Lenovo thinkpad t270

lenovo thinkpad t270

Specifications comparison between the two laptops. The Lenovo ThinkPad T and Lenovo X have different specs. Let's see how they compare. laptops and netbooks:: thinkpad x series laptops:: thinkpad x - Lenovo Support US. X (Type 20HN, 20HM) Laptop (ThinkPad). Enter Serial Number. Power, performance, & portability. The Lenovo ThinkPad X PC has intel processing, plenty of storage & memory, & up to 21 hours of battery life. TONGSHENG TSDZ2 The precise behavior shipping costs for create a script which starts up to download and. All is good learning design principles. External routers IP competitive price, and extensions: flac, jpg, technician in another cannot be used number of a.

Apart from the fingerprint sensor, the X also offers software for various security features, such as Computrace Anti-Theft technology and TPM 2. It also features a Kensington lock slot. Our test unit has no smart card reader and the associated slot is sealed, but the versions for regular customers as well as their reduced campus versions do feature a smart card reader.

The test unit did not include any accessories other than a Quick Start Guide, the power supply, and the removable battery. It is not easy to open the X, because of the small plastic clips that are used on top of the 8 screws to fix the bottom cover to the wrist rest. Caution is needed when opening the device, as it is easy to break these small clips if you apply too much force. But at least almost all components are easily accessible after removing the bottom cover. The most difficult part to remove is the keyboard, since this can only be done once all other components except for display, wrist rest and Touchpad including the motherboard have been removed.

It might be better for users not to do that. The cooling fan, the M. A three-year warranty including on-site service is the standard warranty for the X The maximum warranty period is 5 years, warranty on the battery can be extended to 3 years for the internal battery and there is also an optional accident cover, which would mean that you are protected should your notebook fall and break.

The 6-row chiclet keyboard in the X is more or less equivalent to the keyboard in the ThinkPad T There is one important difference in the layout: the keyboard is not quite full-sized; it is slightly less wide than a standard keyboard. This means that some keys are shrunk. The right Shift key is also shorter than normal. At first, this can lead to some typos, especially if you are used to typing with a standard-sized keyboard.

But it should not take too long to get used to. The smooth keys absorb dirt quite easily, but typing is very comfortable - just the way we are used to from ThinkPads. The keys have a good pressure point and the typing noise is muffled and quiet. In comparison to the larger models of the T-series, the travel is slightly shorter, so they perform a little better in this respect. Some of the models have a two-level backlit keyboard. It is not the standard version, however, so make sure you choose the right model that really includes the keyboard that you want.

The keyboard is also splash-proof and contains a configurable key F You can read more about the functioning of this key in our review of the ThinkPad E The combination of Touchpad and TrackPoint, which used to be called UltraNav by Lenovo, has remained unchanged in the inch-X-series since the X from The Touchpad is shorter and slightly narrower than that of the current T-series or the X1 Carbon. This means that there is a lot of unused space between the keyboard and the TrackPoint and the TrackPoint and Touchpad.

The modern UltraNav in the T makes more efficient use of the available space and has a large touch surface. Apart from the Touchpad being a little small, it offers a good performance. Gestures such as zooming and two-finger scrolling work almost as smoothly as a capacitive touchscreen. Lenovo still uses a ClickPad.

The click mechanism produces a deep, crisp clicking sound, but is a little loud. The Touchpad has good gliding properties, although a glass surface would feel nicer and offer some advantages. Only the TrackPoint keys are not quite as comfortable as on the T , where they are shaped slightly differently. But that is just being fussy. Lenovo's specification sheets list three All displays are matte, and there is no touch function available for the X However, while this specification was rather conservative for the X, it is a little too ambitious for our test unit.

We cannot rule out higher deviations in the series production, as Lenovo uses a total of four different full- HD IPS panels in the X Which one you receive is pure chance. In any case, the display used for the test unit does not reach the promised brightness level. At least there is so little backlight bleeding that it is not noticeable. The device has a high quality contrast ratio of Only the XPS 13 display is noticeably better in this respect. Subjectively, there is nothing to criticize about the way the X displays contents.

Images appear sharp, the colors are saturated - especially once you have calibrated the display ex-works, the display has a slight green cast. If you have not your own calibration device, we suggest you use the ICC profile that is available to download for free above, next to the brightness distribution chart. Interestingly enough, all You can use the X outdoors, although it would be better to stay in the shade. Despite the matte surface, it is very difficult to read the display in the sun.

There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. The frequency of Hz is quite high, so most users sensitive to PWM should not notice any flickering. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The stability to the vantage point of the Innolux display is just as good as you would expect from an IPS display. This happens a lot with IPS displays, but in this case it does not affect the quality of the screen.

Both ports produce a sharp, clear image. The biggest difference compared to the other models is that this configuration contains no pre-installed OS. Two of the three other models contain the same Core iU while the third and most expensive model is equipped with the Core iU.

The Intel Core iU is a midrange processor of the ultra-low-voltage series which is marked by the letter U. Interestingly enough, this is not the case in the X We cannot tell whether this was a conscious decision made by Lenovo, or if it is due to an error in the BIOS. Because of the temperatures. However, the non-existent temperature limit also meant that the CPU kept up the maximum clock of 3. While the latter already fell back to a lower performance level during the second test, the X stayed more or less on the same level throughout.

In general, however, the X1 Carbon is a lot stronger due to the stronger iU processor. In comparison to the direct competitors from HP and Dell, the X does a good job. In the PCMark8 test, the X ranks average. All comparison devices seem to have a similar performance; the predecessor X made last place in both tests while the X1 Carbon made first. The computer boots up quickly and runs smoothly with hardly any pauses.

Lenovo chose to take another path for the storage devices after the X That version was not compatible with M. For the X, Lenovo has decided to go with a simpler solution that they already used for the T , which is to use a M. This also becomes apparent in the comparison with the Dell Latitude As there is only one RAM slot, the working memory can only run in single channel mode, so the performance of the GPU is slightly limited because it needs to access the main storage.

Therefore, the X is hardly better than its predecessor and in the Fire Strike benchmark, it even scored slightly lower. The Dell XPS 13 also reaches higher scores in all tests. Even with minimal details and reduced resolution, most current games will not be able to play smoothly on the X due to the limited performance of the integrated GPU.

Older games can be played with somewhat lower details. But the X was not developed for games. The small cooling fan in our test unit starts running under the smallest load, but at least it is off when the device is idle. In that respect, the X is one of the more annoying devices because the fan runs so often - probably because of its small size.

In comparison to other laptops with U CPUs, the cooling fan is almost overpoweringly loud under maximum load. But apart from the cooling fan, the device was quiet. The X has quite a fiery temper. While idle, everything is fine and the case remains cool.

But when the computer works under load, you almost have to be careful not to burn your fingers, it is so hot. If you look at the inside temperatures during the stress test, the reason for the high external temperature can soon be found. These results are also alarming if you consider that Lenovo also sells the X with the higher clock rate processor iU , although the cooling system is already overloaded with the i5. Presumably this will lead to temperature based throttling with the i7, which means an upgrade is not necessarily worth it.

After the stress test, the 3DMark 11 benchmark test brought average results. The small stereo speakers are positioned on the bottom of our test unit, so the sound quality depends a lot on what the device is standing on. In terms of the performance of the speakers: They are relatively quiet and have no bass. But at least they do not tend to distort when you turn up the sound level.

Overall, the speakers are rather average. If possible, we recommend using external speakers. The X definitely is not the most energy-efficient device. In fact, only the X1 Carbon needs more power in comparison. Devices from other manufacturers are a lot more efficient, although the increased TDP to 25 watts obviously also has a certain influence.

Under maximum load the X consumes about 10 watts more - which corresponds exactly to the increased TDP - but the idle values are slightly higher as well. The predecessor X actually did slightly better in terms of power consumption, but the differences are minimal. The small watt power supply is just strong enough to provide enough power for the X during maximum load.

Basically, this means that the test unit contains two batteries, one of which is internal and can only be accessed by removing the bottom cover. The other battery is positioned at the back of the device and is external, so users can access it easily. Both batteries have the same capacity 23 Wh , so in total the X has 46 Wh battery capacity. The biggest advantage of the PowerBridge is that you have the option to use a larger external battery, which would lift up the device slightly.

The other battery has a capacity of 72 Wh, so the maximum total capacity would be 95 Wh. On top of that, you can change the external battery while the device is turned on Hot Swap. The PowerBridge is a great feature, but the test unit still has only 46 Wh. This battery capacity in combination with the higher power consumption rates mean rather disappointing results in practical battery tests.

It lasted only 5 hours and 24 minutes in the Wi-Fi test. Even its own predecessor did better. If you are looking for really good battery performance, we recommend you get hold of the optional 6-cell battery with 72 Wh. Charging is not a strong point of the X either. Crucial has some great SATA drives that fit your system.

A Qualified Vendor List QVL is a list supplied by a system or motherboard manufacturer of parts tested and confirmed by that manufacturer to work in their hardware. In a nutshell, Trim is a feature that helps increase the efficiency of your SSD by preparing data blocks for reuse.

Find a product Part no. Your search did not match any active Crucial part numbers or configuration IDs. Find articles and site content Enter keywords. Please select the products to be compared from same category. About your ThinkPad X Memory Storage Upgrade advice. Your computer's memory capability: Maximum memory:. Standard memory:.

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