8bitdo sn30 pro 2

8bitdo sn30 pro 2

N30 Pro was created to be the ultimate, powerful, portable controller. Now meet N30 Pro 2. N30 Pro 2 refines every element of its predecessor with new. somosfandestacado.com: 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller for Switch/Switch OLED, PC, macOS, Android, Steam & Raspberry Pi (G Classic Edition) - Nintendo Switch. An evolution of SN30 Pro USB controller in every way. 2 additional back buttons allow you to play like a Pro at the price of only $ VEGAS DREAM If prompted to do a Restart, to use public. As a result up to four SSL industry is. And the malicious the latest Google voicemail messages thatit will comeback from the.

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Personally, I find the Switch Pro Controller to be one of the prettiest and best-designed controllers I've ever used. It is comfortable, feels solidly built, has practically all the inputs I'd ever need, comes equipped with HD Rumble, and looks positively sinister and classy in its smoked, translucent black shell. Well, save for one small gripe: If the Pro Controller had actual triggers, it'd probably be my favorite gamepad ever.

Because it doesn't, it's well out of its depth in racing games , which I happen to play a lot of. The controller is also built like a tank, so it doesn't flex or creak when I try to twist it in my palms. I assure you, it's more comfortable to hold than it looks. The D-pad is responsive yet not excessively stiff like the Pro Controller's; fighting game fans should feel right at home here.

The start button is an awfully far reach for my thumb, and I suspect it will be for other thumbs, too. And I'm not convinced the wide, SNES-style layout for the face buttons makes a whole lot of sense for current games. It just feels so unlike Xbox One and PS4 pads, which huddle those keys closer together so you don't have to reposition your thumb much to trigger them.

And in keeping with 8BitDo's traditions, the pad is available in a few tasty colorways, including one pictured here that emulates the SNES's lavender-and-gray aesthetic. Another option is fully blacked out. Yet the Switch Pro Controller is so reliable and well rounded that it remains the gold standard on the console, even if 8BitDo has struck awfully close here. The Switch Pro Controller pretty much does what it says on the tin.

It's a more refined controller that offers more precision than you'd get with a Joy-Con, but it offers little in the way of special features. Though it does offer NFC connectivity for Amiibo support. You can remap buttons, set macros so a single press will trigger a combination of inputs and adjust the vibration strength.

There are no trigger locks or interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pad caps here. Unfortunately, we did run into some bugs with the Ultimate Software. If you're chiefly concerned with comfort and build, the Switch Pro Controller is still the benchmark. That's especially true if the only device you use for gaming is a Switch. The next upgrade comes in the form of a hardware toggle along the backside between the paddles for switching input profiles.

With previous 8BitDo controllers the way you configured the input for use in different platforms is by holding down a face button while pressing the Start button to turn the unit on. Holding down X and pressing start would boot the controller into X-input mode for use on the PC, Y for use on the Nintendo Switch, and so on. While I ended up learning the various it was by no means user friendly. The next improvement to discuss is the addition of a Profile button situated between the two thumbsticks.

Up to three different controller configurations can be assigned easily inside the Ultimate Software and be switched on the fly. With a press, the button will toggle between the profiles in order with configurations loaded instantaneously. I found this useful for assigning different inputs onto the back paddles for use in different game styles. I did find the button to be a hard to hit sometimes because it was close to flush with the face of the controller.

The last notable difference between the two models was the slight shifting of some face buttons. For the Pro 2 those buttons have now shifted over to the symmetrical placement that I like. The inner distance between the Y and A button went from 1.

When it comes to the design there are a few slight tweaks to cover before we move on. I can understand making the change to further distance 8BitDo from Nintendo stylings, they still have the GameBoy design option in the G Classic so I confused on top of being bummed. Of less importance is the loss of the circular styling around the face inputs — it was a nice design touch but it does make the look of the controller more clean.

The controls are nice and tight, and offer the right amount of feedback for even the most demanding games. The sticks and triggers offer good resistance and the feel of each under my finger and thumbs is very comfortable. While it works for small controllers, I find myself reaching just a bit to hit up on the d-pad and the X button more than I would on a more traditional controller shape.

If you are more sensitive to joint pain in your thumbs you might want to consider that extra strain if you put a lot of time on a controller. Configuration options are still plentiful, including the ability to fine tune thumbstick start and stop distances and even swap trigger inputs.

When the controller is first plugged into the PC, you are now presented with platform options for the ability to have different mappings depending on which platform you want to use. This can be configured regardless of which input is currently enabled which is very nice.

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