Avira password manager pro

avira password manager pro

Avira Password Manager's free plan offers a decent range of features, including multi-device synchronization, unlimited password storage, and file storage. Avira Password Manager lets you create and manage all your passwords, credit cards, and notes anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to handwritten notes creating. You can use Avira Password Manager at no charge, and you can even sync it across all your devices. It doesn't offer much in the way advanced. APPLE STORE SAFARI On the right, software download page. Everyone is going to need it. Ip cefit was fine, free Internet Security, view comprises zooming. The resolution is the Windows machine in your router.

Then today I set up a different website and password on my laptop and I was able to see it on my cell with no issues. I had encephalitis a few years ago, which has caused memory issues an other challenges. I use three devices so the ability to sync between the three is an absolute necessity.

I am confident that I am using the app correctly, however, the syncing seems to be inconsistent. This leads to me having to change passwords multiple times to get it worked out. The Password and Master Password are also an issue for people like me with memory issues.

When I first got this app, I loved it. The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:. The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.

Learn More. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Description Avira Password Manager lets you create and manage all your passwords, credit cards, and notes anytime, anywhere. Mar 10, Version 2. Bug fixes and performance improvements. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Size Category Productivity. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Price Free.

More By This Developer. AST StealthOne. Avira Mobile Security. You Might Also Like. Post Office GOV. UK Verify. AuthAnvil Authenticator. Shift4 Authenticator. MYKI Authenticator. Following the same procedure, you can store notes, too. Now, the cool part is, you can add different tags to your entries so that you can trace a specific unique password within seconds the next time you need it. In my test, I used the auto-fill to login to different social media platforms, and it hit the bullseye every time.

From there, you can just choose the username you want to login with, and the rest of the job will be done by Avira. The password generator can come up with strong passwords up to 30 characters long. But compared to other programs, you get limited freedom to customize the weird string of characters. The security dashboard of Avira evaluates all your unique passwords and flags out the weaker passwords ones among them. You can also see which passwords are being used frequently, and how you can create strong passwords.

Avira Password Manager is available on all the Windows and Mac computers and mobile devices as long as you have access to a wi-fi network and use the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser extension. Both iOS and Android device users can make use of the tool by installing the app from their respective app stores.

The ability to use fingerprint or face recognition is a nice level of extra protection and mobile security. Even the most mediocre password manager apps offer the facility to save card details for hassle-free online shopping, but Avira fails to do so.

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You can then take immediate action to improve your online security. Your passwords, credit cards, and notes are protected using bit AES encryption — the most secure standard out there. Think of it as your own personal armoured password safe. Thanks to your master password only you and you alone have access to them — not even Avira can access your data.

For extra security you can use your fingerprint authentication on Google devices. This means you can now use Password Manager to generate 2-factor authentication codes, saving you from the need to receive these codes via text message or separate authenticator apps. Avira Password Manager Pro: Security status on all platforms, premium support. Length of subscription: 1 month or 1 year. What is HappyMod? How does it work? Download Original APK. Editor Review Say goodbye to handwritten notes creating chaos on your desk.

Share This. Like This. Request update. Download App 7. The only significant paywall materializes when you attempt to enter the software's security section, as the information it contains is available solely to Pro version subscribers. Avira treats security as a bonus for paying customers, whereas its competitors, like LastPass, make these important features available to all users.

A considerable amount of time can be saved by using Avira Password Manager's browser extension. In particular, its autofill makes sure that login data is automatically input whenever pertinent data sets are present. This is only convenient if the extension is reliable and capable of correctly identifying input fields.

During our review, this was the case at least with login data , and even with more complicated login pop-up windows, such as those of Reddit or Amazon. We were less thrilled with autofill for account data: Credit card information saved to Amazon or Argos cannot be automatically added since the Avira symbol didn't appear in the input field. The browser extension makes the manual copying and pasting of this data straightforward, however, other solutions are more convenient.

When logging in for the first time with a service or website, Avira Password Manager automatically creates a new entry. The software also helps when creating new passwords. Other functions are missing altogether, even from Avira Password Manager Pro.

Secure password sharing, which, for example, comes standard with most password managers, is one of these absences. Instead, Avira Password Manager concentrates on user experience, shunning as many bells and whistles along the way as possible. Some of these, such as sharing or more variety when categorizing data sets, have become standard, which we didn't like having to do without. We also didn't look too kindly upon the limitation of security features to paying customers, especially since other password managers make these available to everyone.

The only plus side is that Avira doesn't set limits on how many devices you can sync or the number of data sets that can be saved. Like most password managers, Avira's solution embraces the zero-knowledge proof: Only you know your passwords, with Avira maintaining no copies or backups of them. Your data is encrypted using highly secure AES , and your master password is encrypted and stored on Avira's servers, meaning that it should be out of harm's way.

Simply enter your phone number, and a code will be sent to you when logging in with which you can confirm your identity. Authenticator apps or other methods of authentication aren't supported. Since Avira Password Manager lacks recovery methods and emergency access, there are no security gaps. As such, the solution upholds the company's long-standing reputation as a security specialist. Avira offers a free password manager app for Andoid and iOS devices. Like the desktop version, the mobile app is also all about simplicity.

Since there are only two categories in the app, you'll be able to immediately keep track of all logins and notes you've created. Automatic synchronization ensures that all data sets are shared between your desktop and mobile device s. All passwords and notes that you've saved can also be found in Avira Password Manager's smartphone app.

When first using the mobile app, you'll have to grant it the necessary permissions to open in your browser and other applications. The app also doesn't come with its own browser, unlike a number of its competitors. Unfortunately, autofill did not perform as consistently on the smartphone we tested it on as it did on the desktop. We had to occasionally copy login data manually since the Avira window did not appear or only opened briefly. Sometimes, we had to start typing multiple times in an input field before the Avira symbol showed up.

For the most part, however, the app cut a fine figure. Since the password manager is only one of the programs in Avira's portfolio, the tool doesn't have a dedicated help center. You'll still find a sub-area for the password manager which includes guides, video tutorials, and full-text search. Users of the free version can only pose questions in the forum since direct contact is exclusively for paying subscribers. Premium users can request help either over the phone or through support tickets.

For this review, we had to wait 28 hours for a response, which is slightly longer than we're used to. We were satisfied with Avira's support, however, a more personalized experience and extra resources would be good. A live chat would also be an excellent addition. Pro subscriptions to Avira Password Manager can be booked either monthly or yearly, whereby you'll save a bit if opting for the latter.

There's also a smartphone-only subscription. The Pro version grants complete access to the program's security features. Avira offers annual subscribers a day, money-back guarantee, while those going in for a monthly plan have 14 days to try out the service. Avira has carved out a respectable position for itself in the highly competitive password manager market.

Its applications are intuitive, provide access to the most important features, and don't limit data sets or cross-platform synchronization. Autofill worked well in both versions we tested, however, it did have some occasional lapses.

Should you want more than just the basics, you could quickly come up against the software's limits. Many features, such as password sharing, are nowhere to be found, and the security center is off-limits to all but paying subscribers. Nevertheless, anyone who can do without the missing features and who values simplicity will be very happy with Avira Password Manager as it stands. Reviews often represent little more than a snapshot, particularly since support response times, for example, can vary from day-to-day.

For that reason, it's a good idea to look at what users or customers have to say about the service on verified and reputable review portals. We've gathered a number of these for you below, collating them into a numerical score:. Avira doesn't offer the only free password manager out there.

We liked the free versions of NordPass and Bitwarden more since neither limits the number of data sets or devices you can sync with. The top-performing service from our evaluation, Dashlane , excelled thanks to its large number of features, high security, and ease of use, offering the best overall package out there.

For more of the best alternatives to Avira Password Manager, be sure to check out the services below:. What Is Avira Password Manager? Top 5 Password Manager. Review Score. Visit Website. Mobile Usage. Pros and Cons. Easy-to-use and intuitive apps. Well-rounded free version which supports synchronization and doesn't have data set limits.

Security center only for Pro users. Usage: Everything in the Browser On the desktop, Avira is divided between a web dashboard and browser extension. Web Dashboard Avira Password Manager's browser dashboard is where all of the magic happens, that is, where you manage your logins and passwords. You can quickly find your footing in Avira Password Manager's web dashboard. Browser Extension You won't have to manually save new logins: Should you have installed the browser extension, fields for usernames and passwords are automatically identified and, if desired, the information you input into them will be saved.

You can quickly log in anywhere thanks to Avira Password Manager's browser extension. Score: 3. Password Generator No password manager can do without a generator for secure passwords, with Avira putting the ability to automatically create unbreakable combinations at its users' fingertips. Using Avira's password generator, it's possible to create unbreakable passwords. Security Test The only significant paywall materializes when you attempt to enter the software's security section, as the information it contains is available solely to Pro version subscribers.

Autofill A considerable amount of time can be saved by using Avira Password Manager's browser extension. You can endow your account with additional security by integrating 2FA. Score: 4. We waited around 28 hours to receive an answer from Avira's support team.

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