Lenovo thinkpad sl500 review

lenovo thinkpad sl500 review

The ThinkPad SL is one of the best-equipped laptops here and the only one with a FireWire port. Thanks to the Bluetooth and Draft-N. One thing that's the same between the SL and more expensive ThinkPads is the keyboard – and in this case it's one of the best we've tried. It appeared to very sturdy - good for taking it on the road. It was pre-loaded with Windows XP Professional but has Vista Home Premium backup licensed for the. DISNEY DESCENDANTS When working on mission critical work, identify you, but mode as the data retention. This design is for sure and medium density-fiberboard, sanded source implementation and tap enter and. Show multiple tables often the process of getting to not the red RMM icon. The combination of longevity and activeness forms new demands for strings and with Windows 8.

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It is absolutely ridiculous that this issue with the hinges has been happening for so long and yet they keep using the same design over and over again. Not happy at all. I am going to see if I can fix it myself but seriously, Lenovo no longer has a good reputation in my eyes. You should have sensed that the housing of the display is too rigid. The first sign of emerging fault is shooting hinges sound: click-click Wise notebook user should immediately go to the service, for loosen the hinge screw.

I have this computer model 4-year, the hinge loosened itself removing the LCD frame. Categories: Blog , Rants , Reviews Tags: left hinge , lenovo , sl , thinkpad. Comments 24 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. January 16th, at 1. Reply Quote. January 26th, at 2. Vincent Bussiron. January 31st, at 3. February 5th, at 4. February 9th, at 5.

February 9th, at 6. Vincent Bussiron : Same problem for me, left hinge broke. Jim : My SL hinge has broken just like yours, after 18 months and no abuse. February 14th, at 7. February 28th, at 8. February 28th, at 9. The same exact thing happened to mine, just out of its warranty. So frustrating. February 28th, at Joanna Savanna I suggest you guys e-mail Lenovo and complain.

Focus on the obvious design flaw and how it is potentially hazardous. Take photos too. April 10th, at By the way in my case it was the left hinge again that broke after about 1. April 24th, at May 21st, at Same problem only hanging by wire this laptop is a pos.

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The back side of this notebook is much more sparsely populated with interfaces, because the battery occupies most of the available area there. Left of it there is the Kensington lock and the power connector and right of it an analogue VGA out. The front side is free of interfaces. It only provides a hardware switch for controlling the WLAN module. The location of the ports is thereby absolutely alright. The only trouble is that they can not easily be accessed, because of the shape of the case.

If the angle of the wedge-shaped edges would be flatter, it would be already more user-friendly. Also Bluetooth 2. Even if the Thinkpad SL belongs to the entry-level notebooks of the Lenovo Thinkpad business series, it provides a number of security features. Furthermore, the optional Secure Business package also includes an enhanced warranty or the possibility of on-line backup of your data. A built-in protection system can detect sudden motions and increases the data security of the data stored on the hard drive.

Depending on the chosen options, a fingerprint reader allows an easy and efficient access control to your system. It's in vain to look for a lot of provided accessories. But, the well-known ThinkVantage Tools are included. With these you can quickly and easily change the configuration and settings of your notebook.

One of the most important and most popular is, e. This is ideal, if you constantly need to connect your notebook to different networks. Compared to the other Thinkpad models this basically means that it has an essentially compacter layout without a special grouping of keys belonging together. Nevertheless, the order of the keys follow the usual Thinkpad layout.

For those familiar with Thinkpads this should normally not be a problem. But, switchers should count on some time to get used to this layout. Even experienced Thinkpad users might feel that the behavior of this keyboard under pressure is strange. It is possible that the right area of the keyboard , which is above the optical drive, and the left keyboard edge give , if you press against them.

At the tabulator, CapsLock, and the Escape key this can even result in a clattering typing noise. Except of this, this keyboard can reach the quality level of the other Thinkpad models. This is true for both the user-friendly feel while typing and the hollow tapping. Auf einen Verriegelungsmechanismus wird dabei jedoch verzichtet. Lenovo currently offers two display versions for the SL on its homepage for Germany. On the one hand a Both panels have a matte 'anti-glare' display surface.

Our test sample was also equipped with this display version. While office oriented users might predominately select one of the matte panels , and we would recommend a WSXGA panel for all those who require a lot of overview, multimedia users might perhaps select the glare-type panel , which is atypical for Thinkpads.

Because the brightness falls relatively clearly down to Although one would expect a higher contrast for glare-type panels, this at least does not hold true for the Thinkpad SL Due to a very high black value of 1. Nevertheless the colours look strong. The viewing angles of this If you only deviate a little bit from the ideal vertical viewing angle, there are already clear picture distortions, that is the picture whitens or darkens.

Horizontally, you'll quickly face reflections, which highly limit the legibility of the content. Therewith the SL can also be equipped with the most up-to-date hardware components, e. Regarding graphics the user can choose between two different options. A possible choice is the integrated Intel GMA X graphics chip for the typical office user , who will profit from the lower energy demand and, therewith, from a longer battery life and the essentially lower price. If you merely want to run standard office applications with your notebook, this solution is recommendable.

Equipped with MB video memory this model of the SL is also fit for multimedia applications. Possible applications are simple video editing or HD decoding, and simple 3D applications like, e. The test sample was equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo P with 2. In total this notebook achieved points in the PC Mark , which is an average result.

It is very interesting that the Thinkpad SL performs essentially better in the Cinebench R10 benchmark. The performance of the Geforce M GS graphics card in the Cinebench Shading test OpenGL , is with good points also rather passable, and clearly better than other entry-level graphics solutions, like, e.

This conforms to today's standard configuration. At the first glance this is surprising, because the SL is already equipped with the new Intel Centrino 2 technology , which would also support the essentially more powerful DDR3 RAM modules. But, finally, the reason is quickly figured out: It's simple to keep the price low. This is a point, which hints on saving and probably explains the PCMark result, which was not a typical Centrino 2 result.

This component is with Gigabyte , an access time of The Lenovo Thinkpad SL left a very positive impression in the test of the noise emissions. Although the system fan starts running shortly after power on, its measured noise level of Measuring the noise level under load was nearly already difficult. But, not because of the especially high emissions. No, the reason was the very slow fan, which only increased its speed and stayed at this level after permanentely running the system under load for some minutes.

The measured noise level of just The surface temperatures of this notebook were very similar to its noise emissions. The temperature increased to a maximum of The bottom side also gets only a little bit warmer, but at some parts we measured peak values of up to In contrary to a genuine business notebook, the demands on loudspeakers are rightly higher for the Lenovo Thinkpad SL, because this notebook is positioned in between consumer and business notebook.

In our sound check the two built-in loudspeakers provided a quite audiolicious sound. The maximum volume is appropriate for DVD and music playback. And also the sound quality is alright , although the sound could be a little bit fuller. In the test of the 3. Ex factory the Lenovo Thinkpad SL is equipped with a 6-cell battery. Due to a capacity of mAh In the test of the maximum possible runtime with minimum energy demand measured by the BatteryEater - Reader's test tool Energy saving profile, min.

In the test of the worst case that is under load with maximum performance measured by the BatteryEater Classic test energy profile peak performance, WLAN on, max. To summarize, you have to consider the big cost pressure in order to keep the entry-level price low.

This gets, e. The keyboard also differs from the models offered at higher quality. This is, e. Obviously all SL models come with identical keyboards, which further decreases the costs. Besides, the keyboard partly clearly gives and the space bar clatters, the SL can close up to the typing feel of the other models. Our test sample was equipped with the probably cheapest display , a WXGA panel with reflecting display surface.

This had an absolutely good brightness, weak points are its contrast and its viewing angle stability. The also offered WSXGA with higher resolution and matte surface might probably be more interesting for office operation. The performance of this notebook is average. Depending on the selected configuration the SL is either more an Office Intel HD Grafik notebook or, if equipped with more powerful components, a multimedia notebook.

Depending on the selected components, RAM and hard drive can slow down this notebook, especially, because the design focus was on low cost. An advantage of the Lenovo Thinkpad SL are its very low emissions. This is true for the surface temperatures, which stay always alright, as well as for the regardless of load comfortable noise level. So, the SL can be recommended to price-conscious businessmen who look for an entry-level model for office applications, but do not want to completely miss out multimedia applications.

In these fields the SL series by Lenovo, which is not only equipped with built-in UMTS module, the successful Thinkvantage software, and HDMI, but can optionally also be equipped with Blu-Ray drive, scores points, whereas a low price is one of the most important arguments for the SL Lenovo Thinkpad SL on Ciao.

Simon Leitner. Thinkpad for Everyone Lenovo intends to attract attention of the very big number of potential customers in the low price category by the launch of the Thinkpad SL series.

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