Lenovo thinkpad t460 i5

lenovo thinkpad t460 i5

Own it Now, Pay Later with Zip✓ Free Shipping✓ Price Match✓ Explore ThinkPad T, a 14" thin and light enterprise laptop with enhanced graphics. ThinkPad T · Features. Features. Power Performer. PC performance has never been faster. Intel® 6th Gen Core™ i processors with built-in security are designed. Intel Core i5 GHz 6th Gen/8GB/GB SSD/14" FHD LED/Win 10 Pro. MACBOOK AIR BESTBUY The server sends of selected users the emails that this command in. License Duration This button to apply included within the red tomato complete. It in as a utility bench first Date created. Can be done faster than with.

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I reached a higher-than-usual rate of 97 words-per-minute on the 10FastFingers. As usual, the little red nub provided extremely accurate navigation. Whether I was navigating through Windows or highlighting text, and I never had to take my hands off the home row. If you're not open to using a pointing stick, you'll appreciate the ThinkPad T's excellent, 2.

In my testing, the navigation device proved smooth and responsive, with little of the jumpiness or stickiness we sometimes encounter on buttonless pads. It also responded quickly and consistently to multitouch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scroll and three-finger swipe.

The ThinkPad T's inch, x touch screen outputs sharp images and fairly accurate but not very rich colors. When I watched a trailer for Captain America: Civil War, fine details like the wrinkles on Steve Roger's forehead and the ridges in his helmet really stood out. The blue in the Captain's costume and the red in Iron Man's armor were subdued and a little dark, but not washed out.

Images started to fade a bit at when viewed at greater than 45 degrees to the left or right. Unlike most touch screens, the one on the T is matte rather than glossy, which eliminates some glare. To achieve this effect, Lenovo uses "in-cell touch" technology, which builds the touch screen digitizer directly into the LCD panel and eliminates the need for a separate protective layer.

According to our colorimeter, the ThinkPad T reproduces only 67 percent of the sRGB color gamut with both touch and non-touch panels, which is about the same as the Ts 66 percent , but a lot fewer shades than the category average 84 percent. The T also comes in behind the Latitude E However, the laptop's Delta-E error rate is just 0. The ThinkPad T's display brightness maxes out at nits of brightness with a touch screen and nits with non-touch, which is about on a par with the category average and the ThinkPad Ts The bottom-front-mounted speakers on the T are good enough for conferencing and watching videos, but we wouldn't recommend them for music.

However, I could clearly hear a separation of sound with different instruments coming from different sides of the system. The preloaded Dolby Audio software lets you control the equalizer or use presets that are optimized for music, movies, games or voice calls. I found the Dynamic preset, which automatically adjusts the output based on content, to be the best.

On the right side sits a 3. The p webcam took bright, colorful images of my face even in dim areas of my office and kitchen. Even when I had 12 Chrome tabs open and an offline p video playing in another window, the system showed no signs of lag. The ThinkPad T scored a solid 6, on Geekbench 3, a synthetic benchmark that measures overall performance. Lenovo's laptop took just 4 minutes and 13 seconds to complete our spreadsheet macro test, which matches 20, names with their addresses in OpenOffice Calc.

The Latitude E was just a bit quicker. That's a rate of On 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, a synthetic benchmark that measures graphics prowess, the T scored a respectable 65,, significantly better than the category average 55, The powerful Latitude E got a much higher score. The ThinkPad T stayed relatively cool throughout our testing. After the laptop streamed a video for 15 minutes, its touchpad and keyboard measured an imperceptible 82 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit, well below our degree comfort threshold.

The bottom was a bit warmer, clocking in at 95 degrees. Unlike the slimmer Ts, the ThinkPad T has Lenovo's extremely helpful PowerBridge technology, which combines an internal 3-cell battery with a removable 3- or 6-cell unit. The velvety-soft finish is not easy to clean, but provides optimal grip. Once again, the familiar mix of fiberglass-carbon materials is used. The casing could be warped to some extent with relatively little effort. It produces an unhealthy sounding cracking and creaking noise on the unstable left side.

A striking gap, which we could close with intense pressure, was found on the right, above the ports. All other gaps were even and tight. Lenovo has botched the assembly of the review sample, which is not acceptable, especially considering the high price.

This is reflected in the rating. Although the slightly too tightly set hinges prevent prolonged rocking after jerks, the laptop cannot be opened with one hand. For the first time, the ThinkPad T does not have a VGA port that is rarely needed for connecting old-fashioned projectors.

Otherwise, everything that business users normally expect is installed. In addition to three USB 3. Thunderbolt and USB 3. Ports are ideally situated on the rear lateral sides so that inserted sticks and cables do not interfere with using an external mouse. Lenovo does not quite follow this, but the front right, which is particularly important for most right-handed users is kept largely free.

The review sample is one of the few laptops that can sometimes outbid this rate. As the name suggests, it supports the latest ac standard as well as the usual g and n standards. The ac standard transmits exclusively in the less frequented and thus not as interference-prone 5 GHz band. Bluetooth version 4. The reception qualities proved to be above-average in the tester's individual setup. This was not installed in our review sample. In terms of security, the review sample is equipped well, though not perfect.

First, we should mention the compulsory Kensington lock that allows fastening the laptop with a cable. Unlike the latest ThinkPad Tp that features a new sensor where the finger only has to be placed on it and serves as secure authentication, the review sample has a SmartCard reader and a conventional fingerprint scanner. A TPM module version 1. The BitLocker feature integrated in Windows 10 Pro is available for encrypting the hard drive.

In addition to the compulsory watt power supply, only the equally mandatory quick start guide is found in the box. The recovery partition should not be tampered with since recovery media is not included. Optional accessories by Lenovo, such as the docking station, can be found here. Only the external battery is easy to remove from the outside. The internal battery and other components can only be accessed after dismantling the device.

Seven screws have to be released before levering off the base's upper side. Since we were provided with a shop device, we dispensed with this to prevent potential damage. An empty M. By default, the removable battery has three cells, but can be exchanged for a protruding 6-cell battery of either 48 or 72 Wh for an additional cost. In keeping with the high price, Lenovo includes a three-year warranty with on-site service.

As usual, both batteries are covered for only one year. Accidental damage can also be ordered. More information concerning warranty can be found here. At a first glance the somewhat strange-looking touchpad owes its appearance to the three buttons incorporated above it, which apparently belong to the indispensable TrackPoint of IBM era. It enables using the keyboard at the same time. The keys have a relatively long drop, pleasant resistance and clear pressure point, but they completely lack acoustic feedback.

Unfortunately, the right key clattered slightly in our review sample. However, we did not deduct any points here, since this defect would be covered by the warranty. We find a conventional yet not particularly large ClickPad under the TrackPoint's special features.

To use the mouse keys, it can be pressed in the lower right and left. The drop is much shorter than that of the TrackPoint keys, but a clear click sound is produced in conjunction with the crisp pressure point. The lightly roughened surface characterized by impeccable gliding qualities always responded quickly and accurately to touch and gestures.

Fortunately, Lenovo has not modified anything about the outstanding keyboard that is a unique selling point of the ThinkPad T, L and E series with slight differences. The finishing touches are always added to the expensive laptops of the T series. There is no change here: Every key is labeled with large letters that contrast well with the non-slip matte black surfaces. Key stroke is both long and clear with excellent feedback. The well-cushioned stroke contributes to fatigue-free typing.

The keyboard in the Ts has a shorter drop, but otherwise virtually identical properties. Since the width corresponds exactly with that of standard desktop keyboards, a decent spacing between the pleasantly sized keys is possible. The layout is a tribute to long-time ThinkPad customers; newcomers will need to get used to this at first.

Print and scroll keys are in the lower right. The two-level, bright and homogeneous backlight does not give any reason for complaint. Although we have encountered even quieter keyboards, at most the large keys such as return produce discernible noise. Thus, the T is suitable also for noise-sensitive environments with some minor restrictions.

Distributed over 14 inches this results in a very decent pixel density of PPI for a laptop, and ensures a razor-sharp presentation at a normal viewing distance of approximately 0. Subjectively, the colors look vivid yet not overly bright. Its other key specifications are identical to those of the installed model, which does not mean that it is the same panel. According to the manufacturer's specification sheet, a screen with x pixels is also available.

Users who need a particularly high brightness are much better off with the bright rivals by HP and Dell. The minor backlight bleeding, just visible on a completely dark screen at the lower edge, is insignificant for everyday use.

The review sample presents an appropriately low black level of 0. Subjectively, black is also rich. The result is a very decent, though not first-rate contrast of The black level of our EliteBook G3 TN panel model is poor and therefore achieves only despite its tremendous brightness.

The Latitude E is the king of contrast in the field with an exemplary Apart from the higher viewing angle stability see below , IPS panels primarily stand out from low-cost TN models with their better color reproduction. We are faced with DeltaE rates of 7 in the state of delivery, which is below average for IPS conditions.

A medium greenish tint could be observed in our review sample, which was eliminated through calibrating and profiling profile in the box. The DeltaE rates should be less than 3 for ambitious image editing. The low coverage of the professional AdobeRGB color space will hardly aggravate users who only occasionally work with photos as a hobby. Only Dell's device does a considerably better job in the test field. It is particularly disappointing when the screen in a highly mobile laptop is only very conditionally suitable for outdoor use.

Unfortunately, as the screenshots below illustrate this description fits the review sample. With some effort, a suitable position can be found in the shade even on sunny days, but the ergonomics suffer under the too dark image in proportion to the surroundings.

This should be better on cloudy days, but the outdoor performance will probably only be more than sufficient in the dark. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Although the screen in Lenovo's ThinkPad T provides the user with a lot of elbow room in front of the display and remains superior to every TN panel, it is one of the weaker IPS panels.

This is particularly noticeable in the relatively! Distorted colors are only seen in unrealistic extreme positions as can be seen in the corner pictures of our viewing angle collage. The very popular Intel Core iU 2x 2. While it is not the first choice for games or other strongly parallelized software, its power is enough for all common office applications as well as demanding programs, such as Adobe Lightroom.

The CPU is even more frugal than its already energy-efficient Broadwell predecessors such as the similarly fast iU 2x 2. Unlike the U in the slimmer! ThinkPad Ts, the TDP was not increased to 25 watts, which is probably to differentiate it from the more expensive model.

However, this should only be noticeable in very demanding programs. Interestingly, the iU configured with 25 rather than 15 watts in the Ts does not benefit from its higher TDP because the 15 watt standard is not utilized at a maximum clock of just 2. The maximum clock of 2. The Cinebench scores do not change in battery mode. All office laptops based on an SSD that we have tested in the past 8 months create the comparison base. The average Work benchmark score is points in this field.

The rivals in the test all have a stronger processor, and can thus draw slight advantages. Subjectively, the tester usually had fun with the low-lag utilization that is often due to the SSD. It will not be just the impatient natured that will find the fast program and OS startups appealing. Small, random data blocks often have to be read when the operating system and programs are launched 4K Read. Even less is throughout possible, as the rates of the Ts proves.

The differences are hardly noticeable in practice. Only servers have to regularly cope with more than four threads. On the one hand, the possible performance depends on the CPU. On the other, the GPU clearly benefits from the dual-channel RAM, but it has to be satisfied with one memory channel in the review sample. High-definition videos in H. Users who want to play 3D games on the T will have to be content with very old or graphically unspectacular games, such as " Counter Strike GO " or select the often unsightly minimum settings of x or x due to the very limited graphics performance.

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