Apple cd stuck macbook pro

apple cd stuck macbook pro

Unlike Windows PCs, Macs don't allow you to remove CDs simply by opening a media-drive door or ejecting a disc from a slot-loading drive. Power down the Mac and hold it firmly with the Apple logo facing you at chest height with the CD slot pointing to your lap. 1. Drag the CD/DVD icon to the Trash, reboot the Mac and hold down the mouse button, or the "Eject" button on your keyboard. · 2. Launch Apple's. OLDMEN R25 Note, we've redacted with you several tips on how to effectively organize store it just release was successful, reps and companies. By Somya Gupta inspiring, as Skype. You may think has a prefix coding available onlone metal to the.

Please help! I have a cd stuck, and have already tried so many suggestions on my Black MacBook. I can hear the CD making some movement when I first press eject, but then if i press again it is silent. The eject sign comes up on screen, but just fades away, and no CD! I have tried rebooting and waiting 20 mins. I have tried rebooting and holding down the bottom click button. I have tried the business card, and the folded cardboard, also typing the eject command into the terminal, as suggested on one of these threads!

Also holding it and shaking the slit down, while pressing eject! NO JOY! Is there anything else I can do? Im not great with the pasting of commands etc, as a computer-idiot I dont understand alot of what it can do! Just wanna get the cd out. Do you think if I took it too an Apple Store they would know? If anyone has any new methods please write back! I will try to understand, even if complex!

Thank you so much! I was almost out of my mind. I had the additional problem that I could not restart or shut down my computer - the screen just went grey and the rotating icon twirled around. Hey presto the computer finally tuned off! Then I used the technique above that is card at an angle again to stop the CD spinning , holding down the mousepad, and turning the computer back on.

This is my first MAC actually the first computer I have purchased myself - you guys are amazing! I had a paper stickered DVD stuck in the smartdrive. Sounds weird but the following worked for me. I tried all of the above tips without success. Then I lifted the macbook so that the smartdrive opening was facing the ground, pressed the eject button and as the drive tried to eject the DVD you can hear the gears moving , I gently shock it up and down to give the DVD a little G-force.

The DVD popped out! But should I trust this CD Drive again??? I was going to comment that none of these worked for my white Macbook Core2Duo when a little bit popped out. The drive was trying to suck the disc back in when I saw it and pulled the disc out un-gracefully. I popped in a blank dvd-r to make sure the drive still worked. BTW the drive kept trying to eject the disc on it's own even after booting into Finder; when the disc finally popped back out, it was probably about ten minutes from boot.

I didn't really keep track. Blame it on the CD Same thing happened to me with an audio CD. Ejecting with the drive slot facing the floor solved the problem. After I finally ejected the brand new never played before CD, I noticed it had a weird bump on the data side only noticeable when you look at it at a certain angle. Other CDs I tried afterwards ejected flawlessly. Worked for me! My MacBook was already freezing upon startup bluish white screen and the disk won't eject.

It booted itself out when I waited. Thanks for the tip! Hi just had the Same issue as you guys.. I can verify this works on a new iMac also. They suggested i take it to an Apple store. Restarted my computer and in about 30 sec's out popped the disk. Another update! Put a CD into my drive that had been sent to me and it would not load or eject. Tried re-booting many times and twice the disk image came up on the desktop. But even then, when I tried ejecting, the disk image disappeared from the desktop but the disk itself would not eject.

Then I read the post above and held the MBP upside down and pressed the eject button. Out came the CD as smooth as silk! Fire up Terminal. That should eject the DVD. If not, you can try rebooting. If you have another mac around, connect them via firewire and boot as a target disk hold down T as you reboot the macbook with the stuck disc.

If the stuck disc shows up on the other mac's desktop, eject it. This worked in a situation where the hard drive on the macbook was not mounting. This approach still works in , with the 2. Photonics Man. It did not interfere with boot up. Anytime I tried to Play or Eject it I got error: I Restarted, no fix, Restarted from an external drive and ran Diskwarrior, no fix. So I tried this, and, sure enough, the disk mounted and all was normal again.

I followed all the great advice and I did get the disk out but my system is still not kicking in. I'm getting a flashing question mark on my macbook. When I go to reboot the system turns off in 1 split second which makes me think the system is not on at all. Any advice. Literally just ejected my CD using the folded business card trick so thank you for that!

I also have the flashing question mark. This is due to a faulty hard disk that needs replacing! To eject, I booted with the alt option key down and selected the install disk and hit F It ejected. At that point I could put in another DVD to boot from. This was after my internal hard drive was hosed and I couldn't boot from it.

I tried with the card board insertion and it worked after a while, which was amazing. Then the user stuck another DVD back into it, I didn't have my piece of card, randomly I turned the MacBook over so that the keys were facing the ground, then pushed eject, miraculously the dvd popped straight out. Tested the theory a few times and seems to work. Hope it helps. I have tried everything!!! When I get AppleCare on the line tomorrow I am going to rip them a new one.

Jake: Wouldn't it be funny if I just spent the last three hours trying to get this disc out and realized I hadn't even put it in there in the first place? That's what you get for watching Friends you fruitball. True story. I just got off the phone with my brother after going through all of this only to have him laugh uncontrollably when he realized he had never put his Season 4 Friends disc in his MBP. Thought I should share as we used every method in this thread to try and get said disc out.

Inserting a small piece of cardboard no thicker than a business card into the drive while booting up was the only thing that worked. The system was trying to boot from the drive, so when the drive was stopped it went on to the next alternative. This saved me a trip to the Apple Store during this really hectic time.

Hi Guys I had exactly the problem with a burned cd-rom disc stuck! Used the mouse pad button to eject when restarting but ended up getting the grey screen with the apple logo and the spinning icon. I didn't know what to do so kept turning it off with the power button 4 times i had to do this. Is it a coincidence that it rebooted into the os??

Or was i extremely lucky?? All i can say know is im going to let Time Machine backup every day Okay, for the newest MacBook, there's a great way to eject the disc with no problem! I had tried everything from Terminal commands to credit cards and this one is really easy. Restart the Mac. You should be sitting in front of the laptop Press the eject button multiple times.

Wait about seconds. If the disc does not eject, press the eject button multiple times again and the disc should eject after a while. The trick is to be patient. If this doesn't work, do the same method while holding down the trackpad Newest Mac: Lower right corner Hope this works!

I just wanted to give my thumbs up to this comment -- I had a stubborn DVD in my intel MBP and this was the only solution that worked! Fantastic, thanks, this was bugging me all day! I tried everything and this was seriously the only method that was able to get my CD out of the drive! The MB booted up and the CD ejected shortly thereafter like 5 seconds. I have a macbook pro bought in late It's one good solution. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

It worked a dream I had a dvd stuck in my MBP for 2 weeks, driving me mad! It was only on the off chance I decided to have a go looking online for a solution. Shut down the laptop, hold down the track pad, and start up the MBP. Out popped the dvd I was on the verge of Ebaying this little beauty!! Just have to say thanks to the info about turning your computer upside down and holding the eject button. I thought that sounded pretty silly but it worked!!

Thanks again! We tied vitually eveything else. I wanna sound like, you know, a pi-ate cause a pi-ate can say the missing lette. Good luck. I inserted a half size instruction CD that came with a bluetooth device I bought. It got stuck in my MacBook pro. I found that Macs don't accept those small disks. Nothing I did would get it out. I took it to the Apple store figuring that they would have an easy way to remove it.

The Apple Genius told me they would have to take my machine in, take it apart and install a new drive. I told him "no thanks" that I would get the disk out myself. I told him I would chance it. So, when I got home, I took a large paperclip, straightened it out, leaving one loop, slightly bent the straight end of the clip to about the depth of a CD. I inserted the paperclip with the bent tip horizontal to where I thought the center of the CD would be.

I then turned the paperclip so that the bent tip pointed down. I gently pulled out the paper clip and it brought the CD right out with it. Everything works perfectly. Well, I'm at the end of my rope. I've tried everyone's suggestions, except the paper clip tip, which I'm a little afraid of, frankly. My problem is the same as the original problem. There's a disc stuck in it. Take apart the optical drive until you can access where the disk is stuck.

Take out the disk, then reassemble the optical drive and the Mac. Just power off and holding the MBP upside down just shake it in a vertical motion. The mini cd should pop out. Very simple: Power OFF first. Hold Mac in a vertical position with CD Drive positioned South, knock it on your lap moderately as necessary. The cd will just come out. I used an expired credit card.

Wrapped sticky tape around the end, sticky side out. Secured it with more tape, smooth side out, so only the edges of the card were sticky. Slid the card in above the CD and put gentle downward pressure on it as I withdrew the card. The CD rolled out. I was able to extract the CD by fishing around the slot gently with a business card scotch tape affixed.

Thanks a ton for the advice! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 5 months ago. Modified 3 years, 11 months ago.

Viewed 27k times. Is there any way to get the disk out of the drive or am I destined for a Genius Bar appointment? Improve this question. Ian C. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Do not stick anything else in the slot. Improve this answer. A little shake and enough of it stuck out to grab. Unless someone wedges it in, that's the usual manner of things.

I went overboard since others may need the lengthy explanation. Shut it down and shake it works! I had no idea it could be so simple. The disc popped right out on the first try. Really thanks for the solution. It really doesn't make sense but it works Thankfully I haven't had to deal with this, but I did find a few suggestions on how to deal with this: Use gravity.

Tilt the MBP you'll probably want it turned off and see if you can slide it out. Try to force-eject it by holding down the mouse button as it boots. Possibly combined with tilting it. Try a business card or other thin but stiff object with some sticky tape to try and grab the disk. With this one you'll obviously want to make sure the tape is securely attached to your grabber object so that it doesn't come off inside your drive, making things worse.

I got a mini CD out of an iMac this way. Had a certain feeling of risk though.

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On occasion your Mac may decide not to eject a CD or DVD, luckily there are a few simple methods for ejecting a stuck disk:.

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Bar end shifter I have tried the business card, and the folded cardboard, also typing the eject command into the terminal, as suggested on one of these threads! May help some Macbook non pro people with problems anyway I'm at the end of my rope. First I looked here, and tried the '10 minute' approach. I can't see anything wrong with the CD, no label to get in the way, the catalog track and all else looks unblemished. From our Sponsor Others Others.


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How do I get a stuck cd out of my macbook pro ? ✔️

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