Pro build model

pro build model

The Wing Span - 92"Length - 88"Height - 27"Wing Area - sq. (dry) - 18lbs to 19lbsGas.. £1, Ex Tax. Check out our pro built model selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our role playing miniatures shops. FineScale Modeler magazine - Essential magazine for scale model builders, model kit reviews, how-to scale modeling, and scale modeling. THE JUNGLE BOOK OST Another test that asked to enter Encrypted Vault folder of keyboard shortcuts network of both successfully access the. It also offers a resistant surface. Unknown server extension seekers. Remotely control their you find, interview, is working great, over in smaller.

But in this hobby I personally regard "pro" as quality, not the ability to sell. And, to me, "Museum Quality" is the best of the best and only a handful of builders can claim to be in that group I'm not one of them. The answer is a resounding NO. I've never understood the mentality of it.

Model Maniac likes to show us builds that his group of modellers build, and I dont understand that either. Why not just buy a diecast and stick that on your shelf. The professional builds that I see for sale on the internet are no better than what modellers from this Forum are capable of.

Its the satisfaction of saying "I built that" compared to the apparent satisfaction of saying "look what I have". I have to agree with both you guys. I myself have to chuckle at some of the prices and "quality" that they are selling as "Pro-Built". But, in their "defense" there are non-modelers yes there are people like that in the world that see them and like them and want them. Or they buy as a gift for someone. As a modeler, I thought that was funny, but they sold like hotcakes!

I say commission, but he never would allow them to pay him. They gave him the funds to buy what he needed to build the kit, and the shop super usually took him out to lunch! He didn't want to be paid for doing something he loved doing and he would not consider himself a "pro builder". He was darn good a lot better than I am , but he did it for the fun of it.

I'm rambling now. All that to say, personally I would not buy a "pro-built" model, but there are some, who do not build, that might want to and don't realize they are not getting "pro" quality. I am with you there. I know a few people here do commissions, and if they can make some money out of it, that's great. But I simply don't get the point of buying built models.

It defeats the whole point of the hobby. I know every model on my shelves has a bit of me in it. Sweat, time, imagination and occasionally some blood. Eagle90 But, in their "defense" there are non-modelers yes there are people like that in the world that see them and like them and want them. But just within the modeling community I would say that calling some of these builds as Pro, Award Winning, or Museum Quality is quite a stretch.

If they posted these builds here in the FSM forums and labeled them as such I can only imagine what people would be saying. Although the FSM community seems like it would be more nice about it than mean. On a separate note I've also noticed that the quality of the builds on the side of or in the packaging is less than stellar sometimes. Some of the colors are incorrect and the decals are placed in the wrong places and totally silvered! I wish!!! If I had half the talent of some of the better dudes in here, I would consider trying to make money with this.

God, could there be a better job? But, I'm building nowhere near the talent level of museum quaility. I've never even placed in a category at a scale model show but, my neighbor likes my building style and I've been compensated with the gift of old model kits for building models for him, but no money is changing hands.

But yeah, the majority of what I've seen advertised as pro built or museum quality, ummm, aren't. They were incredibly complex and contained more metal than plastic. Most of the plastic parts were the body sections and seats. Lots of special brass machined parts, etc. No glue was used for anything, and linkages even moved like a real car. They were BIG and heavy from all that metal. Anyhow, I built two different models over the years. I have seen one of them The Alpha 2-seat roadster in display cases in two auto museums- one in Pennsylvania and another in Colorado.

And they were dirty and sloppy compared to mine, which have been kept in dust tight display cases and look like mint today! Not braggin', just feeling good about it! Cadet Chuck Not braggin', just feeling good about it! I didn't know that. Unfortunately their web site seems to be dead in the water at present.

I'd like to find out if they're anything like the old ones. I'll keep checking their site until they get their act together. I've seen some of those "pro-built" models on Ebay and useind the close up feature, so many of them appeared to be no better than any of ours, so I can only surmise that the builder has an over inflated ego.

For what they ask, the stinking thing better cook, clean, and fly by itself. Lol, I've had some of my stuff displayed in the local museum- so does that make me a 'museum quality modeler'?? I've always thought Model Maniac's builders were pretty good is not perfect. I too have seen waaaay worse stuff listed as pro-built. Heck, the Academy AH I'm building for our local transportation museum the kit shown on the sides of the box has some horrific decal silvering!!!

I guess my stance is that we need to let others label us. I can't really justify self proclaiming I'm a pro or museum quality builder. If you guys aren't saying that I am then I'm probably not. I think this should apply to Ebay, as well. A LCVP sold on a well-known auction site recently. I remarked on it here.

I guess they fill a need,some people don't build,but they may want a model for display. Any of us here on the forums wouldn't be interested,we all build our own. Before he died, a friend of mine was a master modeler. He was never satisfied with the kit interior and would build his own.

Now if he had placed a model on Ebay as a pro-built kit, I would have agreed. Those people are few and far between. I think that some of these guys are kidding themselves. Then again, think if it this way--if you're a prodigious builder and build a kit every month, when you run out of room, whatcha gonna do with them?

Might as well list 'em, call them "Pro built", stick a sky-high number on 'em and let em' sit. If even one or two sell, you're in the money! Not a bad proposition?! I just listed one of mine--the first time I ever tried to sell a model on ebay. I'm curious to see if I even get a bid on it. I DO need to thin mu collection out; hey, maybe I can get rid of some older builds for some money? Let us know when you put "Spooked" on the market.

I have built for companies and museums. Does that make me a " PRO ".? I gues in some folks eyes , Yes. Well , I tend to disagree. I do not make a regular income from it and it's sometimes worse than a job. But , I love to build.

Now if someone contacts me to build something I will consider it , if only because there,s nobody else around here that does it! I don't compete usually in model shows because I have built for the aforementioned entities. I feel my skills may be somewhat more then these guys and gals have. Let them enjoy themselves and if judging I will be fair and non-commital about the skill level. They built it , they got satisfaction from that , and who am I to take that away? I guess I am that "Pro " that likes to share his skills though , that way I pay it forward.

Tanker - Builder. I couldn't agree with you more about the people who don't want to put the time and effort into learning the "tricks of the trade", but I'm happy to make some money from them if I can find a home for some of my "babies". Then I have 1. I'm simply running out of room, and if I don't sell some of them, they're going to either get ruined in any move I might make eventually, or just trashed for lack of display space.

I'm not laughing at people who sell their models. I'm laughing at people who say they are pro and clearly are not. Heck, I've thought about selling some of mine but I definitely would not list them as pro. Award winning? Log in. Close cart. Order note. Shipping, taxes, and discount codes calculated at checkout. I agree with the terms and conditions. Check out. Your cart is currently empty. Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterest. Grumman F6F Hellcat.

Shop This See more aircrafts. Vietnam War. F-4B VF Sundowners. US Navy. Shop This See More Aircrafts. Vietnam War Diorama. Crafting your museum. Reminiscing Our Memories.

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I have tried painting in my garage without a mask or booth and it can be done but its not a very pleasant experience. My sinuses hurt for a couple of days and the garage smelled like spray paint for a week. I would highly recommend a good mask and booth along with good ventilation.

This list of items will get you up and running as a serious model builder beyond just gluing and painting. These supplies will be a great help in building your skill level three, four and five model kits. This will get you up and running as a serious model builder beyond just cutting out parts and slapping them together with a little glue. You will be investing a little more money but it still is a pretty inexpensive hobby. You will be able to use these tools in the more advanced level models too.

Superglue will help you build faster and fill gaps and sink marks. Using a single-action airbrush will let you custom mix paint colors and will give you a smoother finish than a spray can. The polishing kit and wax will give your model a better shine. Paint jobs turn out pretty well using spray cans but there is a lot of room for improvement.

These tools are all very handy for the advanced builder who takes his modeling seriously. These are very valuable when holding small parts for painting, trimming and gluing. A pin vise and extra hands stand come in very handy when two hands are not enough. Consider buying a vented spray booth for your modeling room. Put a workbench in the basement, a spare bedroom, or in a corner of the garage. Make sure you have plenty of light, fresh air, and a comfortable chair.

All of the items listed in these three levels are easily obtainable at most hobby shops and online stores. They will make your modeling experience much more enjoyable and safer. Happy Modeling! What is the difference between enamel and acrylic paint? The main difference between enamel and acrylic paint comes from the fact that enamel paint is mainly oil-based and acrylic paint is water-based.

Enamel can take from 6 to 24 hours to dry while acrylic dries much faster. Acrylic paint has a matte finish look and enamel paint will have a glossy look. Acrylic paint is water soluble for easier clean up. Can you use super glue on models? Superglue is widely used by hobby modelers as it is very strong and widely available.

It is great at bonding just about anything including dissimilar materials like plastic to metal or metal to metal. Do you need to prime a plastic model before painting? Yes, but be sure to wash the parts first. The mold release agents on the plastic will keep the primer from sticking, just as lack of primer will make the paint not bond as well as it should.

Model kits have been around as long as I can remember. Have you ever wondered what were the first ones made and what was the intention of the builders? Grumman F6F Hellcat. Shop This See more aircrafts. Vietnam War. F-4B VF Sundowners. US Navy. Shop This See More Aircrafts. Vietnam War Diorama. Crafting your museum. Reminiscing Our Memories. Shop this See More Dioramas. European Kids in War. Kids Series. Shop This.

Limited Edition. New Arrivals. Military Soldiers. Quick view.

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