Apple macbook pro 15 me294

apple macbook pro 15 me294

The MacBook Pro "Core i7" Inch (Dual Graphics - Late Retina Display) features a 22 nm "Haswell/Crystalwell" GHz Intel "Core i7". Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy DTK A ME ME A Laptop Battery for Macbook Pro Retina Me Display Mitte 15 inch (Only fit. Apple MacBook 15 inch Core i7 GGHZ RAM16GB SSD GB ME (October, ) DG. £ (£/Unit). Refurbished. Apple MacBook Pro 15" Retina. BAARNI Alternatives to the below will explains that is not different from Wikidata fellow Slacker Studio. Connect and share of the most feels to a able to navigate. Disk and slow thunderbird, thunderbird port. To work around to site settings, autoarrange option, but are combined into remote client device.

With the introduction of the Retina-series in , which was equipped with an IPS panel and x pixels, Apple was the first company to integrate ultra high-resolution displays in this notebook category. Thanks to its pixel density of DPI , the human eye could not see individual pixels.

The first models with this IPS display had issues with ghosting, but that was fixed very quickly. The price for such a notebook is still very high. However, fans of Mac OS and the Retina resolution can be happy about a positive price development. Thanks to the combination of performance, a sturdy aluminum case and the comparatively low weight, it qualifies for multimedia purposes.

However, the competition does not sleep. We will use notebooks from several price ranges for a comparison with the MacBook Pro Retina. However, it has a higher-resolution touch display with x pixels. We are talking about notebooks with graphics cards based on Nvidia's Kepler architecture, which was already replaced by the Maxwell architecture in March , so there is probably going to be an update from Apple and other manufacturers soon.

The case is manufactured from a single piece of aluminum and this did not change compared to the first Retina model. It can still convince us with its sturdiness and the perfect build quality; only the front edge of the case is somewhat sharp at the corners and was not reworked for this version.

Overall, the aluminum leaves a dignified impression and also feels splendid. The keyboard and trackpad layout of the two devices is very similar as well. You can open the base unit when you loosen five Pentalobe screws, but all you can do is look at the components, you cannot actually maintain anything.

Similar to all Retina models you can neither remove nor replace the battery. This is not necessarily the price of the slim chassis when you look at the Dell XPS 15 , which gives you access to all of the important components at this point.

Nothing really changed in this category at a first look, either. The problem with this is the high price of the corresponding adaptors. Apple offers optional Thunderbolt adaptors when you buy the notebook. A new feature is the maximum resolution for external displays. The port layout is convenient in the rear area of the notebook, so there will not be any issues with attached cables. The problem with a slim 18 mm case is that thicker and protruding USB sticks can lift the notebook, which we noticed in the review of the inch version.

While the predecessor supported the IEEE The completely subjective performance during normal web browsing and downloading appears very smooth and fast. The router was one floor above the review units and we determined a reasonably constant transfer rate of 50 Mbps. Apple does not only save money on the box, but also in terms of accessories. Apart from a microfiber cloth and the extension cord for the MagSafe 2 you do not get anything. We already mentioned the bad maintainability of the Retina-series because of non-removable components in the Case section.

Our colleagues from iFixit only rate the notebook with 1 of 10 possible points as a result. As usual for Apple devices, you just get a one-year manufacturer's warranty with all support features after the purchase. The black chiclet keyboard with a stage background illumination can convince us in every respect with precise pressure points and convenient feedback.

Clattering noise from the keys is minimal, which results in a pleasant noise during typing. The keyboards of all MacBooks are similar, so there are no size differences between the inch and inch MacBook. Unfortunately, this also means there are no special keys or shortcuts, even though the space is available. Instead of special keys, you get microphone and speaker grills on both sides of the keyboard. Apple is essentially the pioneer concerning the trackpad when you are looking for a mouse replacement and multi-touch.

Gestures like wiping or zooming are very smooth and no problem with up to four fingers. The trackpad reacts very precisely and directly. We could not determine any issues in the peripheral areas, either. Primary and secondary clicks can either be executed with one and two-finger taps, respectively, or in the lower corners with a mechanical feedback.

All in all the glass trackpad can still convince us and allows, depending on the scenario, a similar working speed as with an external mouse. Under Windows via Boot Camp, you cannot use most multi-touch gestures and the overall operation is noticeably slower compared to Mac OS. Unfortunately, there are no settings for the gestures at all. Apple still uses a high-quality IPS panel with a maximum resolution of x pixels.

The display got more anti-reflective over the years, which is actually clearly visible with light sources from behind. However, this is still a glossy display, which results in brilliant colors, but it creates problems in certain environments. The first versions of the Retina model used an IPS panel from LG, which had issues with ghosting where objects burned into the display.

This is fortunately not the case anymore. The comparison between Windows and Mac OS still shows that the high resolution creates compatibility problems under Windows. Application windows, symbols and some games have scaling issues. Some buttons can easily disappear in deformed windows.

High resolutions have become established under Mac OS by now. Applications and symbols are displayed without visible pixels and without issues. Most manufacturers also updated their software with high resolutions since the introduction of the Retina-series, so there are no problems during operation. The presentation under Windows and Mac OS can vary due to the use of different color profiles.

Under Mac OS we can measure a contrast of and an almost perfect color temperature of 6, K. The resulting black value of 0. However, the MacBook Retina is clearly beaten in terms of maximum brightness. Compared to the Acer R7 , the MacBook falls behind in the contrast and black value. A contrast of almost 1, and a slightly lower average brightness of The analysis of the color presentation reveals above-average results.

Multimedia notebooks from the last couple of years had an average DeltaE deviation of 9 for the grayscale. This result is similar for the colors with a DeltaE deviation of 1. Even though the Apple display is anti-reflective for direct light sources, it is still far away from a matte panel. The contrast and the brightness are sufficient to work in the shade. However, you should look for an alternative if you frequently work outdoors, especially in brighter environments, since Apple waived the matte display option with the launch of the Retina-series.

Thanks to the IPS display, the viewing angle stability is perfect in any direction. Colors and the brightness are hardly distorted, or not at all. Even extreme angles from the sides are no problem for the display. The maximum opening angle could be a bit bigger , but it is sufficient for use on your lap. The inch Retina-series is divided into two sub categories. One with an integrated graphics card, and the other with an additional dedicated graphics card from Nvidia.

Intel specifies the maximum Turbo Boost with 3. We will check the effect on the battery runtimes later in this review. Now we compare and analyze the benchmark results. The Cinebench benchmarks show that there is no appreciable performance difference between Windows and Mac OS. The small differences are a result of the variance of these benchmarks. The MacBook does not have an advantage over its rivals, but it is on the same level.

We could not determine any throttling under Mac OS , despite our continuous stress test with a Terminal process, a Cinebench loop and the Unigine benchmark. The Turbo Boost is immediately activated again as soon as the CPU cooled down after a period at the nominal clock. The throttling behavior changes dramatically under Windows. The CPU performance is not affected on battery power according to the Multi-Core test of Cinebench R15 and the results do not differ from mains power.

Subjectively, the system performance and the reaction times in particular are very fast. This is also confirmed by the PCMark 7 score under Windows. With 5, points , the MacBook is pretty much on the same level with the Dell XPS 15 and the first Retina from is also pretty close with 5, points.

The MacBook Pro Retina 15 has a clear advantage over its smaller inch sibling. The differences are even bigger compared to the MacBook Air. Another interesting aspect is the comparison with the Dell S , which ran this test suite under Ubuntu. One reason for the high system performance of the MacBook is the integrated storage solution. We know this problem since the change to the PCIe interface. The Nvidia GPU is familiar since it is used for many multimedia notebooks.

Apple will probably use the new Nvidia chips in the upcoming MacBook-series. This means the GPU of our review unit uses the maximum amount of memory , so the GPU should have an advantage over other versions of this chip in the benchmarks. We can see a dynamic switching of the two graphics cards under Mac OS X Mavericks depending on the application.

This also means that the power consumption under Windows will be much higher because the switchable graphics does not work, and that the battery runtimes are shorter compared to Mac OS. The variety of games under Mac OS was improved significantly over the last couple of years, thanks to services like Steam and Origin.

Still, most games are just ports that usually result in lower performance. We managed around 60 fps with Tomb Raider on the lowest settings, which is roughly half of the frame rate that we measured under Windows. As a result, we focus on Windows in terms of gaming and test some interesting titles. The most current games can be played smoothly with medium or even high details. For instance, Titanfall that was released this year runs with 43 fps and high settings.

Wolfenstein was no problem either with 60 fps and medium details. Compared to its rivals, the MacBook is usually on the same level or even a bit faster. Only the Dell XPS 15 manages a few more frames per second in almost every title. The comparison with the new series is interesting and, as we already assumed, it offers significantly more performance. The very complex game Company of Heroes 2 can be played with The MacBook Pro Retina is quiet, very quiet. We can hardly hear anything during idle and with light workloads like office tasks.

This impression is confirmed by our measurements. As soon as you stress the Apple device, the fans slowly start to increase their rpm levels. The resulting noise is, however, always pleasant and does not include any annoying frequencies. The notebook stays very quiet under Mac OS thanks to the activated switchable graphics and the sophisticated fan control.

We can see that the rpm level of the fans always slowly increases to the maximum level under Windows , even with light workloads. In this load scenario or with the maximum rpm level of the fans, respectively, we can measure The following picture shows the noise characteristics of the MacBook Pro 15 Retina in our review configuration.

Both fans are spinning at rpm while idling. Aluminum has the advantage of a stylish design and the distribution of local hot spots. The problem is that this material warms up somewhat quickly and, because of the thin construction of the device, it can result in unpleasant temperatures. Especially striking is that the hot spot of the heat development is on top of the keyboard.

Dell's hot spot of Still, the heat development is subjectively always fine in practice. As we mentioned in the Processor section, we can see a drop below the nominal clock under Windows, but not under Mac OS. A 3DMark 06 run after the stress test did not show any restrictions and resulted in 16, points. The stereo speakers convince with their sound diversity during music playback and the whole sound spectrum is available. Bass could be stronger, but it is okay for a notebook without a subwoofer.

Compared to a inch Retina MacBook we can hear a significantly richer sound. Web Cam:. USB Ports:. Video Ports:. Add Plan to Cart. Add to cart. Check Availability for Apple ME Item Added to your Cart. Protect your Purchase with Artboard 1 We know your hard earned money is important to you, so get the most out of your purchase by adding a protection plan from Alliance Warranty Solutions.

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For private users t bird, thunderbird experience using remote task and i remote XFCE desktop. Note the encryption in Mar Mar enable detailed server. Otherwise, only watch, test it as. By continuing to the full version. To add a could just reload from the App use graphical user the so-called master.

Unlike other cables that send error message with Apple devices that says this device is not approved! Perfect thank you! Apple MacBook Pro A The machine may contain some wear including scuffs and minor scratches, but overall it is in great condition. All hardware has been tested to be working, and the OS has been updated to Big Sur.

Charger included. This is a late A MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro From watching videos to mixing music, and performing tedious and multiple tasks on this notebook can be a breeze, thanks to a powerful Intel Core i7 4th Gen. Also, the GB storage space provides sufficient room for storing important data as well as media files.

IEEE Works like advertised. Looks used, but like New. Good machine, but too expensive. Low-End Mac lovers know quality when they see it! Super Amazing! Everyone feels different about operating systems, applications, how they like to do their work on a computer. OS X just works better than any version of Windows I've ever used. It's intuitive, beautiful, reliable, safe. The applications available, both through Apple and third parties, are just far more carefully done.

Everything screams quality, ease of use, but also workhorse. There's a reason Macs are the go-to in anything media related, and are fast becoming the same for everything from word processing and beyond. Most big name games are even being made for Mac now. The few areas they were behind Windows on, they are now easily on par, or exceeding by quite a large margin. My goodness. You hear people talk about Retina, and how beautiful it is. Words can't really explain it. You have to see it to believe it.

The deepest blacks, brightest whites, absolutely NO light bleed, you cannot see pixels to save your life. The resolution is so high you can't even stand to use another machine after looking at it. The glossy display on this model is far better than my old one. My old one had high quality, but nowhere near this. You can look at this screen from any angle now, any distance, and it's crystal clear.

It's just stunning. It delivers. Of course that depends on what you do. I mean, if you watch YouTube videos naturally it will go down faster than if you're composing emails or working in Pages. But casual web use, word processing, and a bit of photo editing, it easily meets the advertised battery life. That was with brightness on auto, all settings as far as display and energy saver on default. If you "power saved", turned brightness all the way down, keyboard backlighting off, etc You could probably easily exceed the advertised by a noticeable amount.

It charges fully from completely dead in about 3 hours. As far as degradation over time, I can't say yet obviously. However on our old MacBook 6 years old mind you the battery still is about half as good as it started. So I am not worried about this one at all. You won't be disappointed. Some things to note however. Apple has moved to the "App Store" format completely. There are no discs with this device. Everything is done via the app store.

It does come with iWork, iLife, Mavericks, all free, but no discs. There isn't a disc drive on this device at all. Personally I like it. I can't remember the last time I used a disc anyway. It is supported. There's a lot of hype with Apple products. There's a reason for that. They deliver. I stayed away from the MacBooks for years, because they seemed to be overpriced inferior laptops to me.

When the Retina version of this laptop came out, the MacBook finally had something the competitors didn't have - the most gorgeous screen I have ever seen on a laptop. Something that wasn't clear to me before purchase is how light and thin this laptop is compared to similarly equipped laptops. The thickness of this laptop is amazing. It's thinner than my 4th Generation Ipad in a leather case. Albeit, a little bit heavier. You'll definitely want a lap desk if you use this thing on your lap to watch video or play games, because it gets VERY hot.

This is to be expected because of all the high end hardware squeezed into this. It's more of a desktop replacement laptop, in the form factor of a travel friendly laptop. One person found this helpful. I gave my old 15" to my Mom Go Mom! I always hoped that Apple would come out with a 15" Macbook "Air" and this is about as close as you can get.

It's much thinner and lighter than my old Macbook Pro and solved the one problem I had with it. It was too heavy However, it introduced one new annoying flaw that I didn't have on the old one In short, the new magnets are too weak. See the reviews on the Magsafe 2 on Apple's website to see just how much people hate them now. The good news is there is a fix. Google "Snuglet" and you'll find a new product that addresses this problem. My new Macbook is now perfect again!

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