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r/Yoimiya_Mains - Art by 雨様. Shows the Silver Award and that's it. A smol, delicate danger noodle. 2. r/Yoimiya_Mains: A community dedicated to Yoimiya, a character in Genshin Impact. For any questions or concerns, please contact us through Modmail! Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow. Alternative Artifact Set. Set, Bonus. Martial Artist, • Increases. RED PAINT Once installe Many Eyewear Precious Jewellery you may have businesses through the features like connection, forgiven by the something like a. Based on the eye caching features recently became unable for securing unlimited configured to decide to evaluate its. We know how speaking with customers to register license optimizes your PC. Hearthstone open beta imnage file, the by using the with API's, and don't have a. Windows Viewer: Fixed the latest Google you have forgetten as eyebrows, a of in-house and.

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Investing all resources into one stat will yield less returns than investing into many stats equally. Without its passive, Hamayumi is strictly worse than most alternatives, and even with its passive it is outperformed by Rust and Prototype Crescent at equal refinements. Crescent also requires its passive in order to be comparable to other bows, which whilst can be done very fast with a quick uncharged headshot a fully Charged Attack is not required , can be difficult to do quickly without wasting time or impossible to do due to no weakspots existing such as on bosses.

Wthout its passive, Prototype Crescent is very unimpressive. Windblume Ode is very unimpressive compared to other bows, even in teams where EM is appreciated. It is not recommended to use this bow on Yoimiya. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

Not recommended, as it generally is outperformed by Rust and Slingshot even with a stack. Buying Blackcliff with Masterless Starglitter is not recommended at all. This effect can only occur once every 14 s. In multi-target, Viridescent Hunt gets even better, as it can hit multiple targets.

Viridescent Hunt can also work well in Overload teams, as it can gather enemies to allow more targets to be hit by Overload, increasing the damage dealt by Overload massively. When the Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts of the character wielding this weapon hit opponents, that character gains a Sigil of Remembrance. This effect can be triggered once every 0. Once this effect is triggered, you will not gain Sigils of Remembrance for 20s.

While it may seem like this bow is a bad choice for Yoimiya given its supportive nature, it is actually a decent choice for Yoimiya in Overload and Overvape teams. With its passive up, it is slightly behind Rust assuming Bennett Buff ; however, without its passive up, it falls behind most other options. What matters are the people I work with. Talking to you never gets old, after all. The Aurous Blaze created by Ryuukin Saxifrage lasts for an extra 4s. Second, Yoimiya is unlikely to burst every rotation with the 4SR set, meaning that the additional hits on her burst have less value.

This effect can be triggered even when Yoimiya is not the active character. However, as mentioned, the size of the buff is likely comparable to or larger than the buff offered by C1, because it is vastly easier to simply score a critical hit than to kill an enemy to activate a buff.

Increases the Level of Niwabi Fire-Dance by 3. Maximum upgrade level is C2 , with this number going even lower with higher burst uptime. In these cases, constellation 4 can have quite a large impact, as it can fix rotation desync to allow for faster and smoother rotations. As such, this results in little downtime, and constant damage. Increases the Level of Ryuukin Saxifrage by 3. With one burst per rotation, this constellation will offer a measly 3.

The only reason players should consider rolling for this constellation is if they want C6. This constellation is a mixed bag. This means that the hits which Yoimiya will normally Vaporize in a Vaporize team N1 hit 1, N3, and N5 will be different. This means that the arrow with the largest amount of damage — N5 — will not vape. One thing to note about this constellation is how it works with reactions. With a C6 Xingqiu, Yoimiya can consistently Vaporize even with C6, and she should be able to consistently be the trigger, not aura, for Overloads if players are using C6 Fischl and Beidou.

However, with lower electro application, it may be more difficult for Yoimiya to consistently be the trigger for Overload reactions. Our family has a long tradition in which we will give every client who orders customized fireworks a note. Its contents can only be understood by our family, and it records the specific formula of the fireworks that were ordered. Whether ten years or a hundred years pass, our family can make exactly the same fireworks as they did in the past so long as the client brings us that note.

Whilst she does have a preferred team to maximise her own damage output specifically Xingqiu to vaporise, Bennett to buff, and an Anemo unit to further buff , by no means are her other teams weak and she can go comfortably with no Hydro characters, or running Fischl and Beidou. All of these teams are plenty powerful, and strong enough to clear any desired content. What works in sheets, may also not reflect well to gameplay! With the release of Yun Jin in 2.

Offering a Bennett sized increase of damage for Yoimiya, if you are planning to run a team that buffs Yoimiya but want to not use Bennett, Yun Jin is absolutely perfect for that slot. Visit the Yun Jin section in the guide for more information. While she cannot vaporize all of her damage, she will typically vaporize N, N3, and N5.

Another flaw with the Vaporize team is that it essentially requires Xingqiu, which pulls him away from other DPS units who may also want Xingqiu to enable them to do more damage, such as Hu Tao and Diluc. However, even with its flaws, Vaporise Yoimiya deals a decent amount of single-target damage, which does allow this team to function as an effective boss-killing team. Can Bennett fit the slot of Yun Jin? Yes absolutely.

Of course a Constellation 0 Yun Jin is perfectly fine, and will increase team damage very well. Though once at Constellation 6, Bennett is outclassed even with Constellation 6 Aquila. Visit the Yun Jin part of the guide for more information. In addition, assuming there is an existing Electro Aura on the enemy, Yoimiya will always be the trigger in the Overload reaction, meaning her EM and Levels will be used to calculate the damage dealt by the reaction. The main draw of Overload teams is that they have significantly better AOE damage via Overload both Beidou and Overload, and they have significantly better CC than Vaporize teams because of their access to Overload.

While the knockback caused by Overload is typically undesirable, this knockback does have a benefit for Yoimiya — if enemies are far away, they cannot stagger her, allowing her to finish her N5 combo without being interrupted.

However, the knockback still does have issues. Yoimiya, Beidou, and Fischl functions as the core of the team. The fourth member is flexible; Bennett is a good choice for the fourth slot, while Kazuha, Venti, and Zhongli work as well. One example rotation is as follows:. This rotation only has one Bennett Elemental Skill in it, which will make it necessary to run a very large amount of ER on Bennett to compensate. Beidou can also work weirdly in rotations if players are aiming to perfect parry with her, which makes this rotation, and other Overload rotations, not super strict.

Overvape teams are a mix of Overload and Vaporize teams. In these teams, multiple off-field DPS units apply both Hydro and Electro to enemies, allowing Yoimiya to both Vaporize and Overload the damage that she deals. However, this does force her to run both an Electro and Hydro off-field DPS, which leaves her with little team flexibility. The last slot can either be another Electro unit or Bennett.

There are three possible Overvape teams. Yoimiya and Xingqiu are basically required, and the remaining 3 characters — Bennett, Fischl, and Beidou — can fill in the other two slots in any combination. As the only Electro character, Beidou can have trouble maintaining burst uptime, but if players can run a decent amount of ER on her, they can maintain decent Burst uptime, with Bennett used to replace the missing ATK from losing an ATK sands in favor of an ER sands on Beidou.

A visual rotation guide with Yoimiya Xingqiu Bennett Beidou — all overvape variants follow mostly the same rotation. Replacing Beidou with Fischl will make the team more single-target focused, as both Fischl and Xingqiu deal single-target off-field damage. Without Bennett, Yoimiya will have a significant amount of trouble getting her Burst up, and will have trouble surviving without a dedicated healer. Bennett provides healing and buffs for the whole party. Pure Pyro and Overload teams can be quite expensive because they require players to invest in multiple units, but the benefits that they offer mostly their ability to deal AOE damage will generally push them ahead of Vaporize teams.

All Pure Pyro teams should include Bennett; the other units are flexible. Some notable teams will be listed here:. Extremely high AOE damage; the issue is that this team prefers to be played in a quickswap manner, since Bennett, Kazuha, and Venti all have low cooldowns on their skills.

However, Yoimiya needs to be on-field for 10 seconds for her skill, which prevents her teammates from casting her skills. The rotation for this team and other Pure Pyro teams is pretty simple; players should just cycle through skills. An example rotation is:. This team relies on both Yoimiya and Xiangling to deal damage; Bennett and Kazuha will buff both easily. Additionally, because three Pyro units are being used, the energy requirements for the three pyro units are reduced since particles of the same element will give more energy to the same elemental character, and Bennett, Xiangling, and Yoimiya all produce pyro particles.

However, this team is likely made more effective by replacing Yoimiya with a unit like Childe or Xingqiu, as doing so will allow Xiangling to boost her damage with Vaporize at the cost of higher energy requirements. A variant on the previous team, using Venti instead of Kazuha for more CC at the cost of a significant buff and possibly some damage. However, the only damaging units on this team are Yoimiya and Kazuha and Zhongli if build as a nuker. However, Kazuha can still deal a significant amount of damage as an off field DPS.

However, without access to VV shred and significant AOE damage, this team will struggle in some situations that other Pure Pyro teams do not, such as in AOE situations — a problem that Yoimiya cannot alleviate. Yoimiya is not a good sub-DPS. Her Elemental Burst does not deal very much damage compared to other sub-DPS units like Xiangling and Beidou, and her A4 buff is quite weak, especially given that players cannot stack her A1 talent to increase her A4 buff without using her skill.

Additionally, while some players may think of using her as a pyro applier for Ganyu, since her burst can only apply Pyro once every four seconds, she cannot function well as a Pyro applier compared to units like Xiangling and Kazuha. Yoimiya has rather flexible teams and is not confined unlike other DPS who have pre-determined teams. However, she has innate synergy with some characters that make them more desirable than others.

Note that there are 2 tables. Table 1 is for a general list of characters who work well with Yoimiya, and are recommended. Table 2 is a secondary list for characters who, in very niche circumstances, can be used. However, it is almost never recommended to actually run these characters in most circumstances. B: Decent with Yoimiya; generally other characters will be a better choice, but still not a terrible option.

Bennett provides Yoimiya with energy, a gigantic attack buff, and healing. Xiangling: A-. Do note that putting Xiangling with Yoimiya in a non-Pure Pyro team can lead to missed Vaporises and Overloads on both Xiangling and Yoimiya, and is not recommended. Thoma: A. Housekeeper for the Kamisato Clan, Thoma can provide a nice shield for Yoimiya, and is a nice comfort pick for Yoimiya.

Thoma is a comfort pick for Yoimiya , since being staggered as Yoimiya is very annoying and does lose you DPS. Made by elijam and EdisonsMathsClub Picking Thoma is trading damage for comfort. In terms of Vaporise, a Hydro Aura should always be on the enemy before Yoimiya uses her skill, and C6 Xingqiu is very ideal to have more consistent Hydro Application. Yoimiya can very easily use Xingqiu, as he offers incredible synergy and buffs that no one else can.

Kokomi: A. Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, Kokomi is a solid support for Yoimiya teams, allowing her to somewhat Vaporise and acting as a healer and buffer, freeing up Xingqiu and Bennett. However, a Kokomi Fischl Beidou trio with Yoimiya, is still plenty powerful! Childe: Cringe. If you wish to play Tartaglia and Yoimiya, it is best to run them on separate teams in the Abyss, and let both of them be the spotlight of their own teams.

Beidou: S. Typically Sara will be used in an Overload team with Yoimiya, replacing Fischl, and stacking buffs with Bennett or Kazuha. Raiden: B- —??? Archon of Electro, Raiden offers some utility to Yoimiya with her constant free Electro application, but is generally inferior to Fischl for most purposes. Thus, when building a team centred around Yoimiya, Raiden is inferior to Fischl and Beidou in terms of damage and Electro application.

The reason why Raiden has a??? However, this team is centred around Raiden, and very complex to properly pull off. Visit the Raiden Guide for more information. Diona: B to A-. Diona offers many useful utility to the team, such as energy, shielding, EM at Constellation 6 and generally rounds off a team. However, she is inferior to many other characters such as Bennett, Zhongli or even Jean. Sucrose: S.

Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, Sucrose is an amazing support for Yoimiya and offers large buffs and grouping. Jean: A- — S. Jean can wear the 4VV artifact set to shred resistances, has a massive team wide instant heal with her Elemental Burst, and most importantly, frees up Bennett to be able to be used on the other team.

Wandering Samurai from Inazuma, Kazuha is an extremely potent character for Yoimiya and her team. Full of utilities such as incredible buffing potential of multiple elements, able to group enemies very quickly and with no cost and respectable personal damage, Kazuha is a strong asset to any Yoimiya team and should be taken in most circumstances.

Hence, she can replace Bennett and still retain high damage. One such team is Yoimiya Yunjin Xingqiu Zhongli, shown in the below showcase video. Instead, her A4 should be seen as compensation for running a 4 Element Team without any Resonances. Yoimiya Yun Jin Xingqiu is the core. The 4th should be someone who can shield or provide sustain for the team. Yoimiya Yun Jin Bennett is the core. Zhongli would be the best slot for general purposes.

Archon of Geo, Zhongli is an amazing pick for the sheer quality of life and comfort when playing Yoimiya. Zhongli offers the most robust shield in the entire game with unlimited uptime, allowing Yoimiya to freely shoot without worry of being interrupted. If you can already clear the desired content that you wish with Yoimiya and meet the DPS checks reliably, Zhongli is a perfect addition to make the clear smooth.

Albedo: B-. Albedo requires little management both in battle and gear wise to deal respectable off field damage. However, Albedo is strictly inferior to many other off field DPS characters and more value can be gained by running other characters. You can record the beautiful scenery and all the things you wanna say down. Not that this is the end, of course. On the contrary, I believe that our story is only just beginning. She is also likely the single most flexible DPS in Genshin in terms of what situations her teams can deal with.

Of course, each player will have their own subjective opinions about whether a unit is worth pulling, and that is fine. Theorycrafting encompasses both evaluation of unit power level, and also discussions of how to optimize a unit, whoever they are. Thanks, and signing off on the longest guide on the KQM website.

Another, another, final note, this time by me, EdisonsMathsClub. With Yoimiya around, the Inazuman summer shall not lack any glorious fireworks — thus was her nickname, "Queen of the Summer Festival," coined. Naganohara's fireworks are loved by all, and work in the shop is always in full swing. As such, people often feel that coming up to the door without important matters might hinder the work.

However, it's just the opposite with Yoimiya, for chatting is her other great hobby. In fact, if there's no one to talk to, she might actually find it hard to focus. If chatting with the guest is her way of "understanding their mood and way of thinking, such that the best fireworks can be crafted," then going with the flow and sitting down for tea and an idle chat with them after delivering the goods is how Yoimiya rewards herself.

Sometimes, if that is not enough, she will make some small-talk with her neighbors on the way, give them some small trinkets, and receive a basket of small treats in return She doesn't repeat herself, doesn't cross boundaries, doesn't come off as indifferent or overly invested. After a talk over tea, everyone leaves in a good mood. Her neighbors are all ordinary folk, and their lives are not exactly full of extraordinary things. Sometimes, the same news will be told by different people over and over, but Yoimiya does not find this upsetting.

What she enjoys is the process of talking to others — even if they speak of the same matter, different people will have different viewpoints. After taking over the fireworks shop, Yoimiya's relationships with her neighbors became still more harmonious. Many old folks have taken her for an old acquaintance, and often invite her to their place to sit and recount the festivals of yesteryear. Middle-aged parents will ask Yoimiya to mediate the relationship between themselves and their children and will regale her with the little trivialities of daily family life.

The young people treat Yoimiya as a sibling of sorts, volunteering to help her cart heavy fireworks-making materials around, hoping that Yoimiya will get off work faster and take the children out to play. Yoimiya puts it this way: "I believe in the unique power of language. There's nothing that can't be talked through somehow! Craftsmen seeking perfection are often rigorous and self-disciplined, but Yoimiya is an exception, acting freely and taking unscheduled breaks.

Sometimes, she even has to work late into the night when she misses her daytime work due to chatting for too long. But when the sun begins to rise, she will climb up to the heights to see the sunrise with a sense of accomplishment at having finished her work in her heart. Looking out at the hazy amber-gold clouds, Yoimiya often gains new inspiration, imagining all manners of new fireworks in her mind, even as sleep draws near Her neighbors have often found her sleeping in places like eaves, tree branches, and stopped waterwheels.

Sometimes, she even falls down, before blearily watching her sweet dreams and golden stars fade away into the distance. Fortunately, she has never been seriously injured in such incidents, but she has gotten a number of scrapes and cuts, and it was on that account that she learned how to deal with wounds. At some other times, Yoimiya will sleep until midnight, settling all matters with gusto before heading out for a stroll.

Perhaps it may turn out to be an impromptu adventure, or perhaps a test of courage. If a friend is interested, she might call upon them. If she wishes to be alone, she will travel in solitude. Living as she pleases gives Yoimiya a sense of freedom. As for others, they may encounter her at any time at all.

She enjoys this freedom, often saying that it has made her life very interesting indeed. Of course, she will restrain herself on the eve of celebrations. Mistakes shall not be made during these all-important performances — her "official business. Apart from selling fireworks, Naganohara Fireworks also sells various intricate knickknacks. This can be said to be Yoimiya's second career. All manner of trinkets adorn the shelves, with some of them being exotic imports from Beidou that were modified and made into highly distinctive handicrafts, and others being practice works created during bursts of Yoimiya's explosive inspiration.

From the Scatterbloom Marbles that will blossom when they knock against each other, Leaping Tops that chirp like birds as they spin, the Neon Dragonfly that changes hue as it ascends into the air, and the somewhat-failed Onikabuto Chariot All these toys are inspired by the little games that the common people play. They are not only popular among the children, but are much-loved by adults as well.

Even Arataki Itto, the head of the Arataki Gang, comes over to buy her specially-made knickknacks, which he then brings to go challenge the one he has declared his nemesis. Yoimiya's knickknacks are not just toys. With some thought, they can be very useful in one's daily life.

The most classic example of this is the Katydid Coil, which is a ring that can contain a variety of flammables and spices. When ignited and hung up in the summer, it can be used to repel mosquitoes. Many people have come to ask Yoimiya for help on account of her excellent craftsmanship. And though she protests, saying, "Hey now, this is a fireworks shop, not an everything shop.

Even I can't possibly do it all," she will still try her best to help, even if her earnings for the whole day are only enough to buy a few snacks. She'll enjoy the whole thing, too — everyone in Hanamizaka is her friend, after all. This nameless folksong has been around for a long time now. In recent years, it was misconstrued by the children to mean that as long as they brought some shiny trinkets, they could exchange them with Yoimiya for fireworks that belong just to them, and that if they lit those fireworks up, their wish will come true at some point in the future.

As such, the children of Hanamizaka set about searching for beautiful little trinkets with this song on their lips, before bringing them to Yoimiya, with expectation eagarly written on their faces. Yoimiya was quite troubled by this at first, but after hearing how the children had interpreted that song, she accepted their requests gladly and even added her own spin to the tale: the "rainbows" in the song not only refer to shiny treasures persay.

As long as she found them "sufficiently shiny," whether they were colored rocks from the creeks or shell fragments from the beaches, she would take them and make lovely fireworks as per the agreement. Indeed, if they were to bring her expensive things, she might, in turn, say that they are too ordinary, and take the child to look for the owner of those lost goods.

But it really did not matter if the treasures were shiny or not. The important part was the conviction the children had that "rainbows" could indeed be exchanged for "fireworks. Though some might take it for naivete, Yoimiya will give her all to protect the lovely wishes that only children can have.

The legendary picture books of Inazuma are often filled with the following images: the cute and playful Great Mujina Youkai, the majestic Shiba Warrior, the Origami Nue who appears out of nowhere Yoimiya's own childlike heart and liveliness never dulls, like fireworks and stars that shimmer and shine in the night sky. Every festival, Yoimiya not only tries snacks from every store, but she also collects all sorts of candies, wraps them up with care, before storing them away inside a small candy box.

Yoimiya's candy box is a small crimson ball that has been decorated with delicate lanyards and ornate accessories, much like the hair accessories she often wears. Each time she encounters a joyous event, she will take one candy out of the box and eat it. If her friends or the children are around, she will share the sweets with them. Yoimiya's neighbors often mistake her hair ornaments for the candy box, hence its erroneous nickname "Sweet Pearl. Sometimes, when things get busy, she sometimes absently uses the candy box as a hair accessory, realizing her mistake only after the day is done.

Free pick of the sweets to anyone who gets it right! Yoimiya is always up for a chat. It is only when the fireworks are ascending into the skies that she quiets down and just watches the lovely scenery. People often say that fireworks come and go in a fleeting heartbeat, but if they are memorable enough, they will remain in bloom forever in people's hearts. Those who accompanied you and the loveliness of the moment itself, will burrow deep into your mind as a beautiful memory.

And as you look upon the same fireworks, many years later, that same memory and the feelings that came with it will surely rise again to the forefront of your heart.

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