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Remember to disable AMD Vari-Bright or else maximum brightness will drop when running on battery power. AMD SmartShift is always active and it cannot be toggled on or off. We recommend that owners become familiar with the revamped Radeon software as important features can be toggled here including Radeon Anti-Lag, Chill, Boost, Vari-Bright, vsync, and others.

Just because SmartShift is active doesn't mean that the Dell is suddenly equipped with the fastest Ryzen 7 H you can get. The Eluktronics RP, for example, is able to run about 7 percent faster with the same CPU after accounting for throttling. Upgrading from the Ryzen 5 H option will grant users roughly 36 percent faster multi-thread performance. Raw processor performance continues to be insanely fast to edge out even the 10th gen Core iHK in multi-threaded workloads while being just slightly behind in single-threaded tasks.

This particular Intel CPU is typically found on pricier laptops costing hundreds of dollars more. Interestingly, performance in our CineBench R15 loop test would dip to about points midway before recovering to the point range. We initially suspected it to be a fluke and so we reran the test only to find a similar nosedive a second time. It's possible that there is a slight performance bug when the processor is stressed to extreme levels.

See our dedicated page on the Ryzen 7 H for more technical information and benchmark comparisons. We didn't experience any hardware or software issues during our time with the unit. LatencyMon shows DPC latency issues when opening multiple tabs on our homepage. Up to two M. Curiously, our unit comes with an uncommon M. Laptops in this price range typically come with the GTX Ti instead which will be about 10 to 20 percent slower than our Navi 10 chip.

Of course, 3DMark never tells the whole story. Real-world performance in games is most similar to the mobile GeForce RTX if not slightly lower by a few percentage points in most games. Still, it's a noticeable improvement over last year's Radeon RX M.

See our dedicated page on the Radeon RX M for more technical information and benchmark comparisons. AMD Ryzen 7 H 8 x 2. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

Chassis is plastic from top to bottom. Matte gray surfaces hide fingerprints well in contrast to the black palm rests and keys. Bar hinge is satisfactory, but it teeters and creaks slightly when adjusting angles. Base is designed with curves and other visual touches; opposite to the usual sleek and flat look.

It can be difficult to see depending on lighting, but the outer lid has a unique iridescent rainbow effect. Front: No connectivity. Right: SD reader, 3. Rear: No connectivity. Fully inserted SD card. The reader is not spring-loaded. Removable M. Accessories and Warranty. Input Devices. Keyboard Keyboard layout and feedback remain identical to the G5 15 No changes to the keyboard layout aside from the new "G" fn hotkey.

The integrated mouse keys could have been firmer and deeper. Small arrow keys and narrow NumPad keys feel cramped. No edge-to-edge glass, touchscreen, or 4K options. Bottom and top bezels are quite thick. Relatively narrow side bezels. Matte overlay with only a slight hint of graininess. Moderate uneven backlight bleeding along the bottom edge. Grayscale before calibration. Saturation Sweeps before calibration.

ColorChecker before calibration. Grayscale after calibration. Saturation Sweeps after calibration. ColorChecker after calibration. CineBench R Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. System Performance. PCMark 10 Standard. PCMark 8 Home Accelerated. PCMark 8 Work Accelerated. DPC Latency.

Storage Devices. CDM 5. AS SSD. Two M. One is able to support either or drives. Dell includes a copper heat spreader for our drive. A few things to keep in mind are that the screen brightness is on the lower side, and the fact that it runs very hot when gaming. This is an entry to mid-level It has a full HD display, and we have the nit, Hz option. It might not need to though - performance doesn't exist in a vacuum, after all.

Its fast components make for a downright enjoyable gaming experience with minimal compromises, and it includes some high-end features like a fast refresh rate display and a speedy RAM and NVMe M. At this price point, Dell is running the show. However, its GPU could certainly have been stronger, and no one wants a chunky chassis or shrill speakers. But some questionable design and feature choices keep it from standing out. We asked more out of it in this review than we might have otherwise, just because Ryzen is a new platform technology.

Still, it's impressive to see what happens with this machine when we cut out one of its key selling points.

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