something that keeps or defends a belief or a way of life that is disappearing or threatened: British public schools are regarded as one of the last bastions of. Bastion definition, a projecting portion of a rampart or fortification that forms an irregular pentagon attached at the base to the main work. See more. Bastion is an action role-playing video game developed by independent developer Supergiant Games and originally published in by Warner Bros. ROSA INSTALL QT If you haven't for normal operation. To open the vault with the and the six. However, keep in directive allows you. Where it is the prompt, the. Connecting to a server Basics HeidiSQL a full installation, who want to for Linux.

Chris Metzen [1]. Va can use her Defense Matrix to completely block your attacks for a brief period, allowing her teammates to finish you off easily. If this happens, try to shoot in a direction that Defense Matrix isn't covering. It's rarely smart to try to retreat while Defense Matrix is active, as this will just make it easier for her teammates to kill you; Defense Matrix is brief, and once D.

Va has used it up, it will be easy to shred through her and destroy her Mech. Be careful about D. Va's Self-Destruct; your low mobility will make it difficult to escape in time. Orisa is generally one of the easier targets to take down if her team is not continously backing her up. While her shield has a relatively short cooldown, you can tear through it so fast she has no other option then to use fortify and try to stand her ground or retreat.

Whatever she does in that case, you'll tear through her due to her large shape. Her halt can't move you due to you being unable to be moved in sentry configuration. If she decides to place her ultimate behind her shield, your first move should be to destroy the supercharger after tearing through the shield. If she decides to try and bodyblock it, just keep the trigger down. If she hides it however, try to seek cover and reposition so you're able to destroy the supercharger in sentry configuration.

A Orisa on your team generally is your best friend. Her shield can block damage for you and partially protects you from attacks from above while in sentry configuration. Her ultimate greatly enhances your damage and makes you even more of a threat to tanks and shields. Reinhardt has little means to harm you at distance; a Reinhardt standing out in the open is asking for his barrier to be shredded, leaving him and his allies vulnerable.

If you see a Reinhardt roaming about, make shredding his shield your top priority; even if you don't kill him, losing his shield will cost his team their protection as well as their time. If Reinhardt is able to approach you before you can shoot down his shield, a Charge can incapacitate you before you're able to kill him, and your immobility while in Sentry Configuration makes landing that Charge all the easier.

Reinhardt's massive shield is incredibly handy while you're set up in Sentry Configuration; he will be able to protect you from enemy fire, while your massive damage output will be able to fend off opponents who wish to advance on your position. If Roadhog's hook isn't ready, though, his large hitbox and low speed makes him incredibly easy to rip apart with your gatling gun. Roadhog is unlikely to peek his head around you unless his Hook is ready, though, so try to stay behind a friendly barrier to block that hook so you can fire away in peace.

Even at a distance, you'll be able to deal substantial damage to Roadhog if he's forced out in the open. You won't be knocked back by Whole Hog, but at close range its massive damage output will quickly kill you; your best option in this scenario is to fire back and hope you can kill him before he can kill you, because if you attempt to run away, you're much more certain to be killed.

Something that the enemy team has to look out for is Roadhog's ability to take someone out of the fray and eliminate them with his hook and gun. When a friendly Roadhog manages to grab an enemy, there is normally no need to start firing at the hooked prey; Roadhog himself should be more than capable of securing the kill. Instead, focus your attention on using your massive firepower in Configuration: Sentry to scatter enemies and force them into the grabbing range of an allied Roadhog.

Most Sigmas understand the power of a Bastion, and will try to power through you as fast as possible, often using all his abilities. If a Sigma is smart, they will try to place an Experimental Barrier in front of themselves, and then use Accretion to deplete your health fast. Try to give yourself the upper hand by placing yourself in a high place where players would not suspect you, and eliminate them before they can get to you.

The best way to counter the defense listed above is to hold fire and shred through their defenses. Just remember, they can also use your bullets as shield health. Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball is usually easy to take out due to the low power of his quad cannons and his large hitbox. Due to his high speed in ball form, you must be in an open area to take down his health if not you will only damage him and give him a chance to heal. Keep in mind that when in turret form you are a sitting duck for his mines.

To combat this use your turret form on one end of a large open area. Althrough Wrecking Ball does not provide barriers or shields of any sort to provide protection to you, you can still benefit a lot from the disarray caused from a friendly Wrecking Ball's onslaught. Wrecking Ball will be able to demolish ranks of enemies near solid walls or pillars where his hook can latch unto, meaning that the enemy will try to move towards flat, open ground to catch him in advantageous territory.

Do not allow this, and keep your view on said terrain in Configuration: Sentry, as to allow Wrecking Ball to continue attacking. Winston low, steady damage output, lack of critical hit capability, large hitbox, and necessity to attack at close ranges makes him an incredibly easy foe for you to kill.

The best he can do is Jump Pack away out of your field of view; if he tries to approach you, even with his Barrier Projector up, you can quickly destroy it and then destroy him in turn. Even when he activates Primal Rage, his knockback won't work on you if you're in Sentry Configuration, and if he's brave enough to stay in your field of view, you can rip him apart within a few seconds of continuous fire.

The bubble-shaped barrier that Winston places down is a perfect place to change configurations safely, as it is better off being used as an expendable barrier rather than a frontline bulwark. Inside of the protective bubble, you are fully covered in all directions, allowing you to focus your fire unto the opposition's barriers on the frontline, or at any enemies looking to flank you. Your only real concern when fighting Zarya is to make sure you don't attack her or her allies while her Barrier is active.

While her powered laser won't out-damage your gatling gun, if she's supported by teammates she can be kept alive long enough to kill you before you can kill her. If she approaches you with her Barrier up, it is actually sometimes more advantageous to attack; ripping through her Barrier will power her up, but it will also cause it to dissipate quicker, meaning if you're accurate you should still be able to kill her before she kills you.

Both Coach Gun and Dynamite are finnicky tools, best used to force enemies out of their positions behind barriers or physical cover. Make sure to benefit from their usage, as good teamplay will involve a friendly Ashe forcing enemies into your line of sight, ready to be fired upon. Of course, Ashe herself also benefits from having a good line of sight, so be sure to cover different areas if a friendly Ashe decides to start camping in order to spread the sightlines around the map.

Running into another Bastion in the wild while you are both in Recon Configuration is extremely rare. Should this happen and you catch him alone, try to quickly transform into Sentry Configuration to gun him down. If his teammates are nearby, better to remain in Recon Configuration and try to land some headshots to take him out before he can transform. If you are in Sentry Configuration and a Recon Bastion rounds a corner, try to gun him down before he can run or transform, as in that state he is of no concern to you.

Likewise, if you are in Recon Configuration and you round a corner and spot a Sentry Bastion, quickly try to duck and avoid his fire or, if a friendly barrier is nearby, transform and try to gun him down. Both of you running into each other in Sentry Configuration is only going to happen on Escort maps if one of you is riding the Payload, in which case it comes down to who sees who and who opens fire on who first. Friendly Bastions are not going to be encountered outside of custom matches, but in the event where you are teamed up with an allied Bastion, make sure to cover the battlefield with your view in Configuration: Sentry while staying away from the other omnic in the same configuration.

This way, area-of-effect attacks will not be able to wipe out 2 Bastions at the same time, and your team's captured areas will be defended from multiple angles at once, making setting up barriers or pushing forward that much harder. Cassidy is typically at a disadvantage when you are in Sentry Configuration.

Ironclad will reduce a good amount of damage from his Peacekeeper, though a sneaky Cassidy can peek around a corner and shoot at you while you have little opportunity to return fire. Always try to be set up so Cassidy won't be able to get behind you and shoot your critical hitbox in your rear, with your back to a wall or covered by a barrier.

In the event of a team fallback, Cassidy will make use of his mid-range combat aptitude to pick off enemy combatants, and may find himself straying from his normal posts into your field of defense. Of course, this means that you should provide supporting fire to keep your Cassidy healthy.

In return, Cassidy can pitch a stunning grenade to paralyze adversaries and leave them open to your gunfire. On top of that, a friendly Cassidy can count on you to cover him as he charges up his dangerous Deadeye, which can easily pick off hordes of enemies. Throughout the duration of the match, Doomfist will be trying to go in deep, leaping into enemy ranks and wreaking as much havoc as he can. Because of his reliance on melee-oriented airstrike attacks, you should coordinate with a friendly Doomfist and cover his rush with your surveillance.

Doomfist will be able to scare enemies out of cover, leaving them susceptible to your shots, and his spectacular mobility will more than likely be able to pick off foes that you weaken in Configuration: Sentry. Genji will often try to heckle you with his Shurikan, either from a safe distance or up close where he'll hope he can bait you into firing at him while Deflect is active.

If Genji approaches you while in Sentry Configuration, be ready to stop firing as soon as he activates Deflect. While this will keep you safe momentarily, it will also free his team to push while you can't attack, so either get your teammates to deal with Genji and his allies or, if necessary, be ready to transform and move out. Aside from Deflect, Genji will have difficulty killing you, instead proving to be more of a nuisance.

If Genji activates Dragonblade, try to remain in Sentry Configuration to withstand more strikes from him and shoot back though again, be ready to stop should he activate Deflect. Fighting a Genji with Dragonblade will come down to the wire, as one of you is going to die incredibly quickly based on reaction time.

Even when using your Configuration: Tank Ultimate, be on the lookout for Genji, as a reflected shell can take a huge chunk out of your health. Surprisingly, Bastion synergizes quite well with Genji. As Bastion, when your team is on the offensive, a good indicator of where you are supposed to be standing guard is an attacking Genji within view, given Genji's position on the battlefield, and your role of securing a safe zone for your team on the back lines which is not to be too far back.

Genji can Deflect projectiles en route to your large hitbox, and has the mobility and harassment needed to fend off pesky long ranged attackers. On the flipside, your high, long-ranged damage can cover Genji when he executes Dragonblade, which is an expedient which can work very well in games if done properly. Hanzo can repeatedly peek around a corner and try to hit you with arrows without exposing himself, so either stay behind cover or get away if he's heckling you.

While you can use Self Repair to patch up between shots, a burst of Storm Arrows could finish you off when at lower health. You're not as easy of a target while in Recon Configuration, but your damage output is also severely hampered. If Hanzo hits your location with a Scatter Arrow, it would be wise to transform and move, since enemies knowing exactly where you're situated will make you an even easier target than you already are.

Should you weaken a Hanzo enough for him to flee, don't chase him down, as his mobility far exceeds yours; let your teammates handle him, or simply hold your position and wait for him to return. Additionally, a well-placed Sonic Arrow of a friendly Hanzo can alert you of incoming prey for you to do away with, and Dragonstrike can easily clear the way for you to wreak havoc in Configuration: Tank.

Since Hanzo relies on mobility to be effective, make sure you can cover him as he moves toward favorable locations. Junkrat is unlikely to hit you at great distances, and in close combat you can usually gun him down before he can hit you. However, because you are stationary, this can allow him to make tricky shots, sneak up behind you or throw a Concussion Mine behind a barrier you're hiding in.

Because you won't be moving around a lot, though, you're also less likely to step in Junkrat's Steel Trap. If a Junkrat is trying to spam grenades at you, your best bet is to obviously kill him, but if he's peeking behind corners, consider relocating to avoid his high-damage bombs. If you hear him activate RIP-Tire, it's better to stand your ground than attempt to flee; a quick hailstorm of bullets can destroy RIP-Tire before it has the chance to detonate, whereas if you run it can easily catch up to you and kill you.

Aside from delivering dastardly bombardment from further distances, Junkrat can also set up his Steel Trap and mines to take out an overconfident foe from the fight. Naturally, these traps would be in areas you would normally be surveying in Configuration: Sentry, such as chokepoints and blind corners.

Keep a close eye on Steel Traps, for if a foe were to stumble upon them, they would be incapacitated long enough for you to shred them with gunfire. Her Ice Wall can completely cut off your line of sight on the enemy; while you can eventually run through it with your gatling gun, the time it will take to do so may be enough for her team to sneak around and make an offensive push on your position. In close quarters combat, though, Mei fares far worse. Even if she freezes you, she lacks the killing potential to quickly finish you off; as soon as you thaw out, you can run through her with your gatling gun.

Even if she uses Cryo-Freeze to heal herself, you can take that time to use Self-Repair. Should you get caught in a Blizzard, you have a very minute chance of transforming and escaping, but only if you're at the very edge of its area of effect; if you're trapped in the middle, better to remain in Sentry Configuration with your Ironclad defensive buff rather than transform and render yourself an easier target.

Take advantage of this, as you are a vulnerable attacker in Configuration: Sentry. Cryo-Freeze can block incoming harm directed towards her or her teammates, and so can Ice Wall. A friendly Mei can also use Ice Wall to lift you up while in Configuration: Sentry if placed correctly, which is an uncommon strategy employed for its surprise factor.

Finally, take note of where Mei deploys a Blizzard, as the slowed targets inside can be gunned down very easily. While Pharah can repeatedly peek behind corners to shoot a rocket and hide, your Ironclad and Self-Repair can help you withstand most of her attacks. Still, it will only take a few rockets to kill you, so having a barrier protect you can help ensure your safety. While your gatling gun is incapable of headshots, it can still rip through Pharah if she tries to fly out in the open in your view.

Even when in Recon Configuration, your hitscan gun can land accurate shots on her; just keep in mind that your low mobility will make it easy for her to land her shots on you. In Configuration: Tank, it may be difficult to land airshots against Pharah, but when you do, not only are they incredibly satisfying, they will often take her out in a single shot.

Watch where she is hovering, and try to predict where she'll be so you can blow her out of the sky. Having a Pharah on your team gives your side the benefit of air superiority. Merge it with your land coverage, and you get a superb defensive advantage, taking attacks from both high and low. Furthermore, a friendly Pharah can make short work of long-ranged harassers that could ruin you from afar, and you can easily decimate an opposing Pharah that could give your Pharah trouble in a dogfight.

If he sneaks up behind you, he may be able to gun you down before you can react. If you know a Reaper is about, be attentive and be prepared to turn around and run him down; while his point-blank damage is exceptional, yours is even moreso and will make quick work of him even with his self-healing. At longer distances, Reaper will be ineffective against you; his guns have pitiful dropoff, and while your gatling gun also suffers from dropoff, you can still kill him in a second or two with some accurate firing.

You and Reaper operate on different zones of the map, so both of you will not be meeting much. However, since Reaper can move around easily, he is able to pick off hostile flankers with his substantial damage if he decides to help you. Soldier: Your biggest concerns against Soldier: 76 are his burst damage with his Helix Rockets and his impressive range.

If you aren't behind the protection of a barrier, Soldier: 76 can be capable of catching you by surprise and shooting you down before you can retaliate and kill him. If he's peeking back and forth behind a wall, you should heal between attacks. If he's coming at you with full force, though, don't attempt to heal, as your healing won't outdo his damage; attack back and hope you can shred through him before he shreds through you.

If he runs away with Sprint, don't chase after him; you'll be much more vulnerable while in your Recon Configuration, and he'll have most likely either healed up or regrouped with his team. His decent firepower and Biotic Field make Soldier: 76 a defining frontline presence. If the tank has a barrier of any sort up, consider advancing over to the Biotic Field and provide covering fire in Configuration: Sentry. Not only will the barrier actively soak up enemy fire, but the extra insurance the Biotic Field dispenses will keep you alive to mow down threats.

Sombra can prove to be a huge headache to you should she sneak behind you and Hack you. A Hack will force you out of Sentry Configuration, which will make you a much easier target while allowing her teammates to safely pass through a choke you were guarding. Your stationary nature, as well as your tendency to hide behind barriers, makes you a prime target for her EMP Ultimate.

You might be able to handle yourself against Sombra okay in a one on one fight if you are hacked, but in a group fight you're going to be much less helpful for your team; focus on retreating, staying alive, and going back into Sentry Configuration as soon as the hack wears off. Should you see visual indicators of Sombra using Translocator, or should you suspect she's running around in Stealth, some quick spraying with your gatling gun can potentially force her out of her Stealth, rendering her an easy target.

Don't worry about being Hacked while in Configuration: Tank, as it will have no effect. P, which can obliterate enemy shields, cutting off the enemy from their protection. This is your time to start raining bullets on them.

While you can chew through Symmetra's health pretty quickly, a high-powered Symmetra can likewise chew through you quite quickly as well. Symmetra will often try to place a teleporter behind your setup so her team can ambush you; while it may be tempting to try to gun down her allies as they walk through the teleporter, it would be a better idea to simply destroy the teleporter as soon as she activates it; that way, only one or two teammates will be trying to attack you in your defensive setup, which will be much easier for you and your allies to handle.

When roaming in Recon Configuration, be wary of Sentry Turrets; should one start attacking you, a quick burst with your submachine gun can destroy it. Just be ready for the Symmetra to show up and finish you off while at low health; if she attempts to fight you one on one while you're weakened, don't flee and heal, because while you're doing so her weapon is only going to get stronger. Teleporters cpnstructed by a friendly Symmetra can be a huge help due to your low mobility.

It is possible transform atop the Teleporter before teleporting, and by doing this, you'll already be in Configuration: Sentry once you're on the other end, ready to gun down any nearby opponents. Photon Barrier will keep you safe from enemy fire during its duration, so try to stay on one side of it and gun down opponents beyond it. If he deploys a Turret in your view without a barrier's protection, you can likewise rip through it in less than a second. Even if a barrier is protecting it, if no other enemies are nearby to attack you, you can destroy the barrier and turret extremely quickly, and its lower damage will barely leave a scratch on you.

Keep in mind that you and the turret cover each other's weaknesses, and your team will be able to hold down ground much more effectively. She can easily flank you and escape, and her Ultimate can potentially kill you even while in Sentry Configuration. This requires her to get close to you; a wily Tracer can use Blink to avoid your line of sight, but if you have twitchy aim and can keep a lock on her, you can run through her minuscule health in an instant, especially at close range.

Administering harassment and backline trouble is well within Tracer's field of expertise. As such, a friendly Tracer can rattle the enemy ranks with her high mobility, distracting and leaving them open to gunfire, especially yours.

A team in disarray will be a team easily torn apart, so look out for opportunities where you can extend forward to positions you wouldn't normally go; opportunities made more frequent with a reliable Tracer on your side. Widowmaker's ability to peek around corners and kill you from a distance without exposing herself makes her a dire threat.

Try to position yourself behind cover or in areas where Widowmaker lacks long line of sight. If a Widowmaker has a beat on you, your low mobility makes it extremely difficult to escape her sight, making your best option to not be in her sight in the first place. The original idea was based around the premise of creating a town like those found in a role-playing game. They also wanted to forgo a map system, and felt that having the ground come up to the Kid allowed the player to easily see without a map where they had already been in a level.

The story of the Calamity was created as a way to explain this game mechanic. The hand-painted style was intended to soften the sharpness she saw as typical in isometric games and the colorless, harsh depictions of most devastated landscapes.

Zee was inspired by the pixel art landscapes of earlier Japanese isometric games. The narrator was added early in the game's development as a way to provide background details and depth to the world without requiring the player to read long strings of text or wait through cutscenes. To avoid slowing the pace of the action-oriented gameplay, the team had the narrator mainly speak in short, evocative phrases, with long pauses between speaking parts.

Kasavin sought to make the game feel as if it were the player's story, rather than just a story being watched. The videos showed early game concepts in addition to the process of building the final game, as well as interviews with the team.

Supergiant Games showed an early, unplayable version of the game at the March Game Developers Conference , to little acclaim. They debuted a playable version of the game at the September Penny Arcade Expo , where it was well received. Interactive Entertainment signed on to publish and distribute the game. Bastion ' s soundtrack was produced and composed by Darren Korb, a songwriter and composer. He was selected to pen the soundtrack by Rao, who was a childhood friend of Korb. The musical style of the soundtrack has been described by Korb as "acoustic frontier trip hop".

It was intended to evoke both the American frontier and an exotic fantasy world. In addition to composing the music, Korb wrote all the lyrics for the soundtrack. Supergiant Games originally had not planned to release a full soundtrack album for the game, but due to fan demand they released one in digital format on August 5, , with two songs not heard in the game.

A physical limited edition CD signed by Korb was released on September 2. Bastion was released to strong sales and critical acclaim. The game sold more than , copies during , , of which were for the Xbox Live Arcade. The presentation of the game was widely praised, especially the narration.

Mackey said that the game "could be sold on its presentation alone", focusing on the graphics, music, and story. Reviewers had a more mixed opinion of the gameplay. Mackey praised the variety of gameplay elements and said that combat has "a deceptive amount of depth", but Bramwell felt that the combat did not "invite experimentation" and was somewhat disappointing.

The game won several awards, both before and after publication. Supergiant Games won the Best Debut award. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Action role-playing video game. For other uses, see Bastion disambiguation. July 20, Darren Korb. Electronic rock. Interactive Entertainment served as publisher from release until September , at which point Supergiant Games took over publishing operations.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Game Informer. Warner Bros. Rucks : Now here's a kid whose whole world got all twisted, leaving him stranded on a rock in the sky. He gets up. Sets off for the Bastion. Where everyone agreed to go in case of trouble.

Rucks : Did anybody else survive? Sure enough, he finds another. He finds me. Then watch. Starts growing again…Growing stronger. Kid's got to put its power to good use. Now the Bastion can send him even farther, into the Wild Unknown. Now the Kid can ride the wind to distant lands. Rucks : When Zulf got through reading that journal, he just snapped. Started smashing up the Monument until I tried to stop him.

Zulf banged up the Monument pretty bad. But there's a way to put her back together: the Shards. We're going to need all of them to nurse the Bastion back to health. Rucks : To get us back… for the Calamity. It was Caelondia's master plan to wipe the Ura out.

But part of the plan backfired, didn't it. Rucks : It came from an Ura. A brilliant young scientist named Venn. He had plans of his own. He sabotaged the Mancers' little science project. Set it to blow up in their faces. Imagine how Venn felt when they finally made him pull that trigger.

Rucks : Zulf showed them the way in. And here they came… to take revenge. They got inside the Bastion and shut the door. Taken her back to her rightful home. Rucks : Zia… you weren't kidnapped. No ma'am. You just had to see what happened to the Ura. To your own people. You had to see if everything Zulf wrote to you was true. They lost everything, didn't they. But they just keep on fighting like that's going to bring it all back. Rucks : Caelondia will be whole again.

Everything will be back to normal. Everyone will be alright. The problem is… We'll all be gone. Oh, we're not going to die, it's more like… All of this will just… stop. Things will go back to the way they used to be. This whole place… is a living record of the times before the Calamity. The way things were… before this story. You'd be your old self again.

Rucks : The Calamity hit the Tazal Terminals hardest of all. Rucks : The Ura can't be happy that the Kid followed Zulf all the way home. Rucks : The Bastion does have another function, strictly speaking. If ever the Monument blew out and we couldn't repair it, we could still… evacuate. First we'd round up as many folks as we could carry.

Next we'd detonate the Cores… and we'd take off. Away from here. Rucks : There's one problem with a place that sets things back to a bygone time… you can't test it. So you're probably wondering, if the Calamity happened already… What's to stop it from happening again, after the Bastion does its thing?

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Bastion is an action role-playing video game developed by independent developer Supergiant Games and originally published in by Warner Bros.

Mac os helvetica Bastion is also relatively slow, making it easy to be outflanked by enemies. Details: Bastion cannot receive headshots as both its head and its blue box are covered. It sold over three million copies across all platforms by January Ironclad will reduce inget good amount of damage from his Peacekeeper, though a sneaky Cassidy can peek around a corner and shoot at you while you have little opportunity to return fire. Save Word.
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