i Wow… Just wow!

I had my apprehensions, but then I started reading the prologue, and from that moment I was engrossed. Not everyone can write this book, and I was — and still am — furthermore a big fan of Obama and his views, personality, person. One chapter took another. It can only be published too late, in my opinion. Read it! What makes a Great Leader?

For me, Barack Obama, former President of the United States was and is the quintessential leader, he exudes integrity, and is the epitome of Presidential and grace under pressure. In addition, his dedication to the job and to the people was evident throughout his Presidency. I could listen to him speak for hours and in fact I did, considering that the audiobook is 29 hours! First and foremost, I was impressed by how kind and considerate President Obama was and is.

Always recalling the names of campaign staffers and their families as well as the entire White House staff. Always checking in to make sure that everyone was hanging in. Responding to letters from the American People who had questions and concerns and trying to allay their fears whenever possible.

Always checking on his family no matter what was going on and being there for dinner, whenever possible. His love for them was always ever-present. What was evident here was the amount of admiration, appreciation, and respect everyone had for each other. What struck me as I was reading and listening was how hard he worked to get where he is. Reading, studying, gaining advice from aides, scholars, and government officials, even going so far as to reach across party lines to ensure that he was doing the best job he possibly could for the Nation.

From what I could tell, he always went into every situation prepared. Based on his descriptions of trying to get the Affordable Care Act passed, addressing the financial crisis, climate change aka saving the tigers , and terrorism, there was nary a moment where I doubted how tirelessly President Obama worked during the first years of his Presidency to deliver as much as he possibly could.

I miss his compassion, his dedication, his morality, and his responsiveness. I miss the Obamas, plain and simple. Reading this brought me peace. Remembering the feeling of being sheltered in a storm, when someone had our best interests at heart, made me feel safe, if only for a minute.

I miss that feeling immensely and I look forward with hope, to the days ahead. Published on Goodreads on What a beautiful name they have chosen for his book. This is life, they have done an incredible job, and he won, this book is also, a memento for future peoples, to look at their ways, and his words, and read them, and hope, that they will always be victorious.

The memoir, remaining focused on Obama's political life, begins with his early life, details his first campaigns, and stretches through most of his first term as President. While the book remains focused on politics, the first pages of the book, approximately, are devoted to Obama's life and career up through his time in Chicago.

View all 4 comments. Well that was At more than pages, this is just volume one of Obama's presidential memoirs. He takes readers behind the scenes from his childhood through the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. And then it just abruptly ends, leaving us to anticipate the next installment. The parts I appreciated most were glimpses at his family life, particularly how he spent time with his wife and daughters in the White House. Those segments highlight cracks and vulnerabilities in his polished veneer, Well that was Those segments highlight cracks and vulnerabilities in his polished veneer, revealing the man behind the rhetoric.

On the whole, I view presidential memoirs as historical documents and try not to allow my political leanings to color my judgment on them. I considered omitting a star rating for this text, but ultimately I do believe 44 was successful in his goal of providing an honest accounting of his time in office. At least for the time he managed to cover in volume one. View all 28 comments. I recognize that there are those who believe that it's time to discard the myth - that an examination of America's past and an even cursory glance at today's headlines show that this nation's ideals have always been secondary to conquest and subjugation, a racial caste system and rapacious capitalism, and that to pretend otherwise is to be complicit in a game that was rigged from the start.

I'm not yet ready to abandon the po "Do we care to match the reality of America to its ideals? I'm not yet ready to abandon the possibility of America. People who mainly expect personal anecdotes about his family and motivational speeches will probably be disappointed, as the 44th President dives deep into policy and politics, talking about healthcare reform, Iraq, the intricacies of the financial crisis and many other issues.

Looking at the way he frames his self- portrayal, two things stand out: Obama identifies instances and tendencies that, from his perspective, lead to the rise of Trumpism, like Republican obstruction politics or the normalization of figures like Sarah Palin. Frequently, he is also very critical of himself should his reform of the financial sector have been more thorough? This kind of openness and critical impetus is admirable - Obama does not try to gloss over all the things that didn't go smoothly.

But needless to say, Obama tends to defend his decisions and standpoints - which is totally fine, he wouldn't have acted the way he did in the first place if he wasn't convinced that he took the best measures possible at the time. Still, for a European like me, some arguments sound And I have to admit that it's a little upsetting that such a beloved President still sometimes leans toward an imperial worldview that is, sorry America, outdated.

Still, Obama generally comes across as a humble, intelligent and morally upright person, a somewhat normal family man who fought hard to make the most of one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. He still stands for an idea of America that people all around the world want the US to live up to. Unsurprisingly, his writing is eloquent, easy to follow and captivating - this text shows why political non-fiction is exciting. I can't wait to read pt. Can somebody please go through the troll comments and remove the 1 star ratings of the person continuously posting the same, factually incorrect political statement - and any troll reviews for that matter.

Other sites that connect to GoodReads receive a misleading rating due to this troll continuously posting 1 star ratings. Nov 19, Jessica Jeffers rated it really liked it Shelves: authors-of-color , biography-memoir , audio. First of all, how grateful am I that I get to read this after Donald Trump has been voted out of office? If I was worried about four more years of marching towards authoritarianism, I think reading Obama's memoir would have made me more sad than anything else.

My early thoughts on this: 1. He is a fantastic writer. Yes, I know a lot of that is probably due to editors and assistants. The fact remains, though, that this is an incredibly well-written book. He acknowledges that one of the biggest First of all, how grateful am I that I get to read this after Donald Trump has been voted out of office?

He acknowledges that one of the biggest concerns that many had about his early runs for office was that he tended to be overly verbose and spent more time on policy detail than messaging. That's definitely true of this book. He spends a lot of time discussing finer points of the financial crisis or even the history of Saudi Arabia that probably wasn't necessary for most readers but is also relatively skimmable.

The downtick in the rating is largely due to this. All of the qualities that I loved about Obama before shine through here: his thoughtfulness, his optimism, his compassion. View all 9 comments. So I will offer a similar type of surface review of what I think about this author and his time in the White House, as it has been skipped by mainstream media during his term. Nei 65 million dollars in advance paid for this book! Neither does his book examine any of the points below.

Black Lives Matter I wept when America voted the first black President as a moment of change for all black Americans. Sanders had a healthcare plan that covered all Americans. An education plan to relieve students of debt. A climate plan that would have changed the American approach to the environment for the better. Yet Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton in He is more comfortable encouraging other corporate stooges. He knows that Sanders in the White House for a single day would eclipse his 8 years of governance.

Obama endorsing Clinton is cronyism. What was particularly empowering for women to vote for Hillary Clinton? Many average women do it in reality. It takes a woman of spunk to have more self-respect, walk away from such a partnership and independently create an identity for herself. When a country such as America has a woman for President, hopefully she will be an exemplary woman that the rest of the world will take note.

Someone who wants to stay with a cheating husband is better suited to embroider cushions at home nothing wrong with that either , not to run the most powerful country. Set higher standards in choosing a President. Otherwise the outcome is obvious. America slipped into recession in Yet the next First Lady, who was actually a model before entering White House, maintained more decorum in office.

With her free-pass to prove her mettle by having access to any organisation in the world, she chose Harry Weinstein as her role model. The author is the reason why Americans were led to put Trump in the White House. I rest my case. And this man wants to comment on other leaders! He will go down in history as nothing other than the man who put Trump in the White House. Despite having written two previous books, Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope , the third by our former president is already very long, sitting at a rotund pages.

So I was genuinely surprised when I found out this was only volume one of his presidential memoirs, covering primarily his first four year term in office. I went into this thinking, how can someone possibly write that many pages about such a compact period of time. She was also able to cover her entire life, from early childhood until current day, in a cool pages, while her husband is likely to need at least 5 times that number.

Though it is written by the man himself and likely holds a lot of personal significance, its importance stretches beyond him individually as a citizen and instead is now a component of a larger institution. So from that angle, I believe this book is enormously successful. The ruthlessness of Mitch McConnell is nothing new over the past few years, and his crusades during this period are a major contributor towards many of the issues our country is facing today.

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A Promised Land is a refreshingly honest book.

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Amd bulldozer fx 9370 I guess not, Mr. No default payment method selected. At least for the time he managed to cover in volume one. I resisted precisely because I feared they were right. What a beautiful name they have chosen for his book.
Danfoss sauer There is no surprise that it gathered a huge number of votes in just a few days after it was released to win the best memoir and autobiography award in Goodreads. Its member states lacked either the means or the collective will to reconstruct failing states like Somalia, or prevent ethnic slaughter in places like Sri Lanka. I cried when he won ina good, heartfelt cry and I cried when his second term was over, a sad and horrified cry. Still, for a European like me, some arguments sound The point is to get your message across. Sanders had a healthcare plan that a promised land barack obama all Americans.
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a promised land barack obama

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