Apple macbook pro wd8013f agy

apple macbook pro wd8013f agy

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That said, it can be a little odd in practice. There are already videos of weirdo notch bugs , which feels like what happens with every new iPhone notch — it takes a minute for apps to catch up. We are not too worried about it, overall.

Would the notch have gone down easier if the webcam was as good as an iPhone front camera, instead of just, like, pretty good? Is it also strange that Apple is leaning into display notches as branding elements on both the MacBook and iPhone, allowing them to be distinctively Apple products without having to put logos anywhere?

That seems clearer than ever, actually. This display is way more interesting than the notch, though. That means blacks can get really black on this display — up to a million to one contrast ratio, just like an OLED screen. But you have to go looking for it — in this YouTube torture test , you can see the backlight chasing this little square around the screen.

And just like the Pro Display XDR, it can reach a peak brightness of 1, nits, with a sustained brightness of 1, nits. The rest of the system is the same as every other MacBook Pro and runs at a max of nits. If you have a newer iPhone, you already know what this looks like: you open a photo, and it brightens up. I asked Apple about this; the company confirmed that the XDR system is content-dependent and designed to run at nits for most tasks.

The good part is that all of this works really well: HDR video works in every app I tried, including YouTube in Chrome and Safari, and it looks terrifically bright with great colors and saturation. But I could only just barely see the improvement that Hz offers in normal, non-gaming use, and only when really looking. All in all, this display looks great, and a little minor blooming is a fine tradeoff for these black levels.

Lastly, the speakers on these new MacBook Pros are terrific. The first thing we did with these when we got them was open up a video to check out the new displays, but the first thing we noticed was that the speakers are so good. They are clear and crisp, with some actual low-end from four woofers, and they get super loud. Apple has three kinds of processor cores — efficiency, performance, and GPU — and all the M1 chips are different combinations of those exact same cores with unified memory between them.

For example: the inch MacBook Pro we tested last year had a regular M1 with four efficiency cores, four high-performance cores, and eight GPU cores. The M1 Pro and M1 Max change that around a little, with two efficiency cores and up to eight high-performance cores. Again, those GPU cores are the same on all the chips — you just get more of them as you go up the range, along with things like faster memory with higher total limits and additional specialized video encoders.

And… it turns out that adding a bunch of cores and specialized video encoders makes these chips incredibly fast for creative work. The synthetic benchmarks we ran were extremely impressive. The only computers that even come close are desktops that use vastly more power. Things will be the same for an office workload or anything CPU-bound, but the Max has a clear advantage if you have specific GPU-optimized workloads.

Of course, synthetic benchmarks only tell part of the story, so to see how well a laptop performs a real-world task, we ran an export of the same five-minute, second 4K video clip in Adobe Premiere Pro. I also gave the machines to Verge senior video director Alix Diaconis to edit and use them for a week to see how they worked for our real video production needs. Premiere ran smoothly with 4K footage — on both the inch and inch M1 Pro machines, I could play back the timeline at full resolution at 2x speed.

But to no surprise, when I added graphics and adjustment layers with color, Premiere started dropping frames. It was minor, but after 20 seconds a frame or two would drop. There was also a short but noticeable lag from hitting the spacebar to the timeline actually playing. It was about one second, as if the computer was thinking before it played.

Overall, the editing experience was very similar to my regular work machine, a inch iMac from with an eight-core Intel Core i9, 64GB of RAM, and a Radeon Pro x graphics card; the M1 Pro machines were actually choppier during 2x timeline playback. It did slow down with big graphics, though. Final Cut Pro is heavily optimized for these chips, and it was over 10 minutes faster than Premiere Pro exporting a minute 4K clip in ProRes This was underlined sharply by an After Effects update that arrived in the middle of our testing, which enabled better multi-core acceleration.

After Effects is still an Intel app, which runs in the Rosetta emulation mode on these machines, but the update allowed the app to light up all 10 CPU cores and all 32 GPU cores, cutting export times on our test from to… 41 seconds. It also substantially sped up performance on our Intel-based Mac Pro, which is nice. We ran the Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark on the three units we have at its highest settings at x You could buy two Zephyrus G14s or two Strix G15s for the price of our M1 Max model and have a lot of money left over.

Buy something else if you want to play games. To test battery life, we just use the machines during the work day, without plugging in, and without letting the display go to sleep. So that 16 hours involved jumping between a dozen-ish Chrome tabs, using apps like Slack and Spotify, and often running Zoom calls and YouTube videos over that.

The inch model with the M1 Pro lasted just over 10 and a half hours during normal use, and the inch M1 Max model ran for just over 10 hours. A lot of you asked about battery life with an external display plugged in; when I worked for a day with the TV I use for Zoom intermittently plugged into the HDMI port on that M1 Max machine, battery life fell to seven hours.

I asked Apple, and the company confirmed the M1 Max uses more power both when idle and when active, but it noted that the M1 Max might potentially be more efficient if you run specific multi-core GPU workloads all day. Competition comes from within: one example is the MacBook Air 12 Mid Plenty of manufacturers offer Ultrabooks.

Ivy Bridge. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. HD Tune. CrystalDiskMark 3. Sequential Read: Sequential Write: PCMark Vantage Result. The Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid very good overall, but the notebook tries to compete with Ultrabooks as well as performance machines. Intel HD Graphics , 8.

Price Comparison. Patrick Afschar Kaboli Update: 6.

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