Macbook pro retina mid 2012

macbook pro retina mid 2012

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display was released June 11, The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is not labeled "MacBook Pro" on the bezel like previous. Apple MacBook Pro 15" mid A MDLL/A - i7 GHz, 8 GB, 1 TB HD Apple MacBook Pro Retina Mid Core iQM GHz 16GB RAM GB SSD. MacBook Pro meets Retina. At the WWDC , Apple let the proverbial cat out of the bag. The company not only presented several updated. RAVE PARTY Tuesday, October 27. Handbags and Luggage Luggage and Handbags console, such as but are case-sensitive firewalls like Fortinet. Frequency response to with as many interpretation at decoding I get the. The statement written it will be read and understand authentication plugin.

For more information, visit Apple Support or call Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact. The Apple Product Environmental Specification details the environmental attributes of our products. Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization.

Learn more about how to recycle your Mac. Size and Weight Height: 0. Limited Warranty and Service Your MacBook Pro with Retina display comes with 90 days of free telephone support and a one-year limited warranty. Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. L pAm is the mean A-weighted sound pressure level measured at the operator position rounded to the nearest dB.

Retina display: Stereo speakers Dual microphones Headphone port Support for Apple iPhone headset with remote and microphone Support for audio line out. PCMark 7 is a great tool to gauge overall system performance. The MacBook Pro Retina achieved points , an outstanding result second place in our performance database. Our impressions confirm the test results: quick charge times and enough power even for demanding applications.

TRIM is automatically enabled. Replacing the hard drive is therefore a bit more difficult and also more expensive. It's possible to upgrade at a later point, but because of the special form factor and capacity we would recommend giving it some thought before the purchase. External storage can be connected via the card reader or using the Thunderbolt and USB 3. The only issue right now is that there are not a lot of devices available and the prices are still in lofty regions.

Some models might be equipped with a SandForce controller instead. The advantage for the MacBook Pro 15 without the Retina display: the 2. Switching between the graphics units under Mac OS X happens automatically. The tool gfxCardStatus free download allows the user to tailor the switching parameters. Under Windows, the dedicated graphics card is the only option available.

The system can therefore not take advantage of the power-saving features the integrated processor graphics has to offer. To test performance, we used the synthetic game benchmarks available in Futuremark. The system scored points in 3DMark 06 , which places its performance in the upper middle range of our database.

The difference in performance of the two integrated graphic units is The current 3DMark 11 for GPUs with DirectX 11 support confirms the good performance and the placement in the upper one-third of our database.

Overall a very decent performance, which should be more than sufficient for casual gaming. The list of current games designed for Mac OS X is not very long. Most users will probably use a Windows install instead. We sampled a few titles and recorded the performance. The attached table reveals that most games run smoothly even at x pixels. For a few games it's better though to reduce the level of details. Diablo III runs smoothly at least initially even at the native resolution of x pixels and anti-aliasing turned on.

We recorded an average frame rate of around 28 fps. Overall, gaming performance is more than adequate even for the more demanding casual player. Native resolution is not recommended since only a few games remain playable.

The GT M is perfectly usable though for playing without any loss of detail quality at a resolution of x This test wouldn't be complete if we didn't address the subject of throttling. Prime 95 and Furmark can extract the maximum performance out of the hardware. When both programs are run simultaneously, the core frequency drops caused by Prime 95 to 1.

Running Prime 95 alone, we measured temperatures between 92 and degrees Celsius Furmark on its own cycles through all available Turbo Boost steps. After about one hour, the temperature settled at a fairly consistent 85 degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit with the fan system running. We never measured above degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit with Furmark. This limitation might be due to the power adapter: in the above scenario, the system would require Immediately after running our different tests, we subjected the system to 3DMark 06 and CineBench R The results were identical to after a cold boot.

To simulate daily use, we ran DiRT Showdown under Windows at the maximum settings at a resolution of x pixels. After one hour o playing, we recorded all five minutes of one round using Fraps. After a fairly slow start 16 fps , the frame rates stabilized at 21 fps.

We did not notice a decrease in performance at any time. One of the new features of the MacBook Pro Retina is the redesigned cooling system. It now uses two asymmetrical fan units , which are supposed to reduce the tonal impact. At least subjectively, the system should appear more quiet that way. During idle, we measured a constant This value is equivalent to the base noise level of a room without any additional sources.

The fans are the only source of noise in the MacBook Pro. When we played a YouTube flash video the system remained quiet, although the fans did reach a slightly higher rpm intermittently. Under load, the fan system spins at up to rpm. The notebook reaches This noise level is fortunately not very annoying, since the frequency remains low. The MacBook Pro 15 Late is comparatively quiet at Normally, noise level doubles for every 7 to 10 db A.

Because of the new fan design, the perceived increase is less. Apple's aluminum chassis have been criticized for reaching somewhat higher temperatures on the surface. We decided to take an in-depth look at this particular combination of slimmer chassis and potent hardware. During office duties , the fan operates only around rpm and a good portion of the heat is transferred into the chassis passive cooling. At a room temperature of 27 degrees Celsius Even though the chassis is warm to the touch, we don't feel it's a reason for concern.

Since the keys are island-style, they don't get that warm. The palm rest stays at an acceptable Both the MacBook Pro 15 Late and the even slimmer MacBook Air 13 Mid stay a bit cooler, although ambient temperature always has to be taken into consideration. Under load, the heat dissipation of the components and the outside temperature of the unibody chassis increase significantly.

We measured However: this area doesn't get touched much if ever during every-day use. The bottom of the MacBook also gets quite warm, so placing it on the lap could get uncomfortable after a while. The predecessor with a slightly thicker chassis stayed a bit cooler at 43 degrees Celsius Comparing the results to the measurements taken under Windows, we noted a small advantage for the Mac OS. This is not necessarily a surprise, since Apple is able to fine-tune hard- and software.

The differences were actually larger when we tested the MacBook Air 11 Mid The stereo speakers are still positioned to the right and left side of the keyboard. Compared to the regular model, Apple has modified the design - with great results. The speakers in the normal MacBook are not bad when compared to others in the same class, but the Retina model offers even better acoustics.

Because of a decent bass and nice lows, the sound is well balanced. The maximum volume level is perfectly adequate for the living room. Two adaptive microphones are located under the mesh-structure on the left side. During our test, sound transmission worked quite well. External playback devices like a headset or an AV receiver can be connected via the 3.

A separate microphone-in is not available on this model. Aside from decent processor performance, power efficiency is an important factor. The new Intel Ivy Bridge processors are able to achieve better performance while requiring the same or even less power.

The MacBook Pro 15 Late needs more power, specifically at the upper end of the spectrum. Minimum power consumption is on a comparable level. When the monitor is turned off, the power consumption only drops by 0. Under load, the power requirements increase and reach a maximum of For this test, we used a combination of the tools Unigine 3. The previously mentioned MacBook Pro from required quite a bit more power here We have to take into consideration that this notebook was subjected to slightly different loads under Mac OS X, though.

The included watt power supply has not been changed, although it now features a MagSafe 2 connector. The new MacBook does not exceed the power limits of the adapter even when under heavy load. Only when we ran Windows, we were able to push the new notebook to its limit of During duties away from any outlet, a large lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 95 watt-hours supplies the necessary juice for long run times.

The regular MacBook Pro 15 only offers a capacity of On the other hand, the new battery is now glued into the chassis , which makes replacing it both complicated and expensive. Considering the capacity, we think the cost is still acceptable, especially considering that the battery should last for at least recharge cycles. The first test we conducted was the maximum possible run time. We set the screen to its lowest brightness level 1, ambient light sensor and keyboard backlight deactivated and turned off all connectivity options.

Using a script, we then simulate reading a text document - something that doesn't tax the hardware at all. With the above settings, we recorded a runtime of almost 18 hours. Since the brightness is very low and because of the highly reflective screen, this test does not simulate a very probable usage-scenario. The test " WLAN surfing " is more realistic. Under Mac OS X, we recorded 6 hours and 4 minutes - a respectable result. With the screen turned up to maximum brightness and keyboard backlight activated, we still got 5 hours and 35 minutes.

The MacBook Pro 15 Late only lasted 4 hours and 45 minutes during the same test. This test taxes the hardware with the screen brightness set to maximum and the keyboard backlight active. The notebook lasted 1 hour and 28 minutes before we had to recharge it. The MacBook Pro 15 Late ran out of battery after only 52 minutes. After several weeks of testing, we are able to draw our own conclusion and share our opinion.

The now even slimmer aluminum unibody chassis still manages to impress and is the de-facto standard in this category. Compared to other notebooks, the port selection is still a bit meager. Additional ports require the use of an adapter - something else that needs to be packed. The launch of the new notebooks sees the introduction of the Intel Ivy Bridge processor generation.

In that respect, the new model is similar to members of the Air-family. Since Apple uses special pentalobe screws, maintenance is more difficult now. The screws are very delicate and we can't recommend opening the notebook. Since the notebook is not easily user accessible and the starting price a steep Euro , the warranty extension is something to seriously take into consideration.

The bigger SSDs are not available for the base model. For professional users working with photos or videos, GByte are not going to last very long. The deciding factor for many considering the purchase is the new Our measurements and the IPS technology leave us with a very good overall impression. Although the panel is a glare-type, reflections are not quite as noticeable as on the older models due to omission of the outer glass layer. Unfortunately there is no model with a matte screen.

The resolution of x pixels with an aspect ratio of is a distinguishing feature. The resolution is not offered natively. Ideal resolution for the system is x pixels, which offers quadruple pixel density DPI. During our testing phase, we most often used x pixels, which sometimes pushes the hardware to its limits.

The slight hesitation encountered during scrolling is something we got used to quickly. We did not notice a yellow cast or observe issues with a burn-in on two different models. A disadvantage is the fact that many applications from third-party vendors are not optimized for the display yet.

Apple has released HiDPI updates for several of its own programs. Temperatures under load remain an issue. The re-designed cooling system with asymmetrical fans and improved speakers, which function as an air duct, leaves a good impression. The fact that the system distributes tonal impact to different frequencies doesn't make the notebook any more quiet, but the noise level is less intrusive.

The bigger battery with 95 watt-hours offers a distinct advantage as far as battery life under Mac OS X is concerned. During every day use, the battery lasts between five and ten hours, depending on use. All in all a very impressive notebook, which offers cutting-edge in many areas. The new Mac OS X Users looking for a time-tested model without any "teething" problems or those who require a non-glare display should take a look at the regular MacBook Pro This model also has new and updated hardware from Intel and Nvidia and can be expanded more easily.

Unfortunately, its not really any less expensive. Especially when equipped with the high resolution display and SSD, the Retina model almost appears to be a bargain. The even slimmer aluminum unibody chassis with superb rigidity, feel, and finish. The very high resolution of the Retina display, the display measurements, and the high performance of the components.

HiDPI applications from third-party vendors, an easy method for cleaning the fans, lower temperature at the surface of the chassis. Since the battery is glued in, changing it out won't be cheap. That Apple is using a chassis that eliminates the possibility to expand like the MacBook Air. More stuff to carry around: MagSafe and Ethernet adapter The port selection is now up to date.

Unfortunately there are only few Thunderbolt peripherals. The ones available are expensive and not very attractive for that reason. Both models are equipped with Intel Ivy processors. The company not only presented several updated models, but also introduced an all-new MacBook Pro with a inch Retina display. The new model features an even slimmer aluminum unibody chassis and up-to-date hardware components. Apple still uses a aluminum unibody chassis.

USB 3. Communication The communication interfaces remain mostly unchanged. Accessories The inside of the box is unassuming and contains only the most basic accessories. Maintenance At first glance, the cover on the underside of the notebook looks like the one used on previous models. Warranty Warranty coverage is pretty standard. Input Devices. Backlit keyboard, level 1. Backlit keyboard, level Keyboard Neither the looks nor the layout of the Chiclet-style keyboard isolated keys have changed.

Touchpad The trackpad is the same as on the previous model and combines a premium glass surface with integrated mouse buttons. Chiclet keyboard with LED backlight. Familiar trackpad with glass surface. MBP 15 Retina vs. MBP 15 Glare t.

Samsung X4C t. Adobe RGB t. Side view, maximum display brightness. Front view, maximum display brightness. Intel Turbo Boost Widget. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. Performance under Mac OS X System Performance. PCMark 7 Score. Storage Devices. HD Tune.

Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Maximum: Transfer Rate Average: Access Time: 0. Burst Rate: CPU Usage: 5. CrystalDiskMark 3. Sequential Read: Sequential Write: AS SSD. Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0.

Copy ISO: Copy Program: Copy Game: Score Read: Points. Score Write: Points. Score Total: Points. Graphics Card. Gaming Performance. Noise Level Idle. Power Supply max. Power Consumption. Key: min: , med: , max: Voltcraft VC Currently we use the Metrahit Energy, a professional single phase power quality and energy measurement digital multimeter, for our measurements.

Find out more about it here. All of our test methods can be found here. Battery Life. Please share our article, every link counts! Intel Core iQM 4 x 2. The display hinge offers secure hold with little back-and-forth motion. The keyboard was only slightly modified. Shallow key travel. No dedicated power button - just like a MacBook Air.

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I look forward to getting into it more. The screen is incredible and makes everything have that extra 'pop'. The Retina display definitely does make a difference. The only sore point is that you can't upgrade RAM. At the time of purchase you need to purchase the ram and SSD it comes with.

That's why, in my view, it's not a total wash in terms of upgradability. It's a very fast machine in other typical tasks such as office type documents iWork , and web browsing. Expandability is relative. The Thunderbolt ports provide a surprising amount of things you can upgrade and add to this computer. It's not the most elegant solution for every situation, but yes, it does provide a measure of expandability and oddly enough something that gets overlooked. You can buy whole enclosures if you want to really keep adding things to this computer.

Overall this is the best computer I have owned. June 25, June 24, June 2, Great computer, no doubt one of the nicest laptop in the market. Although I had a few problems with the battery, but its fixed now. Other than that and a few minor bugs, its perfect for personal use, business, even occasional gaming. May 22, May 21, I have been using my Retina MacBook Pro since August of and have really enjoyed using it as an all around computer.

I really love the screen resolution on it and have a hard time looking at my old computer's monitor. May 2, Finally got a Samsung panel without image retention. Now it is a keeper. This screen is such a real estate. I upgraded from a late Macbook Air 13". Compared to my previous Mac, this Macbook seems a bit bulky.

But the retina display and all other internal upgrade make you quickly forget about that. Im not moving my laptop often so the size is second need for me. But I guess road warrior without heavy power need would prefer the perfect balance of the Macbook Air 13". I don't do photo, video editing and gaming on this laptop. Mainly coding and light task. If a Macbook air 13" retina was available I would hesitate a lot.

But bigger screen and the retina resolution was the key of this upgrade for me. I would say, it is near perfection, if you exclude all image retention on LG panel. April 7, April 5, March 31, March 29, This is the best computer I have ever owned, laptop or desktop. Fast, light, powerful with a great display.

March 18, The sacrifices made to strip a few mm off the thickness, take the gloss off what would otherwise have been an excellent Pro portable. You'll be amused when you see Windows on the high res 15" display through a virtual machine. Speed is good, but largely due to the SSD. Dumped is the optical drive. There is no RJ45, only one 3. It runs frighteningly hot. Apple has put form ahead of function in the design of this laptop. Be prepared to buy a large bag to carry all the drives and adaptors required to replace those omitted from your thin, light laptop.

Fortunately, 3rd party suppliers like Lacie and Canopus are making Thunderbolt hubs to restore some of the missing ports. Belkins, the most comprehensive, missed its 4th qtr release target and looks like it will miss the 1st qtr date. March 8, March 7, March 6, March 5, February 25, February 8, January 31, They often say you shouldn't buy the first generation of any apple product, and in this case I think that's probably some good advice.

The retina macbook pro is a beautiful machine and still miles ahead of anything else available on the market but I've experienced two major issues with it. Some screens manufactured by LG suffer from ghosting. I really only noticed this when I started using an external monitor for desktop work and I've leave my email open on the laptop screen.

After a while I noticed you could still see outlines of the mail app when it was minimised or closed. Apple have been most unhelpful in resolving this and they claim that it's within acceptable tolerances. It appears that the bluetooth and wifi antenna are on the same board and can interfere with each other. Overall this laptop is very good, but quite flawed.

January 14, January 6, December 22, I have been using this machine for two months. Although the price is high but it's worth every penny. The retina display is stunning, nothing can compare the quality, sharpness, colours, it's the best companion for designers. Overall, this is a must have gadget.

December 20, Absolutely the best laptop Apple has ever released, hands down. I bought this to replace my 17" top-of-the-line Mac from late It's beautiful in every way. It may be a while until the world catches up with this technology. While I was already getting a major upgrade from my Macbook, the additional processor speed was worth the cash.

This computer moves so quickly, I can barely click fast enough. The days of being several steps ahead of my computer are over. Combine the blazing-fast processor with the SSD drive, and you've got one crazy-fast Macbook on your hands.

Startup and shutdown time is less than 10 seconds. Launching even the most memory-heavy applications takes even less time. I will surely add a month to my life this year in wait time alone. I've noticed other reviewers giving poor marks in expandability, but perfection needs no expansion. I don't know how Apple can improve on this one. December 12, This is my first Apple laptop. I have a work background in IT and found that the Apple OS and hardware packages available suited my needs perfectly for a home computer.

After using it for a few months now I feel I made the right choice buying this. December 11, I purchased this computer and let me tell you.. I am the basic laptop user, browsing, emailing and working with iphoto. It sucks!!!!! I had the old Macbook pro and it is still better than this one! I just bought it couple of months ago and I already want to go get if fixed! It is annoying because it pops up all the time!

I did not expect to be disappointed from something that expensive! December 4, So much faster than my previous MBP. Hands down the best computer I've owned to date. November 25, November 5, Best and Sexiest Machine Ever Own! My First Mac! November 4, First of all let me say that I love this screen! Now let me follow up by saying that I don't really love the price. My eyes have been spoiled with the Retina display on the iPhone 4, iPad 3 and now the iPhone 5.

When I would use my MacBook Pro the text would look pixelated. The text and photos you've taken on the MacBook Retina screen are incredible! This is where the computer excels. Pictures on websites don't seem to have the same clarity. It will just be a matter of time before the internet catches up to the screen. The speed and power on this laptop are still of the same MacBook Pro caliber that you would expect. Although the flash storage of GB is a bit low, the use of iCloud and external HD's have made filled the voids.

I have not simultaneously ran intense programs such as Final Cut Pro along with Photoshop so I can't comment on fan noise. I have used photo editing software as well as searching Safari and other programs and have not experienced any performance issues or noise.

One minor annoyance that I have noticed is when you are switching between screens, especially a screen with a lot of content, the refresh rate is slow. But you have to understand that there are millions of pixels that are being refreshed.

Other than that, if you have some extra hefty change to spend this is a computer that will amaze your eyes! Well, I was unlucky and got the LG screen with retention. Other than that, best laptop I've ever had. November 2, This is the best laptop I have ever used. Areas I want to see improved for the next generation is battery life, one more USB 3 port, and improved speaks as the internal one's are a step down from my old 17" at least to mine and a few friends ears. Intel will fix my other issues with this computer when Haswell is released next year.

That is the integrated graphics is a bit slow to drive this high of a resolution display. It's not bad but it does slow sometimes, especially when using three monitors. October 17, As Apple stated, this really is the best notebook I have ever owned. I have owned two previous 17" Macbook Pro machines and most recently a 13" Macbook Air.

I loved the Air, but sorely missed the screen resolution of my 17". With the 17" now off the market, I debated getting a refurb or considering a non-retina. However, in the end I decided on this machine. The ability to ramp up the resolution when I need to is really fantastic. When in Photoshop, I"ll run it at For everday use, I run it at the resolution. I find myself wanting a little more resolution than the default pixel doubled resolution which is why I chose to use scaled mode.

I realize I could actually override the settings all the way to , but that would just be silly. The apps that take advantage of the screen are gorgeous and I really don't have that much that doesn't. Safari also looks great for all my web browsing. The machine itself is beautiful. It's just one of those products you never get tired of using or looking at. To me, having a computer that looks great and performs the same way is important.

I do some design work, but my primary role is programming. I have a super powerful platform at my disposal for everything I need to do. Because I also do a lot of. Net development in my job, I find running a VMWare Virtual machine on this system is as good as it gets.

This is the kind of performance I expected and am happy to have received with the machine. The battery life is pretty good. It will run circles around some of my older machines. I would say I can go half a day with reasonable heavy usage. I'm still waiting for a notebook that a charge once at night, but that simply doesn't exist yet, or at-least not with this kind of power.

All in all, however, I have found Apple does a great job with power management and I have never had an internal battery go bad before I ended up selling the notebook anyway I usually keep them years. I know the big complain is expandability. In some ways I agree that there are limits here. However, I think Apple was really looking ahead and expects this to be somewhat of an early-adopters machine.

When you think about it, my music and photos as well as videos are all in the cloud, so I don't consume a lot of internal storage. That is also why I opted to stick with the base gb SSD. In a world with 50gb free online storage accounts, YouTube, Picasa, Gmail and iTunes in the Cloud, there isn't a big compelling reason to have terabytes of space on the notebook.

All of my files are available to me and I have all the applications I need and use everyday. I even keep a 2. When I'm at home, my Time Machine is keeping everything backed up for me. I totally don't miss the optical drive.

I considered it dead years ago and would much rather have a slimmer notebook. I have an external that is in my bag, but I don't even think I'm going to keep carrying it around anymore. I bought it about 4 years ago when I decided to remove the optical drive from my 17" machine to put an SSD in.

Thunderbolt is a bit expensive and without a lot of options at the moment, but it is definitely growing. And, considering this is a Pro machine I don't think it unreasonable to pay a little more for Thunderbolt drives, displays, etc.. You can even plug in ethernet, firewire, etc..

I mean, how often am I not on wireless or need a CD? What year is this again? Everything is online for us. I don't consider myself a gamer by any means, but I have been playing around with X-Plane 10 since it came out. My Macbook Air was in no way able to handle that due to the Intel graphics, so upgrading to the m did have a little influence in my decision. Now, I can at-lease enjoy some decent gaming power when I'm stuck at holiday family events, etc Overall, I have to say that this is a fantastic machine.

If you are looking for a true desktop replacement mobile workstation without all the bulk and are willing to forgo the aging tech left behind with this new machine, you won't be disappointed. October 8, October 1, September 21, It's great, it replaced a big 17" macbook pro for me, and has done it well - better than I expected.

The price doesn't matter do me, but I can see why it's a lot. September 12, September 10, September 4, August 30, August 22, August 21, I'm going to preface my review by saying that the last computer I bought was the mid MacBook Pro non-unibody, Santa Rosa, base inch, for those who care for specifics.

Speedwise, I don't really have anything complain about. In everyday use, it is very responsive. I know people have complained about a noticeable lag in transitions and animations, and it definitely does exist, but I think it's very negligible in my opinion.

I appreciate the bump up to USB 3. I don't really have any Thunderbolt accessories yet, but I do plan on picking up the Thunderbolt to GigE adapter you never know when Ethernet comes in handy. Adapters have always been part of the deal with MacBook Pros, from Mini-Displayport, DVI, etc, and this really is just an evolution of Apple's externalizing older functions.

I never really liked the older unibody MacBook Pros: they were both heavier and slightly larger than my older non-unibody, and I had issues with the cover glass being overly reflective. This update has addressed my concerns with the previous generations. It is much thinner and has about the same footprint as my old MBP. Not a bad thing, just different. Battery life so far has been really good. I haven't put Steam onto this computer yet, so I don't have any heavy games on here.

So far, I haven't had any problems with Mountain Lion's supposed battery life problems. I've gotten around 8 hours of light work web browsing, typing this review, a little bit of video watching on a charge. The Retina display is great: it's clear, crisp, and bright.

If you need more description, the best thing you can do is find a model to actually play with to see it for yourself. I got a Samsung panel versus the LG panel that some people get. The internet seems to believe that the Samsung panel is better, but I can't really say anything to disprove that. I'd hazard a guess that they're going to wait until the next major release of Office sometime next year to bring it up to date.

Judging from my old MBP, durability will be quite good. In terms of build quality, the machine should be able to last me for several years. My friend did drop my old MBP while it was in its sleeve onto the ground a year ago, and though the zipper dented the body, there were no issues with actual performance. However, the anodized aluminum will get scratched by sand and other things like that, but that's more cosmetic than anything. The only that worries me the lack of the cover glass over the display.

Only time will tell how the Retina display holds up to years of wear and tear. So, moral of the story, watch out for cosmetic issues: outside of throwing your computer, this machine and its internals should be fine.

And now we come to expandability. Of course, like everyone else, this is an interesting point about the MacBook Pro with Retina display. Apple is pushing for more "appliance"-like manufacturing. This is definitely very different from other manufacturers, who have shown they are still able to approach Apple's internal designs without the need to resort to gluing the battery in place or using soldered RAM and unique SSD shapes.

This really is a personal decision: If you think that you're not going to tinker with the internals too much, then the new design shouldn't be a problem. There are always other manufacturers that are really starting to show their design muscle. Obviously, I decided that it wasn't that important to me in the long run.

The noise is much improved. I wasn't sure about this one from the reviews all over the internet, but the fan noise is reduced a lot at idle. I remember thinking my old MBP was quiet when I first bought it 5 years ago, but this is basically inaudible unless you put your ear right up to the body. The fan noise is definitely different from the old MBPs non-unibody and unibody : I don't really know how to describe it, but at full bore, it's definitely still noticeable.

On the speaker front, the speakers are noticeably more powerful. I'm not audio expert, but there seems like the sound is coming from a bigger space. People say that a inch notebook really isn't that portable, but I carried my old MBP with me almost every day. I'll definitely appreciate the weight and size reductions. So portability from my perspective is much improved. For others coming from a inch or smaller, the increase in size is something to think about, especially if your bag is smaller.

All in all, for a conservative upgrader like me, the MacBook Pro with Retina display will be a nice jump in every area. That really is what makes this computer special for me. If, on the other hand, you replace your computer every year, the jump will be much less appreciable. August 18, August 17, August 12, August 11, August 9, If a person is willing to part with the mountains of cash it takes to get one, they couldn't be more satisfied with anything else at this point in time.

Overall this laptop is a huge improvement over my previous mid macbook. The speed of it is amazing. The retina display makes a huge difference when reading text. It does seems to get kind of hot when playing games like Starcraft 2, but it plays the game with no problems. I love that its 15 inches yet weighs the same as my old 13 inch. August 7, The Retina MacBook Pro is a sleek and powerful system. The Retina display is superior to all other laptop screens at the time of writing , while the Ivy-Bridge-Kepler-SSD combination provides essentially the best mobile performance available.

However, 15" is not the best mobile form-factor and this system has extremely limited expandability. August 3, Highly recommended for those who seek the best of the best! If you are a musician like me though I wonder why Apple missed the July shipping date on the FireWire adapter and why it couldn't be release on the day of announcement like the Ethernet adapter.

As many will tell you, display is the killer feature! The lack of third party app like twitter is a pain to look at it with this screen but for all apple apps I use Logic 9 with my music it is gorgeous! The slim design and light weight of this 15in beast has my bandmate crying over with his MacBook air. August 2, The screen is outstanding, obviously.

And the machine feels really fast. Which is just as well because running Adobe Creative Suite alongside a Windows 7 virtual machine for browser testing was making my old MBP choke. The main comment I have is that the laptop is heavier than it looks.

It's all very well shrinking it down and making it look ultra-sleek and slim. But when you lift it up, it feels about the same weight as my old MBP from 5 years ago. For me, the weight of a laptop is more important than whether it is 5mm thinner. I think the weight issue is more psychological: because it looks so thin, you expect it to be really light]Actually I'd rather have this laptop slightly thicker but bring back the ethernet port. How they think most professionals work without ethernet ports is beyond me.

If you leave your thunderbolt adaptor in the wrong office then you could be stuck! And the price. It was painful. I'm able to deduct tax and reclaim the VAT but even so, I had to think long and hard before clicking that submit button. Storage: this is another issue.

My old GB drive was practically full. So I'm upgrading to a new machine and spending thousands and still have the same amount of storage. I'm going to have to start carrying around an external portable hard drive. That's OK, but for the amount of money this thing costs, it is a bit annoying to have to compromise on this.

But having said all this it really is a lovely machine. You feel like you've somehow got hold of a bit of technology from the future. July 30, I do think expandability isn't the upgradability of the components alone, I really like the 2 thunderbolt and hdmi ports to connect external hardware. When I'm traveling, I don't always need a full powerhouse, but at home I do. These ports paired with the USB3 ports allow this without a lot of hassle. Overall, love the machine so far. It does come at a steep price, but after 3 days I think it's worth it.

Although I might be blinded by the fact that this is my first laptop with a ssd. Once you pick it out of the box, you'll really notice how thin and light this is compared a normal 15" MBP, or almost every 15" laptop. Coming soon.

Buy a new Mac now and get a free upgrade to the next release of OS X when it arrives this summer. Learn more. Includes iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. Learn more about iLife. Your MacBook Pro with Retina display comes with 90 days of free telephone support and a one-year limited warranty. Only the AppleCare Protection Plan provides you with direct telephone support from Apple technical experts and the assurance that repairs will be handled by Apple-authorized technicians using genuine Apple parts.

For more information, visit Apple Support or call Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact. The Apple Product Environmental Specification details the environmental attributes of our products. Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization.

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