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vamos tms

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With the collected data you can generate meaningful statistics and thus uncover bottlenecks or general difficulties within the process chain. The communication with network-compatible devices simplifies all processes of your employees, be it in the warehouse or during transport. Please call or write us using the contact form below to make an appointment for a non-binding initial consultation.

We do not only develop logistics software, but also advise you on topics related to logistics, logistics IT and logistics planning. Read more more at VCE-Consulting. Mobile solutions for digital logistics processes. Mobile order management with exactly the functions you need. No more, no less. Book your free consultation now. All functions at a glance. Creation and tracking of the POD via geofencing Master data maintenance and correction.

Communication with any number of systems Platform independent Integration of all network-compatible devices Flexible integration into existing IT infrastructures. Detailed overview of all orders Generation of KPIs Event-based creation of messages Documentation of delivery difficulties End-to-end tracking of the process. Mobile order management according to your individual requirements. Mobile order management and processing Proof of delivery POD via geofencing Time slot and yard management Automatic guidance of the user through routine processes Central administration.

Central device management User and role management Encrypted data storage on the mobile devices. Flexible, individual, and secure through state-of-the-art encryption and role management: By assigning profiles and roles to the users of VCE VAMOS, the functions and access to processes of the application are centrally configured.

Interfaces as required. This is especially true of the Hispanic community. Recent research conducted by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation RBFF and Responsive Management supports the importance of providing urban fishing programs and reaching out to Hispanic families and underrepresented demographic groups. America is becoming more urbanized, and the American general population is becoming more diverse. These efforts were accomplished through a variety of partnerships — DNR, city park and recreation departments, county conservation boards, Iowa State University Extension, various nonprofits, and members from the Hispanic community.

Efforts focus on overcoming barriers to participation and building support networks within the community. Vamos A Pescar TM grants are meant to fund efforts that educate and engage families in high-density Hispanic communities through urban fishing programs, classes and fishing activities. Applications are being accepted through December 8, for the programming season. For grant guidelines and applications, contact Barb Gigar at Barb.

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vamos tms

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Friday, April 9, at PM I''m worried you are going in the wrong direction. Delphi already makes desktop software at its best. Making the web core work more comfortably with well-known javascript frameworks will attract more customers. I have a criticism other than that. Your demos are insufficient. There are hundreds of videos for every programming language, every framework, every development environment.

For example, make a shopping site in 1 hour. Make a dashboard in 1 hour. You also have to make video series. Do not think it is written in the user manual. Or don''t assume we made a video of relational tables for xdata, for example years ago. Versions are constantly being updated. You are doing a very hard job when there are so many free software development environments on the market. And you need to tell potential developers how easy and beautiful Tms webcore is. Even those who are a little bit interested in these things get lost in the user manual.

You need more and more videos. I''m sure many people will agree with this. Sinan Orkun. Saturday, April 10, at PM This is not something about ''going in a direction''. Miletus does not affect in any way other ''directions''. Yes we realize that there is always a need for more examples, videos, training, doc, Sunday, April 11, at AM Is there a v1.

If possible, please tell me the download URL. Sunday, April 11, at PM At this moment there is a beta for registered users. A trial will become available when we release v1. We are working very hard to have this release in the 2nd half of April.

Tuesday, April 13, at PM Thus RemoteDb can re-enter the game to connect to remote data, if the source code is compiled in Miletus. Also give us the possibility to transfer Xdata response in binary format as well as in Json in TMS web core, to optimize speed, bandwidth and transmission between Xdata Web client and server, in order to "obfuscate" even the data transmitted when someone "puts his nose" "inspecting the network traffic in the browser Either way, these are giant steps.

The project is very good even if I still feel the lack of advanced visual components such as powerful sophisticated grids, advanced lookups, and other components that would allow me to bet everything on TMS Web core. I''ll wait Monterisi Stefano. Yes, technically, RemoteDB could be applied here as well and will be very interesting. We''re researching several options to also increase the choices for visual components in coming updates.

Stay tuned! Ramazan Geven. Transportation, along with manufacturing and warehousing, is one of the main supply chain processes. It comprises a whole lot of activities — from delivery planning to carrier management to shipment tracking — that have to be properly handled. Small businesses with few shipments can manage these operations with the help of spreadsheets and phone calls. However, once your turnover grows, it becomes obvious that Excel is not enough and you need something more robust to control your transportation processes.

A transportation management system or TMS is a category of software that helps in planning and executing the physical movement of goods. It can be used by all members of the supply chain from manufacturers to distributors and third-party logistics providers 3PLs — virtually any party that wants to coordinate shipments. The sought-after feature of TMS is its control tower capabilities, illustrated below. Overlooking the whole shipment process, a TMS control tower captures data about goods in real-time using API or EDI technology and thus provides its users with valuable data from manufacturers to distribution centers, through delivery, and to customers.

This data can in turn be transformed into analytics on your supply chain performance , financial situation, and customer service issues. Which is where you start your optimization journey. Essentially, a TMS allows you to plan and execute your shipment processes and have visibility over them. Such software is often modular, meaning that you can get different functions separately depending on your needs. Some features will interconnect with fleet management software as well.

Main TMS functions planning, execution, and visibility and corresponding processes within them. Vendors usually offer a wide collection of possible integrations to make sure you can freely connect to your WMS or ERP. We will talk about those capabilities later.

Now, what functions can you expect a TMS to cover? So, the transportation process starts with creating a transport request with the quote and details about the shipment. Shippers tender loads to carriers who, in turn, have to plan the capacity and cargo distribution.

In a TMS, order information is accessed by all related parties from planners to drivers and customers. Here are the features that help users to view and manage transport requests. Order entry. Manual or automatic, order entering includes filling in all essential details like commodity or weight and setting up current location and destination. A system often automatically generates a route, assigns transport and driver, and calculates ETA.

If you have an integrated WMS, this order automatically goes to its scheduled transport. Order overview. Created orders with their routes and assigned transports are available to order planners and drivers on a dashboard that allows them to see their workload for the day.

All documents are also automatically linked to their corresponding orders so the driver can keep them on their smartphone or tablet. As drivers update the status of orders en route, planners have an overview of all scheduling changes and truck locations. Most TMSs tender shipments for you automatically. The list of carriers is organized so you can always access the vendor according to your specified parameters or allow the system to choose a carrier for you. Most systems have broadcast, waterfall, and status tendering methods.

For example, IntelliTrans has the following tendering strategies :. One of the most important tools within a TMS is a rate engine. A rate engine calculates transportation rates for the parcel, LTL, truckload, and intermodal shipping based on rules: base rates, discounts, and contract agreements. A TMS should be able to create custom pricing rules to accommodate the most complex tariffs and automatically send a quote to a client as they make the request.

You can plan the loading space of trucks, trailers, and containers and receive a calculation of the available loading space, considering the maximum loads and weight. For example, you can enter information about your vehicle measurements and save it for future reference, which is known as master data.

Data about the item dimensions come from the freight order. Some TMSs have the 3D load plan feature where you can see and change the cargo distribution and space utilization. In SAP Load Planner, you can set up the load plan hierarchy and quickly relate to the items by color. Source: SAP. Now that the shipper and carrier got to the agreement, the load has to actually be transported.

If you operate your own fleet, a TMS will let you see and utilize your assets on a single platform. Although not all TMS providers have advanced fleet management features, you can assign drivers and equipment, plus manage dispatch and financial settlement for drivers.

Oracle Fleet Management has end-to-end support for fleet and asset management with driver education, CRM, and dispute management capabilities. Source: Oracle. Shippers spend most of their time scheduling dock appointments and truck drivers waste time waiting in line for their turn. Integrating with a WMS or a yard management system allows a TMS to include dock scheduling and load sequencing in the transportation plan. Here, you have an overview of all warehouse and transportation constraints and can make more accurate schedules automatically or manually , apply your business rules and rules of every location, and always have a load status available to you or customers.

Transportation, especially the settlement part, is a complex and documentation-heavy process. However, there is certain progress towards automation. Today, TMSs can generate digital bills of lading , create invoices, and conduct freight auditing. How would you connect to your partners to support your business relationships?

Or are you going to analyze your operations to make effective decisions about future operations? A TMS can help you with that as well. A TMS usually supports connecting to partners and customers via email, but some vendors provide customizable self-service portals. Although planning is the core function of a TMS, routing is not its strong suit. To optimize their routing activities, many businesses use specialized software that, unlike TMS, have all types of algorithms to calculate the best routes.

So, if the routing capabilities of your TMS are not enough for your needs, you might have to use a combination of these tools. Track and trace technology allows you to record the movement of items during transportations in real time. This is often used to give customers information about their shipment location, as well as for security and scheduling purposes.

You can visit our article about telematics systems to know more about how it works. Business Intelligence is the practice of improving business results using data. The biggest advantages of BI over regular spreadsheets are real-time analytics and an array of custom reports that anyone from the transportation management team can generate for their needs.

For example, you can review a performance analysis based on each carrier, product, or route and then make informed decisions e. Or, you can get the analysis of your costs filtered by transport mode, see which customers bring the largest volume, monitor the margin data — and improve the operational workflow.

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